Last night Tyler Mahle outdueled the Fort Wayne TinCaps starter in a game where only one run was scored. The right hander tossed 7.0 shutout innings with just two hits and two walks allowed. He also struck out nine batters as he lowered his ERA to 2.54 on the season.

The 20-year-old right handed pitcher has been on a heck of a run with the Dayton Dragons. While he’s been impressive all season, over his last six starts he’s been even better. Over the span of his last six starts Mahle has thrown 36.0 innings with just four walks and he’s struck out 33 batters. He’s allowed just five runs in that stretch, which is good for a 1.25 ERA and he’s coupled that with a WHIP of 0.92.

Mahle has risen his stock over the season as he’s performed well in the Dayton rotation, making 19 starts. The biggest strength for the righty has been his control. He’s walked just 13 batters in 110.0 innings this season. In 16 of his starts he has walked fewer than two batters. In the other three starts he walked two batters twice and three batters just once.

There is more to Mahle’s success than just having good control. He’s also posted strong groundball rates in 2015. Through his 19 starts he has posted a groundball rate of 53%, above the league average of 46% in the Midwest League. The high rate of groundballs has helped him keep the ball in the park, allowing just seven home runs on the season in his 110.0 innings pitched.

The 2015 season has been a rough one on the farm for the Cincinnati Reds as they’ve had numerous players wind up missing a bunch of time due to injuries and a few guys take steps backwards in production, but Tyler Mahle has put together a strong season and been a bright spot on the farm. He may not have been a name a lot knew coming into the season, but he should be one to keep an eye on moving forward.

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  1. cfd3000

    Thanks as always for keeping us informed Doug.

  2. WVRedlegs

    Good piece on Mahle. His BB/9 and HR/9 were low last year too at Billings. So it is no fluke for him. The Reds need many more pitchers like him rising thru the ranks, low BB/9. If he keeps it up he will rise quickly, kind of like Cingrani. With those low BB and HR allowed, off the cuff, I’d say he is pounding the strike zone down low and on the corners.
    He is certainly one to keep an eye on and watch the progression.

  3. Tom Gray

    Presumably he’ll be ready for Reds rotation by 2018.

    May need a year at A+ and AA, then AAA first.

    Good prospect for the future.

    • jay johnson

      Why not do what the Mets do?
      Put there young pitchers in higher minor leagues for a short stretch to see what they can do,then bring them to the bigs.Its very rare that the Reds move there kid pitchers to the bigs quickly.The only one I remember off hand is Leake.How’d he do?

      • redmountain

        You may also notice that they have a lot of pitchers with arm injuries

      • jay johnson

        So does everyone else.
        Who are you referring to other than Matz?
        Harvey pitched a total of 186 innings over 2 seasons in the bigs before he needed TJ so it isnt because of being overused.

      • Tom Gray

        Gary Nolan in 1967. He played A ball in 1966.

        Don Gullett in 1970. He played A ball in 1969.

        Two more examples but a long time ago.

      • Tom Gray

        Both lasted about 10 years in MLB but both had arm troubles throughout their careers.

      • tct

        Mike Leake was a polished college pitcher. Mahle, like Stephenson, was drafted out of high school. Huge difference.

        The Reds did kind of rush Homer Bailey through the minors and it was a big mistake. By the time he was ready to be an above average starting pitcher in the majors, he was already in arbitration. The Reds only got two really good years out of him before they found themselves having to choose between offering him a nine figure extension, trading him, or losing him at the end of the year.

        It works out a lot better financially if you pitchers are ready to contribute when they reach the majors. Bringing them up before they are ready just wastes team control years and money.

      • jay johnson

        That makes total sense.Maybe start drafting college players,closer to being major league ready

  4. jay johnson

    ’69 and ’70 are a long time ago.We’ve probably had nearly 1000 prospects rot away in the minors,most for good reason,since then.
    Most pitchers who last 10 years in the majors have some sort of ailments over there careers.Throwing a baseball at 90 mph or breaking off curveballs for season after season takes its toll.I personally would get them to the bigs sooner rather than later.Those precious arms only have so much wear on them before they tear whether its in the minors or the bigs.

    • Tom Gray

      If Reds have MiLB P with the ability of Nolan or Gullett, by all means, bring them up IMMEDIATELY.

      I doubt they do.

  5. David

    From Jayson Stark – “Asked an exec of a team interested in Johnny Cueto if they saw anything to be alarmed about in his start Sunday. He said: “Yes. Everything.”


    • jay johnson

      If no one wants him,maybe we will get “stuck”with him.
      BTW mlb network had 3 analysts say that the Sunday game “shouldn’t have even been scouted”.Its all in the hands of the medical team.If he’s healthy he is what he is.Contrary opinions are what makes conversation.

    • lwblogger2

      Could just be the exec trying to cool the waters and drive the price down. Still, the lower velocity bothered me and I’d have omen concerns if I was a GM looking for a rental.

  6. Carl Sayre

    I do not understand how the interest in JC dropping could be good. The Reds cannot afford to sign him after the season. He will surely be worth more to a team in the hunt now than a compensation pick in the draft. Comments like that one leave me SMH so much it rattles.

    • jay johnson

      What I was implying was if no one wants him now,maybe no one will want him when season ends and our brain trust might(remote chance)resign him.
      More of a tongue in cheek post than reality.
      Not very sincere at all so you can stop SMH before you get brain damage.Carl