Cincinnati Reds (18-24) 1 9 0
Cleveland Indians (19-23) 2 4 0
W: Kluber (2-5) L: Cingrani (0-1) S: Allen (9)
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The Good
–The sun called Jay Bruce to ask about what it means to be really hot.

–Votto and Phillips each had a couple of hits as well.

–DeSclafani had an excellent day, but sadly it wasn’t enough. Still, 7 innings of one-run baseball, that’s getting it done.

–DeSclafani does owe some of that performance to the defense, which was sparkling today. Plays by Hamilton and Votto stand out in particular. This team can pick it, and it always means there’s the potential for something memorable.

The Bad
–The Reds, they no score the runs.

–Tony Cingrani has been one of the few bright spots out of the bullpen this year. Today, he didn’t get it done. Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.

Not-So-Random Thoughts

–This game felt like one they were going to win. Even when they were behind, with Bruce coming up, hot as he’s been, it felt like there was a real chance. Not so much.

–It really is good to see Bruce getting right, though. He’s just a tick below league average now after spending most of the season looking like Mendoza’s worse-hitting cousin.

–This recap is the opposite of last night. Part of that is that my kids are still up, part of it is that I just don’t have the energy. I really wanted a win today. Today was completely frustrating. Come on now, Reds. Let’s get something done.

–That said, I do always try to remember that baseball is just for fun. It’s a game. We get attached, of course, we do, but  it’s not life and death. Tomorrow, we’ll go again.

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  1. Tom Gray

    Bryan Price simply must go. Not his fault. Castellini and Jocketty chose him after one and only interview. Their fault, not his.

    He has never managed at any level before. Not MLB. Not MiLB. Not Little League. Nowhere. Utterly clueless as Reds manager.

    Now’s the time.

    • CBD

      Unless Merlin the Wizard is available….I don’t think any Manager can take the team as it is now past .500. Just too many holes.

    • Creigh Deeds

      I bet he goes the day after the All Star game; but it won’t matter. The owner loves his guys too much. The GM has not done the job of building a team capable of competing.

    • hof13

      In the FWIW department, Price wasn’t the manager today. He got tossed before the game started.

    • Tom Reed

      Price was hired as manager because the Reds appreciated what he did as pitching coach and they didn’t want to lose him in spite of the fact that pitching coaches rarely make good managers.

    • Reds fan in Indy

      Really tired of Price’s act. The getting tossed before the game today is a new low at being embarassed. He is way over his head. The team is adrift without direction.
      Reds may be 15 GB by the ASG.


      • I-71_Exile

        Yesterday people were complaining that Price “didn’t have the backs” of his pitchers and he should have done something to get ejected. Today he makes it known that he wasn’t happy with yesterday’s strike zone, gets ejected, and it’s a new low.

      • jessecuster44

        It’s a day late. It hurts the team before the game even starts. He’s a dummy.

      • greenmtred

        Should have read your comment before I posted mine. Think of the imaginary ink I could have saved.

      • rhayex

        Why is that a bad thing? It’s not our year. Lose, rebuild, and get a top draft pick.

      • greenmtred

        What’s so bad about getting tossed? Just the other day, people here were bashing him for not getting in the ump’s face over the bad ball/strike calls. It didn’t embarrass me in the least. Tony Cingrani would have, if I got embarrassed over how other people play baseball.

    • Redsfan48

      Hate to break it to you, Price did not manage that game, Jay Bell did. Price was ejected before it started.

  2. stealyourbase

    Bruce let a meatball go by him for strike three in the ninth.

    • Michael E

      Yes, this is a stalled front and looks to be stalled for 20 more weeks or so.

  3. sultanofswaff

    Hey,we’re playing for next year already. To that end, it’s good to see Disco have a nice outing. The changeup is developing nicely—a must have the way teams are stacking their lineups with lefties.

    Nice to see Votto get so pumped over defense. He’s saved probably 4 runs the last 2 games.

    Nicer to see Price get the memo that he should stand up for his players, albeit long after the moment has passed. To bring yesterday’s umping up today comes across as totally whiny and reactionary. I’ll go back to my comment when he was hired—–the right move, but the Reds dropped the ball by not doing their due diligence and conducting a full search.

    Who wants to bet Cueto will not get an MRI before his next start?

  4. WVRedlegs

    Don’t look now. Offensive help might be on the way for Jocketty and the Reds. The RedSox have outrighted Allen Craig. Its only a matter of time before Craig is in a Reds uniform. You know Jocketty won’t resist the temptation of this ex-Card. I believe if Craig refuses the outright assignment, then he becomes a free agent. A Walt freebie off the reclamation heap is on the way.

