The Cincinnati Reds (10-10) have their brooms and are ready to sweep the Milwaukee Brewers (4-17) out of town. Today’s Business Day special features the Major League debut for 23 year old pitching prospect, Michael Lorenzen. Redleg Nation editors Steve Mancuso, Doug Gray, Kevin Michell, and Nick Doran will be at GABP to enjoy this beautiful 65 degree afternoon and to provide first hand accounts of Lorenzen’s debut.

To make room for Lorenzen on the 25-man roster, the Reds placed Manny Parra on the 15-day DL with a strained neck. Homer Bailey was moved to the 60-day DL to create a 40-man spot for Lorenzen.


Michael Lorenzen (AAA) 2.84 4.00 1.0 5.1% 15.2%
Matt Garza 5.16 5.13 1.2 10.3% 14.0%

What can we expect from Michael Lorenzen? Doug Gray wrote that Lorenzen generates a lot of groundballs out of a mostly fastball and slider arsenal. Yesterday, Nick Kirby shared his thoughts with a lot of links and tweets from around baseball. And in the offseason, Fangraphs wrote about his surprising emergence from potential position player to closer to starting pitcher prospect. If you want to get fired up, watch Lorenzen’s workout video.

Matt Garza has been a bad mix of walking more batters and striking out fewer. If his recent performance continues, it will be his 4th straight year of worsening ratios.

The Reds lineup with Joey Votto getting his first day off of the season. Kristopher Negron is at first base and Brownsburg, Indiana native Tucker Barnhart gets a start behind the plate.

  1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
  2. Zack Cozart (R) SS
  3. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
  4. Jay Bruce (L) RF
  5. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
  6. Marlon Byrd (R) LF
  7. Kristopher Negron (R) 1B
  8. Tucker Barnhart (S) C
  9. Michael Lorenzen (R) P

The batting lineup for the Brewers:

  1. Jean Segura (R) SS
  2. Logan Schafer (L) CF
  3. Ryan Braun (R) RF
  4. Adam Lind (L) 1B
  5. Aramis Ramirez (R) 3B
  6. Khris Davis (R) LF
  7. Martin Maldonado (R) C
  8. Hector Gomez (R) 2B
  9. Matt Garza (R) P

It sounds like “Tommy John” surgery (TJS) is an option for Homer Bailey, though Bailey and the Reds are also exploring other options. John Fay wrote about a potential option called PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections. It a procedure that helped Carlos Contreras avoid TJS back in 2010.

Mark Sheldon reported that Tony Cingrani was not considered to take Bailey’s place in the rotation:

“It would almost seem like it would require us sending him to the Minor Leagues to get stretched out,” manager Bryan Price said. “I made the decision – I was involved, a big supporter of putting him in the bullpen – not because that’s what we needed for this club at the time. What I felt was it was where he was best suited coming off a year of a lot of injury and shoulder concerns and the limited development of his off-speed pitches. It just seemed like for him to be able to come in there and maybe cut his mix of pitches to two and come in and be that … it just seemed to fit his nature – very, very aggressive, doesn’t really back off and feel his way through six to nine innings. He goes as hard as he can, as long as he can. I think his temperament is suited better – at this point in time – as a relief pitcher. Some day he may prove me wrong and be a great starting pitcher. I wouldn’t say that’s an impossible thing to have happen.”

Joey Votto’s 170th homerun ranks him in the top 400 for MLB homeruns writes Redleg Nation’s Nick Doran.


Adam Wainwright will miss the rest of the season after rupturing his Achilles tendon in batter’s box on Saturday. When asked if he believes that the NL should adopt the DH rule:

“I couldn’t disagree more,” Wainwright told reporters. “…I just think baseball is a National League game. I wish both leagues would convert to National League baseball. I understand why people would say that, but you can’t point to another instance, almost, that the pitcher got hurt, whether or not it was their Achilles, doing that kind of thing.

“The strategy and the game itself in the National is just a better game, in my opinion. I hope that people don’t look at this — which I know they already are — and think we should switch to a DH for pitchers. I think baseball is a beautiful game and I hope it doesn’t change too much.”

Could you imagine a Reds game with no one in attendance? That’s what the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox will be doing this afternoon after two days of canceled games following riots in Baltimore. Today’s game will be played, but the stadium will be closed to the public. ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick shared a photo of this happening once at a AAA Iowa game due to local flooding:

This is the final game in stretch of 21 consecutive games against Nation League Central opponents. The Reds have started the season 8-1 against the Pirates and Brewers and 2-9 against the Cardinals and Cubs.

