In light of trying to forget the mess that was last night’s game, there are two very important things to remember about today. First and by far the most important, is today is the 71st anniversary of D-Day so take a moment to remember those soldiers who fought and died in Normandy and in World War II.

Second, and maybe not equally important but still noteworthy, today is Barry Larkin bobblehead day at the ballpark! The first 25K fans get a bobblehead, so if you don’t have a ticket already, get one here and head on down.

All stats are 2015 actuals:

Andrew Cashner 3.46 3.67 1.33 5.2% 24.9%
Michael Lorenzen 3.06 5.87 1.39 14.1% 13.3%

Andrew Cashner made history in his last start, going 4.2 innings, giving up 11 hits, and striking out 12. Cashner was the first pitcher in Major League history to last less than five innings while giving up double digit hits with double digit strikeouts. His solitary perch was short-lived however, as Noah Syndeergard of the Mets accomplished the same feat the very next day. To summarize Cashner’s season in a sentence, he is the poster-boy against pitcher wins/losses at the moment. With a 2-8 record, it would seem that Cashner has pitched poorly, but five of his losses have come in games where he gave up less than three earned runs. Luck just hasn’t been running Cashner’s way this season (.347 BABIP), so here’s hoping it continues for one more night.

In his last time out, Michael Lorenzen went 6.1 innings allowing just one hit but two runs on six walks for a no-decision against the Nationals. Lorenzen’s control has been erratic as he’s settled in the big leagues, but as the beneficiary of some good luck (.217 BABIP), the walks haven’t haunted him yet.

Brayan Pena is back in the Reds’ lineup, and Skip Schumaker continues to start in left for the injured Marlon Byrd:

1. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
2. Joey Votto (L) 1B
3. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
4. Jay Bruce (L) RF
5. Brayan Pena (S) C
6. Zack Cozart (R) SS
7. Skip Schumaker (L) LF
8. Michael Lorenzen (R) P
9. Billy Hamilton (S) CF

Former Red Yonder Alonso is in the five-hole behind the Padres big off-season grab, Matt Kemp:

1. Will Venable (L) CF
2. Derek Norris (R) C
3. Justin Upton (R) LF
4. Matt Kemp (R) RF
5. Yonder Alonso (L) 1B
6. Will Middlebrooks (R) 3B
7. Yangervis Solarte (S) 2B
8. Alexi Amarista (L) SS
9. Andrew Cashner (R) P

Devin Mesoraco will be rejoining the Reds’ lineup sometime in the near future as a corner outfielder, and it’s been cleared by one of the best as Steve detailed this morning. Of importance, Dr. Kelly believes that Mesoraco cannot further hurt his hip, and Mesoraco’s surgery should be scheduled for early August should he be ready for play next year.

The first switch-handed pitcher since 1995 debuted for the Oakland A’s yesterday. Pat Venditte pitched two scoreless innings against the Boston Red Sox, switching arms a couple times along the way. Venditte had been in the minors since 2008, spending his first seven seasons in the Yankees organization. One particularly delightful quote from the Oakland bullpen coach on the ambidextrous pitcher:

He told me when he was with the Yankees in Triple-A that if his pitch count was too high left-handed they would have him just throw the rest right-handed to conserve his arm for the next day

Hopefully, the Reds (23-30) can rebound after a stuttering start to this homestand. With the Bunbury festival going on as well, Cincinnati should be flooded with people looking for something fun to do, and what’s more fun than a winning Reds baseball game.


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  1. Art Wayne Austin

    Brian is leaving Bruce in the 4 hole aparently to remind him he is crucial to a winning season. So far, his contribution barely has a pulse. If he has any character at all, he should carry the team for the last half of the season.

    • I-71_Exile

      What does character have to do with baseball results?

      • jdx19

        TONS! Barry Bonds has the best results of all-time AND he was the nicest, kindest, most fair and honest ballplayer I’ve ever seen!

    • Jeremy Conley

      To me, criticizing a player’s character in an internet comment section, when that player has never been in any trouble and by all accounts has always given his all for his team, is ironic.

    • Vanessa Galagnara

      dont forget that the stats say Bruce is contributing on an equal par with Phillips. It is nonsense but true. Just like our top 5 batters are hitting above league average… and yet we are a terrible offensive team. Go figure.

  2. seat101

    What’s more fun then a win by the Cincinnati Reds?

    What about an 11 game winning streak? I’ll shave my head for that.

  3. jdx19

    Too bad Cueto isn’t starting. We’d be guaranteed a 1-0 game with Cashner also going.

  4. Jeremy Conley

    Chris Welsh is talking about how one reason the Padres got of to a slow start is because the players haven’t played together before. He then noted that the Reds core players have been together the longest of any team in the majors.

    Last I checked they had a better record than us, right?

  5. Indy Red Man

    I wanted Joey to man up and try LF so Alonso could stay with the Reds but Yonder may not have the kind of pop to be a difference maker at a corner position?