    • BigRedMike

      Craig might be an upgrade over Boesch. There is a reason why Boesch has been released by other teams

      • pinson343

        I have to confess that I thought Boesch might be a good acquisition. I recalled him in his 2nd year as a Tiger, lashing a line drive into RF off a 100 mph fastball from Chapman. Don’t recall seeing another LHed hitter doing that.

        What do I see today ? A long loopy swing which is one big hole. Zero pitch recognition, wailing away at breaking pitches at his ankles as if they were fast balls over the middle.

        There’s no point to whining over his dropping a line drive AFTER he’d caught it in the 6th inning with an apparent nice sliding catch, but nonetheless I’m surprised at its non-mention in accounts of the game, because it was so critical. If he holds on to the ball (or just catches it with his left hand after it pops out of his glove, which he easily could have done), it’s the third out of the 6th inning. Instead after that “single” by Kipnis, he scores the tying run.

      • greenmtred

        Boesch has certainly looked like a waste of food.

      • lwblogger2

        I was with you Pinson. I thought there was a good chance that Boesch could be a serviceable 4th OF and LH bat off the bench. Doesn’t appear to be the case.

      • Michael E

        I liked the Boesch signing too. I kind of hoped he’d platoon in LF to get regular ABs and keep Byrd from vesting. The fact he doesn’t get regular ABs hurts any player. Even in Detroit, he got fairly regular ABs against righties and was streaky but had more good weeks than Bruce does.

        Oh well, didn’t work out, but given the way things have unfolded, it is just a speck of sand on a long beach.

    • Tom Reed

      Could Craig be the answer to get the Reds out of this funk?

      • lwblogger2

        No, no, no, 1,000,000 times no… The Cards seem to have nailed that one.

  5. ProspectCincy

    Brutal stuff Cincinnati.

    Reds now 0-10 without Hamilton at the 1.

    Get ’em tomorrow.

      • ProspectCincy

        You can’t say it isn’t. This team has performed better with Hamilton 1, Votto 2, Frazier 3 … that’s not arguable. Now, of course guys like Leake still give up 9 against SF, 5 in Cleveland etc; but Hamilton 1, Votto 2 makes sense. To watch Hamilton try to knock in Bruce now rather than the other way around just doesn’t jive.

        Chappy with yet another week off too. Well deserved kid.

      • Reds fan in Indy

        Wow. Completely forgot Chapman was on the roster.


      • kmartin

        With over 25% of the season completed Chapman has pitched only one more inning than Jumbo Diaz and one and two-thirds innings more than Burke Badenhop. The Reds do not exactly maximize their roster.

      • vegastypo

        The bright side? Think how fresh Chapman will be for September!!! That was what I kept hearing, when he was sitting during 8th-inning implosion after 8th-inning implosion. “We need to save him for September, too.” … Wonder which team he will be pitching for in September?

      • whereruklu

        Absolutely agree. I’ve posted this many a time before on Redleg Nation. Billy has struggled at #1, but I believe he does better with a patient .300 hitter behind him. Still has a bit to learn about the art of stealing though. Votto is a thinker at the plate and when Billy does get on base, Joey seems to pull his psyche into extra gear as to how to best score a run for the team. Joey embraces the challenge. They are a great #1-2 order. One helps the other’s at bats in some ways. I think Joey even had more power in the 2 hole. Someone needs to keep checking on Chappy to make sure he’s still breathing…..A lot of talent, worth a lot of $$, but not sure he’s earning it this year. I would like to see what he could do as a starter, but I know that will never, never, ever, ever, happen.

      • jessecuster44

        They are 0-10 because I am not batting cleanup. Good Grief.

      • CP

        Homer: Not a bear in sight. The Bear Patrol must be working like a charm.

        Lisa: That’s specious reasoning, Dad.

        Homer: Thank you, dear.

        Lisa: By your logic I could claim that this rock keeps tigers away.

        Homer: Oh, how does it work?

        Lisa: It doesn’t work.

        Homer: Uh-huh.

        Lisa: It’s just a stupid rock.

        Homer: Uh-huh.

        Lisa: But I don’t see any tigers around, do you?

        [Homer thinks of this, then pulls out some money]

        Homer: Lisa, I want to buy your rock.

        [Lisa refuses at first, then takes the exchange]

      • Tom Reed

        With the Reds sinking fast, it’s time to put Billy and Joey back in the #1/#2 batting order. It worked for the first few weeks of the season and the way things are going there’s nothing to lose.