A win today would send the Reds on the road and outside the division with a winning record and a winning home stand. Finally playing outside the division will be a nice barometer for this 2015 Reds team.


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  1. liptonian

    Glad to see the Reds are trotting out the big guns to get Lorenzen his first overrated W stat of his career.

    • Jeremy Forbes

      The way I see it is that while it’s rough he doesn’t get Votto, at least he gets to go against the worst team in baseball while at home. That should more than offset it.

    • tct

      Don’t forget that Lorenzen was considered a second round type prospect as a right fielder. He’s got some pop in his bat, so maybe he can help himself today.

      • jdx19

        1-0 Reds with a Lorenzen solo-HR. Can you think of a better fairy tale first start for a guy?

  2. gaffer

    So, Bailey will now be out all year presumably. And if they “avoid” TJ then what happens when he has pain again next spring? Why not get the surgery over with. I know its not the shoulder but Marshall and Massett were continually “getting stronger” for years.

    Reds have had a bad run of multiyear contracts to pitchers recently including deals to Lincoln, Ondrusek, LeCure, Arredondo as well as Marshall and Massett and heck Parra too.

    • Greg Dafler

      I don’t know what the recovery time is for the options in front of him, except that it is at least 2 months. Yes, if TJS is ultimately required, then the later they wait the more time they don’t have him. But if he can avoid TJS, then I’d expect the recovery time to be shorter and the ability to bounce back to what he was before would be greater.

      When you’re given those sort of options by a doctor without a crystal ball to be told how the outcome of either choice will play out, it is not an easy decision to make.

  3. Ryan Lykins (@ryan_lykins)

    I didn’t think of Negron as the backup first baseman. Reminds me of Juan Castro playing first a few years ago. I know he can play just about anywhere but I assumed they’d go with Frazier there and maybe Negron at third. Really strange that there isn’t an actual backup first baseman. Here’s hoping Lorenzen has a great game. Really excited for his future.

    • Greg Dafler

      12 pitchers and 3 catchers on the roster only leaves room for a 3-man bench. That bench now is Skip Schumaker, Brennan Boesch, and Negron.

    • Redgoggles

      I would imagine going into the year that Pena would have been the planned backup, but now essentially is the starting C. Frazier could in a pinch too, but apparently his D on 3B is that much better than Negrons. Personally, I’m more concerned with Byrd’s accumulating ABs (for vesting 2016 option.)

      • jdx19

        Yep. Agreed. If Byrd doesn’t turn into an solid player (which he very well may) the Reds reeeeally need to not drop the ball on this thing. It would just be throwing away money for no reason.

  4. Matt WI

    Alright. A few more pitches than you’d like, but hopefully the adrenaline calms down for him now. Nice to get through the inning perfect.

  5. VaRedsFan

    Maybe the Reds should pretend Marquis is pitching….#runsupport

  6. Matt WI

    Super Todd spots the rookie a run!

  7. charlottencredsfan

    Todd Frazier is a strong man.

  8. VaRedsFan

    Votto is .250/.308/.375 vs Garza (24 career AB’s)

    • VaRedsFan

      His 3rd HR in 15 career AB’s vs. Garza

  9. Matt WI

    Really nice job right now after the first two hitters were out after 5 pitches.

  10. jdx19

    Apparently Garza hasn’t met Jay Bruce. Not a single pitch low and away! I’ll take it!

  11. VaRedsFan

    Marlon Byrd has 2 career walks vs. Garza…So you’re saying there’s a chance?

  12. Matt WI

    Great call sending Bruce! That should be standard operating procedure in front of BP whenever possible.

  13. charlottencredsfan

    Only ball in the zone and Marlon takes it.

  14. Redgoggles

    Wow – our 6-8 batters are batting on average .124. They are due, right?

  15. VaRedsFan

    In the world of small sample size Boesch is 3-7 off of Garza. Perhaps a day off for Billy (1-10) was in order.

    • VaRedsFan

      ML must have gotten advice from Bailey on how to pitch with a lead.

  16. Dayton Ducks

    I have a random question, irrelevant to today’s game. The first no-hitter I ever witnessed was, unfortunately, the one Halladay threw against the Reds in the 2010 NLDS. What was the last time the Reds were no-hit in the regular season?

