Final R H E
Washington Nationals (28-20) 2 10 0
Cincinnati Reds (20-27)) 5 11 0
W: DeSclafani (3-4) L: Jordan (0-1) S: Chapman (8)
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The Good
–What about Zack Cozart out of the leadoff spot? 3-5 with an RBI. Sure, Cozart has no business hitting leadoff — he’s been scuffling lately, despite a pretty good start to the season — but he had a nice game tonight.

–Todd Frazier was 2-4, and he absolutely destroyed a ball for his 15th homer in the seventh inning.

–Pretty good start by Anthony DeSclafani, who is rapidly becoming one of my favorite players on this club. Disco went six fairly strong innings, allowing two runs on eight hits. His ERA dropped to 3.41.

–Skip Schumaker had two hits, including a double, and scored a run. Joey Votto homered in the first inning to give the Reds their first lead.

–Good work by the Reds bullpen tonight, for the most part: three shutout innings. JJ Hoover may have gotten the biggest out, however. With a 5-2 lead in the eighth inning, after Tony Cingrani walked the bases loaded. Manager Bryan Price inserted Hoover into the game, which is fine, since Hoover is a good pitcher. (BUT WHY CAN’T CHAPMAN COME IN TO GET FOUR OUTS?????!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!). But Price is a genius, evidently, because Hoover struck out Ian Desmond to end the Nationals rally.

–Aroldis Chapman finally came on in the ninth; he gave up a single to Bryce Harper, but was otherwise dominant in nailing down the win.

The Bad
–No bad tonight. It feels good to write that.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–Impressive win for the Redlegs. Honestly, the Reds looked like a competent major league baseball team tonight for the first time in a very long while. Enjoyable game.

–Once again, permit me to express my amazement that Todd Frazier isn’t a bigger star in this city. (For what it’s worth, 30 of Frazier’s 44 homers in the last two seasons have come at GAB. Which is good news for those of you who intend to place wagers on next month’s Home Run Derby in Cincinnati.)

–I know I said above that Cozart has no business leading off, and I stand by that. But I don’t want anyone to think that I am critical of Cozart’s performance this year. Frankly, when you consider how well he plays defense, Cozart (.272/.327/.450) has been an All-Star level performer thus far this season, in my opinion.

–In the seventh inning tonight, Bryce Harper was hit in the small of the back by a Cingrani pitch. I’m sure it hurt, but Harper — who, if I’m being honest, is one of my favorite non-Reds in all of baseball — danced around, and took his time going to first base like a little bit of a prima donna. Joey Votto seemed to take offense, and appeared to tell Harper to act like a pro. I’ll take Votto’s side on this one, because he’s our guy, even though I’m not a fan of these silly “unwritten rules” about how you’re supposed to act in a baseball game. But it was an interesting moment, with two of the best players in baseball jawing at each other around the first base bag.

–Stephen Strasburg started the game for the Nats. He gave up the homer to Votto, but made it through the first inning. He walked Brayan Pena to open the second, however, then had to leave the game with an undisclosed injury.

–My daughter has declared that Skip Schumaker has her favorite name in all of sports. She makes no claims about his playing ability, however.

–I like JJ Hoover. Really, I do. But there may never be a better opportunity to bring Chapman in for a four-out save than we saw tonight. Honestly, I just don’t know what Bryan Price is thinking most of the time. But he must be smarter than me, because his gambit worked tonight, I guess.

–I have high hopes for DeSclafani. No, he isn’t going to be an ace, but the kid just turned 25 and he could be an important piece of this Reds rotation for the next few years.

–Raisel Iglesias will pitch tomorrow, as the Reds attempt to accomplish the unthinkable: a two-game winning streak.

29 Responses

  1. Jeff Morris

    Cingrani has walked many a batter this year, in many of his games, he has pitched.

  2. seat101

    Great recap!I don’t think you left anything of importance out.

    Have you ever done a study on how player does on his Bobble head day?

