Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (18-21) 0 4 0
Kansas City Royals (25-14) 3 9 0
W: Ventura (3-3) L: Cueto (3-4) S: Davis (7)
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The Good
–Devin Mesoraco was 2-2 with a walk in a rare appearance on the field. He had precisely half of Cincinnati’s hits tonight.

–Johnny Cueto allowed three runs on nine hits over seven innings. JJ Hoover pitched a perfect inning. That’s good enough pitching to win on most nights. Unfortunately, the Reds couldn’t score.

The Bad

–Four hits. The Reds had four stinkin’ hits.

–There’s really not much more to say. This was not a fun game for fans of the Cincinnati Reds National League Baseball Club.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–That’s four losses in a row for the ol’ Redlegs. Sure, all four were against teams who won pennants last year, but that doesn’t really provide much comfort.

–Jay Bruce actually reached base twice tonight, so there continue to be some hints that he may be coming around. Hopefully, it happens soon. I’m sick of looking at his anemic stat line.

–The second and final game of this abbreviated two-game series in Kansas City will take place tomorrow evening. Never fear, Reds fans: Jason Marquis is scheduled to start. He’ll stop the bleeding for sure.

*This offense stinks.

55 Responses

  1. Old Gregg

    Was definitely banking on the win tonight with Cueto on the mound, because tomorrow is a lost cause.

  2. RedAlert

    Marquis will be serving up long ones into that massive fountain / will be like flicking pennies into a wishing well

    • redmountain

      You may be right, but that is not their usual calling card. They’re more of a single, double, triple team. Of course with Marquis….

    • Jay King

      Interesting Stat I just found for Marquis…

      Marquis is 12-12 in his career in Interleague action, but is 3-0 with a 3.60 ERA in three starts against the Royals.

      Does not mean he will get the win but gives me a little bit more hope for tomorrow.

  3. WVRedlegs

    The absolutes of life.
    And when Johnny Cueto pitches, the Reds offense doesn’t show up.

  4. RedAlert

    You can tell the disinterest this team is beginning to generate by the dwindling comments on this site after watching this crap night after night after night – people get tired of it – it gets old !!!!- yet the front office SITS AND DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

    • Michael E

      …and I bet they don’t trade Cueto and we lose him for about pick 30 in next years draft…oh boy. We need to move several players and reset the team culture. Too many players look like they’d take or leave baseball…just a paycheck…don’t bother them.

      Cueto should bring back a haul (rental or not, every year some rental ace brings back 2 or 3 top prospects)
      Chapman should be traded
      Bruce should be traded
      …and just about anyone else that another team wants (there would be a few).

      Lets clear out the stale and take a risk the new are a better batch of ingredients moving forward.

      • Vanessa Galagnara

        I agree. I wouldn’t stop there though. Leake, Byrd, Phillips, Cozart, entire bullpen should be either traded or nixed.
        The only parts worth keeping really are Frazier, Mesoraco, Votto, and our young arms.

      • greenmtred

        Lots of people here are saying something similar–trade almost everybody. Some of it is probably based on strategic thinking–how to make the Reds better–and some of it sounds like pure sour grapes couched in strategic thinking (“this is no fun. Let’s break all of the toys…”), though I can’t know if this is really the case. Regardless, we should all consider what the next 3 or 4 or more years would look like if the Reds really cleaned house, and we should further consider how little tolerance we all have for the Reds when they lose. When you trade good players for current mlb players, you rarely get better players than the ones you traded. When you trade them for prospects, some of those prospects might end up being better, but they won’t be for awhile. And some of them will never amount to anything. Cleaning house might be a good idea, but it might result in the unintended consequence of RLN losing its collective marbles.

      • docmike

        I love comments like this…

        If the team is winning, it means that they all love playing the game, that they do care about winning. If the team is losing, it means that they don’t care, that they are just playing for the paycheck.

