Tonight’s game was delayed for two hours because of rain. However, not a drop of rain fell on the field during the two hour delay. That pretty much sums up the 2015 Cincinnati Reds season.

The Twins wasted no time after the rain delay. The second batter of the game, Torii Hunter, hit a bomb into the left-field seats. The Twins would score another run in the second, on some shaky defense from the Reds. Eugenio Suarez hit a solo home run in the third inning, to cut the deficit to 2-1.

Anthony DeSclafani kept the Reds in the game through six innings, allowing just three runs. However, Bryan Price decided it would be a good idea to let his rookie pitcher go back out in the seventh inning. The Twins scored four runs in the seventh inning, and blew the game open. DeSclafani left with 122 pitches.

The Reds battled back, scoring four runs in the bottom of the 7th inning, and they cut the deficit to 7-5. They couldn’t however get any closer than that, and fell 8-5. The Reds are now 35-41 on the season,.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (35-41) 5 10 1
Minnesota Twins (41-36) 8 15 3
W: Hughes (7-6) L: DeSclafani (5-6) S: Perkins (25)
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Player of the Game 

Tori Hunter: 3 for 5, 1 HR, 2 R


Eugenio Suarez hit his 2nd HR of the season in the third inning. Suarez is now hitting .328/.369/.475, with a 134 wRC+. This kid has a lot of nice upside. It will be interesting to see where the Reds decide to play him next season. 3B, SS, 2B?

Anthony DeSclafani pitched around trouble for the most part of the night. It wasn’t his best start, as he allowed a career high 11 hits, but he kept the Reds in the game. He only walked 2 batters, and struck out 7. I’m not exactly sure why Price had him pitch in the 7th inning, and go over 120 pitches. That made his overall line look way worse than it would have it we would exited after six innings with a quality start.

Marlon Byrd also hit his 13th home run of the year.

Rasiel Iglesias looked good in his rehab debut with the Louisville Bats. FOX 19 had some video of Iglesias from tonight. Jim Day reported that the Reds plan to put Iglesias back into the rotation when he returns.



Joey Votto had a rough game in the field. Apparently though, he is a “defensive liability” at first-base according to some in Reds country. Don’t listen to that lie. Votto is 2nd in the MLB this year among all 1B in Defensive Runs Saved (7), 4th in UZR/150, and 5th in Fangraphs Defensive Ranking. Votto has 39 Defensive Runs Saved over his career. He is not a liability.

Bryan Price decided that it was a good idea to let his rookie pitcher, Anthony DeSclafani throw 122 pitches. That coming on a night where the game was delayed for two hours. That is just not smart.

Burke Badenhop continued his struggles. Badenhop came into the 7th inning with runners on 1st & 2nd, and allowed back to back singles. Badenhop now has a 5.59 ERA on the season, but does have a 3.79 FIP. Maybe better days are ahead for Badenhop.

J.J. Hoover’s scoreless innings streak came to an end. Hoover hadn’t allowed an earned run since April 21st, and over 30 appearances (28.2 IP).

Jay Bruce went 0 for 4.

Brandon Phillips was not in the starting lineup again tonight. Phillips was tweeting minutes before the first pitch tonight, which is against the MLB rules. I don’t know if the “no cell phones 30 minutes before the game” rule would be enforced during a rain delay, but it probably was not a smart decision. C. Trent Rosecran posted a picture of the official rules on cell phone use.

Not so random thoughts……………

The Reds luck this season with weather has been pretty brutal. On a positive note, the rain delay fit in perfectly around the USA Women’s Soccer team, who played in the World Cup Semifinals at 7, which promptly ended with a USA win right before the first pitch. The USA women will play on Sunday for the World Cup. Go USA!

It doesn’t matter one bit towards the outcome of this season for the Reds, but why is Votto being pushed back to 3rd in the lineup, Frazier 4th, and Bruce 5th? Give these guys the most trips to the plate batting 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. That is even more important when you are playing with a really bad rest of the lineup.

Around the NL Central

Brewers beat the Phillies 4-3. The Brewers beat the Phillies on a night where Cole Hamels started. The Brewers scored the winning run on a bases loaded walk by Adam Lind in the 8th inning.

Cubs: beat the Mets 1-0. Kyle Hendricks pitched six brilliant innings for the Cubs (3 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 6 K). The Cubs lone run came in the 6th inning on an RBI double by Matt Szczur, scoring Kris Bryant.