  3. JMO

    Reds have some pieces. Extend Frazier. Build around Votto, Frazier and Mes. Let Bruce and BP play out their deals. Disco, Lorenzen and Iggy are 3/5th the 2016 rotation. Hamilton and Cozart are cheap and should be kept. I love Cueto, but he needs to be dealt along with Leake. I would extend Chapman as well. Get younger and stockpile prospects from Cueto, Leake, Byrd and anyone else the Reds trade.

    • Redsfan48

      Cueto, Leake, Byrd, and Bruce should be traded this season (or this offseason for Bruce/Byrd) for prospects. I agree they should build around Frazier, Mes, and Votto, and of course around the young arms in the rotation. I saw the other day that the Reds only have 9 people in their entire minor league system hitting over .250 and I’m sure a lot of them have minimal power, so we need hitting prospects. Trade for a long-term 2B and an outfielder or 2 at least. Then a lineup of Frazier at 3B, Votto 1B, Suarez SS, Mes C, Winker OF, Hamilton OF, and then the 2 new people could be a good lineup.

      The reason the Reds need to keep Chapman is not just because of his ability and performance. The biggest reason we need Aroldis Chapman is because he brings fans into the ballpark.

      • [email protected]

        Mes may be in LF

        Byrd will not be traded next year. He gets traded this year or does not get the abs to vest his option

      • Redsfan48

        I can’t see any scenario, except for if Mes returns this year and plays LF, where Marlon Byrd doesn’t get enough ABs for his option to vest. Through 44 games, he has about 170 PA, which is 380 short of vesting. Seems like a lock to vest if he plays nearly everyday and they aren’t likely to bench him unless it’s for Mes. Long term, Mes will not be a LF, he will be a catcher because that’s where he has the most value.

  4. Jake

    Wouldn’t be the first game Harper has thrown a hissy fit about being HBP. Good to see the reds win! Let’s keep it going

    • Tom Reed

      The Reds need a series win against the Washington Harpers.

  5. RedAlert

    Chad , nice recap and a good win – I’m with you regarding Price > I don’t know what Price is thinking ANY TIME !! – he will not take this nor any other Reds team he manages to a playoff or championship contending level – he IS NOT A GOOD MANAGER – too stuck in his old school ways just like the inept GM that the owner extended for 2 additional years

  6. mtkal

    Saw highlights of the Cingrani plunk of Harper on the Nats broadcast. In keeping with the rep all Washington sports announcers seem to have as extreme homers (though none quite as bad as the Skins announcers), they were talking about how Votto was known in Cinci for not being a leader and was showing immaturity by jawing with Harper about it. They said Bryce was just upset because it “really hurt” and Joey should just leave him alone. It was really quite pathetic, but not surprising considering the source(s).

    • VaRedsFan

      That would be Ray Knight, as the announcer

  7. Seattle-Red

    Have you ever watched how long it takes Chapman to warm up? I think that’s the reason why he is not called upon during tough situations outside of the 9th inning. He’s just not available unless Price would have anticipated that Cingrani was going to walk the bases full and started getting Chappy ready 2 – 3 batters earlier.

    • CP

      Sounds like a factor that should have been considered in the ol’ starter v. reliever debate.

    • big5ed

      Exactly. The reason that Chapman doesn’t come into a game in the middle of the 8th inning is that he doesn’t warm up quickly. Whose fault that is, though, is a different question.

      Personally, I think Chapman is a mere thrower and vastly overrated as a pitcher. He had no excuse against the Rockies for not being ready; Blackmon said that he had noticed that Chapman wasn’t trying to throw hard in warming up on the mound, so he figured he could work him for a walk, which turned out to be the winning run. Chapman KNEW going into the bottom of the 8th that he would pitch the top of the 9th, but was too sorry/lazy/unconcerned to get himself ready. That game is on him.

      He is now 8-8 in save opportunities, many of which were 3-run leads, but has 3 losses, meaning that he has given up runs in late-inning, tie-game situations in 3 games. His “percentage of success” rate is no better than league average.

  8. Jeff

    I didn’t think Frazier’s home run was going to land for a minute there.

