No surprise the White Sox starting pitcher handcuffed the Reds hitters for seven innings. After all, Chris Sale is one of the top starters in baseball. He had a 30 percent strikeout rate last year and was in the top five in ERA, ERA-, FIP, SIERA, third in the AL Cy Young voting … wait, sorry, the White Sox starting pitcher was John Danks.

Never mind.

Familiar losing formula. Bryan Price’s team drops a series to a terrible, horrible, awful Chicago White Sox team.

White Sox 4, Reds 3 | FanGraphs | John Danks’ last start

Michael Lorenzen had another encouraging start. The 23-year-old gave up just one earned run, pitching five innings, allowing seven hits and walking four. Despite routinely hitting 95-96 mph and occasionally 97 on the radar gun, Lorenzen only struck out two. In the fourth inning, Lorenzen escaped from a bases-loaded no-out situation with a couple fine defensive plays. The pitcher himself finished off a slick 3-6-1 double play by covering first. He threw 91 pitches.

Despite sending a few balls to the warning track, Reds hitters struggled to put anything together until the ninth inning. The only guy who really smacked it has an impinged hip. Speaking of that guy, Devin Mesoraco (2-for-4) somehow recovered from all the exertion of those four at bats over three hours yesterday to knock one off the top of the left-center field wall, missing a two-run homer by a foot. The Reds could have used that second run. Mesoraco looked well-rested getting to third base on his triple.

Zack Cozart had a three-hit game, including a two-run double in the top of the ninth off White Sox closer David Robertson. The Reds shortstop also executed a perfect Norris Hopper push bunt.

Brandon Phillips and Brayan Peña each had two hits. DadDude also had a walk.

Billy Hamilton was 0-5 with three strikeouts and twice failed to advance runners with bunts when called on to do it. “When you spend all winter long practicing your bunts, you ought to be able to get down a sacrifice,” said Chris Welch. Indeed.

Jay Bruce and Joey Votto each worked a walk, but were 0-8 otherwise.

In the fourth inning, Emilio Bonifacio laid down a bunt with runners at first and second that stayed fair. The head of the White Sox grounds crew had told George Grande before the game that “no bunts were going to roll foul on his field.” Amazing that the Reds retired broadcaster had that information but two of their professional baseball players didn’t.

Tony Cingrani and Jumbo Diaz, neither of whom had pitched since Tuesday, each gave up a run. Aroldis Chapman, who hadn’t pitched since Wednesday, gave up the game winner.

The Reds bullpen must lead the major leagues in walking the first batter they face. It can’t be a physical thing. While the responsibility is ultimately on the players, shouldn’t the bullpen coach be under a little fire? Anyhow, J.J. Hoover and Tony Cingrani walked the first batters they faced in the sixth and seventh innings respectively. The walk in the seventh inning led to a run. Jumbo Diaz gave up a hit to his first batter. He then promptly gave up a wild pitch which contributed the White Sox third run. We talk a lot about how pitchers don’t have much control over balls put in play. They do control walks and wild pitches.

Tony Cingrani grew up on the South Side of Chicago as a White Sox fan. Today he got a chance to pitch in the park he most wanted to, a place his dad took him when he was young.

Marlon Byrd has become a free pass machine, walking two more times today. It’s a welcome sign, but you have to ask, tongue firmly in cheek, if he’s getting paid for that.

The battle of the Cuban superstars was a split decision. Aroldis Chapman won round one striking out Jose Abreu on a 102 mph fastball. Round two went to Alexei Ramirez, who lined a 99-mph single to center. Chapman gave up three consecutive hits on high fastballs. It was the first run he’d surrendered since about October 1962.

Last Mother’s Day, Homer Bailey dominated the Colorado Rockies. What a difference two major elbow surgeries in a year can make.

The Reds (15-16) have played 20 of their first 31 games on the road. They return to Cincinnati for a seven-game home stand against the Atlanta Braves and San Francisco Giants, starting tomorrow.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. CBD

    There comes a time when we all have to admit the reds just aren’t very good. They are a .500 club at best. The ceiling is 82 wins assuming no more injuries and no trades. There are just so many problems …

    1) Excellent ace in Cueto and a very good #2 in Leake…after that it gets dicey to downright bad.

    2) Major issues at leadoff…Hamilton is not hitting well and has seemingly forgotten how to bunt. He may bounce back, but not enough to be a good lead off.

