After splitting the two game set in the Motor City, the Reds (29-35) travel back down south looking for their 30th win of the season. Tonight’s game is a battle of two aces: the Tigers David Price against the (for now) Reds’ Johnny Cueto. Last year, the Tigers snagged Price from the Rays at the deadline for their playoff push, and there are already rumors that they could be looking at Cueto for the same role this year.

All stats are 2015 actuals:

David Price 2.44 2.89 0.58 5.3% 21.9%
Johnny Cueto 2.85 3.15 0.95 4.2% 24.4%

Since his two week hiatus with shoulder soreness, Johnny Cueto has been usually dominant self. In three starts, he’s thrown 20.0 innings, struck out 22 while only walking two, and pitched to a 2.25 ERA. For the season, Johnny Cueto is tied for 23rd in WAR of all eligible pitchers with 1.78 (according to ESPN). Fangraphs lists Cueto’s WAR as a 2.0, which would bump Cueto up to 15th on ESPN’s leaderboard. Regardless of the WAR discrepancy, Cueto is still more in demand than sweet tea in the South.

Opposing Cueto tonight is the sensational David Price, who is coming off of a seven hit, complete game shutout. Price struck out eight in that game, which was on the heels of another complete game against the White Sox. In total, over his last two starts, Price has thrown 18 innings of 12-hit, one-run baseball, striking out 19. Price has thrown three complete games so far this year, and he has gone at least 8.0 innings twice more, yet his K/9 is still a very good 7.99. What makes Price so dominant is his elite command and efficiency, leading to the ability to strike batters out in three pitches.

Price has long been one of my favorite non-Reds because he’s a Tennessee boy who pitched for Vanderbilt, but also because he just seems like a genuinely good guy. Hopefully, the Reds touch him up just enough for Johnny to get the job done tonight.

(This is my subtle reminder that Vandy is 2-0 in the CWS right now, and everyone should watch what’s going on in Omaha because it’s honestly the most entertaining baseball played all year.)

Chris Dominguez gets the start at first in place of Joey Votto in today’s Reds’ lineup. Bryan Price must have a lot of faith in Cueto throwing a shutout because there don’t seem to be many runs for the Reds on paper:

1. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
2. Ivan De Jesus (R) LF
3. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
4. Jay Bruce (L) RF
5. Brayan Pena (S) C
6. Chris Dominguez (R) 1B
7. Eugenio Suarez (R) SS
8. Johnny Cueto (R) P
9. Billy Hamilton (S) CF

Kinsler, Cabrera, and Cespedes make up the heart of the Tigers’ order:

1. Anthony Gose (L) CF
2. Ian Kinsler (R) 2B
3. Miguel Cabrera (R) 1B
4. Yoenis Cespedes (R) LF
5. J.D. Martinez (R) RF
6. Nick Castellanos (R) 3B
7. James McCann (R) C
8. Jose Iglesias (R) SS
9. David Price (L) P


Marlon Byrd, who has been out since June 3 with a fractured wrist, will start his rehab assignment today with the Pensacola Blue Wahoos. Byrd is expected to play the next two games with the Double-A before being re-evaluated to join the big league club. Bryan Price commented that, “He’s done a lot of really good work without having any setbacks. I didn’t anticipate having him back as soon as this.”


The Toddfather is having one heck of a year for the Reds. I know plenty of people are calling to trade him (and literally everyone else), but I stand behind keeping Frazier as the cornerstone of the next incarnation of the Reds. He’s young enough, under contract through 2016 and arbitration eligible in 2017, and a leader. Keep Todd around to balance out all the younger guys that will be filling this roster the next few years.



The Cavs…erm Lebron…finally succumbed to the relentless assault that was the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 last night. Andre Iguodala took home the Finals MVP honors, and Steph Curry became the sixth player to win his first MVP and title in the same season. Meanwhile, the reaction in Cleveland:

Sorry Cleveland.

This is the best of the best today, and an interesting matchup pitting one former ace for sale against a current ace for sale. From here on out, every start Johnny Cueto makes is a glorified audition, and while that stings a little bit to have to write, I still wish nothing but the best for Johnny Beisbol.