  9. citizen54

    Ya hopefully somthing just clicked with him. 21K in 11.1 IP is crazy. He definitely has the stuff to be in the big leagues. And his first few starts this season were kind of rough. He has done much better as of late.

  10. Aaron Bradley

    The disco cliches have got to stop… we are looking at years of this nonsense if its not nipped in the bud. Personally I think it is the reason the season is jinxed. Call him Disco.. fine.. but the headline cliche is becoming absurd. I am glad the Reds beat a good team today, but the headline upset me lol. No disrespect intended I know writers instinctinvely grasp for catchy headlines… but c’mon have some mercy.

    • Aaron Bradley

      I was born in 1970 and I loved Disco Duck… and that would probably be the one reference I like! But between this site, Red Reporter and even the Enquirer every Disco cliche EXCEPT for disco duck has been used and we aren’t even thru the 2nd month of the season. For the love of all that is HOLY let it end somehow… maybe this is why the Marlins traded him away…

  11. Vanessa Galagnara

    Glad to see this win! Reds needed this one badly. Not only that but maybe a few monkeys were thrown off of backs. Votto getting a homer, Cozart having a multi hit game, Frazier stroking it out, maybe most importantly Disco having a very solid quality start. Something to build upon for the next game.

  12. Carl Sayre

    Price leaves a lot to be desired as a manager but IMO he brought in Hoover instead of having Chapman get 4 outs because with Hoover it was a Righty match up. With Harper posturing at the plate i was always of the opinion that should have been Pena’s job to “encourage” him to get his whiny @ZZ down to 1st and shut up.

  13. big5ed

    One obvious adjustment to make was to stand about 2 inches further from the plate, so as to be able to do just that with that pitch, but I don’t know if he did that.

  14. Steve Checkosky, Syracuse

    “–I like JJ Hoover. Really, I do. But there may never be a better opportunity to bring Chapman in for a four-out save than we saw tonight. Honestly, I just don’t know what Bryan Price is thinking most of the time. But he must be smarter than me, because his gambit worked tonight, I guess.”

    Hoover got the K. That’s a good thing. But that at bat was the pivotal moment in the game. And our best pitcher, arguably the best arm in all of baseball, sits in the bullpen.
    Incidentally, two of Hoover’s strikes were batting practice fat. JJ was very lucky. One more thing. In the middle of that at bat, Marty mentioned that Parra was warming up. He speculated that he was getting ready to face Harper if necessary. Think of that for a moment. If Harper were to come up in the 8th it would mean that the Reds were in big trouble. Desmond and Escobar would have had to reach base. At best, the Reds would be up by one run. And Price was preparing for that eventuality by warming up Manny Parra????? Unbelievable.

    So Chapman pitches the 9th with a 3 run lead and gets his “save”.

  15. Berta

    I don’t understand why Todd is not a “gem” with the Reds fans. He’s been my favorite Reds player since 2012. Appears to be a decent person, as well as an impressive player, also. My name for him since he came up with the Reds is “Todd-A-O”!! Every time he’s up to bat, I yell – “Go Todd-A-O”! Don’t ask why! I just do (well, actually it’s because of Todd-AO productions). So let’s keep it going, Todd-A-O!!

  16. GreatRedLegsFan

    I think Reds are not so bad. Furthermore, even after loosing Bailey and Mesoraco, they should be fighting for the second spot with the Cubs. But as long as Price is the Manager, they’ll continue heading to the bottom along with the Brewers.

  17. tgarretson82

    I am surprised this Cueto injury has not worried more people. This could very well kill the load of prospects the Reds get at the trade deadline. I was excited to see what they could get from a healthy Cueto.

    • wdwrolen2713

      Not sure if this is good or bad, but if he is hurt, this could create a hometown discount of sorts. Cueto injured makes Reds signing him a little likelier.

      • Tom Reed

        That could be the result since his absence from the starting rotation has not really been explained.

  18. Tom Gray

    Jason Bourgeois (60 Day DL) reportedly took BP last night. May return in June.