      • Michael E

        I can say it isn’t. Hamilton is NOT our MVP and you’d have to conclude that if you think him not leading off is why we’re 0-10. Move along, nothing to see here.

  6. pinson343

    I had the opposite feeling from Jason, that a 2-1 Reds loss felt more and more inevitable after they squandered one chance after another to score an insurance run. After Boesch’s dropping a ball leads to a tie score, I anticipated Cingrani losing it in the 8th.

    Why ? Because he hadn’t pitched for a week, meaning he’d walk the first batter or two. He did walk the first batter, who was hitting .170, and of course a pinch runner came around to score the winning run.

    How could a manager who spent so many years as an excellent pitching coach have no idea of how to manage a bullpen ? I know he wasn’t managing today, but it was on him that Cingrani hadn’t pitched for a week.

    • ohiojimw

      I was busy this afternoon and haven’t had time for a playback but response after looking at the box score and reading the play by play is how do they only score 1 run on 9 hits, especially with 2 hits each from the 1/3/5 slots and a hit each from the 4/6 slots.

      A GIDP by Schu and a timely K from Boesch go a long way to answering the question.

      What was the deal in the 4th inning with Bruce being thrown out at 3B by the 1B after his lead off double? Surely Peña wasn’t bunting there was he?

      This team seems snakebit in that if there is a way to blow up what looks like a good scoring chance, they find it and sometimes even invent new ways to get the job undone.

      • pinson343

        In a couple of situations, the Reds truly were snakebit, and as you say in a new way. On the play where Bruce was thrown out at 3rd, it wasn’t a bunt. And he did what he was supposed to do – run to 3rd on a ground ball hit to the right side. But Pena hit it sharply right at Santana at first base. He has a catcher’s arm, and threw to 3rd base, getting Bruce out by more than 10 feet. I can’t recall having seen that play before.

        There was another more subtle case of snakebite. Whoever was in the tv booth with George Grande today was good. On the play where BP stole 3rd with Votto up, he groaned a bit. Krubal hung a curve ball to Votto on that 2-1 pitch, and he commented that Votto probably didn’t swing because he was distracted by BP’s running. At the same time, you can’t fault BP for stealing 3rd without a throw. Votto struck out looking on a well-placed fastball on the next pitch to end the inning.

      • pinson343

        You’re getting two in one: two replies from me from me for one comment, Jim. I gave a couple of examples of snakebite above (could have added that it took a perfect throw – and a nice block of 2nd on the receiving end – to throw out Hamilton trying to steal).

        But the killer in this game was the Reds terrible bench. Schumaker’s grounding into a double play in the first inning (instead of sac bunting as he tried to do) cost the Reds a run. Boesch was an automatic out at the plate, and, as I described above, the Indians would have been out 1-2-3 in the 6th instead of tying the game if he doesn’t let the ball roll out of his glove after making a sliding catch.

    • greenmtred

      Excellent points, Pinson. I don’t share many people’s opinion of Cingrani, though. He has undeniably had some success, but watching him pitch, I see a “power” pitcher who essentially throws about as hard as Mike Leake, doesn’t have reliable secondary pitches and is prone to poor control. I agree that inaction doesn’t help him with the control issues, but I’m not certain that more exposure will help him much otherwise, since the more batters see of him, the more they will decipher his deceptive delivery. I hope I’m wrong, as I likely am.

  7. nelson coble

    Can you imagine what Sweet Lou would do to this team? A little WWE in the locker room is good once in a while!

    We see it but we don’t make the decisions. I bring my family down to several games a year. I work it in around business trips and vacation too.

    This year my 13 year old triplets still want to come down but their interest is off a bit. They can see the problems as well. They all three love the Reds. Each boy has a jersey. One Phillips and one Chapman. My daughter, of the triplets has Votto. The boys play baseball and she plays softball. We have lost enough fans. We can’t afford to lose dedicated young ones. The Reds need to show the fans that they have a plan or at least pretend!

    • redsfan11

      People always ask why OSU is so popular, its because all the pro teams in Ohio have been in a protracted slump, tho its still possible that Cavs may finally break thru this year but I wouldn’t bet against Curry.

  8. AARON

    It’s not as if Bob & Company want to lose. They have a few fatal flaws in their management personality though…

    #1 They ride the same horse until it is way past its prime. They struggle with trading players that still hold value until they keep them past their trade value.

    #2 They get attached and manage with their heart, which leads to contracts that may have been a bit overdone.

