After last night’s exciting win, the Cincinnati Reds (41-49) are looking to make it two in a row against the Chicago Cubs (49-42).


Jason Hammel 2.86 3.05 1.0 4.4% 25.6%
Raisel Iglesias 5.90 3.23 0.6 6.9% 20.6%

Jason Hammel is making his first start since July 8th due to a tight left hamstring. He was pulled after pitching just one inning in that start but has been cleared to pitch tonight after a 50-pitch bullpen session on Saturday. In his only start against Cincinnati this season, Hammel allowed seven hits, three walks and four runs (two earned) in a short five inning outing.

Raisel Iglesias’ stats indicate that he hasn’t pitched as bad as his ERA indicates. Iglesias has made just one start since he was activated from the DL on July 11, allowing five runs to the Marlins over 4.1 innings. This will be his first time facing Chicago.

The Cubs lineup is the same as yesterday:

  1. Dexter Fowler (S) CF
  2. Kyle Schwarber (L) C
  3. Kris Bryant (R) 3B
  4. Anthony Rizzo (L) 1B
  5. Jorge Soler (R) RF
  6. Chris Coghlan (L) LF
  7. Starlin Castro (R) SS
  8. Jason Hammel (R) P
  9. Addison Russell (R) 2B

Tonight’s Reds lineup sees Marlon Byrd getting his second center field start of the season. Byrd didn’t play center at all last season and just twice in 2013.

  1. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
  2. Joey Votto (L) 1B
  3. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
  4. Jay Bruce (L) RF
  5. Brayan Pena (S) C
  6. Marlon Byrd (R) CF
  7. Eugenio Suarez (R) SS
  8. Skip Schumaker (L) LF
  9. Raisel Iglesias (R) P

The Kansas City Royals (1st place in the AL Central) optioned their opening day starter, Yordano Ventura, to AAA this afternoon. Ventura has immense talent but has struggled in his second year in the majors. In addition to his pitching problems, he was one of the main retaliators during the Royals multiple hit batters earlier this season. The Royals have been mentioned as a possible link to Johnny Cueto in the past, and it would be interesting to see if a talented arm like Ventura may be available as part of a trade.

We have two pitchers trying to bounce back from recent injuries facing off against each other tonight on the eve of a doubleheader tomorrow. Each team will be looking for innings out of their respective starter so that they don’t have to start tomorrow’s games with a shortage in the bullpen.


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    • Steve Mancuso

      ding, ding, ding!

      Skip is 2 for 5 (and two walks) against Hammel. And only one of those hits was five years ago.

      • Vic Farari

        If I did my math right that is near 1.000 OPS for his Career against Hammels, even if there were no extra base hits. Why is he batting 8th?

  1. msanmoore

    The way those Cubbie boys were hitting them, it’s going to be a long night of running for Skipper and the Byrd man. Really don’t get that part of the lineup.

    • Vic Farari

      Just curious if Hamilton comes in as defensive replacement, who stays in to play left?

      • Vic Farari

        Only if Soto can be brought up cannot leave your bench without the all important back up catcher

  2. docmike

    Man, if the Cubs can hit it to left-center, it’s practically a guaranteed base hit.

  3. Eric the Red

    If the Reds have a lead late and Price doesn’t put Hamilton in for defense–or if he uses him but then doesn’t put him in the field–I will officially resign from the “Give Price a Chance” Fan Club. (Unless Hamilton is hurt, of course.)

  4. jdx19

    Is Pena the least powerful 5-hole guy in MLB history?

    • RossGrimsley

      What’s the problem, he’s on pace for about 19 or 20 RBI for the season.

  5. Eric the Red

    My mind may be playing tricks on me, but I don’t remember such a nice clean 1st inning from any of our SP in a long time.