    3) Jay Bruce…. just awful this year… we are used to streaks but he has had one streak this year and its been a very ugly shade of brown

    4) the bull pen…enough said

    5) management…enough said

    Just don’t see how you can have that many serious issues and get anything other than .500 (maybe) level baseball. The frustrating thing is, they have the raw talent to compete and we are fooled into believing the 2015 reds can contend when we see flashes of it. The fact remains the Reds have faced some pretty bad teams (Milwaukee, ATL, Sox) and are still under .500.

    SO.. the Reds need to sell. They need to get the most they can for Cueto and Leake and Chapman…and then be open to deal anyone not named Votto. They must look to the future because I can’t speak for all Reds fans…but even assuming they get very lucky/hot and get a wild card game… do you really want to put all your future eggs in that one game basket? Does anyone really think adding a piece or two makes the Reds a World Series contender? No.

    I want to thank Bob, Walt & Company for turning around the franchise and making the Reds relevant again. The core we had over the past 6 years has brought a lot of W’s and exciting baseball to Cinci. Unfortunately it didn’t bring a championship. However, they need to look around … the Cubs and Pirates are about to lap the Reds and they risk getting years behind if they stubbornly hold on to their 2008 investments. So my plea is to sell! Build a team around Votto that you can run out and compete with STL and CHC and PIT and LAD and WSH because that’s who is making strides.

    End rant

    • jdx19

      Agree with most of this except the part about Hamilton forgetting how to bunt. He never knew how. He was the worst bunter in the league last year among guys who try to bunt for base hits, and he is again this year.

      Really, there should be no surprises, though. This isn’t a good team, and was slightly better with a healthy Meso and Homer. But, this is a 76-win team, IMO. Thought the same thing at the beginning of the year.

    • Aaron Bradley

      As I have said MANY times the Reds were RELEVANT before Bob… he bought after a great season by Narron with Weathers as closer where they fought the Cardinals hard thru August… go look it up. Bob basically came in squeezed Krivsky out of the pitcher gave lucrative contracts to the young that have come back to bite. He will be forever known as handcuffing this team to Walt Jocketty and allowing the Cardinals to dominate us during his tenure.

      • Aaron Bradley

        I don’t mean to be rude about this… but I TOOK a vacation to Cincinnati in 2005-2006 to follow the Reds and they gave valiant chase to Pujols and Edmonds led Cardinals with a mediocre bullpen (Weathers as closer) and I don’t buy into this Bob brought the team to relevancy nonsense.. the team was starting to have some young talent emerge, and they were figuring out Casey wasn’t worth 13M/year and Bob got in as young guys were coming up from the minors. He does deserve credit for bringing in ex-players to coach and improving the ball park experience, but handcuffing us with Jocketty will be his legacy.

  2. Scot Lykins

    It is time to just start enjoying our team for what they are. A .500 team.

    • jdx19

      Yep. As much as losing sucks, I still like the ‘ol boys!

  3. Adam S.

    I will be pleased with a .500 record that s what they are

    • jessecuster44

      I won’t. I won’t be pleased until Bob, Walt, and Bryan are run out of town on a rocket.

  4. Ryan Lykins (@ryan_lykins)

    75-80 wins is what I expect and what I think most would have said at the beginning of the year. Of course I want the Reds to make the playoffs and go on a run to win the world series but that’s just not realistic with this team. I’d be completely content with a sub 500 record if the management team would just make smarter decisions during the games and with the roster. Guys need traded and young guys need brought up and given the chance to learn. That would be the most exciting and logical thing for this team to do. I know it will never happen but with guys being traded Bob needs to clean house and pretty much get rid of many of the old school guys and evaluate Price at the end of the season to see if he’s a good enough coach for a rebuilding team.

    • greenmtred

      I don’t know from personal experience, but my understanding is that young guys brought up prematurely don’t learn as quickly as they would in the minors. I’ve been a devil’s advocate defender of management, but I have to admit that it’s hard to detect a rational master plan at work, and that’s what I find most discouraging. The Reds aren’t that bad, really, but the moves they’ve made and not made during the past few years don’t promise improvement. All that said, it actually is still early days and they are not out of it yet. I’m not willing to get huffy and throw in the towel in May.