    • VaRedsFan

      Ken Holtzman of the Cubs also no hit the Reds in 1971

      • Dayton Ducks

        VA, Thanks for that. I’ve been wondering for awhile!

    • Big56dog

      Thought someone from the D’Backs back in ’98

  17. VaRedsFan

    GULP…back to back for the brew crew

  18. Jeremy Conley

    Lorenzen doesn’t look ready. I was worried about this. His strikeouts were down in AAA, it seemed like he needed more time to really learn how to pitch.

  19. ProspectCincy

    Already pretty clear Lorenzen needs to develop a strikeout pitch. Every hitter getting deep into counts, and hitting ropes.

    A learning experience. But I would advise the Reds to get him back to AAA as soon as possible. He’s not ready.

    • ProspectCincy

      Lorenzen throws four pitches, two with success (fastball, slider) but I don’t think hitters are going to take his hook or change-up seriously just yet. If this guy can get those pitches located, in time; he’ll be very dangerous.

      With just 200 career innings under his belt, he’s not a pitcher just yet, but hopefully he’ll get there.

  20. Jeremy Conley

    46 pitches through 2 innings. Iglesias looked more ready to face big league hitters. He just needed to work on stamina.

    • ProspectCincy

      Iglesias has his own problems; very un-easy about him long-term because of his pitching style. He needs a lot of work on his mechanics, always flying open, changing arm angles etc. The kind of guy line-ups will feast off of the more they face him because he tips his pitches.

      He’s raw. Lorenzen is raw. These are two good examples of guys that need a couple more years before being looked at as competent on a starting staff. It certainly speaks to the Reds talent, but not to their depth (as neither of these guys should be included).

      • charlottencredsfan

        No one struggling more than Billy.

      • Big56dog

        Negron, Barnhart, Mes, Schumaker, Byrd and Bruce until recently

      • mwvohio

        Yep. It’s tough to see the guy getting the most ab’s struggling. When the lower order guys do it you go “well yeah, that’s why they’re batting so low in the order.” When the top does it you just sigh.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Last two words you used were the operative ones. Billy decided to open up his stance again. Has a better chance of hitting a bulls-eye blindfolded than driving a pitch with authority.

      • charlottencredsfan

        MWV, I’m just praying he hasn’t topped out the learning curve. Sometimes, I can’t believe my own eyes; real head scratcher.

  21. mtkal

    Is it just me, or is Jay Bruce walking more lately? If so, it’s a good sign IMO. Yes he also needs to hit and drive in runs, but the more pitches he sees the better in getting out of a slump and getting hot.

    • mwvohio

      Haven’t looked it up but I believe Bruce has been a slightly above-average guy when it comes to taking walks for a while now. Feels that way at least but I’m too lazy to check, I’m sure someone else could post the numbers.

    • jdx19

      Yes, he is. It’s certainly a good sign and helps him contribute while he’s in one of his prolonged hitting slumps.

    • Big56dog

      Came in at .304 obp which is not great but 5th of all this collection of windmills. I think he 2 behind Votto for team lead.

  22. jdx19

    GameDay makes it look like all the strikes Lorenzen is throwing are right down broadway. Nothing on the corners for strikes.

    • mwvohio

      Gameday is fairly accurate in that case. He’s throwing a lot of stuff down the center and while he’s been around the edges a few times it’s not been in his favor there (which is to be expected from a rookie). He does seem to have some movement on his fastball but of course in the big leagues that isn’t enough unless you’re throwing a lot harder than 95.

    • mwvohio

      Pitch selection is a big part too though. At one point earlier (during the home-run stretch) he was just pumping fastball after fastball at them. Mixed it up a lot more this last inning.

  23. jdx19

    Career Walk Rate: 9.5%
    2015 so far: 16.3% (includes today)

    • mwvohio

      looks right to me, he walked less last year for sure compared to his norm.. what’s league average? 7.5? 8?

      • jdx19

        Yep, closer to 7.5. Last year, Ben Revere had the lowest walk rate of any qualified hitter at 2.1% and Carlos Santana had the highest at 17.1%.

    • mtkal

      Thanks all. Good for him. I think it bodes well for his production this season if he keeps that up. It will also really help if the guys behind him hit better too.