        Sure, that makes perfect sense…

  5. Tom Reed

    Once we’re under .500 ten games or more, the season is done. Then it’s up to the front office to do something like start the rebuilding in earnest.

    • CTRedsFan

      You really want to put a rebuild in the hands of Walt Jocketty? Let’s hope Bob C. comes to his senses before beginning a rebuild.

      • Michael E

        CT, there is no alternative. Staying with a failed group is not an answer. I don’t trust Walt, but heck many Reds fans keep saying “Cueto won’t bring back much because he is a rental”, even though year after year, Ace rentals bring back a haul of top prospects. I’d shudder to have said fans as the GM and trade Cueto for a 35 year old relief pitcher.

        The common sense in many emotional Reds fans is lacking. We need to rebuild, we have to HOPE the owner and GM see this and that Walt can do a respectable job of targeting and acquiring 6 or 7 good prospects for 4 or 5 of our players, while clearing out 10s of millions in payroll, not to mention clearing out losing/complacent team vibe.

      • CTRedsFan

        Sorry, I think my comment was a bit ambiguous. I have nothing against rebuilding, I believe it must be done, what I am against is Walt leading it. By Bob C. coming to his senses I meant hopefully he will clean out the front office before he begins rebuilding on the field.

      • Tom Reed

        My hope for a new day in Redsland was last year when Jocketty’s contract was about to expire, but the owner extended him for two more years. So there we are as rebuilding looms down the road.

      • jdx19

        This is your 2nd comment about rental pitchers bringing back a “haul” of top prospects.

        What examples do you have? Last year Samardzija got Addison Russell, but that’s not quite a “haul.” And it was a different situation since Billy Beane keeps getting judged by his inability to win once he’s IN the post-season with his roster of cast-offs and platoon players, he really, really wanted it last year and thought they could win it all. I don’t know if any teams will be in that same ‘desperation’ boat this year.

        Frankly, I’ll be happy if we get a single Top 25ish type prospect and maybe one Top 200 type guy.

      • Steve Mancuso

        And Samardzija had 1.5 years left, not .5 years left before free agency. Big difference. Beane knew he could turn around in the offseason and get players back for Samardzija, which he did from the White Sox.

      • jdx19

        Good point, Steve. I completely forgot that part of the story.

      • RM

        There is an alternative, and it is what has been done by other teams. New leadership. I have been a fan of Jockety, but the last two years, he has not been able to do the things he did with St.Louis. The Reds needed hitting at the All Star Break, he did nothing.. We needed a bullpen this year, he has done little.

        Other teams seem to be better at adding pieces that complement the team. Even the Reds announcers said that the Giants, on paper, do not look that good. They sure looked better than the Reds. Talent seems to be here in some ways. Every button pushed seems to be the wrong one.

      • Ih8Walt

        Totally agree with this comment. The Cubs are showing everyone what can be done when you have a really smart guy like Epstein do the rebuilding. Yes it results in a few painful years of losing, but isn’t that what we’re going through right now? I’d rather go through the rebuilding with a bright mind at the helm with a solid strategic plan for the future vs. an idiot like Walt who has no plan and is obsessed with any player that used to wear a Cardinals uniform.

    • sezwhom

      100% agreement. 10 games under .500 then time for an overhaul and I’d start with Jocketty then Price. This team is just brutal to watch.

      • Redsfan48

        I agree, if they get 10 under then the day after the all star game (they won’t and shouldn’t sell before that, because it would be awful for the fan base) start trading. Trade Cueto, Leake, potentially Bryd (depending on what kind of rebuild this is*) and listen to offers on Chapman, Bruce, Peña (especially if he keeps up recent performance) and even Frazier if the offer is right.