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  1. doublenohitter

    #anchordown Go Vandy! I was flipping between the Reds and Vandy last night.

    Going for back-to-back National Championships!

  2. lwblogger2

    Well crap! Only my 4th game this year and already going to be my 2nd without Votto in the lineup. Crap, crap, crap!

  3. Jeremy Conley

    I thought carrying 8 relievers was a bad idea, I can’t even begin to express my confusion about having 9. Exactly how many innings does Price think a major league game has?

    • MikeinWV

      What is that old saying: if all you have is a hammer, then all problems look like a nail? As a former pitching coach, Bryan Price will be pleased to have a deep pitching “bench”.

    • tct

      The way they construct their roster is mind boggling sometimes. It’s like they have never heard of a long man.

  4. wildwestlv

    I’m all onboard for the big SALE & rebuild, but Frazier needs to remain a Cincinnati Redleg. GO REDS! tonight.

  5. Vanessa Galagnara

    Jocketty’s new strategy. Fill the 25 with relievers. send out a fresh pitcher every two innings. don’t use the same 5 guys 2 days in a row. No need to spend big bucks on starting pitching.

    • renbutler

      Maybe the departure of a pitcher is imminent…

  6. Steve Mancuso

    Huge number of Tiger fans here. Hope with Johnny Cueto pitching they won’t have much to cheer for.

  7. Steve Mancuso

    I’m excited to see the pitching match-up. Go Johnny!

  8. wildwestlv

    Hopefully Johnny isn’t dealt to the Tigers after tonight’s game. I was in attendance in Seattle the day after Ichiro was traded to the Yankees. I was so wrong seeing him take the field in pinstripes.

  9. msanmoore

    No Billy = a 3B hit on that one (I think)

  10. renbutler

    Does it really count as nine relievers on the roster if one of them is replacing Moscot in the rotation?

  11. Vanessa Galagnara

    Johnny looked great finishing off those 2 studs!

  12. Steve Mancuso

    Going to see a bunch of Ks tonight.

    • msanmoore

      Like that one … looks like a bigger zone tonight.

    • PhoenixPhil

      But the bench is so much better….

    • Vicferrari

      excellent call with Cueto coming up and the way they perform with runners on 3rd…The Rookie gets a bunt down, sad to say I am a bot shocked since they have shown they cannot execute the S even when it is a poor strategy

  13. PhoenixPhil

    Suicide squeeze is one of the most exciting plays in baseball, but it is completely lost when you watch on TV with the camera angles.

    • Tom Gray

      I saw one at Crosley Field in 1964. Pirates C Jerry May squeezed across a run in the 16th inning of a Bob Veale vs Jim Aloney duel. Pirates won 1-0 in 16 innings.

  14. Indy Red Man

    I’m an Indiana grad so I can actually root for the Cubs a little bit w/Kyle Schwarber on the roster. His first hit was a triple tonite. I hate to say it but they’re going to build a monster behind Rizzo, Bryant, Schwarber, and Addison Russell….esp w/the money they have.

  15. Vicferrari

    Liking the pitch count at 50 after 4- did not start off so great

    • msanmoore

      Was thinking the same thing. Price will top 50 in his 4 no matter what.

      • Vicferrari

        I am all about Price getting a 8 inning CG.. Cueto was looking on pace for his own CG until the walk and the 10 pitch AB, I will take 8 shut out innings.

  16. msanmoore

    Oh man! Bruce turns on one for a 2B and then Todd does THAT!!

  17. vegastypo

    Did the power stacks catch fire again, or is that just the searing heat of Frazier???

  18. Vanessa Galagnara

    Frazier is having a monster season. I”m guessing Steamers was dead wrong on that one.

  19. wildwestlv

    Is that hack*, Matt Carpenter, still leading in the 3B NL All*Star voting?

    • msanmoore

      Start him, then pull him for Frazier in the 2nd inning.

    • tct

      He’s having a MVP caliber first half, the All Star game is in Cincy, and a Cardinal will probably be starting over him at his position.

      As if we needed another reason to hate the Cards.

      • msanmoore

        Au contrare! We ALWAYS welcome another reason to hate the Dirty Birds.