  24. Big56dog

    So was that last sequence against Lind as impressive as it looked on Gameday, curve strike one, swing and miss on change-up strike 2, Fastball swing and miss. Like the way he has rebounded, may not get past 5 but was worried this was Holmberg all over again

    • jdx19

      Brewers Fan: “Man, these crappy Reds hitters make our pitchers look so good!”

    • Big56dog

      Because the are Reds batters not named Votto, it is not like only the brewers do this, this isn’t 2007

  25. mwvohio

    Instead of continuing the daisy chain, back to Billy’s woes: He just looks to me as though he takes some very impatient at bats. The fakes bunts that he pulls back and then it gets called a strike anyway, the chopping way he swings sometimes at balls in towards his hands, etc. Other times he takes a much more patient approach and even when it doesn’t produce the best results he looks better doing it.

    I’m not a manager of baseball so I’m sure it’s not like video games where you would just put a slumping hitter further down the order and move on but it’s frustrating to watch a guy sit up at the top of the order and hurt the team. Do we have other ideal top of the order guys? No. Do we have guys who are hitting better than Billy at the moment? Absolutely.

    • jdx19

      Looking at his batted ball profile this year versus last year, he’s actually doing much better at avoiding fly balls, which is what everyone wanted him to do last year.

      2014: LD 21.1%, GB 41.5%, FB 37.3%
      2015: LD 20.8%. GB 49.1%, FB 30.2%

      His BABIP is 40 points lower now than last year, and should be about the same. I think Billy has been the recipient of some bad luck, as most of his grounders have been hit right at guys, not allowing him to beat out grounder (1 infield hit, unbelievable).

      • VaRedsFan

        aren’t the majority of infield hits a result from a poorly hit ball (slow roller)? Eye test results, I see him either hitting routine grounders or some hard hit grounders at infielders.

      • charlottencredsfan

        They play him so far in, weak grounders are easy outs.

      • mwvohio

        I’m sure it’s just me but he’s actually seemed “slow” (I use the quotes because nothing he does is slow, I’m comparing to my mental image of him last year) on grounders he hits this year. Very very few bang-bang plays at first. Again, not complaining about his effort just about his results vs what we need/expect out of the guy getting the most at bats on the team.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Hamilton: BABIP

        1st half – 2014: .338
        2nd half – 2014: .253
        2015: .268

        When you’re hitting the ball as weakly, as Billy is right now, you BABIP will reflect it and it is.

  26. mwvohio

    So are we going to see Cingrani in next? Still unsure what his “role” is on this team.

    • Big56dog

      This is his time or so I have heard

    • Matt WI

      Sounds like not. Read a comment that Price said they feel like they’d basically have to send him back to the minors to stretch him out if he was going to start.

      • mwvohio

        I meant next to pitch in this game. Pretty clear Lorenzen isn’t going to last much longer.

  27. charlottencredsfan

    This is where you earn your stripes, kid.

      • charlottencredsfan

        For his first Big League start, not too bad, if he holds them here.

      • MrRed

        Definitely some positive moments and hopefully he can learn and adjust from this experience.

  28. Big56dog

    Really was hoping for DP, do not like this match-up vs. Segura, hopefully kid bears down

      • Big56dog

        ??? I meant when Garza was up with bases loaded and 1 out, what do you mean?

    • Big56dog

      Cannot see the game, but like that he his hanging around, not exactly fooling them but lets get some runs and maybe we can squeeze one more inning and let Cingrani and Jumbo take care of the middle innings

  29. Jeremy Forbes

    That was some big league pitching right there to get out of a bases loaded with 1 out situation. Nice job by Lorenzen.

  30. jdx19

    BP heating up! That is certainly welcome.

    • mwvohio

      His season thus far has been weird. Lots and lots of singles and not all of the going the other way variety that he likes to hit when he’s not swinging for the fences.

  31. VaRedsFan

    I knew BP should have batted leadoff today…tic

  32. VaRedsFan

    By the way, did anyone have that daily double ticket yesterday of BP/Byrd HR in the same game? Heard it was a monster.

  33. charlottencredsfan

    Leave nothing in the tank, it’s his last inning – I would think.

  34. Matt WI

    Ugh. I especially dislike Ryan Braun homeruns. Reds have sponsored all of his.

  35. jdx19

    At least it wasn’t AJ Cole-bad! 9 runs in 2 IP last night. Yeesh!

    • mwvohio

      I think that has a lot to do with this being the Brewers. He would be out of the game already against a lot of other teams.

