Bryan Price kept spinning the chamber and it came up Jumbo Diaz. Through a combination of ineffective pitching and his own horrendous fielding, Diaz allowed five runs in the top of the eighth inning. The reliever entered the game with the Reds behind 3-2 lead and after Ryan Braun belted a grand slam the score stood at 8-2. The loss meant Reds once again missed an opportunity to sweep the hapless Brewers. The Reds were 2-3 on the rain-shortened home stand and are 10-11 overall. The team leaves tonight on another 10-game road trip with stops in Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Chicago (White Sox).

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Lorenzen Debut The main news today was the debut of Michael Lorenzen (23),  who was replacing Homer Bailey in the starting rotation. Like Bailey, who took the mound for the first time for the Reds at age 21, Lorenzen went five innings and threw over 100 pitches in his first game. Lorenzen walked one an struck out five. He kept the Reds in the game. Several Redleg Nation writers attended the game and Kevin Michell will have a more extensive scouting report on Lorenzen’s first start tomorrow.

My two cents: Lorenzen seemed poised. His only walk was a pitch-around. No wild pitches, no hit batters. I’ve seen plenty of pitchers show nerves in their first game and Lorenzen was the opposite of that. The Brewers hit him hard at times, particularly when Lorenzen’s fast ball elevated. He threw a lot of pitches, which isn’t unusual for a first game. On the stadium radar gun, Lorenzen’s fastball sat 93-95 all day. He threw a breaking ball in the mid-80s frequently. On his first pitch in the top of the third, Lorenzen showed a 78-mph breaking ball. It went for a strike against Jean Segura, as the Brewers lineup turned over to face the young right-hander for a second time.

Jeff Brantley said after the game that Lorenzen had a good start, that he challenged the strike zone. Brantley said Lorenzen did make a few mistakes over the middle of the plate. He said that Lorenzen has the stuff and intestinal fortitude to succeed at the major league level. Brantley liked that Lorenzen sat next to Johnny Cueto in the dugout during the game. Lorenzen spent a lot of time with Johnny Beisbol in spring training, too. (C. Trent Rosecrans)

One last note: Lorenzen is going to hit some. He played centerfield for Cal State Fullerton. In the first AB of his career, he lined a sharp single to right field. He saw a breaking ball in his second at bat and looked like a pitcher hitting.

Home Run Derby All three of the Reds runs were scored on solo home runs. Todd Frazier, Tucker Barnhart and Jay Bruce went deep. Bruce’s home run was the first extra base hit from the Reds #4 spot this year. /waves tiny Reds pennant/

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln J.J. Hoover, Tony Cingrani and Carlos Contreras pitched shutout innings in relief. /waves tiny Reds pennant again/

Byrd Struggles Marlon Byrd struck out three more times and has now had 76 plate appearances without drawing a walk. Byrd is hitting .162/.171/.270 yet continues to play every single, solitary game.

Versatile I didn’t check this out, but Marty Brennaman said that Kristopher Negron has now played at seven positions this year. Brantley added that Negron is also the emergency catcher. Kris Negron may not be hitting like he did last year yet or spring training, but that defensive flexibility is extremely valuable to the team.

Jocketty Interview Walt Jocketty answered questions this morning on MLB Radio. Highlights: (1) Jocketty expects Devin Mesoraco to catch again within the next two weeks. “It only hurts when he squats.” Mesoraco will DH in Chicago next weekend, (2) Jocketty said the Reds will make a decision on the course of treatment for Homer Bailey within a week. The Reds GM said they pretty much have decided what they want to do, but are proceeding “conservatively” by seeking additional medical opinions, and (3) Jocketty said that Raisel Iglesias, who has been starting for the Louisville Bats, might be moved to the bullpen and then possibly to Cincinnati for that same role. “Sooner, rather than later.”

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  1. Josh Felix

    Mes only hurts when he squats….probably shouldn’t be catching in the next two weeks then.

