Rumors persist that the Reds and Mets are deep into talks regarding a trade of Jay Bruce for pitcher Zack Wheeler. Similarly, reports continue that the Arizona Diamondbacks and Houston Astros are still negotiating with the Reds for Aroldis Chapman. Other sources say as many as five teams might still be calling about the Reds closer and the club has received “stronger offers” than before.

Stay tuned, it’s shaping up to be a monumental day for the Reds, to cap off a historic week.

Update: Reports coming out that the Bruce-Wheeler talks have stalled. One report said Reds are thinking Mets package isn’t big enough (hmm). Other report says Mets concerned about Bruce’s inconsistency and money (read: money). This could change at any minute, of course.

It’s amazing to watch the clubs get the national reporters to negotiate for them in public. I’m happy to read it all, though.