Final R H E
Washington Nationals (28-22) 2 2 0
Cincinnati Reds (22-27) 8 10 0
W: Hoover (4-0) L: Barrett (3-1)
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The Good
–The Reds swept the Nationals. How about that Reds fans? That’s okay, right? We can get down with that. Let’s do more of that! Let’s sweep the rest of the year!

–Todd Frazier was 3-4 and his his 16th homer. Frazier is absolutely on fire right. On. Fire.

–Brandon Phillips broke out of a slump with a 2-4 performance that included his 3rd home run of the year.

–Votto and Bruce also contributed, reaching base twice each.

–Brennan Boesch even got into the act, getting his first RBI of the year.

–The Reds defense continues to impress. It’s one of the best parts of watching them. Votto had another nice play today, and in the games I’ve watched this year, he’s seemed especially good with the glove, which is not something I’d ever have said about him in previous years.

–After giving up the lead, the Reds came back hard with six runs in bottom of the seventh. It was super great. Lets have as much of this as possible forever, okay?

–Last night, Cingrani was bad. Tonight, he was very, very good. Striking out the side on 15 pitches.

The Bad

–Nothing. Very good game from the Reds today. Great to see.

Not-So-Random Thoughts

–The Reds swept the Nationals. Let’s say that again. After losing all of the games forever, the baseball men of Cincinnati turned around and swept one of the best teams in the league. Baseball is a crazy thing.

–The Nationals spent a lot of time being grumpy this series, but all they got for it was three losses. Just play ball. No one tried to hit your star player.

–I didn’t put Lorenzen in the positives up above, but he had an excellent first six innings. It’s just that he walked three before getting pulled in the seventh. Those still count. All the same, I’m really enjoying seeing the rookie starters right now. None of them is a finished product, but they’re generally holding their own, which is great to see and provides us with some hope for the next few years.

–And that’s really all I’m watching for right now. How are the guys who’re going to be a around doing? If they look okay, great. Let’s just ease on through the season and see where we are. (And yes, of course, I’m still watching for Johnny Cueto. He’s Johnny Cueto, after all.)

–I ended up recapping 4 of the 9 losses during the losing streak and it was a bummer to find something to say. This was much nicer. I would prefer the the Reds could do this often from here on out. As we’ve all said before, we like it when the Reds go. This weekend, they went. My they continue said going/wenting indefinitely and for the benefit of us all.