Final R H E
 Chicago Cubs (9-7) 7 9 0
 Cincinnati Reds (8-9) 3 8 1
W: Motte (1-0) L: Badenhop (0-1)
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Mike Leake had a very nice outing today. 7 innings, 3 runs, 9 Ks. Leake is rarely spectacular, but also rarely a disaster. In the end, it’s usually fun to watch him pitch. That was the case tonight.

Jumbo Diaz, Aroldis Chapman, and J.J. Hoover did what was asked of them. Haven’t been many times you could say that about three relievers this year.

Watching Billy Hamilton run the bases is a thing of beauty. This game would not have gone to extras if it weren’t for him.

Those beautiful uniforms.


Neither Jay Bruce or Brandon Phillips is hitting for beans right now. Frankly, they both look pretty pathetic at the plate. The Reds need them both to be better than they have been. If either had executed at crucial moments tonight, the Reds would have a win.

Hey, Burke Badenhop. You were maybe the most promising signing of the off-season (that’s called damning with faint praise), and you sure looked like a pile of poop tonight. Do better next time, okay?

The Reds offense struck out 15 times tonight. That’s a lot. Really a lot.

Not so random thoughts…….

Nick asked this last night, but where is Tony Cingrani? When he has any kind of control, he’s very hard to hit. Surely they can find a place for him.

This was a disappointing game, but it was a good game. I mean, of course I want the Reds to win, but at least it was competitive and compelling and stuff.

You can tell it wasn’t 1990 because the Cubs didn’t Cub.

I have been as optimistic as anyone about this team, but they have to win games like tonight. They had plenty of chances.

Somewhere out there, in the depths of time, a younger Jason is in his room, with the lights out, staying up to late listening to the Marty and Joe call a championship season and hoping his parents don’t bust him. Those were beautiful times.

Anyway, I’m wiped out tonight and if I go on for too long, it will get really depressing, so let’s all get some sleep and see what DeSclafani can do against this suddenly spry Cubs team tomorrow afternoon. See you then, Reds fans.

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  1. Mutaman

    Appreciate the recap but can’t say i agree that it was a good game. It was really depressing.

  2. ProspectCincy

    Nice job tonight Chappy. Had to pitch around a “double” (Byrd error all the way), and found his way out. No off-speed pitches tonight; bummed about that.

    Billy; terrific game again. Keep that hitting stroke going kid.

    Jumbo, JJ … nice innings. Momentum boys.

    Badenhop, back to Holland for you. Take Cingrani with you; he’s on vacation permanently.

    • kmartin

      In his last three appearances Chapman has thrown 49 pitches. Of the 49 pitches, 47 were fastballs and two were off-speed pitches. Pena, for reasons I do not understand, does not like to call anything but good ole number one. The percentage of fastballs that Chapman is throwing this year is way up. Obviously the results have been good (nine innings, no runs) but it will eventually catch up with him. You cannot get hitters like Rizzo out if they know only fastballs are coming.

      • Doctor K

        Could it be that Pena does not feel comfortable catching his breaking stuff? There are times it can be some what erratic.

      • kmartin

        I do not know the answer to your question. However, in 2014 the batting average against his slider was .063 and the batting average against his change up was .000. Evidently they are pretty effective pitches.

      • ohiojimw

        Rizzo was out Friday night if the Reds would have had competent outfield execution on the play.

      • kmartin

        Yes, I totally agree, Rizzo did not have a double. However, Chapman had both Rizzo and Bryant down one ball and two strikes and could not put them away. He had Castillo down 0-2 and did not strike him out. Chapman had three consecutive batters down in the count with two strikes (one of whom was left handed) and did not K them. How often do you see that? I have noticed that this year Chapman is having more difficulty putting hitters away when he has two strikes on them. I partially attribute this to the pitch calling by Pena. When Pena catches hitters can focus only on the fastball.

      • ProspectCincy

        Chapman has 15K in 9 innings …


      • kmartin

        Obviously the results have been great so far. The 15 Ks in nine innings is down only slightly from last year. My concern is that going forward throwing fastballs almost exclusively will cost Chapman some unnecessary blown saves.

  3. kmartin

    The game tonight was both painful and frustrating. However, following this blog during the game greatly enhances the game experience. I love reading people’s comments in real time. I encourage people to donate to Redleg Nation. I would hate for this blog to go away.

