Aroldis Chapman was selected to the NL All-Star team, and will join NL starting third-baseman Todd Frazier. It will be Aroldis Chapman’s fourth consecutive all-star selection.

Johnny Cueto was not selected by the players or manager Bruce Bochy, but did make the “Final Vote.” You can vote for Cueto on Twitter by using the #VoteCueto hashtag. Cueto is 12th the NL in fWAR (2.2), 11th in ERA (2.84), 17th in FIP (3.26), and 17th in K/9 (8.60). So he is not really that big of a snub, in terms of his numbers this season. He will have tough company as Clayton Kershaw is also in the final vote.

It would be pretty perfect for the 2015 Reds if Johnny Cueto didn’t make the All Star Game. It is pretty apparent that the Reds in some degree have waited to trade Cueto until after the ASG. Reds fans will have the chance to vote Cueto in, just like they did with Todd Frazier. You could however choose not to vote for Cueto, because voting for him would risk injury to him right before he is about to be traded. So really it’s up to you.

Here is the NL roster and Final Vote:

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  1. Kurt Frost

    Did I miss Papelbon going to the cardinals?

      • Kurt Frost

        I didn’t catch a lot of news this weekend. Thought I missed a trade.

    • Dr. K

      I was just texting my brother, who is in St Louis, about that. I’m thinking this is an ESPN oversight because it was on their web page that Paplebon is a Cardinal, but I haven’t seen anything where he was traded there.

  2. Evan armstrong

    Talk is Frazier might be the NL DH.

  3. wkuchad

    I understand the injury risk issue, but does the “All-Star” title increase perceived trade value?

  4. mtkal

    I guess there’s no vote limit on the final vote, you just vote as many times as you can until the deadline right?

  5. User1022

    Goldschmidt and Rizzo are young first basemen and there are others waiting in the wings.

    If I put an over/under on Votto making 2.5 more ASGs in his career, which would you take?

    I’d take the under, no question.

  6. Tracyjones29

    With Grandal and Boxberger both making their first All Star appearance(although neither with SD), is it time to reevaluate the Latos trade as a bust?

    • RedsDownUnderer

      I think that’s a bit difficult to say; we got 2-3 (?) solid years out of Latos, who was essential to making it to the playoffs (in a way that Alonso and even Grandal wouldn’t have been then). Then he was traded for Disco, who may never be an All-Star, but looks to be a solid MLB starter.

      All things considered (and it remains to be seen what Grandal and Alonso and Boxy and Disco do eventually), but it still seems like a good trade in retrospect, if maybe a slight overpay on the Reds’ end. A bust, certainly not.

  7. Jeremy Conley

    It’s been a while since the Reds have only had two all-stars. Too bad it had to happen this year.

  8. RedAlert

    Holmberg staring Thursday – what a joke !!! This organization is simply pathetic at this point – just as well call any of the rest of us up to pitch

    • RedAlert

      Well , guess silver lining is apparently Tony C. will take his slot in rotation afterwards

  9. MannyT

    “It would be pretty perfect for the 2015 Reds if Johnny Cueto didn’t make the All Star Game.”

    I don’t agree with your comment. I’d be very happy if Cueto made the team. I’m assuming most who visit this site are human beings who have feelings that transcend the bottom line. Cueto’s been great for us and it would be nice to see him go out as an all star- he deserves it, if not for this season.

    I have to remember that you are the person who thinks we should trade Frazier and it helps put things in context.