The Cincinnati Reds have had an up-and-down 2015 MLB season, but entering June, they’re still 22-27 with enough talent to push themselves further up in the standings. The Reds will look for a big June to push them back over .500 and into the mix for the division. Let’s see how that might go as we break down their cheapest and most expensive games for the month, according to

Cheapest – 6/9/2015 VS. Philadelphia Phillies | Avg: $24 | Get-in: $3

The Reds get to start June out on the road against the lowly Phillies, which projects to help them get closer to .500 right away. Just a few days later they battle them again, but this time the series shifts to Great American Ball Park. The Reds are going to be the favorite in this series, as the Phillies are riddled with old players and little youth that has them anchored toward the bottom of the NL. That being said, Reds vs. Phillies tickets aren’t even $25 on average, while fans can get in the door for as low as $3. For a nice home game to see the Reds get a likely win, fans can’t ask for a better deal.

Most Expensive – 6/13/2015 @ Chicago Cubs | Avg: $110.89 | Get-in: $33

The most expensive Cincinnati Reds tickets in June comes in a divisional clash with the Cubbies, a matchup that needs no hyping. The Reds will badly want to take this game and the entire series for obvious reasons, and fans from both sides could be getting a heck of a series. Save more on Chicago parking at, where Wrigley Field parking starts from $10 for this game. Chicago has been the hotter team out of the gates and they’ve been solid at home (15-11 home record), but the Reds have a chance to give them a run for their money at Wrigley Field.

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  1. gus0341

    I would bet an Andrew Jackson that the Red’s wont see .500 with the current roster in place.

    • IndyRedMan

      I totally agree. They’ll never see .500 again this year. They only way they score is with GABP hr’s and they haven’t even went out the westcoast yet? Not to mention Cueto, Chapman, and Leake (hopefully for all 3) will be dealt and then you’re dealing w/3 rookie starters moving into the dog days of August with limited innings. This year is done

      • George Mirones

        Fangraphs has the Reds projected at 74-88 at years end, 28th out of 30 MLB teams. With the 3 rookies starting and a relief staff only offers continued drama 100+ loses just might be easier than the majority of the fans realize. Firing the manager may impact that number but in the end it will be very ugly and whoever the place holder is will also be in tears at the end of the season. They aren’t that good. The 4 game streak and the recent 3 game series win were the baseball Gods showing the fans what could be, not the reality of, it is what it is.

  2. Tom Gray

    Reds are 22-29 after last night. Headed further South until Price gets fired (soon).

    • Dr. K

      I’m not going to argue whether or not Price deserves to be fired, nor am I going to defend Price. I am curious as to how firing Price all of a sudden cures what ails the Reds? Price is certainly not a cure to the what is wrong with the Reds, but I also can’t figure out how he’s solely responsible for their current situation. Same with Jocketty, but to a lesser degree.

      • George Mirones

        Price may be better off using the Belichek approach of “on to the next game” instead of agonizing over something he can’t change, a lack of talent or in Prices words a “lack of execution”.

      • Tom Gray

        History. When Reds have fired their manager in mid season (since the 1950’s), most of the time the new manager does better than the fired one did. We’ll see.

      • Tom Gray

        I count 8 out of 10 times since late 1950’s, the Reds fired their manager mid season and the new manager had a better W-L (%) record the rest of the season.

      • jessecuster44

        I don’t think firing Price is a cure all, but it’s like eliminating a bad symptom. You still might have a stuffy nose and fever, but at least that hacking cough is gone.

  3. Tom Gray

    I lived in Chicago from 1974 to 2015. Utah now but plenty of cheaper parking options.

    Take the Skokie Swift (also known as CTA Yellow Line) from Skokie IL (suburb). Park cheap and pay minimal CTA fare.

    • Tom Gray

      Another option is to park at the CTA garage at the Rosemont IL station. Take the CTA Blue line to Addison St. Get off and take the CTA 152 bus across to Wrigley Field. It takes time but saves $ on parking.

  4. mrredlegz

    Sweet! Pays to be a Reds fan in Cubs country, I guess. Boss gave me 4 tickets from a vendor about a month ago – probably midway on the first level, just behind the visitor’s dugout! Starting to think I ought to peddle the tickets, though, the way this season is going… Oh well, can’t think of many better things to do on a Saturday afternoon than drink a few beers and annoy the heck out of some idiot Cub fans! Joe Maddon bobble head night, too!