Final R H E
Minnesota Twins (40-36) 7 9 0
Cincinnati Reds (35-40) 11 17 0
W: Adcock (1-1) L: Pelfry (5-5)
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The Good
–Hey there, offense. Good to see you. The Reds scored 11 runs today on route to victory. Here is the complete list of Reds players who reached base at least 3 times: Billy Hamilton, Ivan De Jesus, Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, Tucker Barnhart, Eugenio Suarez. That’ll do.

–Special Mention to Billy Hamilton who continues to steal all the bases and currently has 40 (!). He is not a perfect player, but he is fun to watch sometimes.

–Also a special mention to Jay Bruce because I am never going to stop reminding people that I was right when I said he was fine. He continues to put in a season that, offensively, is better than his career average. He had two doubles tonight and is on pace for right around 60 extra base hits. Go Jay.

–Another special mention for Tucker Barnhart because four hits always deserves a special mention.

–The bullpen held it down very well today, despite being pretty taxed. Adcock, Parra, and Chapman combined to pitch five innings of scoreless relief. And it wasn’t even a save situation.

The Bad
–Mike Leake. Yuckers, my friend. Yuckers. Too make things even worse (for me), he tanked as I was trying to make the case that he was underrated. He’s having a weird year.

–The Reds bench is so bad that Mike Leake hit for himself before coming out.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–I tweeted a lot of baseball tonight and it was fun and the Reds won and that was fun, even if it got scary for a minute there.

–It was nice to see Suarez get through the day clean. I don’t mean that sarcastically either. Players have weird bad stretches in the field. It happens. You just don’t want to see it become something bigger.

–That said, I don’t have any delusions about where this team is going. I really hope they start making trades soon. Chapman has to go. Cueto, Byrd, and Leake, too (if there are takers for Leake). Bruce and Frazier should be traded if they bring significant returns (don’t underestimate Bruce’s value. He’s had one bad year and is under contract for below market value for two more years). Phillips if anyone will take him. Cozart was also a good candidate, but the injury means that’s unlikely.

–The Reds should make those trades because no one is selling right now, which means returns should be abnormally high. So do it. If, let’s say, the Reds keep Bruce and Frazier and trade everyone else mentioned, they can field a lineup next year with these guys: Mesoraco, Votto, Suarez, Cozart, Frazier, Bruce, Hamilton, LF (Yorman or Winker maybe?). That really isn’t bad. If they got some good prospects via trade, they could very well be competitive again in a year or two.

–Baseball is more fun when your favorite team wins.