    • gaffer

      love it, my kid would think that was a stupid statement

    • tct

      Homer’s arm only hurts when he throws the baseball, so he should be good to go pretty soon too. Good news!

    • Dayton Ducks

      For me it only hurts when I read Jocketty quotes.

      • Vicferrari

        My side hurts from laughing at this one

    • lwblogger2

      Yeah, catchers never squat or anything. As soon as he’s back, if I were opponents, I’d run on him and bunt like crazy. Test him out and see if he can come out of his squat like he should be able to.

  2. gaffer

    Players I do not want to see on the reds next year:

    Gregg, Badenhop, Jumbo, Negron, Dominguez, Boesch (released)
    Cueto, Leake (traded)
    BP, Bruce (I know that is not going to happen)

    • wkuchad

      which BP? My vote would be Price! (I know, you said “players”)

    • Ih8Walt

      Or you can just say anyone not named Joey or Aroldis … blow it up and start over, especially the entire front office!

    • Creigh Deeds

      Extend Leake, if you can. Cueto and Chapman can bring bats, depth, and prospects. Dat Dude is a cancer that has to be gone.

      • jonrox

        I mean, a .618 OPS is still really lousy

      • jdx19

        Yeah. That’s not a good batting line.

      • CP

        Do you not realize how bad that batting line really is? Or do you just see the .275?

      • Atomic Ninja

        Trade Cueto and Chapman? Are you crazy? The team is done without them. And who are you going to trade for, nine separate Babe Ruths?

    • Varied

      Isnt it a little early to give up on Jumbo? Guy was pretty good last year and this team doesn’t have enough hard throwers. Hopefully just a rough patch.

      • Gaffer

        I think it is becoming clear why he was a 30 year old that had never pitched in the big leagues.

      • jdx19

        Yep. Sometimes guys have success when they come up to the bigs because guys haven’t seen them or there is no “book” on them, or any number of other reasons.

        If he were a solid, consistent pitcher he would have made a splash before 30, especially considering he throws in the upper-90s.

      • ohiojimw

        The problems today started with Jumbo’s lack of athleticism which probably has a positive correlation with the condition that got him his nickname. He makes a good throw on the first bunt and they’ve got an out and a man on first. The entire inning takes on a different complexion then. Even after the first muff, if us gets an out on the second bunt, the inning is still manageable.

        Bases loaded and no outs? Well unless the team batting is the Reds, the horse is pretty much out of the barn by then, Its just a question of how far and fast it is going to run.

      • lwblogger2

        Yeah, he made the right decision but a horrible throw on the first bunt. He overran the 2nd bunt. It wasn’t pretty.

      • DatDudeTS

        Hoover last year ring any bells? He was good the year before, got more of a role, lost 10 games (I think had back to back grand slams to lose games…)

  3. zaglamir

    That Meso quote is so stupid, I was actually taken aback. I physically shifted in my chair because of it. With as poor as Byrd’s defense has been, send Mes to LF and call it a draw. He’s got the arm for it, I think, and his legs can’t be any slower than a 37 yr old Byrd.

    • Aaron Bradley

      Come on Mes needs surgery.. he is going to be gone for the year after the interleague play… that’s the only reason they are holding back on the surgery.

      • zaglamir

        That may be true… but if they’re serious about sending him back out there as a catcher; why not replace Byrd?

      • ohiojimw

        Especially when there is a very strong possibility that even after the surgery, he is not going to be able to catch again for any extended period without the problem returning.

    • ohiojimw

      That had to be one of the most senseless quotes I have ever read from a person in a position similar to WJ. Has he listened to the Docs or read a thing about the nature of the injury?

      • greenmtred

        I doubt that any of us have talked to the Docs at all, and expect that WJ has. The important part of the statement may be that Mes will be catching in two weeks. Maybe the hip won’t be hurting then. Or, maybe, WJ is blowing smoke. We’ll find out, I suppose.