        *There are two ways they could go after a rebuild right now. Option 1 would involve trading for pieces that are near MLB-ready (players that could realistically contribute within the next 1-2 years). I prefer this option because it gives the Reds a possibility to contend again as soon as 2016 or 2017. However, some teams may not want to give up those kind of players. In that case, the other option is a full rebuild, that takes time to have an effect. In a full rebuild, they would essentially be giving up 2016 through at least 2017-18 to get younger, higher upside prospects and hopefully be able to contend down the road 3-5 years from now. If they choose this path, they should definitely be willing to part with everyone that isn’t signed long term (or currently pre-arbitration) unless they are confident that they can sign them long term. I’d say the only untouchable players on the Major League roster if they go into a full rebuild should be Votto, Mesoraco, Iglesias, DeSclafani, and Lorenzen. Otherwise, if they want a quick rebuild, trade the ones that will be free agents, like Cueto and Leake. In a quick rebuild they might want to hang on to Byrd if they are hoping to contend in 2016.

  6. WVRedlegs

    Stop the bleeding?
    Jason “The Tourniquet” Marquis is on stand-by.

  7. Aaron Bradley

    I didn’t want to project negativity before this game… but it was as close to a must-win as you can get in May… I don’t believe they will see north of .500 again this season.

    • Michael E

      I hope not personally. I hope they go on a big losing run so we can once and for all start the rebuild that is needed to clear payroll, bring in young, cheap, promising prospects, and clear out a slew of players that aren’t helping build a winning/professional approach to MLB baseball games. You know, fighting each at bat to force the pitcher to throw 5, 6, 8 or 10 pitches would be a great start.

      If the scouts are poor, then can them all and pay the price for some really good scouts.

  8. User1022

    –Jay Bruce actually reached base twice tonight, so there continue to be some hints that he may be coming around. Hopefully, it happens soon. I’m sick of looking at his anemic stat line.

    What do you mean “anemic”? Don’t you know he’s been hitting the ball harder than anyone on the team?

    • Jay King

      Keeping heating up Bruce… We need you to convince teams your the players from 2012 and 2013 again. Need that trade value to rise.

      I’m not sold on the Reds being done yet but the inconsistency of this team is really wearing heaving on me.

    • jdx19

      USER1022, always good for a sarcastic Bruce post! 🙂

    • docmike

      He HAS been hitting the ball hard. What’s your point?

  9. ohiojimw

    Hamilton is a hole in the line up regardless of how they try to use him. The man in front of him (Meso) was on base 3 times and Hamilton moved him 1 base and that with a sacrifice.

    • ohiojimw

      I especially liked (not) the out they gave away by letting Hamilton bat in the 8th after Meso walked with 1 out.

  10. CP

    I’m starting to wonder if B-Ham should just stop hitting from the left side. His slugging percentage is about 50 points higher batting righty.

    • Andrewpky

      Agreed. Still blows my mind they would try to convert him to switch when he goes to upper minors, while simultaneously moving him to CF. He’s been successful at one conversion, but it’s been a disaster at the other.

    • jdx19

      Yeeeep. Been saying this for over a year now.

  11. RedInInd

    Since April 11, I haven’t felt the awesomeness of Johnny.

  12. sunbreakthedawn

    The return of T.O.S. I’d be real sad to watch this core group of players dismantled in a rebuild but what other options are there? I am really not looking forward to more games like this reminiscent of last season’s offensive ineptitude.

  13. Jake

    This team is an ugly mess, top to bottom. Even Votto is in some kind of a slump. We need to scrap and rebuild and I don’t want Jocketty anywhere near it

  14. Pooter

    Is Votto hurt? He’s been stinking things up as of late…

  15. PARedsfan

    Another Cueto outing with no run support. I agree T.O.S. I love Johnny but he deserves better than this pathetic, anemic offense. Love my Reds, but what a painfully long season this is going to be.