      • lwblogger2

        That’s the thing that has me baffled. The time to sell would have been either in the off-season or this year at the deadline. You don’t just start selling in mid-May. The only way you sell way before the deadline at this point is if the team just flat out tanks and is sitting 6-7 games under .500 in mid/late June. I think at that point, it’s prudent to start screaming for a rebuilding effort to begin. I don’t see the Reds contending at this point but baseball is strange. The team needs to be given a chance. I agree with everything you say above.

  5. Art Wayne Austin

    Steve, can’t believe you’d would harp on Byrd’s walk with another free pass for Bruce. After all he does bat 2nd which is a set-the-table spot in the line-up. Byrd has been tearing up the briar-patch with the bat during May while Bruce has proven he can be even worse than he was in April. I know he had chances to prove his 12 million salary(vs Byrd’s 4 million) today but somehow maintains his performance as the biggest out in the league. Last year set the table for his present showing. It’s as if he is suddenly allergic to baseball. Perhaps he’d rather have had a football career like a lot of Texas boys.

    • lwblogger2

      Yeah, I don’t think he was picking on Bryd there. I think most the fan base is pretty happy with what Bryd has been doing the last 2 weeks plus.

    • Big56dog

      A 2 walk game will never get criticized her, the tongue in cheek part was mocking the people who do not recognize that as valuable

  6. ohiojimw

    The Reds really need to take a long look at their options for the top of order.

    They almost stole a win today in a game where they got nothing from Votto and Frazier. Some how that makes it hurt more I think.

    It was good to see Meso look like he is starting to find himself at the plate. Too bad we will only see him PH for the next week. If today wasn’t enough to convince them to get that surgery done in time for him to learn LF in winter ball, I’d guess it is hopeless.

    • BigRedMike

      Not many other options, but, Hamilton is a concern. A sub 300 OBP at the top of the order is going to limit the Reds ability to score runs. Defense is not an issue, just might be able to hit enough.

  7. Jeff Morris

    Anybody know if this is Walt J’s last year of his Contract as GM? Reds got to figure some way to get Cozart to third base, and a chance to score. He didn’t even budge from second base, with 0 outs.

    • CP

      He’s under contract for another year.

    • jessecuster44

      Walt signed a two year deal in the off-season…

  8. redsfan06

    This is looking a lot like 2014, where the offense can’t outscore their own bullpen. Of course you can’t blame Chapman. He’s used to pitching with a 2-3 run lead.

    • Paul

      Actually he’s used to not pitching at all this year.

    • greenmtred

      Chapman hasn’t pitched much, it’s true, but I had a very disquieting feeling watching the White Sox hitters squaring up and driving his fastball. Chris Welch has said several times that 95mph is hitting speed nowadays, and it is starting to look as though 99mph might be, as well, location depending, obviously.

      • jessecuster44

        Here’s an idea. Maybe Chappy needs to mix some pitches. Change-up? Slider? He has thrown those before.

      • VaRedsFan

        he threw several off speed pitches.

    • Big56dog

      Sometimes you just get unlucky, how many times has Chapman ever given up 3 straight hits, let alone singles especially after first 2 outs and no one on…Just curious how many times that happen in a game in any inning… 3 straight singles after 2 out?

  9. Vanessa Galagnara

    Pew. Something stinks on the banks of the Ohio River. Bob, give us a quality product or we’ll start vacating those seats that you richly covet.

    • jessecuster44

      haven’t you heard? He doesn’t have any more money to spend!

  10. jessecuster44

    This team stinks. 0-8 on getaway days. Horrible bullpen. GM who is hopelessly behind the times. Med staff who has overseen a tsunami of injuries and re-injuries. Manager who leads league in cursing, and curious personnel decisions. A superstar pitcher whose team won’t score for. A superstar 1B who the manager won’t defend, a flamethrowing pitcher who isn’t used nearly enough, and quite possibly the fastest man in baseball who can’t get on base.

    No urgency. No accountability. No heart.

    The point was to win a championship, not to just compete. 82-82 is the same as 61-101. Blow the entire thing up – new owner, new GM, new everything, and start over.

  11. sezwhom

    Marlon Byrd has become a free pass machine, walking two more times today. It’s a welcome sign, but you have to ask, tongue firmly in cheek, if he’s getting paid for that.

    What’s he supposed to do? Swing at pitch out of the strike zone? He’s batting 2nd. He’s getting on base.

    • pinson343

      “The tongue in cheek” part indicated that the comment was a compliment, not a criticism (think Joey Votto.)

    • VaRedsFan

      he also watched 3 pitches go right down Broadway in the 7th, with Cozart on 2nd.
      I ‘d prefer him swinging.

  12. pinson343

    I was not encouraged by Lorenzon’s start (or his line). Is better than Jason Marquis the bar for “encouraging” ? No command, no rhythm. The two hits he gave up in the 2nd inning were on change ups where the batters stayed back (not fooled at all). That was because he was tipping his change up, according to the Hawk and the other White Sox tv broadcaster.

    In comparison, Danks looked dominating.

    Why the excitement about Lorenzon in the first place ? A low K rate (6.3/9) in 120 innings at AA Pensacola and 5.7/9 in his brief time (19 innings) at Louisville. Not surprising that he can’t strike out major league hitters.

    • tct

      The low k rate is a bit concerning. But the reason people are excited about Lorenzen is because he touches 95+ with a decent slider and a developing changeup, and is a groundball machine so far in the minors. He was a right fielder and closer in college and last year was his first full year starting. He showed the ability to hold up over the course of the season and he got advanced hitters out in his first year.

      Honestly, he needs more time in the minors and is not a finished product. But the hype. Is about his potential ceiling. He’s got the tools. If he can develop a put away pitch, he could be really good. Even if he doesn’t, he could be like Henderson Alvarez of the Marlins, who doesn’t strike many guys out but throws hard and succeeds by getting tons of ground balls.

    • IndyRedMan

      Its his 2nd career start and he barely pitched in college or the minors. Cmon man? He’s got great stuff and composure way beyond his years. Better stuff than Homer had with 1/4 of the hype. Hawk Harrelson said he reminded him of Zack Greinke but hey I’m sure you’ve seen more baseball than he has?

      • jdx19


        Hawk Harrelson is sort of senile. Greinke has the beest command of any pitcher in the majors, IMO. Not sure how you say a guy like Lorenzen reminds you of THAT.

  13. charlottencredsfan

    A serious discussion, by the Reds internally, about what to do with Billy is probably at hand. Not since the SS’s of the late 1960’s/early 1970’s have I seen a player with such an impotent bat. For his sake, I’d like to see him back at Louisville. Given the team’s investment and lack of a better option, they probably should move him down to 8th or 9th. He is not improving at the plate. Jay Bruce is probably a month way from the same discussion if he doesn’t pick it up.

    The wRC+’s of the other guys in the everyday lineup are at least serviceable.

    • tct

      Well, there’s only four players on the team who have more WAR than Hamilton and they are Frazier, Votto, Cozart, and Cueto. If the Reds are trying to win, Billy is their best option in center. Heck, he’s their only option in center that would be above replacement level, probably.

      He’s providing elite level defensive and base running value. Does he need to hit better? Absolutely. But he doesn’t really need to hit that much better to be an extremely valuable player. I think the only thing that needs to be done with Billy is to move him down in the lineup.

      • jdx19

        Agreed. People need to realize that IF Billy were a .280/.330/.400 hitter, he’d be perennial MVP candidate. So, even at .250/.300/.370, he’s a decent regular. However, at .200/.250/.300 or whatever he is not, the lines start to get uncomfortably close.

      • VaRedsFan

        This. Well said. He was on twice in the both of the previous 2 games. Granted he struck out three times yesterday, but his other 2 AB’s were well struck balls. He needs some grounders to start finding holes.

    • WVRedlegs

      Hamilton needs to go to AAA very soon.
      Bruce on the other hand, may be on his way to San Diego. There is a rumor afoot, that Bruce to SD for SP Andrew Cashner may be in the works. A change of scenery plan for both players. Also, might be part of a larger trade involving Leake and Wil Myers. Leake and Bruce for Cashner and Myers.

      • tct

        There is no way in the world that San Diego would trade Cashner for Bruce right now.

      • lwblogger2

        Yes, I LOVE Jay Bruce but if San Diego wants to give me Cashner for him, um, where do I sign?

      • jdx19

        Yeah, I don’t see that happening at all. Myers is raking and Cashner is a front-line starter just struggling a bit.

      • jdx19

        Hah! This one made me actually laugh out loud and work. More of a guffaw, really. I’ll join the hat eating festivities if this happens.

    • reaganspad

      I agree, Billy needs time in AAA now.