    #3 They go into each and every season thinking sunshine and roses when it comes to injuries. That’s why there is seemingly no back up plan for injuries because there in fact isn’t one. Also, why the Reds injury management seems bizarre on the outside…when you don’t have a viable backup you tend to do things you normally wouldn’t do.

    #4 An insistence on using old washed up players as clubhouse “leaders” that end up being relied upon to fulfill major roles throughout the season because of injuries (see #3).

  9. Art Wayne Austin

    Snake-bit, the leading run struck out according to the strike-graph or whatever it is called. Those calling for Prices’s firing remember he doesn’t hit, field or pitch. Losing streaks are miserable.

  10. User1022

    This team can’t be this bad……

    Can they?

    • jessecuster44

      Just wait. They will get worse, and Johnny Cueto – if he doesn’t have a blown out elbow, will remain in a Reds uniform for the entire season.

      This entire team just flat out sucks right now.

      • Michael E

        and if Cueto and Chapman stay, our rebuild just added another year or two. Sad.

    • greenmtred

      No, they can’t. All teams look awful when they are in the middle of losing streaks. The Reds still have some good players, though I certainly don’t feel like saying anything optimistic right now.

  11. Pooter

    Why didn’t Chapman come in and pitch the 8th?

    • pinson343

      With the score tied, it made sense to go with Cingrani for an inning and then hopefully Chapman for 2 if needed. But Cingrani hadn’t pitched for a week and so predictably walked the leadoff hitter, batting .177. Game lost right there.

      • lwblogger2

        Oddly, that’s exactly what Chapman did last night. For many of the same reasons (lack of use primarily)

    • Michael E

      Why would you want to use Chapman?

      It reminds me of the move Big, when Jon Lovitz says to Tom Hanks “Slow down, pace yourself. What are you trying to do, get us all fired?”

  12. George Mirones


    Has B. Hamilton had x-rays of his shoulder, arm, wrist?
    Have x-rays been taken of Phillps arm and wrist?
    Has Cueto’s sore elbow been x-rayed or has he had an MRI on arm?

    • CP

      Don’t know.

      Don’t know.

      Don’t know.


      • George Mirones

        Sorry about that the caps key got stuck and I didn’t catch it till after I sent the comment.
        Not yelling , just being frustrated out loud, so to speak.

    • greenmtred

      Very few doctors, in my experience, are quick to go with x-rays and mri’s. They always base the decision on the results of a physical exam and input from the patient. The Reds are not the only team that has guys getting injured. And remember, 2 or 3 years ago, they had no significant injuries. Same medical staff? Other whipping boys would make more sense.

  13. pinson343

    There were some positives, especially if you’re already looking ahead to 2016. DeSclafani dealt very nicely with a lineup loaded with lefties. He was locating his fastball, and his striking out Swisher with a change up was a thing of beauty.

    Votto is playing D again, a high-finesse double play on a quickly released “semi-rainbow” (thanks Marty) throw to 2nd, and a fabulous leaping catch of a Moss line drive that saved 2 runs. On a thread recently there was talk of his being hurt again. He’s just been slumping, folks, there’s no way he makes that play if there’s still a problem with his knee.

    Then there’s BHam’s other-worldly defense: as soon as I see that a fly ball is hit within 100 feet of him and has some height, I know he’s going to catch it. He made a diving catch on a fly ball that was hit closer to LF than CF.
    But he does have to stop making wild throws in the general direction of home when he doesn’t even have a play at the plate.

    • pinson343

      PS The Latos for DeSclafani trade is looking brilliant right now. Latos has been ineffective and his knee is hurt again.

  14. pinson343

    George Grande is simply indomitable. Listening to him, you would have thought the Reds had won the game. He said with glee how they “had held their own against Kluber”, getting 9 hits off him. Nine hits doesn’t matter when you score only one run and lose, George. But at that point I could only laugh.

    • Michael E

      I think the Reds held their own…of course their own is on a major losing streak and the future looks bleak barring a rebuild done right.

  15. pinson343

    The Reds won 1 (and only) 1 game at an AL park in 2014, against the Indians. Now this year so far they’ve won 1 game (against the White Sox) in an AL park.

    Riddle me this: when was the last time the Reds won a series in an AL park ?

    • jessecuster44

      Historically, the Reds are terrible in inter league games, especially at AL parks. It’s been 18 years since interleague started. What the heck is the problem?

      • Mary Lykins

        They historically have no had the talent to compete. And appears they still don’t.

