The Reds were shutout again tonight. They’ve been held scoreless for the past 27 innings. Last year, when they traveled to Arizona in May, they were shutout 4-0 in the opening game of a 4-game series. Then they won four games in a row.

Diamondbacks 2 Reds 0 | FanGraphs | Growin’ Up

Remember how we’re not going to let losses upset us any longer this year? We’re going to celebrate individual performances and pay particular attention to the development of the young pitchers. You know it’s really hard to hold your breath. But here goes.

Raisel Iglesias pitched another excellent game for the Reds. In his last 8 starts, Iglesias has struck out 42 opponents while walking only 10. Friends, that’s encouraging.

Joey Votto reached base three more times tonight. His on-base percentage this year is now .442. Since the All-Star game, his OBP is .645. No other Reds player reached base twice. Votto walked twice, but no other Reds player walked even once.