  4. Scot Lykins

    This team needs a couple of players replaced. Any combo of Bruce, Phillips, Bruce, or Phillips.☺

  5. Whoa Bundy!

    Worst manager in baseball. Worst clean up hitter in baseball. Worst bullpen in baseball(minus the closer), worst Jay Bruce, worst LF, worst bench, worst GM.

    It’s gonna be a long season.

  6. Ryan Lykins (@ryan_lykins)

    Brandon Phillips has no business hitting cleanup but neither does anyone else who follows him. In just a few short weeks the lineup went from looking like it could be decent with Mesoraco hitting cleanup and Phillips 7th to what it looks like today which is pretty terrible. On another note I do have to wonder why Aroldis Chapman couldn’t pitch one more inning. Obviously Hoover got the job done so it seems petty to second guess but Price has not used Chapman correctly at all.

    • CTRedsFan

      Probably because he threw 29 pitches in the 9th which is the equivalent of two innings.

      • CTRedsFan

        You are correct. Sorry, I misread the pitch count, old tired eyes.

  7. WVRedlegs

    When I saw Badenhop on the mound to start the 11th, I got as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. The Hop didn’t disappoint.
    Wasted opportunities wasting away in Margaritaville.

  8. aktrainer

    Ignoring how depressing this loss was, it was a lot of fun to listen to the 1990 roster being announced! It was the first team I remember and it was pretty exciting to hear.

  9. GeauxReds

    has anyone else noticed how similar Badenhop’s mannerisms are to Cingrani’s? If they didn’t throw with opposite arms I’d call them twins. But since they do, I will call them Siamese twins.

    • CTRedsFan

      The difference is Badenhop pitches while Cingrani sits in the bullpen. Tony might as well take up knitting.

      Seriously though, he must have done something to land deep in Price’s doghouse because there is no way he would pitch worse than most of these bums.

      • ohiojimw

        Cingrani is most likely physically unable to perform and every team in the league probably has sources and/ or that figured out but still the Reds org has to play it out in their super secret way.

        Meso pinch hits every now and because they don’t have any better options in the org. Cingrani becomes the invisible man because the same is true on the pitching side

      • ProspectCincy

        It’s a baseless guess Jim. No team keeps a hurt bullpen pitcher on their squad … not even Price. Cincinnati has never been shy to demote Tony, or DL him … he’s perfectly healthy. That’s a guarantee.

        Price simply doesn’t know how to use him. No LHP situations he likes to see (like three straight lefties up in an inning …), and Price refuses to use him against RHP. It’s gone on so long now, Price is waiting to be blown out, so he cause use ole’ Rusty Tony.

      • ohiojimw

        It has taken me many years to get to this point but anymore I try to believe the simplest explanation is also the most likely to be accurate.

        To me the simplest explanation is that Cingrani is physically unable to perform. Most likely he is “hurt” but even young guys come down with illness from time to time (remember Arroyo a few years back) which is why I said it the way I did.

        Cingrani was used quite a bit in the first week then he disappeared. I think that makes physically impaired the more likely explanation.

      • ProspectCincy

        No team would have a 6 man bullpen in the NL. NEVER.

        Cingrani would have been DL’ed the second he said “I couldn’t …”

        He’s totally fine guy, Price said as much yesterday, and I can guarantee he’s in the game tonight or tomorrow after Marquis blows up. He’ll pitch well, his velocity will be A-OK.

        At this point, Price is more terrified of that than anything.

      • greenmtred

        Of course we don’t know about Cingrani’s health, but it’s hard to imagine that Price is not using him because he (Price) is in a snit. Price was a rookie manager last year, and last year didn’t go well (not all his fault, obviously). It seems unlikely that Price wouldn’t do his best to field a winning team: his job may hinge on it.

      • I-71_Exile

        Maybe Cingrani is the long man for when Disco and Marquis starts and the Reds are careful to manage his innings the rest of the time? While Disco has exceeded expectations, the Reds may not yet be convinced that he can go more than five innings a start. Marquis certainly needs a plan b in the bullpen.

  10. JustGoingThroughTheMotions

    I wonder how many years till they figure out they need to fire Walt.

  11. jdx19

    Any time Billy looks good is a good game for me. The future of the franchise lies largely on his not-so-broad shoulders. If he is good and Votto is healthy, the Reds will always be somewhat competitive.