      • I-71_Exile

        The Reds don’t have an extra legitimate hitter to DH. They play with an extra out effectively. I suspect that other NL teams might have the same issue, but haven’t checked. It’s definitely a problem with the Reds.

      • CP

        NL teams historically struggle against the AL. In the Reds case, it might have something to do with going into games with guys like Skip Schumaker as your DH.

      • Michael E

        Skippy! I just hope they lock him up for another 5 years…hate to see him get away.

  16. VaRedsFan

    So if Cueto is having some elbow discomfort, why make it public at this time? Why not say he has a stiff neck? You shouldn’t burn his perceived value bridge until you absolutely have to.

  17. Rob Watson

    Anybody have a time machine so we could go back to a roster that included Alsonso, Grandal, Boxberger and Volquez? Not to sound like Mr Hindsight but I know I’m in good company when I say I called that a horrible trade at the time. Unfortunately Walt’s track record with the Reds doesn’t portend of good things to come. Hence time machine needed.

    • Indy Red Man

      Well it was right there for the Reds with that trade. Latos on the mound in Gm 5 vs SF with a chance to be the hero and he crashed and burned! Atleast Tony Disco looks to have a decent future and Latos’s velocity dropped quite a bit last year and atleast 5 mph from his SD days. I think we’re going to win that one.

      • Michael E

        The trade is basically even right now, but was a win for the Reds the past few seasons. The Padres got Kemp out of Grandal (poor Padres), Boxberger walked, Volquez walked away and Alfonso is a poor mans Sean Casey (whom I didn’t care for on the field due to no power for a big man, but liked his personality).

        So, the Padres have a bad, old Matt Kemp and mediocre Alfonso. The Reds have Desclafani and a catching prospect (albeit old for his level). I wouldn’t say the Padres won even today.

    • Evan

      What have any of those players done that stands out?

      • I-71_Exile

        Nothing. Alfonso was blocked by Votto. It was Grandal vs. Mesoraco. Boxberger was a solid prospect and the Reds were willing to pay anyone to take Volquez WHO WAS HORRIBLE at the time. Latos was a stud and pitched well for the Reds.

        Maybe if we look real hard we can find Marty McFly’s racing form.

    • Michael E

      Right now Boxberger is the only one I wouldn’t mind having back. The rest suck in their own way. yeah, Volquez is actually good with KC, but that was NOT going to happen in Cincy, so you can’t include today’s Volquez in that past deal. The Reds Volquez was several seasons of a walk-a-thon and a 5.00+ ERA. No thanks.

  18. Evan

    While I agree some major changes need to happen I am confused as to why people are so anti Price. Given the present roster does anyone believe this team would be significantly better if say Maden or Shoewalter or Boechey were the manager?

    To me this is a system wide issue from rookie ball through the majors and a real lack of good decision making by the owner and GM. I think Cuteo will reflect the direction going forward of this franchise. With his present health issue I am concerned we have loss out in getting the type of deal even close to what the Cubs got last season when they traded Jeff S. to the A’s.

    • Michael E

      I am not anti-Price. He has struggled with decision making, but nothing I haven’t witnessed the past decade. Baker has me numb to poor managing.

      I am down on keeping around zombie players with no fire and hitters that like to hack, hate to actually make a pitcher work and mail in ABs.

      I don’t quite know how to get to to a TEAM that loves baseball and plays hard and has fire in the eyes and bellies, but THIS team and the past few years does NOT have that, so move the pieces out and bring in some young, hungry players with upside (and several years of cost-control if they DO break out).

  19. Indy Red Man

    I wanted to tell you guys my best memory as a Reds fan. I’m 49 and it was the prob like 77 or something but the Reds were losing in Riverfront to the Phillies and were down 2 runs I think with 2 outs/bottom 9 and nobody on. People were filing out pretty quickly including my dad, my friend, and I. Someone got on and Dan Driessen hit a long drive off the leftfield wall that hit off the top of the fence and rolled back on the turf. He barely beat it out for a game tying Inside the park HR and everyone was going crazy and I saw the whole thing while my dad and friend were still in the tunnel. Before the bedlam from the crowd had died down…Johnny Bench hit one out to left and the Reds won. I remember Mike Schmidt kicking 3rd base angrily:) What a memory and my dad is gone now….he didn’t even like baseball but he wanted to do something for his son and its a decent drive from Indy. Fathers day coming up soon!!

  20. greenmtred

    Jason: I really enjoy your recaps, even under the circumstances. All of you guys do a great job. Thanks.

    • lwblogger2

      I agree!! It’s especially hard with the team losing. We do appreciate it guys!