With news today that Manny Parra has been placed on the disabled list, a number of people have asked the legitimate question: Why did the Reds wait so long to trade Parra? That seems like a reasonable inquiry, so we combed the internets and found not just one, but the ten best reasons.

Here’s the Redleg Nation Top Ten reasons why Manny Parra wasn’t traded before the All-Star Game:

10. Had a deal with Cubs until Walt Jocketty remembered the time Theo Epstein stole his lunch money.

9. Reds were in listening mode.

8. Brass didn’t want to see Parra pitching for another team in the celebrity softball game.

7. GM didn’t want to make a deal under influence by other people around the club.

6. Analytics department was needed during FanFest as driver for Mike & Mike’s limo.

5. Walt Jocketty’s Florida condo was unavailable due to retrofit for latest dial-up modem technology

4. Reds have been negotiating another multi-year, multi-million dollar contract with Parra.

3. Owner didn’t want blockbuster Parra deal to distract from Home Run Derby.

2. Organization has been considering moving Parra to starting rotation because everyone knows that’s where the best left-handed pitchers in the organization belong.

1. GM kept confusing other teams by referring to Parra as former Cardinal Manny Aybar.

42 Responses

  1. Gaffer

    How bad is it?

    What are they waiting for trading Leake and Cueto!

    • redmountain

      They will wait until the end of the month, after they have finished the series is over with the Cards. Also, you may have noticed no one else is trading anyone either.

  2. msanmoore

    +50 … that’s an average WAR of 5 for each reason.

  3. esbienenfeld

    Gosh, talk about wasting a resource. This does not engender much optimism for the coming (crucial) weeks.
    Apparently WJ is doing this all remotely from Florida, which just rubs me the wrong way somehow.

  4. Jeff

    I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again: WJ is not the guy I want rebuilding my favorite baseball team, but here we are.

    • ncmountie1

      DITTO that sentiment. Potential “Dead Man Walking” trading one of the teams best assests doesn’t inspire confidence.

  5. droomac

    Of course, it was stubbornness and pride that kept them from doing anything before the break or, for that matter, last July. Cueto should have been dealt last year. The same is true of Chapman. Surely, there were also takers for Cozart and Parra (and the others) earlier this year. I’m putting the whole mess on Bob, with a mere assist by Walt.

  6. Tom Gray

    Reason # 11 – maybe it just happened during his recent poor (5 R, 0 outs) effort.

  7. Redgoggles

    #12 – Sean Marshall wasn’t expected back until mid-August.

  8. seat101

    Yeah! And all those great offers we turn down! That was so stupid. I believe we were offered Mike Trout

  9. tct

    I like this. I wish there was a bit more humor at RLN. Baseball is supposed to be fun after all.

    But I don’t think the criticism should be about not trading Parra. Nobody is going to give up anything for him until they see how the market shakes out. But they can’t know much about the market until the top players go. And seeing as how the Reds have one of the best starters on the market and the best reliever, they are holding up the market by holding on to them. And that is where the criticism belongs. The fact that Cueto, Chapman, and Leake are still pitching for this team is absolutely ridiculous.

    Plus, Parra is the type of guy you could probably run through waivers in August if you find a trade partner. If he is healthy by then, of course.

      • WVRedlegs

        Walt is signing and bringing in Catfish Hunter and Mudcat Grant for the bullpen.

      • Craig Z

        Tim Salmon and Kevin Bass for the coaching staff.

    • greenmtred

      There have been few trades so far, and we have no idea what offers have been made for our guys. It makes sense to trade (some of) them, perhaps, but not for nothing of value.

      • tct

        The Reds could have started taking offers on Cueto and Chapman at any time. If Walt hasn’t gotten any good offers yet for one of the best starters and the best reliever in baseball, then it is only because the Reds were not willing to engage in serious talks. It simply defies belief to think that the Reds have been trying to trade these guys and just haven’t got any good offers. That’s nonsense.

      • Evan armstrong

        Your are assuming something with zero knowledge of what is happening.

      • tct

        We know that the Reds were unwilling to trade Cueto, Chapman, or Leake before the all star break.

        We know that Cueto and Chapman are highly desired assets.

        We know that there are very few teams in sell mode right now, and a lot of teams still in the race who are potential buyers, creating what should be a sellers market.

        So what precisely am I making assumptions about? If the Reds haven’t gotten a good offer for Cueto and Chapman yet, then it is their own fault.

      • Tom Gray

        Evan, you are correct.

        TCT, I’m sorry but you’re not in the loop on possible trades.

      • earmbrister

        Tct —

        I agree with you more often than not. That said, the Reds would be crazy to jump at other teams’ first offers. Let the bidding war play out. No one is going to start the process with their best offer. When u have as many as a dozen teams interested in 2-3 of your players, you let them outbid one another.

        There have been NO major trades thus far, so the Walt is asleep narrative is premature.

  10. Redgoggles

    Might this impact Cingrini? With Axelrod coming up for Parra, and Tony’s lefthandedness and all. I’m locking up all my guns just in case.

    • Ryan

      Manny Parra if not hurt today and instead dealt today, he would of been the last reliever of importance moved this trade season.

      Or would he have been the first? Sure you would think a team would pay more for more time with rentals, but as you often see, the market for trades is usually within a week of the deadline.

  11. mtkal

    Re: #6 – The Reds have an analytics department???

    • Tom Gray

      Don’t need one. This site and others like it know all the acronyms for stats.

  12. Berdj J. Rassam

    I don’t know that you can get much for Parra in a trade.

  13. Matt

    11. The market want there for him
    12. Other GMs didn’t believe his numbers from early this year.
    13. Walt doesn’t have a crystal ball telling him who well get hurt when like we do in hindsight

  14. Redsfan48

    Funny article but I didn’t like the shot you took at the Reds for putting Cingrani in the rotation. I think that’s where he belongs, especially if he’s developed more off-speed stuff.

  15. vegastypo

    No. 14: Walt can’t figure out why he keeps getting calls about an outfielder who plays for the Brewers.

  16. Joe Atkinson

    And now, ESPN is reporting that the Tigers may be sellers, with David Price going on the market. If that becomes official, so does the fact that the Reds waited too long to trade Cueto, as he suddenly becomes the second-best rental on the market.

  17. Daytonian

    Another puzzle… Why is Skip playing tonight? The Cubs new catcher can certainly hit, but he has problems fielding and throwing. Our normal CF speedster would give him fits and would (if he gets on base) manufacture runs. Where’s a lineup that would take advantage of what the Cubs are throwing at us!