  20. msanmoore

    OK, a little trouble getting out of that inning. Still 68 pitches isn’t bad through 5 and he’ll bounce back for a clean one, right?

  21. VaRedsFan

    Could use a DP here before the meat comes up.

    • VaRedsFan

      said meat did the damage…2 walks and a 3 run bomb by miggy

  22. msanmoore

    Yep – had to see that coming after all those pitches.

  23. wyoRedsfan

    Poor Mr. Beisbol. Oh wait, he will still be signing a a contract for over 200m next year. Why do we care?

  24. VaRedsFan

    any chance this rain could last until 5 AM?

  25. Kywhi

    Neither here nor there, I guess, but it is one huge pleasure to hear Pete Rose talk during those rain-delay clips about baseball and the state of the game as he sees it. The interviews also reveal just how sad it continues to be that Rose literally gambled away his opportunity to be a major influence on the players of today.

  26. Vicferrari

    Is that it for Cueto? at 88 pitches it would seem dumb to put him back out there to get hurt. Would be sad if that is how he goes out as Red

  27. Steve Mancuso

    Word is that Parra is warming up. Both Price and Cueto done. Mother Nature spoils the pitchers’ duel.

  28. Janet

    Marlon Byrd with a three run home run in the Pensacola game to tie it at 3-3.

  29. I-71_Exile

    WOW. Brayan Pena is going to need some oxygen.

  30. Steve Mancuso

    Nice job by Contreras — throwing strikes.

  31. Vicferrari

    What was the point of taking Suarez out of the game? Is there that much of a drop off with the D between him and Negron. I remember Baker used to do a lot of meaningless double switches I do not know why but they irritate me

  32. msanmoore

    Did they just say we need Byrd’s bat AND his defense back in Cincy? What team are they watching?

    Oh – and that HR stinks!

    • cheesy79

      I was thinking the same thing…did they just say Byrd has been playing great defense?

  33. RedAlert

    Right on time – gas can from the pen in the 8th – behind again

  34. msanmoore

    I think I just got my $50 worth for MLB-tv on that hit and RBI alone.

  35. hof13

    This is a very entertaining game ….. it will be even better if the Reds can pull out a win.

    • msanmoore

      Oh yes … but that hit and ricochet was too fun to watch.

  36. msanmoore

    And the streak goes on! Love me some Votto.

    • jdx19

      It was in real danger! Starting 0-2, working it to 3-2, then a single off a decent pitch. Good times.

      • msanmoore

        Thom called it right (for a change) – Joey just held back and waited. Then he smacked it!

  37. msanmoore

    If ever we needed grit … it’s now.

    • jdx19

      I’ll be honest… i hate the way checked swing calls work more than just about anything in baseball.

      If a guy checks his swing, he did not swing. If the commish wants offense to go up, forget about strike zones and stuff, just let players who check their swings not get rung up for no reason.

      • msanmoore

        Yeah … good point. Ring him up with a K looking if it’s in the zone, but not if he doesn’t actually swing and it’s outside.

  38. seadog

    Why is Skip on this team? Why? Why?

  39. pinson343

    He went around. How on earth does he swing at that pitch ?

  40. VaRedsFan

    Strange that Votto didn’t stay in the game.

  41. DHud

    Another stellar, clutch PH AB for Schumaker…

  42. seadog

    Aroldis is thru his early June swoon. Happens every year. He is just dominant right now. If the Reds do not get the moon for him in trade…..UGH

  43. seat101

    You know I’m 60 years old and I’ve been going to baseball games since I was seven, and I thought I knew the basic rules of baseball.

    But here’s one thing I don’t understand, could one of you explain to me how Chapman gets a saving the situation? Does this mean we have to score 3 runs in the bottom of the inning

    • seat101

      For “saving” please replace with “save in”.

      Thank you very much

    • msanmoore

      He doesn’t. Has to come in with the lead and pitch with the tying run in the on-deck circle. Tonight, we score in the 9th and Chappy gets the win. He can’t lose and has no save opportunity tonight.

  44. seadog

    And Please…Pitch him more than one inning. Please….

