It was a hot day in LA. Legendary Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully called it “as hot of a day as he could ever remember.” The sweltering heat didn’t have an impact on the starting pitchers early, but it probably impacted how long they were able to stay in the game.

Zack Greinke and Anthony DeSclafani both held their opponents scoreless through the first three innings, and relatively with ease. In the bottom of the fourth, DeSclafani got in trouble. He gave up a lead-off single to Enrique Hernandez, and then walked Adrian Gonzalez. Justin Turner then lined out to Jay Bruce, and there were runners on first and third with one out. DeSclafani then struck out both Andre Either and Yasiel Puig on nasty breaking balls.



The Reds got on the board in the top of the fifth. Byrd singled, and then Tucker Barnhart doubled. The Reds were only able to get one run off Greinke, courtesy of a Billy Hamilton sacrifice fly.

The Dodgers came right back in the bottom of the fifth. Joc Peterson hit a solo home run, and then pitcher Zack Greinke followed that with a home run of his own. DeSclafani recovered quickly by striking out both Jimmy Rollins and Enrique Hernandez to end the inning.

The Reds threatened again in the seventh inning, but couldn’t get a run across against a tiring Greinke with a pitch count past 100. Byrd singled, and Barnhart walked. Skip Schumaker pinch-hit for DeSclafani, and he ripped a ball, but it was right at left-fielder Andre Either. Billy Hamilton grounded out to end the inning.

Joey Votto walked with two outs in the eight inning. Don Mattingly brought in Kenley Jensen for a four-out save, and he got the job done. The Reds fell 2-1, and lost three of four in the series to the Dodgers.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (51-65) 1 6 0
Los Angeles Dodgers (67-51) 2 7 0
W: Greinke (13-2) L: DeSclafani (7-8) S: Jansen (24)
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Biggest Play of the Game

According to Fangraphs WPA statistic (winning percentage added), the most important play of the game was Anthony DeSclafani allowing a solo home run to Joc Peterson with 1 out in the 5th inning, giving the Dodgers a 1-0 lead. That home run decreased the Reds chances of winning by 17.5% (from 64.1% to 46.6%).

Player of the Game

Zack Greinke: 7.0 IP, 6 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 8 K, 1.25 FIP (1 for 1, 1 HR at the plate)

The MLB leader in ERA showed just how good he is this afternoon. And just to add insult to injury, his home run off DeSclafani was the winning run.


elite baserunning

Joey Votto showed some, dare I say, “elite baserunning” in the first inning. He also put on a hitting clinic against the MLB leader in ERA, by hitting two balls into the perfect spot against the defense. Votto is 5 for 8 this season against Zack Greinke and Max Scherzer.

Anthony DeSclafani pitched well again. He made two mistakes back-to-back in the 5th, but overall he was very sharp (6.0 IP, 6 H, 2 R, 2 BB, 6 K).

Marlon Byrd had two hits for the good guys.

The Reds bullpen was unbelievable in this series. The Reds relievers allowed a grand total of 1 ER in 14.0 innings. The Reds bullpen in August leads the MLB with a 1.16 ERA. They have allowed just 7 ER in 57.2 innings.


The Reds offense only scored once. That’s not very good.

Aroldis Chapman did not pitch in the four game series.

No more Reds games called by Vin Scully in 2015 🙁

Not so random thoughts………………..

The Reds may have lost 3 of 4 in LA, but I think it was a pretty nice series overall. Suarez played well, and Frazier came out of his slump. Votto was Votto. The Reds got nice pitching performances from Sampson and DeSclafani. John Lamb’s start was overall pretty positive, and you could certainly see the potential he has. The Reds bullpen was absolutely stellar.

It’s not really about wins and losses at this point. Actually, losses are better than wins (draft picks!). Some good stuff happened in this series. I’ll take the glass half full, bartender.

Up Next:

The Reds have an off-day tomorrow before they begin a four team, 10-game homestand. The Reds play two against the Royals (no Cueto), four against the Diamondbacks, one game against the Tigers (make up game), and three against the Dodgers. Tuesday night’s matchup looks fun.

Royals at Reds
Tuesday, 7:10 PM
TV: FSN-Ohio
Raisel Iglesias (10 GS, 4.70 ERA, 3.53 FIP) vs Edinson Volquez (24 GS, 3.27 ERA, 3.77 FIP)

32 Responses

  1. Tom Reed

    Another fine performance by DeSclafani. A tough game to lose.

  2. Davis Stuns Goliath

    Was hoping for a split but I still enjoyed the four chances to see the good guys (well, most of them, anyway — can someone put out an APB on #54?).

    Total series score was 18-17. That’s not bad. Enjoyed watching Disco keep pace with Greinke.

    Holmberg’s start was bowling-shoe ugly. I wonder if he’ll get another shot.

    Lamb looked good for five of six innings. Hopefully he’ll pan out.

    Sampson looked promising. Was hoping to get to see Iglesias, but I did see a Frazier homer, a Votto homer (in addition to getting on base left and right), Jumbo throwing 100 mph heat and one Jay Bruce cannon. I’m content.

  3. Shchi Cossack

    Geez…eradicate Gregg and Marquis from the bullpen and the bullpen gets better (dare we say good?). Who woulda thunk?!

    • tgarretson82

      Hahahahaha! Said every person in the world except BP and WJ.