    • Jay King

      Byrd, M CIN LF
      19 19 168.1 22 21 1 0 0 1.000 1.16

      I know his history is not that great for fielding. But these stats thru April 29th are pretty decent. No errors, he has an assist and range factor of 1.16 but he has made several nice plays already this season. He really has not missed hardly any that anyone would have normally caught either.

      So for you to say poor defense I have not really seen it. plus his bat seems to be coming to life a little bit… Way to many strikeouts still and no walks is not good. but He is not as bad fielding wise this year so far as people on here make him out to be.

      • jdx19,a

        FG has Byrd as the 5th worst defender in MLB…at any position.

        Early season defensive stats are full of noise, but there’s really no reason to think he’s a good or even decent fielder.

        No errors? It is unlikely half the posters here would have an error. Fly balls aren’t hard to catch and they don’t give errors on balls you can’t get to!

      • CP

        Jay’s argument is essentially why I’m so excited to have access to the MLB Statcast data in June so they we can see Byrd’s route efficiency, acceleration, max speed, etc. It’s gonna be waaaaaaaaay more difficult for teams to justify guys like Byrd (or Ludwick before him), where they don’t look like bumbling bafoons in the OF but have terrible range and basically cost the teams hidden runs.

      • lwblogger2

        Yes and I think it will make defensive metrics more solid.

    • PARED84

      Troubled times call for bold moves.I’d be all in.Don’t like Mesoraco as defensive catcher +concussions +hip.I would have had him in minors taking crash course in LF.Yeah I know what about BYRD and Mez would probably butcher some plays but then again he may end up being above average. Won’t know till they try

      • jessecuster44

        But Jesse Winker is coming to save us all in July, or so we were led to believe this winter…

      • jdx19

        Who led you to believe that? I think it is unlikely we see Winker at all. He is in AA and has yet to prove mastery of that level. I think he will, in short order, but we’re not there yet, IMO.

      • jessecuster44

        Discussions on this site back in December alluded to the fact that Winker would be MLB ready by July, so there would be no need to acquire a young, cost controlled bat in LF. While disappointed with teh Byrd trade, many argued that Byrd would be an acceptable placeholder for Winker.

        I wasn’t sold on that, and was hoping that the Reds would have gotten someone like Wil Myers – you know, just in case Jesse Winker wasn’t ready.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Thanks, fixed it. Free pizza at the ballpark today with 11 Ks overall.

      • lwblogger2

        My dad and I didn’t even know it was 11. We thought they were giving a Bronx cheer and then I noticed the banner around the stadium saying “free pizza!”

  4. ProspectCincy

    Iglesias in the pen makes sense, and it’s where he belongs. He’s the future closer of this team; get him started.

    That does think the reserve pitching staff … but that’s a move I can get on board with.

    • Jay King

      Like you I have had this feeling that he could be our next closer as well.

    • zaglamir

      You are, of course, free to panic as you see fit. However, I remind you that at this point last year Milwaukee was 20-9 and already 5 games ahead. People were talking about how untouchable they were. They finished the season 2 games over .500. It’s a long season. Yes, the Reds have had setbacks and have looked poor at times… but to throw in the towel now is to disregard a century worth of data that shows a bad April does not a failure make.

      • old-school

        That’s frightening. No Homer. No Mesoraco . No bullpen. No bench. No left fielder. I wondered who the marketing department was targeting with their bobbleheads and Star Wars and doggy days…..Here’s the winner Johnnnnnyyyyy!!!!!!!

      • zaglamir

        I’m not under any delusions. This team has a serious uphill climb, but I just can’t fathom already calling it a season when only 10% of the games are in the books. Team winning percentages don’t even stabilize (in the statistical sense) until ~50% of the season is in the books. Basically, until the season is 50% over, a middle of the pack team’s winning percentage has a standard deviation that says: we could be anywhere between a .450 and a .550 team. A .550 team makes the playoffs in 2014.