Pirates: believe it or not, the Bucs are still playing. They are tied with the Tigers 4-4 in the 14th inning. Gerrit Cole allowed 2 runs in 6.2 innings, and Andrew McCutchen is 2 for 4 with 3 walks.

Cardinals: they actually lost. Chris Sale dominated the Cardinals tonight, allowing just 1 run in 8.0 innings, while striking out 12. The Cardinals however got great pitching of their own, as Lance Lynn allowed just 1 run in 6.0 innings. The game was tied 1-1 after 9 innings, and the White Sox ended up winning 2-1 on a home run by Tyler Flowers off Cardinals reliever Miguel Socolovich in the 11th inning.

St. Louis Cardinals 51-25 –
Pittsburgh Pirates 42-33 8.5 GB
Chicago Cubs 40-35 10.5 GB
Cincinnati Reds 35-41 16.0 GB
Milwaukee Brewers 31-48 21.5 GB

Up Next:

Twins at Reds
Thursday, 12:35 PM
TV: None; Radio: 700 WLW
Johnny Cueto (14 GS, 2.98 ERA, 3.39 FIP) vs Trevor May (14 GS, 4.62 ERA, 3.26 FIP)

All photos are used courtesy of the Cincinnati Enquirer and Sam Greene, and are used by permission. All statistics used courtesy of Fangraphs, ESPN Stats and Info, and Baseball-Reference (including Baseball-Reference Play Index). 

13 Responses

  1. RedAlert

    3 words will sum it up :


  2. Vanessa Galagnara

    all of a sudden pitchers can’t throw 122 pitches? Jack Morris’ arm never fell off after throwing 250 pitches. Those that complain about pitch counts are firm believers in coddling their pitchers. Let him throw 122 pitches see how he responds next start, maybe it just the thing he needed.
    Who is it that says 100 pitches is the max that a pitcher should throw sure seems like a convenient and arbitrary number to me. Why not make it 90? or 120? Those that are complaining about pitch counts have they ever thrown a baseball in their lives?
    Show me one stat over the last 50 years that proves high pitch counts lead to arm injuries.
    Split fingered fastballs and throwing 100 mph is what leads to arm injuries if you are wanting to be serious about it.

      • Jason

        I heard Nolan Ryan on the radio talking about how terrible the mentality is now a days for pitch counts. Pitchers have more Tommy John surgery now than ever before. Nolan said that pitchers don’t have the mentality to go out and throw a full 9 innings anymore. They just want to throw there 100 pitches and be done. It also depends on the pitcher. Certain pitchers can handle more pitches than others.

      • IndyRedMan

        Price has a 13 man staff…..don’t tell me you have to push young pitchers when the guy has struggled since the 2nd hitter of the game?

    • Big56dog

      Are they not going to have shut him down after 160 innings or so, ah la Mike Leake’s first 2 years, they watching Lorenzen but seem to be pushing Disco with higher and higher pitchcounts

  3. Redsfan48

    C Trent and Phillips have had problems in the past so I agree he’s probably just trying to cause trouble. In any case, it doesn’t bother me that Phillips did that because he was injured and obviously not able to play anyways. If it was simply an off day for extra rest for Phillips and he was available to play, that’s different but since he was injured and unavailable it’s not a big deal.

  4. ManuelT

    The paper ought to do something about reeling in CTrent. He should not be allowed to let his personal feelings color his writing.

    • Big56dog

      I agree with Sultan if this were no big deal, why is Price lying about. Who cares if he is on a doughnut run. If this is the truth who is the mysterious unknown ghost tweeter

  5. Carl Sayre

    Disco had been flirting with trouble all night i didn’t understand why he sent him out to start the inning nevermind let it implode like it did, I do not understand how someone who did such a good job as a pitching coach checks out when he becomes manager.

    • Tom Reed

      Price is a pitching coach. He’s over his head as a manager. We need the owner and front office to realize that.

  6. Big56dog

    Bullpen being taxed??? What about Disco, is there no concern of his innings long term? Has he ever pitched over 150, he is going to hit that by August. Pitchcounts being what they are, only 3 of the 8 relievers were used Monday and Chapman had to be available after only something like 3 innings in 2 weeks

  7. Big56dog

    He gave up 2 hits, it happens has been a lot better since an awful April- solid 4th or 5th option and numbers are reverting to career norms