  45. seadog

    No ..this would be a win for him…The score is tied

    • seat101

      I was using meiosis. I know he does not get a say in this situation. I was trying to make the point that this is very unlike the manager to put Chapman and the situation.

      I think they need to have a meiosis for, don’t you?

      • pinson343

        In every home game that is tied in the 9th, Chapman comes in to pitch. It’s standard practice for the closer to do that at home.

      • seat101

        Gosh darn the VR system.

        In the second paragraph please replace “for” with “font”.

        And in the first paragraph please replace the word “say” with “save “.

        Thank you very much.

      • seadog

        Just stupid baseball…If you are trying to win…Pitch him more than 1 inning

  46. RedAlert

    Way to work the count Negron – pathetic AB

    • RedAlert

      Then Billy with another quality AB

  47. pinson343

    Negron swings at the first pitch again, out of the strike zone.

    Andy why is Hamilton taking huge cuts ?

  48. seadog

    Chapman is just dominant. Imagine him in a Yankees/Cardinals/Royals uni come playoff time. It will be so fun to watch. It will happen

    • msanmoore

      Royals don’t need him, Birds won’t get him. Yankees are a possibility.

      • seadog

        I really don’t care who gets him at this point. He will be fun to watch in the post-season…

    • pinson343

      He won’t be in a Cardinals uniform and that would not be fun to watch.

  49. seadog

    And Chapman pitches 1 inning…really? Really?–Just insane.

      • seadog

        Bad baseball fits as well. You would never see such things in the College World Series

  50. RedAlert

    Ump behind the plate sucks – thinks people pay to see him call balls and strikes – trying trying to be the show

  51. seadog

    Why would Brian Price not ride that horse “Chapman” till it dies? Why? Because “Daddy” is worried about his pitch count? Daddy would be–Jockerty/Owner. If you ain’t gonna ride him…SELL HIM>>>

  52. RedAlert

    Better win it now – BADenhop lurking in that pen

  53. seadog

    Brad Ausmus is a good coach…But, has he made more bull-pen calls/changes than I have seen in a long time. Is this an American-league thing?

  54. seat101

    Perhaps he took Chapman out because he just found out Chapman have been traded and was no longer eligible to pitch for the Cincinnati Reds

  55. spro

    Again, why does Bruce hook-slide into home?!?! I’m trying to remember which game it cost us last year, but he did the exact same thing.

  56. pinson343

    Bruce had to go for it, took a good relay to get him. Sigh.

  57. seadog

    LOL–Just can’t catch a break. Bruce, Bruce–he was trying.

  58. seadog

    This will be ugly—Hand vs Cabrerra

  59. RedAlert

    Hand is gonna hang one of tjise breaking balls and Cabrera is gonna hit it to Kentucky

  60. spro

    Also, not so clearly out at the plate, did Price challenge a call earlier? Why wouldn’t you challenge a game-winning run in the 10th inning?

    • RedAlert

      HE IS CLUELESS – although he would have lost that one

  61. seadog

    Raise your “Hand” if you knew who Hand was?? A week ago. Or he would be pitching for the Reds. 99% have no idea who this guy is.

    • RedAlert

      Count me in that 99% 😏

      • spro

        Or that Price would pitch him 2 innings instead of Chapman

      • seadog

        I am in the 99% as well. The guy is throwing 67mph breaking pitches in the big leagues. In our 15/16 year old league they throw better breaking balls. Absolutely amazing.

  62. RedAlert

    Better not hang one of those mullets

  63. spro

    Jesus, one more of those 70mph hangers and it’s gonna go 500 ft.

  64. RedAlert

    Get him out Price , get him out !!!!

  65. spro

    “Hits him in the side of the back”. Thank you Thom Brennamen

  66. vegastypo

    Just checked in to see how we’re doing, and I don’t even know who’s pitching!

  67. seadog

    LOL–shows what I know. Hand mows em down…This is really funny to watch

    • RedAlert

      Dude spinning up efus curve balls and getting people out

  68. seadog

    Chapman can only go 1–But, maybe Hand can go 8 or 10–Only Brian Price knows…

  69. pinson343

    Nice job by Hand, including the walk to Cabrera.