      • Vicferrari

        I do not know what is better to completely ignore the doom-and-gloo- season-is over-types or try to have an honest rational debate.
        I have hard time believing Jumbo is not a ML caliber pitcher, did not see the game but if they get the Sac out, the whole inning changes. Looked like strike 3 before the hit batsman according to Gameday. He has to throw strikes to Braun and Braun took care of business after getting in an 1-2 hiole.
        I imagine Byrd will be around his career numbers by season’s end, but the no walk thing is bizarre.
        The bullpen has got to stabilize, guys can step up mediocre Aprils can lead to pennant races in Sept with a 10 game winning streak here and there. Cubs and Cards look pretty solid, Braves series should tell where the team is as both are about the same- got off to good start do not have a whole lot of talent and it shows in the losses. People will be genuinely giddy if they can take 3 out of 4

      • greenmtred

        You mean to say that the glass is not 3/4 empty already in April? Thanks for the measured outlook.

  5. rfay00

    Love the troll…I thought they kept to national sports websites only? Redleg Nation must be getting popular if we get more Josh Bresser types.

  6. Aaron Bradley

    He should play everyday in left field when not pitching. Maybe give him a day off the day before a start. I think it’s an upgrade.

    • ohiojimw

      My guess is your tongue is deeply into your cheek with this remark. However it does point to the fact that the Reds seem overloaded with pitching talent in the minors. Something like 8 of their current top 10 prospects are pitchers.

      In Lorenzen’s case, I believe he was pretty definite that he wanted to be a position player when he arrived in rookie ball. Supposedly he was soon convinced it was in his best interest to give the pitching a try because they saw it as his quickest and most certain path to the majors.

      And so the pieces have fallen that way thus far. However at some point doesn’t the org need to start taking a longer look on position side with some of these two way guys?

      • ohiojimw

        Another interesting point is that both Lorenzen and 2014’s #1 pick Howard (also a two way player in college) were relievers when they pitched in college and the Reds undertook to develop both of them as starting pitchers

  7. Tom Diesman

    Two decent 27 year old RH Corner OF/1B type bats DFA’d today. Alex Hassan .281/.385/.407/.792 in 1149 PA in AAA, and Jerry Sands .264/.346/.483/.830 in 1560 PA at AAA. These are the type of guys you keep around for depth so you don’t end up with the likes of Kris Negron and Brayan Pena playing 1B and they can spot start in LF when they finally give up on Byrd. Not that anyone but us will notice, 🙁

    • Vicferrari

      Byrd has got a career .331 obp and a .756 ops which he has been at or above for 7 of the past 8 seasons, he is not an All-star but he is better the Negron or any other AAAA player they get off the scrap heap. He will hit.
      Reds need a 5th starter and about 3 solid arms in the bullpen plus a leadoff hitter who can get on base at league average, I think between Iglesias and Lorenzen, they might be able to fill 2 of these voids

      • jdx19

        “He will hit.” At some point, his age causes this statement to be untrue. He’ll continue to decline each year until he is no longer a major league-caliber player. We just don’t know when that year is… could be now.

        If memory serves, BB rate starts to stabilize around 80-100PAs. Aaaand, Byrd is about there. No reason to think we’ll see above a 3% walk rate this year from him, which means if he hits .240 (seems likely-ish), he’ll have like a .260 OBP, which will make him the worst everyday player in the major leagues by far, I’d assume.

      • jessecuster44

        “He will hit” …. the wall.

      • Big56dog

        Byrd always gets off to a slow start to think someone is going to hit in April the same way for the season is very narrow minded. He has a career obp of .299 in April, I say do not give up on him just yet. Despite going 0-4 yesterday he is still hitting .286 with a 2B and 2 HRs over the past week. He is not good but probably better than Ludwick who was better than any one else the Reds can put in LF that would be able to bend down to pick up a ball without wincing.

    • redmountain

      Isn’t what Boesch is for? Why bring another one on to the roster? There are other moves for a 1st baseman back-up-Frazier or Mesoraco and Negron could play third or out in left. You could probably bring up DeJesus for some flexibility as well.

