Today, the Reds fielded a lineup that was absent Votto, Hamilton, and Pena, giving it a decidedly B-Team feel. They lost.

Pirates 3  Reds 0  |  Box Score  |  Win Probability Graph

Good Things

Keyvius Sampson had a very solid first major league start. He pitched five innings, walking only one and striking out six. He got the loss, but it wasn’t a bad day for the new kid.

Pedro Villareal pitched three scoreless innings in relief, which was very nice and all that.

Bad Things

No runs were scored by the good guys.

Thinking Thoughts

Ivan De Jesus is exactly – exactly, I say! – the kind of bench player the Reds should have. He’s cheap. Not embarrassing and not good enough to start everyday. After today, he has played 1st, 2nd, SS, 3rd, and LF this season. This is why I get angry about Schumaker.

I hate – hate, I say – bench-clearing stupidness. Yes, the Pirates instigate this crap all the time and yes I get being angry, but it’s just stupid. If you are a grown man, you do not fight other grown men. MLB needs to deal with the Pirates harshly and this kind of nonsense needs to be dealt with better in general. If I were in charge, I’d make leaving the bench with violent intent an automatic five-game suspension. You are grown men, sit down and control yourselves.

Side thought: Why are there people for whom bench-clearing fights are cool, but celebrating a home runs is not? Does that seem stupid to anyone else?