    • ohiojimw

      They need another consistent hitter to bat behind Votto. Frazier is a decent 4/5/6 hitter but not consistent enough to make people fear walking or pitching around Votto.

      I found it interesting that the only time Price chose to bunt tonight, he took the bat out of Votto’s hands and put the game into the hands of Frazier, Phillips, and Bruce. Frazier fouled out. Phillips kicked the can down the road by walking, and no that wasn’t a bad thing, except it left things to Bruce to foul out and end the inning.

      • jdx19

        Agree. This is why I used the qualifier “somewhat” rather than simply saying “competitive!” 😉

      • Robby20

        Having Hamilton bunt in that situation was laughable.

      • ohiojimw

        The only guy on the entire team (excepting maybe Negron) who isn’t going to hit into a DP unless he hits a liner right at somebody, and he bunts him 🙂

  12. indredsfan

    I’ll preface this post by saying that I am a long time follower of this site with no interaction. All the writers, from Chad to Steve to Jason et al. are champions in my heart for letting us all enjoy the sport and team we love to follow.

    I’ll always remember the 90 team as the team that I started my streak. I went to opening day as a 14 year old for the first time. Thirteen years later, I took my wife to GABP. Every year in between I was there for opening day. When I tired of cold baseball, I started my streak of spring training instead. This has lasted until the present.

    Sorry about the history, but this was written to show the passion that I have for this team. The way things are going, I have little faith in the front office to invest my hard earned money to keep this streak alive.

    Is Price hamstrung by his roster? Is Byrd a sorry excuse for a free agent signing? Is WJ living in the past when it comes to being a GM? IMO yes to all.

    This does not excuse the bad on-field management. Playing for a one run lead, with Chapman warming up, you have to bunt with Phillips. Even an out beats a double play.
    Don’t want to seem like a hindsight 20/20 but many situations tonight that are questionable.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Nice to see to you post INDREDFAN and love your passion. My breakdown: we are a team with a weak roster who is somehow 8-9 (still can’t believe that). To the casual Reds fan and the outside world, that probably is impressive. Personally I have to give Price some credit. How they are doing it is like figuring a Rubik’s Cube.

      JDX, refers to the importance of Billy Hamilton and I believe he is right on. Of course, without his partner in crime, Mr. Votto, he can’t be all he can be. With the injury to Mes, I fear we may have already played our best baseball. That is sad, to me.

  13. whereruklu

    Did Bruce, Byrd, and BP get the memo that the season has started? Gotta agree that even though there are a few bright spots on this roster, without Bruce and Byrd not hitting, having BP as a cleanup man, the Toddmaster in a slump, and don’t even get me restarted on the bullpen again, I regret that this team will not be a contender this year. No matter how much over .300 Joey hits, it will not be enough. Doubtful that Cozart will continue much above the .240-.250 mark and Billy will probably level out to the same result. Mezzo is needed somewhere (?? left ??), but how bad is his medical condition? Pena is a decent second man, but as much as I like Tucker, he just isn’t what is needed. It appears that there is no reliable bench player to give a starter time off, but then again, when your corner outfielders are at the .160 mark, even Schumaker looks like a saint. Cueto, Bailey, and Leake look ok, but they have a tendency to have shaky games, not very consistent. Cueto is still a bright spot and will be curious to actually see what happens to him. DeSclafani looks good so far, good luck to him. Chappy continues to be Chappy, but still don’t understand how they are using him. In between, still a crapshoot in spite of the Jumbo and JJ show tonite. Hopper??? Like a few on this team, still left wondering how they made the team. Still wish Sammy was back and would like to see Lorenzen in action. This bullpen needs a little “NASTY” replacement schooling. Price is confusing. I keep telling myself that he knows what he’s doing and then he will go out and remind me why I’m still confused. I get the feeling that Walt is just sitting back with his fingers crossed. Hint- Need a lf and rf that can hit, someone to hit cleanup that knows something other than an occasional single, Billy to learn how to bunt, a #5 starter, a few real pitchers ready in the bullpen, Chappy to be ready in the 8th, any bench players that can hit higher than .170, and a couple of bullpen pitchers that have ERAs lower than 5.00 (having “throwers” with numbers in the 7.000-12.00 Earnies will bury you very quickly), and manager and coaches that use a little common sense. But then again with what they have to work with, maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on them. We need some NASTY. REAL GOOD OLD FASHIONED NASTY”. Just don’t see any so far…..