  4. jessecuster44

    Chappy would look a lot better pitching in Holmberg’s spot instead of gathering dust on the bench.

    It can’t be said enough: The misuse of Chapman by the Reds may be the biggest waste of talent ever.

    • jim t

      It could also be the smartest move they ever made. The crime is not finding out.

      • ncmountie1

        Well said Jim T. Although he looked serviceable as a starter in prior spring training games.

  5. Mike McSorley

    “Enjoyed” the games on MLB.TV … not enjoying the Reds losing but enjoying ever so much the call by Vin Scully. Never did he attempt to insert himself into the action, no “homer-isms” just good observations and delightful stories, including anecdotes on Waite Hoyt, Jim Maloney and much more … his best line may have been on Saturday night in the 5th inning with the score 8-3 and neither team was mounting any sort of offense when he said … “There’s nothing much going on here, just two friends on the front porch having a chat …”

    • jdx19

      He will be missed when he’s gone.

      Every time the Reds head out to LA, I end up learning new things about the Reds that I never knew.

  6. classicchad

    I think most of us know Votto is “elite” by now. Between here and Twitter the constant Marty/Votto fued is tiresome. Does Marty follow us on Twitter or follow this page?

  7. sultanofswaff

    Wow, Disco showed me more heat than I’ve seen from him. I don’t recall him hitting 96 in the middle innings.


    There’s a good chance that can be at least a league average rotation. Pair that with a better than average offense and you have a team that’s in the wild card hunt at the trade deadline next year.

    • chuckstaley

      I’d actually go one step further and say if we can hire a manager (not our pitching coach) to improve our daily offense up the at least 0.5 runs per game we hovered around during the “successful” Walt years, that rotation would be far above average.

      Reed and Garrett would be on the horizon as well…

      • greenmtred

        I tend to think that the offense is more influenced by the hitters than by the manager(not advocating for Price, though), but agree that the young pitching talent is exciting. I can’t see any upside to giving up on next year. None at all, unless somebody finds it important to burnish their credentials as a world-weary realist.

      • lwblogger2

        I agree with you. I don’t see a #1 in this bunch of starters but you don’t need that #1 to get to the playoffs, you need him when you get there. If the Reds are in the hunt come deadline time next year or 2017, they can perhaps trade from the #1.

        They are long, long, long shots to be in the hunt next year but hey, anything can happen. That’s why they play them out.

    • doctor

      agreed, Desclafani looked to have some really excellent stuff in the game. I was impressed. In your list SOS, i would bump Moscot for Lamb or Finnegan.

      • DHud

        Bailey probably won’t be ready to start 2016, so at least 2 of them will probably get the chance anyways

    • Shchi Cossack

      The good news is that there are plenty of options available for the starting rotation in 2016 and 2017. The entire rotation will be young and will suffer from growing pains, but depth is not a problem. If anyone falters or stumbles, there are replacements ready and able to step in and perform, so the starting 5 on opening day 2016 may not reflect the starting 5 on opening day 2017. A natural filtering process will occur.

      • wizeman

        I am just saying… don’t count out lorenzen. he lost his confidence but has the skills.
        threw a 4 hit.. 1 walk shutout yesterday for the bats.

      • ncmountie1

        Don’t you think we’ll have to trade a couple of the pitching prospects to get the bats needed to contend? Question–Is there anyway that BP goes to bench if Cozart comes back strong…moving Suarez to 2nd? Can’t see it but wondering.

      • redmountain

        I think it could happen, but I think that there is also DeJesus to consider or maybe in LF for now at least.

  8. sezwhom

    Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully called it “as hot of a day as he could ever remember.”

    Well, people have short-term weather memories. Probably a little hotter than on this date in either 2000 or 1992. Wasn’t like they were in Brooklyn.

    • wizeman

      guys a treasure. working at a time when so many are not. made sure i listened to him as much as i can.
      seems kind of silly to harp on him because a day was hotter 23 years ago.

  9. sultanofswaff

    18 comments? Looks like the tourists have all left until opening day next year. Ahhh, we finally have the place to ourselves again.

  10. tgarretson82

    Maybe I missed the talk and have seen no posts on The Nation, but it seems kinda significant that Jesse Winker has hit a HR in 5 straight games. He better be in AAA be seasons end (barring a complete collapse of his hitting).

    • ohiojimw

      Only two to three weeks left in the AAA season. Would they be bold enough to bring him to the big club for September?

      • tgarretson82

        Maybe. Lets all hope.

        If there are only 2 or 3 weeks left in AAA. Not sure why he couldnt get the promotion now. He has absolutely torched AA competition since June.

      • sultanofswaff

        I think Byrd gets moved in a waiver wire deal and Jesse will play LF the rest of the season. It makes sense—-he can get 100 ABs in order to hit the ground running next year. He’s already dominated the Arizona fall league as well. This is the next logical step.

        I also don’t get the people who say he’s not ready. Based on what evidence???

      • WVRedlegs

        I thought that there would be a market, albeit very small, for Byrd and Schumaker in August. There have been very few August trades this year for some reason. The Baltimore Orioles, maybe the Twins, the Mets, and maybe SF are about the only viable places for Byrd to land. The needs just aren’t there.
        As for Schumaker, the hopes are some team badly needs an experienced pinch-hitter, but that doesn’t look likely now either.
        Neither player would bring back anything of note, but the roster spot is more important now. And not letting Byrd’s vesting option for 2016 kick in.