      • ProspectCincy

        There’s some of that. But that’s now 11 line drives and two solid ground balls in 22 AB’s. Milwaukee squaring him up well, he’ll need to do a better job in Pittsburgh of fooling hitters.

        Not a successful debut, but not a terrible one either.

      • Big56dog

        I will take 3 runs as they had him on the ropes and he battled, Brewers have some decent hitters even without Gomez and Lucroy, Reds have to chase Garza. May want to leave him into bat with this thin bench as they will need to run out Votto and Mes should a rally get going

    • ProspectCincy

      Generous. Giving up three home-runs in 5 innings … meh.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Rookie’s first start. I’m grading on a curve.☺

      • Big56dog

        When you see some of the recent AAA promotions over the past few years you will take what you can get

      • jdx19

        Right, but that is super unlucky. You can’t reasonably expect fly balls to leave the yard at that rate.

      • Big56dog

        Gameday showing a lot of line drive outs, and he did give up 8 hits

      • Matt WI

        And when you pitch at GABP, you expect it just a little bit more than other places

    • mwvohio

      I’d agree with that, maybe a lower C. He showed some good signs and some bad ones. I would not like to see him against a better team though in his current form. Impossible to tell how much of today is what he really has and how much is nerves/brewers/whatever.

  36. Big56dog

    Cannot see game, what happened bottom of the fifth when Negron lined into DP, was it a TOTTBLAN or just great play?

    • mwvohio

      Phillips caught too far off second when Negron hit a soft line drive. Shouldn’t have been an out.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Not going to leave him in??? That’s pushing it, IMO.

      • mwvohio

        Keep in mind I’m saying that knowing how awful our bullpen is. If it’s late and close then yeah, pinch hit.

      • Big56dog

        At this point he might be a better hitter than Boesch and Schumaker, but at some point you gotta go with the bullpen. One of the reasons Chapman should not have been brought in last night

    • Big56dog

      I expect a lot of wheels to start turning, you might see 3 straight PH in the 7th

    • VaRedsFan

      You weren’t paying attention….Lorenzen was batting 1.000

  37. msanmoore

    Solo dingers rarely haunt you … unless you give up 3 of them and only manage 2 for the good guys …

    • Big56dog

      But does getting doubled off 2nd with only 1 out haunt you

      • msanmoore

        Apparently this whole game is now haunting us …

  38. Big56dog

    There is the Hoover we have come to know, threw 1 strike to ,156 batter

  39. charlottencredsfan

    Guys take some full swings versus JJ. I’d put one of these guys on their back.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Not throw at anyone but come in tight. Tell me the next time he comes in hard with a pitch off the inside of the plate, you and I can get a beer to celebrate. His stuff is not mediocre, by the way.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Good to see. We need an effective JJ.

    • Big56dog

      Brewers do not deserve to win this game, wasting a lot of opportunities 8 LOB with 3 solo HR’s thru 6 innings? c’mon no way Garza pulls this out

      • charlottencredsfan

        Good news, JV is sitting over on the bench waiting on the right time for a key hit.

  40. preacherj

    Missed Lorenzen. Just picking up the game. See he walked one and K’d 5.

    • Big56dog

      3 hr’s 8 hits- pitched out of some jams, but got a hit of his own

      • jdx19

        His ABs actually looked pretty professional, too. Not just going up and hacking 3 times in a row like Mike Leake.

      • mtkal

        Wasn’t he a good hitting outfielder in college?

    • mwvohio

      Fun to watch but he’s very raw. You can see the potential but he can’t get out major league talent yet due to location/mix of pitches. Almost any other team but the Brewers and he’d have been out early on. A lot of his outs were hit very hard.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Nice sequence against Braun.

  41. mtkal

    Sorry for this type of question here, but I tried looking it up and can’t find it anywhere. The answer will probably make me feel like a dope for not knowing, but:
    In the Gameday box score just below the pitcher’ numbers there’s: Game Scores then it lists a number for each pitcher that I can’t correspond to anything. (Currently has Garza 56 Lorenzen 43.
    Anyone know what that is? It’s driving me nuts. Thanks.

    • jdx19

      It’s sort of like QB Rating in the NFL. Basically, you start at 50 and then go up and down based on things that happen. Near 100 is darn near perfect. Lower than 50 is bad.

      I don’t know exacly how it works, but that’s the jist.