  16. Aaron Bradley

    Johnny would look good in Dodger blue I think we can all enjoy a solid rebuild the question is if Jocketty and Towers can handle that task and I think we all know deep in our hearts they can’t so this team is doomed either way and I believe that is why we have been depressed lately and also 2nd half of last year… really that was the time to sell the Cubs got a really good return for Smarzjda. As I have encouraged ticket holders in the past, please voice your displeasure you are th eones they listen to. I know the ball park experience is solid, but Jocketty needs to go even if they need to pay him to go away or move him into some other role (hopefully). Towers should be shown the door as well, if he is the heir apparent we may be looking at a decade of ineptitude.

    • Michael E

      I don’t trust Walt to pull in trades like other GMs have, but all I want is for them to DO IT. If it fails, it fails, but don’t sit here, let Cueto walk for nothing, keep the plague that is Bruce around, etc. Trade and trade at least 4 or 5 players. Clear the payroll, re-roll the clubhouse attitude, bring up young guys and let them get some experience, and most importantly, bring in a half dozen upper tier prospects from other teams to really stack our farm system.

      The Houston Astros look like the Reds could look like in two years or so…young, inconsistent, but promising present and future.

      • greenmtred

        Revisit your opinion when the Astros have gone deep in the playoffs, that being the standard to which we apparently hold the Reds. You may be overestimating the “haul” of prospects we’d get (regardless of who the GM is) and underestimating the negative effects on young players of being called up before they are ready. And the clubhouse attitude…we know nothing about it. It is pure projection, given what we actually know. The Reds being shut out by a very good team is not proof that they are complacent. Votto isn’t doing much lately: Do you think that he doesn’t care?

      • docmike

        Green, that’s what many people commenting on here seem to believe: that if a player isn’t doing well, then he doesn’t care. As if all it takes to be good is “the want to”.

  17. Michael E

    Price should make it clear that these players are expected to fight every at bat and a strikeout is a personal affront to all that is decent. The way these guys take K’ing like it’s no big deal, so long as they get in some powerful hacks, really irritates me.

    I think management is to blame. The benching and calling-out of hitters that aren’t shortening up or trying to put balls in play needs done now and often. Too much coddling with generic statements about this guy is trying to improve or the other pitcher just made a good pitch, etc. Price went nuts a month ago, how about him going nutso on a couple of his hitters and there shameful swing-n-miss hacking approach to hitting?

  18. Mary Lykins

    That gets me also. Striking out produces nothing.Yet they hack like there’s no tomorrow.

  19. Paul

    Saw great tweet last night with the stat of the week: “Joel Luckhaupt
    @jluckhaupt #Reds have scored 3 runs or fewer while Cueto was still in the game in 15 of his last 18 starts.”

    I hope for Cueto’s sake he does get traded. Imagine how dominating he would be pitching for a team that can hit.

    • i71_Exile

      Cueto is being matched up (theoretically) against the opponent’s ace. I suspect that might explain some of the poor run support.

      April 6 vs. Nelson Liriano
      April 11 vs. Michael Wacha
      April 17 vs. Michael Wacha
      April 22 vs. Jimmy Nelson
      April 28 vs. Kyle Lohse
      May 3 vs. Julio Teheran
      May 9 vs. Carlos Rodon
      May 14 vs. Tim Lincecum
      May 19 vs. Yordano Ventura

      He’s faced a decent list of pitchers, but the Reds offense isn’t off the hook entirely.

  20. CJ22

    I had hope this year. I blindly have had hope every year, even one’s like 2001 and 2005. After this weekend and last night I have come to the realization we will not win 86-88 games, nor make the Wild Card. It’s hard for me to let go, but it is time to rebuild and begin the breaking down process.

    • User1022

      I’d trade Votto right now for a huge haul before he gets hurt again. His recent slump already has me worried.

      • docmike

        You’re not getting a huge haul for Votto. Not happening.

        Better to keep him and hope he stays healthy.

  21. eric nyc

    Is it possible Cueto is pitching himself into a reasonable contract? Maybe a bit of a pipe dream, but even though he’s pitching well he’s not as dominant as he was last year. Given the market for SP’s it’s probably still worth shopping him sooner rather than later.