Tonight was how it should have gone when the season started. Tonight, the offense got it done early and Cueto was on his game and the Reds cruised to a 5-0 victory over the Rockies.

Tonight, Joey Votto continued to remind us why he got that big ol’ contract in the first place. Since 2009, the only player with a higher OPS is Miguel Cabrera. If you prefer your stats fancy (I do), he’s 3rd in wRC+ over that time, behind Cabrera and Mike Trout. This year, he’s been the third best hitter in the NL. Be glad we get to watch him.

Tonight, Frazier and Bruce and Hamilton also had good nights. Hamilton got on base like he was supposed to and baserunning wonderment ensued like it was supposed to.

Tonight, if you paused for just a moment, you could pretend the Reds were in the thick of it. Easily winning a game they were supposed to win.

But really, tonight was the end of something. It was the end of watching Johnny Cueto pitch for the Reds. Johnny Cueto is one of the very best pitchers the Reds have ever had and I will be shocked if his next start doesn’t come for another team. I will be shocked if we’re ever lucky enough to seem him put on a Cincinnati uniform again.

Tonight was good night, but it was a sad night. Bye, bye, Johnny. We’ll miss you.

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