      • mtkal

        Thanks. That at least helps me figure out how and where to look it up.

  42. preacherj

    Nice job…..uh, whoever you are on the mound.

  43. Big56dog

    Almost rooting for the Reds to go 1-2-3 so Tony can pitch the 8th

    • mwvohio

      Should just let him hit regardless. Even the dreaded bunt. He’s our second-best reliever and more than capable of 2-3 innings.

      • Big56dog

        If 1 batter gets on you let Tony with Votto on your bench?

    • Jeremy Forbes

      Then in the bottom of the 9th, Votto PHs for Cingrani and has a walk off homer?

      • Big56dog

        Reds won’t make it one more time thru the batting order

      • Jeremy Forbes

        Yeah, I don’t know where my mind is at right now,

      • Jeremy Forbes

        Or rather, I suppose someone would need to get on first to be a walkoff. Votto walks, and Hamilton has a walkoff hit.

  44. mtkal

    Kinda sucks to think this could have been happening for the last two weeks or so with Tony C., but instead he sat rusting in the bull pen. SMH

    • Big56dog

      To not get into last Friday’s game is mind-boggling

  45. mwvohio

    I should have said this long before now but watching Byrd bat makes me regret all the things I’ve said over the last few years about the way BP approaches his at bats. I’m sorry Brandon.

  46. jdx19

    Reds just don’t like getting on base.

  47. mwvohio

    Burning Votto here just makes no sense to me. Is that the right play? Guy on first with two outs with a shot to tie the game in the 7th? I mean if Tucker hits a double it makes more sense to me. Is that the right play if he just gets to first though? I feel like it’s not.

      • Big56dog

        Exactly, and you may not get a chance to use him, tough call but right one. 1st 6 will not be pinched hit for and you still got Mes and Pena to PH, you might want to leave Votto in the game a put the reliever in Negron’s spot since you PH for him anyway

    • jdx19

      Was just 160 PAs last year. His AAA record should have tempered everyone’s views of what to expect. Light-hitting, good defense utility guy. Not really an everyday starter on most teams.

      • Big56dog

        dude’s 1-20, pitchers hit better than that- has been very unlucky but bust might not be the best word

  48. preacherj

    Good job, Tucker. I really like his stance. Garza sure doesn’t want to come out.

  49. jdx19

    Who is the lefty they had resting in the ‘pen for this?

    • Big56dog

      He better with this bench, your back-up catcher is your back up first baseman and your best PH, your 1B is batting .050

  50. Beroader

    We know Barnhart’s a stud defensively. If he can have any production above replacement level at the plate, then we’ll have ourselves a very solid backup catcher for a long time.

    Now for the rest of the bench…

  51. jdx19

    Votto has been swinging A LOT at first pitchs from lefties this year. He lets a fastball exactly down the middle go by and is then fed 3 straight sliders. Pretty bad AB, IMO.

    • ProspectCincy

      That is simply not possible.

      • mwvohio

        Sure it is! If we bat for a while and they bat for a while and the game gets to 6-6 or 6-7 or whatever and THEN Frazier takes his at bat in the 9th..

      • Beroader

        Sure it can.

        Brewers bat around and go like 5 runs or so. Then the Reds bat around ending with a Frazier walkoff.

        I’ve seen it happen a thousand times. 😉

  52. preacherj

    That slider was moving out of his hand.

  53. Big56dog

    c’mon Jumbo keep it close, get this Gomez kid out

  54. vared

    I just don’t get the one inning per reliever strategy when they’re going good. Sooner or later there will be a 16 inning game and he’ll wish he had done it differently – except if a certain one is the last guy out of the pen it will never make it to 16.

  55. Matt WI

    Only listening… not an error on Jumbo?

  56. Kurt Frost

    I was flipping around the Sirius/XM channels looking for the game and heard a few minutes of the Yankees announcers. If I had to listen to that crew every night I would have to find a new team.

  57. VaRedsFan

    That walk to Tucker knocked Tony from the game…could be big now.

  58. preacherj

    Segura has walked 2 times in 81 at bats. We can beat that!

  59. preacherj

    Ouch. That hurts. Still only one out.

  60. SoCalRedsFan

    Gregg, Parra, Badenhop, Diaz…….somebody out of that group is going to find a way to cost us a game, almost daily.

  61. preacherj

    Well, it is the eighth inning and the Reds bullpen.

  62. charlottencredsfan

    What can you say about this bullpen?

    • preacherj

      Only things I would have to repent about later…..

    • mwvohio

      Forum rules prohibit a response to this question. You are on notice Sir for inciting people to break said rules.

  63. preacherj

    If only someone could defend a bunt……

  64. whereruklu

    miscue on the bunt hurt, but as I’ve said here before, with this bullpen there is no way to be a contender.

  65. Redgoggles

    I’m guessing Tony’s days as a long man are long over. Wow, this team has a good amount of talent, but way too many uncover-able holes.

  66. Redgoggles

    I wonder what our 8th inning ERA is?

    • Big56dog

      Some where close to that symbol that looks like a side ways eight, symbolic of the Reds chances when the inning number just falls over and collapses

  67. charlottencredsfan

    Serious question for only thoughtful answers: how in the world is this team 10-11? Is it Price?

    • vared

      If you mean as in how on earth do they have 10 wins, I think it’s due to a heavy dose of the Brewers. That’s what’s saved them this far.

    • charlottencredsfan

      I agree. The Brewers have to be as bad as the ’63 Mets.

    • jessecuster44

      Walt assembled a flawed bullpen. Badenhop and Diaz have underperformed. Lack of clutch hitting vs STL and Chicago. Price has made several poor decisions re: bullpen use (Gregg) and lineup management (Sun night @ STL). Meso is out, Byrd, Bruce and BP haven’t been hitting.

    • whereruklu

      On paper, this team has a good core. PROBLEMS– Still looking for a decent LF. Messo injury hurts. Part of the core is not hitting, the 3Bs (Billy, Bruce, Bryd). Weak bench and even WEAKER middle bullpen. Occasional questionable management calls. Where is Sammy? ….and….Still looking for a stable and healthy starting 5. Gotta question alot of Walt’s decisions into this year. On the bright side, it is a good thing that the Brewcrew looks as ugly as they do. Without them, the Reds would be at the bottom until they quickly right the ship by addressing said problems. Good to see Lorenzen finally, and finally turning the Bulldog (TC) loose. Bruce just HR as I am writing. Looks like he is beginning to find his sweet swing. They need it.

  68. jessecuster44

    Jumbo gave up 5 Runs? It really is just Chappy and Cingrani. How could a bullpen be this awful?

  69. Big56dog

    Take away the lead off single, the hit batsman with 2 strikes and that one pitch to Braun and it was a pretty solid inning for DIaz

    • preacherj

      You are really a ‘glass half full’ guy.

  70. charlottencredsfan

    Billy closes his stance.

    • Big56dog

      Really could use him for that 6 run slam

  71. jdx19

    Wow. Went to a short meeting and…wow.

  72. preacherj

    Whoever called the Frazier walk off in the ninth should be comforted in the fact that the Brewers (with some Jumbo assistance) did there part to make it possible.

  73. Redgoggles

    Just need a touchdown and this game is ours.

    • Big56dog

      But the Reds special teams cannot stop the big return despite the brewers inability to move the ball

  74. vared

    I’ll concede it’s nit-picking, but the way Hoover finished off the 6th, you bring him back for the 7th. Then Cingrani is available for the 8th after Votto pinch hits. My gosh – if every one of these guys gets an inning it’s pretty evident one of them is gonna burn you.

    • charlottencredsfan

      That is logical thinking.

      • Dayton Ducks

        Yes this “Roles” thing is driving me nuts…it’s just not working…

    • Big56dog

      What we got here is a failure to…..

  75. Jeff Morris

    Anyway we can make a on field trade right now between Reds and Brewers….it would be convenient, just have the players switch dugouts, and be on their way. Brewers would get Gregg, Badenhop, and Diaz, and we will throw in Parra if the Brewers are persistent, and Reds would get Broxton. This would help solve the 8th inning meltdowns.

    • David

      Instead of Broxton, I’d ask for a couple of bats. I don’t mean players who bat. I mean actual lumber.

      • preacherj

        lol. I’d settle for an old rosin bag and a cup of sunflower seeds.

      • Creigh Deeds

        Now you’re talking. DFA Diaz, Gregg and Parra!

  76. doublenohitter

    Your bullpen ERAs –
    Hoover – 5.19
    Gregg – 9.00
    Diaz – 9.72
    Badenhop – 15.43
    Para – 2.70 but a WHIP of 3.00

  77. Jeff Morris

    Of course…it is wishful thinking on my part, but maybe Bob and Walt should at least ask the Brewers, while there here at GABP. Worse they can say is No….but again they might say Yes. Desperate Measures call for Desperate Requests…..