      I would put Mesoraco in LF until we know that we are out of the hunt, Byrd in right and Bruce in Center.

      I know that this destroys our ML outfield defense, but I do not see other options unless you bring up DeJesus to play 3rd and move Super Todd to Center

      • tct

        Billy has put up more WAR than Byrd and Bruce combined! If the corner outfielders were doing their jobs, putting up above average offense, then the Reds would have no problem with Billys offense.

        And Meso in left when he has never played the outfield before? He needs at least an entire off season to work on it, or any offensive value he brings is going to be negated by his awful d.

      • jdx19

        I dunno. I think LF has a low enough skill requirement that daily practice plus a week in AAA would make him passable. Certainly not good, but passable. It’s really hard to say because C to LF isn’t a very common thing so we don’t have a lot of data, but I’d honestly like to believe just about anyone with above-average athletics that is also major-league caliber mentally (such as a catcher) should be able to play LF with a slight amount of practice.

      • jdx19

        Agree with TCT. Billy should be in the majors on his defense/baserunning alone, but he needs to not bad leadoff. A positive WAR player is not the kind of player we need to be shipping to AAA.

      • Jeremy Conley

        Geez, now we’re moving Frazier to CF?What in the world are people talking about. Hamilton is a very valuable center fielder. He’s one of the most valuable in the game. Every time he runs down a ball in the gap that another player wouldn’t get to, that’s the same as Billy hitting a double or triple. Runs prevented equal runs created.

        The only thing Billy needs is to not get the most ABs on the team. He’s a bad hitter and he gets the most ABs. It doesn’t make sense. Just hit him 8th or 9th.

    • tct

      I think the discussion needs to be about Bruce.I ‘ve always been a Jay Bruce fan, but if he doesn’t get it going soon the Reds are going to be in a tough position. I said in the off-season that i thought they should shop him around while he still had some value. If he bounces back, then you would be selling a little low. But if he has another year like last year, then he will have no trade value at all. It’s like that saying about trading a guy a year too early rather than a year too late.

      What do they do if Bruce can’t get going.? Do they keep running him out there and letting his confidence get more and more shot? They won’t be able to trade him for anything what they could have gotten in the off season.

    • jdx19

      I think a demotion in the lineup needs to happen first before talking about AAA. His defense is a huge asset, and we have no other decent options for a true CFer in the org. Do we really want to see Skip out there 3 times a week?

  14. Eric the Red

    1) The White Sox are not terrible. And they were 8-4 at home before the series started.

    2) The Reds advanced scouting seemed suspect for this series. Ramirez, Flowers, the probability the ball would not roll foul….it seems better scouting might have led to better results.

    3) It’s time to move Hamilton down in the order. He probably needs to sit for a day first. His defense is too good to send him down to Louisville. The bunt Cozart pushed past Danks was there all day for Billy–Danks really falls off towards 3rd–but Hamilton couldn’t even manage that. I’d take the bunt out of play for him for now, as it’s not working and he’s picking up strikes and thinking way too much.

    4) I finally believe something fundamental is different with Cozart this year. Go back and look at his last AB in the first game of the series if you want to be convinced. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d probably bat him lead off right now.

    5) With better use of the bullpen pieces already on the team–which Price is inching towards–we’d be a few games above .500 and in firm possession of a Wild Card spot. Replace a couple of those pieces, and we’d be in even better shape. The schedule has been tough–two 10 day three city road trips are a real challenge no matter who you play–and we’re holding our own as one of the many teams with a shot at getting to the playoffs. Talk of blowing things up is ridiculous.

    6) I wonder why the White Sox aren’t planning to make Rodon a closer. He’s a lefty with a very similar pitching profile to Chapman, after all. And I can’t believe we cut that Carroll guy so we could pay Gregg more money to pitch for us this year. I’m going to go cry now.

    • reaganspad

      Agreed on Carroll. Agree on Billy and the bunt that was available to him.

      With regard to bunting, I think Billy needs to can the fake bunt. He seems to take strikes on that pitch most of the time.

      Now if he did the fake bunt and the pitchers butchers block or whatever they call that when the pitcher fakes the bunt and pulls the bat back and uses the short swing on the charging infielder, I would be ok with the fake.

      but overall, he is out of sorts. I love it when he walks but he should be swinging at early strikes because he gets chewed up inside with 2 strikes. I would rather see him get 2 good cuts in early in the count than fake bunt.

