The Reds have been okay to watch since, like Tuesday or something, which is nice since trades and stuff and Cueto sadness and all that.

Reds 4 Cardinals 3 |  Boxscore  |  Win Probability

Good Things

We got a nice little glimpse of the hoped-for future in the form of a very solid start from Raisel Iglesias. He didn’t quite get through seven, but still, 6.2 innings of two-run ball, that’s not bad. I believe we’ll take that more often than not.

Once it was called in, the middle-relief core did it’s job. Including a gritty/clutchy strikeout from Badenhop.

Bruce, Byrd, Pena, and Suarez were the big offensive contributors tonight. Jay Bruce has really turned this into a very nice season.

Billy Hamilton became the first Red to steal 50 bases in consecutive seasons since Eric Davis (h/t Joel Luckhaupt). He stole two today and now has 51. He also did lovely things in the outfield. Just a few more times on base, kid. Just a few more.

Bad Things

Votto and Frazier weren’t worth much today, which is strange. Especially with the tear Votto’s been on, but so it goes and they got the dubya anyhoo.

Aroldis Chapman had not his best day, though it came out alright.

Thinking Thoughts

It’s August now. The trade deadline is passed. There is, however, still some excitement in making life more difficult for teams like the Pirates who are trying to go to the playoffs. You gotta take what you can get.

It is also fun that Gerritt Cole seems to be a less-good pitcher when he faces the Reds. It’s like he’s the anti-Roy Oswalt or something.

Tomorrow, the fifth rookie in a row will toe the rubber for the Reds. That hasn’t happened since ’35, according to everyone I heard talk about it today. the good news is the Reds can now take the 2020 World Series title to the bank as history always repeats itself precisely.

I’ll see all you folks tomorrow. That’s right, you’re stuck with me for the weekend.