  70. spro

    Wow, Price’s decisions keep getting worse and worse

    • RedAlert

      Bryan Price school of managing 101

      • spro

        This is what happens when you have a 9 man bullpen

  71. seadog

    Shumaker represents the winning run.. “according to Thom” LOL

  72. pinson343

    Why didn’t Votto stay in the game ?

  73. RedAlert

    Bryan Price would have just as much success randomly pulling names out of a hat for his in-game strategy moves

  74. pinson343

    This year Negron looks overmatched by major league pitching.

    • RedAlert

      Gonna take a wild pitch to win this one

  75. spro

    Joey Votto doesn’t get paid to have as many at-bats as Donovan Hand

  76. RedAlert

    Wow – 12 hits to 5 and this game still tied – typical Reds

  77. seadog

    Over or under on “Hand” giving up a couple this inning… I say over..just sayin

  78. hof13

    Even when the Reds get a hit with RISP …. they still don’t score a run. Kinda ironic.

    • RedAlert

      Meant about to give up tie – sorry I’m done texting – too late and getting tired – hope reds can find way to win it

  79. seadog

    back to back pitch outs….in the 12th inning. Really. Just disgusting. And then the guy steals the base. HORRIBLE COACHING>>>HORRIBLE

    • pinson343

      Yeh I didn’t like that. Put Hand in a tough situation.

  80. seadog

    Yes, and if they do we can see Jim Day—“Talk to the Hand”.

  81. hof13

    Price picked a perfect time to use Hand. After preparing for Chapman at 100+, it would be near impossible for Detroit to time Hand’s pitches.

    • spro

      except only 3 guys were prepping for Chapman

      • hof13

        Thought it was a good move for the first inning – surprised it worked for 3 innings.

  82. seadog

    This is the most bizzare move I have have ever seen…

  83. spro

    Why not bat 2 pitchers in extra innings when you still have a position player? Hahahaha

  84. seadog

    Winning run on third. You send up a starting pitcher to bat? Lorenzen can hit, but please. Hit Barnhart

  85. pinson343

    Ridiculous ! He’s that afraid to use Barnhart ? Brad Ausmus was a catcher, and he’s used his backup catcher to PH in this game.

  86. seadog

    And still only pitch Chapman 1 inning…. Good thing we saved him and Barnhardt for Thursday. I was worried. STUPID/STUPID/STUPID

  87. Kywhi

    If there is a worse manager in Major League Baseball than Bryan Price, I am just happy I am not a fan of that manager’s team.

  88. mtkal

    We have to have already set the season record for pitchers pinch hitting in a season right?
    The Reds don’t pinch hit. They pitch hit.

  89. seadog

    Just hand Detroit the ball and go home? As said Ausmus used his catcher…..

  90. seadog

    One of those funny quirks of baseball. David Price and Cueto start a game. And a guy named Hand has the better ERA for the game.

  91. tct

    It’s stupid to always save your backup catcher. But Tucker is a switch hitter who can’t hit right handed. If the choice is Lorenzen or Tucker batting right handed, Lorenzen might be the better choice. Probably not, but it’s at.least close. Tucker can hit left handed, and the Reds need to tell him to stop.switch hitting.

    Also, this is as much the fault of Walt.for only having 4 position players on the bench. Theres really no need to have 13 pitchers.

  92. seadog

    Well said. Tucker/Lorenzen a wash. But still, hit your position player. And at the same time. Pitch your best reliever more than 1 inning. You are loaded in the bullpen.

  93. pinson343

    A huge swing by DeJesus in that situation ?

  94. magi210

    Waitwaitwaitwait gone. Go Frazier. 🙂

  95. Aaron Bradley

    Frazier is a playa… and the irony is he is the one guy they didn’t offer an overly generous contract to. There is a lesson to be learned there, guys play better when they are hungry.

  96. Vanessa Galagnara

    walk off GS by the hottest hitter in baseball right now. Frazier makes you ask who is Cabrera. Frazier also is proof that the all star game is a complete waste and should be changed to all fan game. Reds players are not popular on a national level. Now Todd keeps hitting like this and he’ll have a huge fan base.