      But overall, I think he would be well served at AAA for a month.

      I would rather see DeJesus in CF right now. I did not think about him as an option in my post above

      • jdx19

        Butcher Boy!

        I’m not sure the bunts are “fake” bunts that Billy is doing. He’s just pulling back because he thinks it is a ball or a pitch that he can’t successfully handle.

    • jdx19

      The White Sox are terrible. You can’t cherry pick their record. AND we missed their two good pitchers.

      For the 2nd time this year, the Reds lost to a guy making his first MLB start. That’s… pretty bad. Even if those guys were Foltynewicz and Rodon.

      • Eric the Red

        It’s not exactly cherry picking to cite their home record. I would also say that they have quite a few good pieces.

        Rodon had good stuff. He looked a lot like Chapman probably would if he were allowed to start. But, yes, it was disappointing we didn’t get to him when we had him on the ropes early. It happens.

      • Big56dog

        Bottom line, Denks is a horrible pitcher having an awful season. The Reds should have dominated him and instead got dominated especially when their rookie struggled all game but battled and only gave up 1 ER.
        They really needed this game and their stars let them down, Hamilton, Votto, Bruce, Frazier, Cingrani, and Chapman had bad games, make an optimist lose faith

  15. chrislosolivos

    We all love to play around with batting orders . . . especially when things aren’t going well. I offer mine for the dart board:
    1. Phillips 2B
    2. Votto 1B
    3. Byrd LF
    4. Frazier 3B
    5. Pena C
    6. Cozart SS
    7. Bruce RF
    8. Pitcher
    9. Hamilton CF

    • charlottencredsfan

      IMO, that is probably as good as it gets. One could argue swapping Zack and Pena but it wouldn’t be worth the time.

    • jdx19

      Versus RH or LH? Because there should really be two lineups.

    • VaRedsFan

      I don’t mind that at all, except for batting the pitcher 8th. I see it back fire more than help. Teams start pitching around your 6th and 7th guys with runners on, to get to the pitchers. It’s happened to the Maddon-god several times when the Cubs played the Reds

    • Jeremy Conley

      Why do you think that Brandon Phillips should get the most at-bats on this team. What has he done to earn that?

    • cincystyle

      I would prefer to see this lineup right now

      1. Cozart SS
      2. Votto 1B
      3. Byrd LF
      4. Frazier 3B
      5. Pena C
      6. Phillips 2B
      7. Bruce RF
      8. Hamilton CF
      9. Pitcher

    • jdx19

      At this point, I’m at the following:

      Against RHP

      Against LHP

      I sort of like the idea of having a real hitter hit in front of Votto (not a pitcher), and if Votto is gonna be 1st, that makes Billy at 9 the only decent option.

  16. VaRedsFan

    Despite Byrd being better since moving to the 2-hole, Billy and Votto haven’t had as much success. If you believe there is any correlation there.

  17. Andrewpky

    May be time for Billy to abandon batting LH. His BA from the left is a full .100 less than batting from the right. I understand the thought when they decided to convert him to a switch hitter in the minors However, it is obviously not working and his hitting has suffered.

    • jdx19

      Yeah, for a guy that looks overmatched most of the time, simplifying his preparation by half would likely help.

      I like this! And it’s not like switch-hitting has helped him. He can’t bunt and his batted ball profile is keeping him from getting many infield hits, so the extra 0.1s he gets from the left batter’s box is inconsequential, in my mind.

  18. sultanofswaff

    Anyone writing off the White Sox this early is a fool. Sale/Samardzija/Quintana/Rodon are a very impressive front four (when Rodon gets added to it later this year). No one in the division can boast that many high end rotation arms. Aside from yesterday, Robertson/Duke have both been unhittable. The pitching is there. That matters when team pitching depth gets tested in July and August, when the Twins and Tigers will get exposed. The offense has too many hitters with established track records to flounder for much longer. They’ll regress to the mean. Heck, Abreu can carry a team by himself for stretches.

    In a weak-ish division, they’ll be in the hunt all season. And unlike the Reds front office, the Sox have proven to be aggressive with acquisitions.

    • jdx19

      A fool, eh? Maybe you should read the article. No one said they have a bad pitching staff, just that their position players have been the worst in all of baseball.

      AS A TEAM, they are worse than replacement level. That’s horrendous.

      I think Detroit and KC would have something to say about your “weakish division.”