  78. preacherj

    The city of Cincinnati should make the Reds announce the ‘no open flame policy ‘over the PA system once the starters leave. It’s a matter of public safety.

  79. jdx19

    Ya know, maybe there’s a reason why Jumbo is/was a career minor leaguer. Maybe last year was a flash-in-the-pan. Maybe he’s just truly not a good pitcher.

    • David

      I think you accidentally put ‘maybe’ into all three sentences.

    • mwvohio

      I don’t even lament Diaz in the pen. He throws hard and he can get guys out. Gregg is the one I’d like explained. Doesn’t throw hard and cannot get guys out unless they do it for him. Badenhop I don’t know what to make of yet. He gets ground balls when he’s right but we haven’t seen him be right much yet. Hoover will be fine I think.

  80. Redgoggles

    Hopefully no one else caught the stiff neck syndrome (Parra) today.

  81. preacherj

    I know the rules, but they should give the loss to Jumbo on pure principle.

    • JeffinTN

      I DON’T know the rules. Can someone explain how Lorenzen got the loss? I thought the loss was ‘awarded’ to the pitcher that gave up the last run that surpassed the other teams’ total. Since the Red’s scored 3 today, that would have been the Diaz HBP to drive in the 4th run…

      • Janet

        Not quite. The loss is awarded to the pitcher who gives the other team a lead which they never relinquish. The third run that the Reds scored did not cause the other team to relinquish the lead, so it doesn’t count when figuring who gets the loss. Just another one of those things that seems not quite fair when figuring wins and losses for pitchers.

  82. preacherj

    Extra base hit from the clean up spot.

    • tgarretson82

      Bruce (at this point) is Adam Dunn 2.0. He can field better.

      • Redgoggles

        Just a meaningless HR. #sarcasm

  83. David

    I believe that Mesoraco hasn’t been in the lineup since April 11. MLB should really allow you to do something with your injured players, so you can use a healthy player in the absence of the injured player.

    • lrgmnky

      The Brewers TV crew seemed pretty baffled by the situation.

    • tgarretson82

      Very valid point. This is getting to the point of annoyance. I’m starting to wonder if they want a 24-man roster for a whole season.

    • jessecuster44

      Can we have a separate thread about why the Reds don’t DL Mez?

      I am thinking that the Reds do not think there is any hitter at Louisville worth paying an ML salary, for even a brief amount of time.

      I’d DL Mez and bring up DeJesus. Or Ervin.

      • vared

        Wow – now there’s a depressing but valid theory.

      • Big56dog

        MLB should do something where you can DL him until 5/19- be great if they had a 15 day version

  84. preacherj

    Chris asked “Can this guy throw three strikes before he throws four balls?” with this lineup, definitely.

  85. whereruklu

    Byrd’s up. Can we say “SO”?

  86. CBD

    REDS in 8th inning: The 17 runs in the 8th inning will lead the NL and tie the Blue jays as worst in baseball. In addition, the 5 Home Runs given up in the 8th will lead the NL and tie Boston for most in baseball.

  87. Nick Carrington

    Anybody realize that Bruce reached base eight times in this series? Five walks and zero strikeouts. Two homeruns. Could be the start of one of his streaks…

    • Jeremy Forbes

      That’s a pretty darn good series right there.

    • Big56dog

      That’s the whole season for Byrd

    • charlottencredsfan

      Atlanta will give us a good read but nice to see JB hitting that ball.

      • Nick Carrington

        I think the encouraging thing is that he didn’t get himself out by swinging through bad pitches. He took his walks. Coming into today, pitchers were throwing him less strikes than they ever have in his career. Depending on which system you use (Pitchf/x or BIS), Bruce has only been thrown strikes 38-41% of the time.

  88. Jake

    Pitiful. We can’t win games with only solo home runs. The gascan bullpen certainly doesn’t help

    • Big56dog

      Now that he is here, might have to seriously consider Lorenzen for the # 1 righty. Only need a 5th start 3 times next month

  89. Redgoggles

    I seriously feel for Price. I cannot imagine how stressful it would be to play bullpen roulette every day.

    • Redgoggles

      *with your job and reputation depending on it.

      • Big56dog

        Enough to make you go off on swearing rant