Here is the list of players the Reds should be shopping.

The Reds got swept by the lowly Milwaukee Brewers in front of their home crowd at Great American Ballpark. The Reds were outscored in the series 25-5.

It doesn’t get much worse than this.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (36-44) 1 4 0
Milwaukee Brewers (36-48) 6 13 0
W: Jungmann (3-1) L: Leake (5-5)
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The Reds have to sell. That is obvious. But they can’t halfway sell. They have to be “all-out” or this thing is not going to work.

The Reds won’t be good in 2016. You would have to be pretty naive to think that a team whose front end of the rotation will be Anthony DeSclafani, Michael Lorenzen, and Rasiel Iglesias can compete with the Cardinals, Cubs, and Pirates. The chances of the Reds being able to compete with the Cardinals, Cubs, and Pirates is 2017 is also slim.

So let me you ask you this: what is the difference between winning 50 games and 70 games?

Sure, some will say that will alienate the fan base. But wouldn’t four straight seasons of 70 wins, and zero trips to the postseason do the same thing? Blowing the team up will alienate them sooner, but it is going to happen either way. At least if you blow the entire thing up, you set yourself up nicely for the future, and can start stockpiling top draft picks.

Do you think Cubs fans are still upset about their 61-101 season in 2012 now? No, because that season of losing in glorious fashion netted them Kris Bryant. Do you think Astros fans are still upset about their 56-106 and 55-107 seasons in 2011 and 2012? No, because those seasons brought them George Springer and Carlos Correa.

The Reds are at a crossroads. They can either decide to halfway sell their team, and most likely end up resembling something like the Philadelphia Phillies. Or they can give up for a couple of years when they have a minuscule chance of finishing ahead of the Cardinals, Cubs, and Pirates.

Any player you don’t see helping the Reds in 2018 should be shopped right now. I already wrote why the Reds should trade Todd Fraizer, but they should also be shopping Marlon Byrd, Jay Bruce, Brandon Phillips, Aroldis Chapman, J.J. Hoover, Manny Parra, and even Joey Votto (in addition of course to Cueto and Leake who they are already shopping). Some of those guys might not bring much in return, but if they aren’t going to give you any value in 2018 and beyond, they are pretty much wasted talent right now.

Blow. It. Up.

PS: While the Reds are at it, get rid of Marty and Thom too. Thom was absolutely unbearable to listen to today, and good ole’ Marty had this to say about Joey Votto today.