      Most of all, it is just the end of April and while it would be nice to play .880 ball right now, that is not going to happen. Some of the Reds are not playing as well as you would expect, because of their averages from previous years, that will probably happen as the weather warms up. It is FAR too early to start taking the team apart, this is not like football where you have to get it done every game. Some guys just get better as the season goes, you have to have patience.

      The team in general is not fielding well, and that should not continue. There are some pretty good players in the minors that should be moving up and may be ready this year. I would leave Iglesias in AAA until he can consistently be in the strike zone.

      • Tom Diesman

        Boesch doesn’t play any first base and he fills the LH OF/PH with pop role. Either of these two guys would fill the Chris Dominguez/Josh Satin role of RH PH with pop/legit 1B backup role, and note they both have very good on base skills. DeJesus (.304/.363/.421/.784 in 2189 PA at AAA) should have been the SS/2B/3B bench backup to start the season over Negron, and needs to replace Negron as soon as they figure out his 2014 was a fluke. I’m simply suggesting that Walt finish doing the job he failed to do over the winter and provide the roster with some depth with legitimate skills in case we need to turn to plan B.

      • redsfan06

        Both players you mentioned have displayed good on base skill in AAA. They look like players the Reds should be signing to Minor League contracts. The organization still needs more of this capability in the minors and could use this kind of hitting skill off the bench in the majors.

  8. Vicferrari

    By my count Reds need a 5th starter April 9th, 14th and 26th- if they were smart make Lorenzen your 7th inning guy- see how he does and if he is used too much bring up iglesias to spot start. Not that many days off in June but by that time you will have an idea who is best for what roles if Homer is done for the year

  9. ohiojimw

    Thanks to Jumbo, it didn’t matter in the end; but, I thought it was curious Price used Votto as a one and done. I thought he would stay in and they would put the pitcher in Negron’s spot, #7. Price never uses these pitchers more than one inning anyway; so what the hey?

    • preacherj

      I was wondering the exact same thing. At that point the game was close so why not leave Joey in just in case?

      • ohiojimw

        The 7 slot ended up making the 27th out. Was Price saying he wanted Negron to have that AB over Meso or Pena had the game been close?

        As it turned out, Joey would not have batted again.

        But who knew at the end of the 7th inning what was going to transpire later?

      • Vicferrari

        exactly what I was thinking, if you bring Votto in to pinch hit he has to stay in a a one run game. Pena is the back-up catcher and 1B and as I understand you only can him at one spot. If Reds have runners tying run on third with one out in the 9th you really going with a 1-21 Negron and a AAA catcher?

    • lwblogger2

      As others, I was wondering the same thing.

    • jdx19

      Might be as easy as saying Price is a full off-day guy. He’ll let guys on days off bat once, but not play the field, as to not ruin their rest. I dunno. Seems like that might be a line of thinking Price would employ.

    • Vicferrari

      So that explains Parra lack of ability to get hitters out….

      • lwblogger2

        Someone suggested that his neck was sore from snapping it around to look at all the screaming liners that he was giving up. Thought that was a good explanation.

  10. Indy Red Man

    Lorenzen was hitting 98 in spring training….think he might be better for the pen since he was a closer in college. Give Inglesias his spot in the rotation or Cingrani. Parra is worthless…surely they could find a situational lefty somewhere? LeCure was always pretty good vs lefties? Axelrod could be the long man and let Cingrani/Lorenzen/Hoover have the 7th/8th til maybe Diaz or Badenhop get straightened out. Schumaker is worthless too while Ivan Dejesus Jr. is hitting .400 at AAA. With the injuries already setting in Jocketty and Price have to mix-n-match a helluva better and faster than they have so far or this team is going to get buried.

    • Gaffer

      None of this makes any difference for this year, might as well just make a plan for next year.

      • jessecuster44

        this never happens, the planning for next year.

