Hey All,

First, I apologize for the tardiness of this recap and for it’s altered format. I was prepared, at first, for a normal game today. Then, I managed to arrange things well enough to account for the extra time we were facing.

Well, you know, the best laid plans and all that. So, I’m typing this from bedtime central here at casa Linden and my wife is out of town.

Good Stuff

So the Reds played a lot of baseball today. It ended in two losses and, tempted as  I am to just put Milton here and leave it be, that’s not really fair. Because, you know what? Generally the bullpen was good. I mean, you can’t complain about the one hundred and seven innings they pitched tonight, even if they did give up some runs. By the end of the second game, no one at all was left (especially not Chapman).

Bad Stuff

The offense was pretty terrible.

Brandon Phillips is hurt.

Eugenio Suarez had some defensive issues.

Josh Smith wasn’t so great.

Not So Random Thoughts

I’m so done with Bryan Price and his shenanigans. Today, he had an overwhelming number of chances to use his best pitcher, and he didn’t. Give me a break.

Suarez has looked rough lately. I heard it called the yips on the radio broadcast, and that seems about right. As long as it doesn’t turn into a serious mental issue, he’ll be fine. He’s a good player, but it’s important to remember he’s still pretty new to the big leagues. I’m not worried yet.

I’ll never root for the Reds to lose, but the front office does need to realize that this is a team that should be selling as the deadline approaches. This series, I hope, brings that home a little bit. The market has apparently dried up as lots of teams believe they are still in it. That is potentially very good for a team that is willing to sell as it drives up the price of what they have to offer.

Nighty, night, Reds fans.