  6. Vic Farari

    The 5th inning is key for Iglesias, by my count he has given up 3 runs & 18 hits in 24 innings during innings 1-4 and 13 runs on 16 hits in 6 total innings in the 5th and 6th, not sure if any of these are in relief

    • Steve Mancuso

      Yes, he had four shutout innings the last start, too, then gave up a bunch in the fifth. Let’s see if he can sustain it this time.

    • Vic Farari

      Is this just small sample size but hitters have a .400 OPS first time facing him and 1.193 third time thru? Anyone know if this is common stats for great relievers who were converted from starters?

    • msanmoore

      You had to say it didn’t you Vic?

  7. seat101

    Does anyone want to hear my opinion on the consequences of David Price being available?

    Here it is anyway: what I hope happens, is that David Price is traded first. This will make all the other teams absolutely desperate to get Johnny Cueto.

    What do you think?

  8. Nick Carrington

    I was starting to worry about Bruce’s declining walk rate this month and then he walked twice tonight in two tough at bats. Good to see. Still want to see him avoid those strikeouts but a good sign.

  9. Pooter

    Coughlan hacking on a 3-0 offering!

  10. jdx19

    I feel like Travis Wood pitches every game.

    • Wallyum

      What happened with him? He was a solid starter. I had no idea he’d been sent to the bullpen, but the Cubs have been off my radar for a while. (Too busy eyeing the Brewers in the rear view mirror.)

  11. jdx19

    Skip’s season line is now a robust .208/.293/.288 for a 59 wRC+. For good measure, he’s 0 for 2 in SB attempts and has been worth negative a full win (-1.0 WAR).

  12. jdx19

    Votto on base at least 2x in each of the 5 games since the ASB.

  13. msanmoore

    A classic Frazier flair plates 2

    • jdx19

      Then he gets picked-off to make Joey feel less bad. What a teammate! 😉

      • msanmoore

        Well sure … there’s that. Looked like a little walking lead gone bad.

      • jdx19

        I’m not complaining about it! Just trying to make a joke! 🙂

      • msanmoore

        I know … just a slow night here.

  14. wdwrolen2713

    When I first saw Hoover was closing the game I thought, “wow, Chapman got traded or is going to be traded and this is first look at Hoover as our new closer!” But then I remembered that Chapman has pitched somewhere in the 50-60 pitch range the last 2 nights combined, so Price is definitely just resting him (and maybe giving JJ some practice for a possible upcoming promotion 😉 ).

  15. Philboyd Studge

    Hoover returns to 2014 form. Put him under pressure and he absolutely cracks. Gutless.

    • docmike

      Yep, he hasn’t been scored on in like two months, many of which were high pressure situations.

      But when he finally does give up a couple runs (bringing his ERA up to a robust 1.70), suddenly he must be gutless?

      Do you even realize that every pitcher is going to give up runs at some point?

  16. wdwrolen2713

    This is what happens when you take Skip out of the game! He probably put a curse on the team or something with all that left over “Gritty Magic of Gritty Grittiness.”

  17. wdwrolen2713

    Wow, Scwarb-whathisface has a .400 avg now. I don’t care if the Cubs are in our division, I would trade for him in a HEARTBEAT.

    • tgarretson82

      I wish. I don’t even think Cueto and Chapman would get him

      • kmartin

        Chapman struck out Schwarber last night.

      • kmartin

        Whoops, I see what you mean, get him in a trade. Sorry.

      • tgarretson82

        Oops should complete my sentences

      • wdwrolen2713

        The Oops train is a-rolling! Choo-Choo!

      • Gonzo Reds

        That’s what I’ve been saying, make a package for Sch as he’d rather be a Red and plays into what we need and Chapman as the Cubs closer is tempting to them along with Leake and maybe Byrd. As for tonight… That HR was NOT an HR, it was below the line. Fine that Price came out but he didn’t get thrown out. I WANT my manager to be Lou Pinella, I WANT him to get thrown out in that situation, I WANT him to remove bases and throw them, I don’t want him to be a calm pussy which is what he was. Even Dusty would have been tossed, disgusting!