  11. JMO

    Boesch should have started today at 1B. Mesoraco should be taking fly balls in LF. Reds should call Boston and LAD and test the waters on the best possible deal for Cueto. IMO, both Lorenzen and Iglesias could end up in the pen. Where does that leave our rotation next year?

    Disco and ? ? ? ?

    • Vicferrari

      Marquis, Axelrod, Holmberg, a retread until Bailey gets back in June…maybe Malholm or Greg Reynolds are available

  12. Grand Salami

    this team had holes that TE front office failed to fill.

    The rotation downgraded, it had to. But the pen and the black hole that is LF are no discernibly better than last year. The bench doesn’t look improved either.

  13. WVRedlegs

    Every time I see that Kingsford Charcoal commercial I think of Jocketty. The commercial where guys are grilling in their backyard and the next door neighbor (Jocketty) dressed in a parka, pajamas and rubber boots comes aimlessly wandering over and asks what’s going on. The guys ask him where he’s been and he says inside. He says it was lonely, it was all white and cold. (Jocketty’s off-season) The guys tell him, it was winter buddy. Then one guy yells out, hey, somebody get this guy a reliever (not burger). Or somebody get this guy a leadoff hitter. Or somebody get this guy a left fielder.

  14. Vicferrari

    What happened in the 8th after the leadoff single, sounded like Brewers Sacrificed twice but got runners on, pretty inept but was it just fluke spots or poor decisions?

    • ohiojimw

      Per the Reds radio, on the first bunt, they had the man easily at 2B with a good throw but Diaz bounced and Cozart could not pick on the hop but managed to block to save further damage. So that one goes down as poor execution.

      The next batter also bunted. The description on the radio was that Diaz came off the mound running to an area but the batter bunted to a different spot and Diaz could not change directions to get to the ball. This loaded the bases. A little bit of a fluke but Brantley blamed Diaz for blindly running for a spot in anticipation instead of waiting to see where the ball was actually bunted.

      Segura flied out to short enough RF that nobody could advance. Then at 1-2 or 2-2 to Schaffer, he was hit by the pitch to force in a run. The next batter was Braun; and, you know the rest of the story,,,,

      • vegastypo

        To amplify, Brantley and Marty made it sound like Jumbo came charging toward the plate, and Parra, or whoever it was, bunted the ball toward second base, and Jumbo couldn’t cut it off, so it became an easy single. To hear Brantley tell it, it wasn’t even that good of a bunt, too hard, for the purposes of a sacrifice, but it sure worked out well for the Brewers.

      • lwblogger2

        Close… The ball was bunted to the LF side of the mound, more towards SS. Diaz broke straight in and overran the ball. Both those plays were ugly. I hope the Brantly and Brenneman calls described just how bad. The 1st bunt was hard and right back to Diaz. He turned and threw one in the dirt. Worst kind of ball in the dirt too as Cozart had a tricky in-between hop to play.

      • jdx19

        If you’ve ever seen Madden Football played on a PlayStation, it looked like how the running backs move on those games. Jumbo took a big, looping, circuitous route and was unable to sharply cut in any direction.

      • ohiojimw

        To my mind I thought Brantley delivered a very clear and stinging indictment of Jumbo’s misplays and for once MB was left trying to be a bit of a mitigator 🙂

        JB was clear that with normal effort and execution, they had the out at 2nd on the first bunt.

        He was less clear what play(s) they had on the 2nd one because he was so spun up that a pitcher can’t go running to a spot until he has seen where the ball is actually bunted.

    • Big56dog

      Thanks, I really root for Jumbo for some reason. I kind of hoped that the inf just botched plays and put him in a bad spot to get 5 outs, but it sounds like everything was his fault. Gameday showed 0-2 pitch to Schaffer in the zone but called a ball, then next pitch he hits him…just a downer… perhaps Braun’s at bat does not turn out differently but anyone recall the 3rd pitch and if it was close to a strike.

