Hi, Reds fans. That game was long. Really long. And the Reds were going to win and then they didn’t and even though I’ve officially stopped caring about wins and losses it was the freaking Cardinals and who wants to lose to the freaking Cardinals like that? Not me. No, sir. Not me.

So, the offense just kind of didn’t get it done, but the pitching was solid except for when Holmberg lost it.

Certainly, we have to say something about the work turned in by Chapman and Diaz, who together pitched 3 innings and struck out 8 with only 2 walks.

I’m a little tempted to drop a Milton here, but the Cardinals are actually good and stuff, so really, losing to them in 13 innings bears no shame. It’s just crappy.

Better luck tomorrow, kids.


Cardinals 4 Reds 3  |  Box Score  | Win Probability Graphs