      • Gonzo Reds

        Sch is playing himself out of a reasonable trade. Of course, I have him in my starting fantasy lineup so happy with that but I want him and I need him to be a RED! (also would soften the load of trading our best pitchers) It’s painful for Sch to put on Cubs gear, want him on OUR team!

  18. jamesgarrett

    Hoover must throw more strikes.His stuff is good enough to close.

    • Philboyd Studge

      He doesn’t have the mental toughness to be a closer. He can’t take the pressure. He’s okay until the game is on the line.

      • docmike

        Except for all those times when the game was on the line in the 8th inning.

        But let’s not let facts cloud your judgment.

  19. wdwrolen2713

    I know sample size takes a role in these stats, but wouldn’t it be smarter to start DeJesus with his .240’s avg over Skip’s .210’s avg and horrible defense. Also, even if you support Skip you have to agree that Skip pinch hits far better than when he starts so starting him takes your “best” pinchhitter off the bench. /shrugs/

    • jdx19

      Yes. Skip Schumaker is the worst player in MLB. DeJesus would be better.

      • Philboyd Studge

        How about just DFA Schumaker and moving on. On his best day he was a ‘4-A’ ball player. And his best day was an off day.

      • wdwrolen2713

        “best day was an off day”

      • docmike

        Now I agree with you here. Schumaker has no business being on a major league team. Cut him NOW.

      • jdx19

        Might as well just release him. He’s taking up a spot that a young guy could have and get some experience. A “utility” infielder that plays only 2nd base and is a terrible outfielder. I can’t think of a worse bench player.

  20. wdwrolen2713

    Extra! Extra! Here come extra innings!

    /whole website collectively groans from awful pun or joke/

  21. wdwrolen2713

    Did we get Axlerod in a trade a few years back or am I imagining things?

    • wdwrolen2713

      We traded away some kid named Cash for him. I wonder how Cash turned out?

  22. seat101

    I fell asleep putting my two-year-old to bed. So I come back and start listening to the game and think that Alan Alda has replaced THOM.

    Ias he always sounded like Alan Alda?

  23. wdwrolen2713

    I hate to say it but . . . Axelrod would have been a far better option at beginning of year than Marquis. At least he’s not coming off arm surgery and is younger than 30.

  24. RedAlert

    Atrocious strike zone calls from umpires continues – just horrible – struck Bryant out twice !

  25. seat101

    That was a good play by Todd. But I think he should’ve held onto the ball.

    I feel like I’m all alone in here.

    • RedAlert

      I think everybody’s just looking forward to trade moves more than anything – more interesting I guess 😏

  26. wdwrolen2713

    What happened on the single to Frazier? Bad play or bad luck?

  27. jdx19

    Swinging 3-0 in the bottom of the 11th leading off the innings makes me sick. I take 2 straight pitches there. JHC.

    • RedAlert

      Agree – at least take 3-0 pitch anyway

  28. Mack Ashley Potter

    Surez swinging at ball 4 on 3-0 pitch leading off the 11th inning in a tie game and popping up to 2nd base.

  29. jdx19

    Well, with this marathon game it’ll be interesting to see how bullpens are handled tomorrow. Leake is probably throwing 120 pitches regardless of how effective he is, and Cingrani will.. well… he’ll be Cingrani, I’m sure.

    • docmike

      If Chapman is unavailable, then all the Reds have left is Badenhop, and Villareal (shudder).

  30. docmike

    Here we go… Fowler and Schwarber have eaten our lunch tonight.

  31. RedAlert

    Another wasted evening rooting for the train wreck that is the 2015 Cincinnati Reds – will be glad when some trading action gets started – will be a lot more exciting than watching this crap on a daily and nightly basis – however, I can’t seem to turn away, as bad as it has been

    • RedAlert

      Losing to the stupid Cubs makes it worse –