  15. Old Gregg

    Can someone explain why Lorenzen gets the loss even though Jumbo allowed the winning run? Regardless of what twist in the rules makes that the case, it’s stupid. /rant

    • Jeff

      The Reds were losing when Lorenzen came out of the game. Diaz just poured gas on the fire.

    • jdx19

      Yep, Reds were down in Lorenzen exited the game and never tied or retook the lead. That’s the definition of a loss.

  16. big5ed

    If Byrd gets 550 PAs this year, triggering his $8mm extension for next year, somebody ought to be banned from baseball. He makes Jay Bruce look like Mike Trout.

    If Mesoraco’s hip only hurts when he squats, then why isn’t he in left field?

    • jessecuster44

      Because Walt/Bob are myopic.

    • lwblogger2

      I was going to make that comment as well. The Reds seem pretty determined to get Byrd the 550 PA needed to trigger his extension.

    • jdx19

      I feel like this is a big “test” for the Reds FO. Unless Byrd magically turns into a positive-WAR player (which is possible, but unlikely), they are literally lighting money on fire by letting him get to that mark. If they cannot see the folly of that situation, then there is really no hope for the future. This is the equivalent of “low hanging fruit” when it comes to roster management and financial stewardship. A freshman econ major could figure this one out.

    • Big56dog

      Has anyone explained to Byrd that if he draws a walk this counts as a PA, perhaps he thinks he has to get 550 official AB’s?

  17. WVRedlegs

    When a Reds reliever (other than Chapman) takes the mound, the video board should show a video of when idiots try to deep fry a frozen turkey and burn down the garage.
    Quite the analagy.

  18. aceistheplace2

    Honestly, it still blows my mind that Mesoraco is not even getting a chance in LF, yet:
    1) Adam Dunn was trotted out there every day
    2) Evan Gattis is getting innings in LF
    3) Marlon Byrd is still starting there

    • jdx19

      And the M’s are trotting out Nelson Cruz in RF, which is somewhat more important than LF. Lots of bad outfielders in MLB that can hit.

    • jdx19

      Gattis has an interesting story. Was a lauded prep player around DFW and then struggled with substance abuse and other things, causing him to leave A&M and “wander” around the western US for 4 years (accoring to Wikipedia).

      From what I saw of him in ATL the last 2 years and HOU this year, there’s no doubt in my mind that Mesoraco would be a better LF than Evan Gattis… and Evan Gattis is the starting LF for a team with a winning record!

      FREE MESO!

      • aceistheplace2

        Granted he is mainly a DH, I get that, but still the fact is he will be recieving innings in a MLB outfield and Mez is not truly stumps me.

      • jdx19

        True. I got a bit overzealous with my declaration of Gattis as the “starting LF for a team with a winning record!”

      • lwblogger2

        The only thing I can think of is that the Reds really, really think he will still be able to catch and of course he provides more value if he can indeed do that. Putting him in the outfield wouldn’t be a good break on days he isn’t catching so making him an outfielder may be effectively ending his catching career. Maybe it’s the right thing to do but I honestly think that they need to rule out his return as a catcher before they do something that drastic.

      • jdx19

        Yep, I think you are right. If they thing rest/surgery this year will fix him for the future at C, it might be a fine plan.

        Although, I think splitting time at C and LF could effectively give him rest. So, perhaps during a season instead of needed 20 off-days, maybe you only need 15 off-days. Like 1/4 rest, or something.

  19. WVRedlegs

    A Walt Jocketty bargain basement bin at the Goodwill find is making their Reds organizational debut at Louisville today. 33 year old Big Daniel Cabrera hasn’t pitched in MLB since 2009. He had pitched in Baltimore where he had triple digit BB’s in 2 seasons and near triple digits in 3 other seasons.
    Jocketty sure has some kind of strange allure and fascination with pitchers that can’t find the plate in a game.
    Another note, Gregg’s, Badenhop’s and Diaz’s combined ERA now sits at infinity.

  20. Mike

    Anyone ever wonder if JumBO Diaz is Bo Diaz reincarnated?