    How bad is Boesch if he’s behind a 35 year old w/no speed or power?

    • RossGrimsley

      Price said that Bosch has not been available because of a bad back. He (of course) hid this from the media, so all of us were not privy to his unavailability.

    • Jeremy Conley

      What gives you the impression that the what position Votto has played has had anything to do with “manning up?”

      • Indy Red Man

        Just the rumor at the time was that Joey was unwilling to move but who knows? I just know Alonso is one of those guys that will go the other way and take a walk which the Reds have always lacked plus he’s such a big guy I figured he’d develop power but that prob won’t happen in SD?

      • Jeremy Conley

        I don’t remember those rumors. I know that if I was the GM, and I had a franchise player that had just won an MVP, I wouldn’t have wanted to change anything, so I highly doubt that he was ever asked.

        I always liked Alonso as a hitter too, but he’s a natural DH. The two games they played him in left field in Chicago were a nightmare.

      • Indy Red Man

        Pete Rose was a pretty decent player too and he moved for George Foster but like I said….who knows what actually happened or if they really wanted to keep Alonso? I just like his bat….he’s a moneyball kind of guy that can move the line and help wear starters down

      • I-71_Exile

        I liked Alonso too and also remember JV being a little put out that anyone would even consider asking him to move. Not that the Reds did. I think the suggestion/question came from a reporter? I don’t see defense as a Votto strong suit.

  6. Indy Red Man

    Has there been a better looking player than Lorenzen come up with the Reds in the last 3-4 years? Man he looks strong as an ox and athletic! Of course I remember being excited about Drew Stubbs

    • sunbreakthedawn

      I love to see how close of friends Lorenzen and Iglesias have become. These young hardworking, talented and cost controlled starters bode so well.

    • VaRedsFan

      Correction: Should have had that.

  7. I-71_Exile

    A Votto triple is a wonderful sight.

  8. Indy Red Man

    Only my ex-wife has worse judgement than their CF

  9. jas428

    GABP outfield has never looked as big as it has today with the Padres defending.

    • magi210

      …and the Reds bullpen bringing in the obligatory can of gasoline.

  10. vegastypo

    Only a few comments overall today? Just checking in, see where the fuse has been lit for the bullpen again.

  11. magi210

    Grand Slam Alonso to tie it for the Padres. Matthews got the first two, then loaded the bases, Cingrani gave it up.

  12. vegastypo

    What was that wonderful stat about Cingrani not allowing inherited runners to score? Small sample size, anyone?

  13. PARedsfan

    There just are no words for how bad this bullpen is …. Pathetic!

  14. ElPasoRed

    Did ANYONE not sense that coming?

  15. jas428

    Bruce did not get to fence and made no effort to catch ball. There was a play.

      • VaRedsFan

        …with JAS…he got midway of the track, looked up, and watched it. Maybe doesn’t come up with it, but make an attempt

  16. Jeremy Conley

    You really just shouldn’t be allowed to pitch in the big leagues without a change up. It’s really not that hard to learn how, it’s just a different grip. If Cingrani had thrown one change up in that entire sequence he would have struck Alonso out. But if you throw 8 fastballs in a row…

  17. Vanessa Galagnara

    That Venditte pitcher. Is there any rule that prevents him from switching arms during an at bat?

    • Steelerfan

      They apparently passed a rule just for him (or those like him). He has to announce at the beginning of the AB which hand he is going to pitch with.

      I remember from one on my strange but true sports story books that this happened in the minor leagues, once. The pitcher and batter kept going back and forth before the AB started and the umpire couldn’t stop it. Pitcher finally gave up and just alternated hands each pitch, and the batter changed boxes for each one.

  18. Steelerfan

    Got out of the car, feeling good about the game, thought I would come in and talk about how good our young pitching was looking.


  19. Tom Reed

    Win or lose this game, that truly was the crown to the Reds 2015 season.

    • vegastypo

      You know, maybe. But with this team, when you get a bad loss (and this one isn’t a loss at this point), it always seems like a new low. Then a few days later ….

  20. vegastypo

    And from the way Price was chewing Cingrani out, I wonder if he set a new personal record for the number of choice words in a 6-minute span!

    • VaRedsFan

      After the inning, he looked like he was giving Bruce an earfull too. On his TWO lack of attempts that SD has scored 6 runs on.

      • CommonSense

        I’m told that Bruce is a great outfielder.

  21. wildwestlv

    What kind of lead would you be comfortable with, turning a game over to this bullpen? And I’m already assuming the number would be in the double digits.

  22. RossGrimsley

    It’s time for the Reds offense to shut down for the rest of the game.

  23. George Mirones

    I think that there is nothing else to say except start scheduling the card tournaments and Knitting shows.

  24. RedAlert

    Well , we know how this movie ends Price – Jumbo in the 8th – bye, bye lead and hopefully bye bye Price soon as possible .