    • ohiojimw

      Chapman and Cueto are as nasty as need be. The 8th inning in Milwaukee on Wednesday and 9th inning tonight (Friday) proved that. Votto is right there with them on the offensive side.

      • charlottencredsfan

        And Billy can bunt. So happy they haven’t been forcing the issue with the infield playing so far in. He keeps hitting the ball hard, that aspect of his game will make a triumphant return.

  14. DJM

    All..I know that Dusty Baker is old news, but I can’t for the life of me understand why Walt would select a rookie (B.Price) over a veteran manager who at least takes you to the play off. If we get rid of Dusty at least upgrade not downgrade. Please help me understand! We have now discovered that Dusty was not the issue, but Walt.

    • Robby20

      Walt Jocketty in his career with the Reds reminds me of Marlon Byrd and Jay Bruce. He swings and misses much more often than he makes contact.

    • jdx19

      Dusty had his own issues. Walt has issues. Price has issues.

      Lots of issues going around.

      • ohiojimw

        But at least until Dusty had the stroke/ heart attack he had the skills to hold things together (despite his GM) and get them to the playoffs 3 times in 5 years.

        Right now Price looks and acts increasingly like a deer in the headlights.

      • vegastypo

        I’ve been wondering whether Price was hired with the understanding, stated or perceived, that he wouldn’t rock the boat, so to speak, the way Dusty did, such as campaigning for Chapman to stay in the pen when Price and Walt had openly talked of moving him to the rotation …. Yet this team was good enough to make the postseason, so the organization didn’t go looking for major changes, just more of a company guy.

        Price also fit in because the players seemed to like him, and other organizations were looking at him to manage. …

  15. Robby20

    How could this be the roster for 2015? Did Walt Jocketty not see the need for a quality left fielder with some thump, or the need for a more reliable bullpen, or the need for a quality bench, or that Jay Bruce is overweight and needs to get fit if he is ever going to be an impact player again? (his bat is so slow through the zone)

    How does this GM get rewarded with a two year contract extension? How could the Reds be so thin in the minors that they are forced to keep Mesoraco on the active roster when he can’t catch? Why is Cingrani on the big league roster if he isn’t going to be used?

    And for those that think the organization is headed in the right direction for the future just where are the position players in the system that you base that optimism on?

    The Reds need to get a new GM and start the fire sale to get prospects. Add to that the high draft picks they will get for a few years while they struggle and hopefully they turn the team back into a winner in 3 or 4 years.

    And what a disappointment Bryan Price is on so many levels.

    • ohiojimw

      RE: the Mesoraco situation….

      Do you remember the good old days when every team had a career minor league guy (or maybe even one from each side of the plate) at AAA who could flat out rake with some power but was a danger to himself and the team anywhere on defense? That’s the sort of guy they should have had to bring up along with Barnhart to deal with the situation.

      And consider the situation they have put Meso into personally. He is in the process of learning that his career as he has dreamed of and known it to date could well be over, He was off to a tough start anyway; and now they are asking him to perform one of the most difficult jobs in baseball, coming off the bench irregularly to face (typically) the hardest throwers the other team has to offer. And of course pinch hitting is something he had limited experience with and didn’t appear to be that good at in that limited experience.

      At the least, DL him. Wait a few days then send him out on rehab to get his stroke worked out DHing and maybe even shag some fly balls and give left field a shot. I’m sure that they can find somebody in the minors to pitch to him so at some point he can take that elusive trial bullpen session they been talking about for a week.

      • vegastypo

        That would be a great idea. I fear the Reds have to fall out of contention for it to happen, though.

  16. indredsfan

    Look at all teams that are interesting over last five or so years, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Padres, now Cubs. Takes a new way of thinking. This is not your daddy’s Cadilac!
    WJ is still deciding between Beta and VHS if you will.

  17. Robby20

    Hate to say it on this site but the Cubs are actually a fun team to watch and they have one of the best, if not the best, managers in the game on their bench. The Cubs won’t be a patsy for the Reds for a long time.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Just getting started too. Rebuild, rebuild, rebuild!

  18. Jake

    Jocketty has gone missing. Price makes inexcusable in game decisions daily. