Indians 9, Reds 4. Box Score. Win Probability Graph.

Last night was a good night for the ol’ Redlegs. Tonight was a not so good night.

Messers. Votto and Phillips had themselves splendandy-evenings and the ever-affable Mr. Bruce surely provided adequate contribution by helping to plate all the runs managed by the home team in this futile tilt, but as for the rest of the team, they can only hang their heads in abject sorrow.

Young Anthony DeSclafani certainly had his learning for the night. He’s still new and young and hope dawns for the young like for no one else. Onward to another day.


Shifting to regular voice: Rough game today. Trades are about to be happening, we’re told. If Jay Bruce is going to be traded, I’ll be really sad. Same with Cueto (who is going to be traded). Other folks, I’m less attached to. Chapman, I don’t mind largely because he’s been so misused by the Reds. But Bruce and Cueto, that’d be tough.

I do not understand why Frazier is the only player not on the table. Objectively, this is the perfect time to trade Todd Frazier given his age and the remaining years of control. Yes, I know we all like him and stuff (he is likable), but just being cold about it, he should be on the block. It makes no sense to be willing to trade Bruce and not Frazier as you likely try to keep both guys if you’re planning to contend at any point in the next couple of years.

All of the games are so nondescript now. I only really worry about individual performances and otherwise, I let things float past. It’s weird to have wins and losses matter so little. Another game tomorrow, I guess. See you then.