    • RedAlert

      A Price move backfiring again – imagine that

    • hof13

      People were clamoring for Price to use Cingrani — use Cingrani. He uses Cingrani. It’s the same result … but it’s still Price’s fault.

      How is it his fault? If the result is the same no matter who is used, then it doesn’t matter who is used so Price’s decision is irrelevant. I am not advocating that he is the best manager around (or close to it) …. I just get tired of everything being his fault.

      • RedAlert

        Not saying everything is , but he rarley makes any move that works out – and you’ll probably continue to hear the complaining until he and Jocketty are shown the door – unreal that Castelllini has allowed Walt to construct this monstrosity of a roster

  25. PARedsfan

    Diaz…LOL…my god, from bad to worse….

  26. wildwestlv

    Belmont Stakes about to run, for anyone tiring of Walt Jocketty’s clown show.

  27. RedAlert

    PRICE LOVES TO PLAY WITH FIRE – he should be burnt to a crisp by now

      • RedAlert

        Please – it is time to fire this guy and clean house with most of this roster – embarrassing ain’t even the word for it any more

      • VaRedsFan

        what would you have done? now that it is after the fact

      • RedAlert

        Anything other than Diaz would be a start

      • VaRedsFan

        they’ve tried them all, Gregg, Hoover, Parra, Badenhop…ect..nothing works…this isn’t on Price

  28. vegastypo

    For all the reasons I dislike Price, why would the guiy even WANT to keep this job?

  29. PARedsfan

    Well not sure this can end well, another grand slam?…LOL…oh boy…

  30. RedAlert

    Everyone on this board with the exception of Price knew Diaz was going to give up the lead in the 8th- and he’s around these guys every day – again , Bryan Price has absolutely NO “feel” for being a major league manager – I MEAN ZERO –

  31. PARedsfan

    Not even sure a double digit lead would be safe with this bullpen….heads need to roll soon.

  32. vegastypo

    I wanna know how Walt and Castellini try to wear a happy face at the All-Star break when we’re 25 games out of first place by then.

    • Vanessa Galagnara

      And they refuse to trade players because the boss wants to see what value he has in contracts…… how can he look at any fan in the eye again. Being a millionaire is the great equalizer, I guess you have to lose your conscience once you join that elite circle.

      • RedAlert

        Folks need to simply stop coming to games – it’s a waste of hard- earned money – easier said than done though

      • vegastypo

        Reminds me of bad teams over the years when fans would wear the paper bags over their heads.

  33. Vanessa Galagnara

    Jumbo Diaz….. you would really think that 98 MPH would be overpowering. Apparently not.

    • Vanessa Galagnara

      Maybe he doubled down on the Padres.

  34. Kywhi

    Price has another inning left to come up with his latest “smart” answer to the media after yet another bullpen meltdown and what appears to be yet another late-inning give-up by the offense. Wonder what it will be this time?

    • vegastypo

      Somebody please post whether anybody asks Price about his obvious anger with Cingrany, and whatever that was in the dugout after that half inning was over.

  35. wildwestlv

    They should write Moneyball: Part Deux, about Walt Jocketty’s non-analytical, false evidence-based, un-sabermetric approach to assembling a competitive baseball team.

  36. RedAlert

    How do Walt and Big Bob even lay their heads on the pillow in the evening and get a good nights sleep ? I mean how – does it even bother either of their conscious minds what they are subjecting fans of this team to on a regular basis ? Or do they even care ?

    • wildwestlv

      Bob gets to sell more concessions that way.

    • Tom Reed

      With only one-third of the season in, plenty of torture can follow with this bullpen and bench.

  37. charlottencredsfan

    At least Zack had a good look at strike three. What in God’s name was he looking for?

  38. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Geez, this bullpen, absolutely disgusting. And, the thing is, I am still of the sort, in order to fix something, one would possibly think that you need to throw more money at it. Sorry, but for me, the bullpen is one area of a team you don’t want to throw money at.

    Just taking a quick look at some of the basic numbers real quick, when considering things like BA, OBP, etc., our BA and runs scored may be a bit under league average, but the rest are right around league average. Fielding is still high in the league. With the starting staff that we have had to field this year, our ERA is right around the league average. But, for the bullpen, the ERA is almost a full run higher than the league average.

    I will say and still believe, like last year, where if we simply had a 500 record in 1-run games, we would have been in the playoff talk to the last week of the season, with all the injuries we had last season. This season, if we had any semblance of a reasonable bullpen, I believe we would be at least a 500 ball team.

    It’s one reason where, regardless of who you have and how much money you put toward something, the players still have to be able to perform.

    For some who may be thinking, “Marshall is due back in a couple of weeks”, I don’t see Marshall helping this bullpen this much, not a pitcher who for all practical purposes hasn’t pitched at all in over a year and a half.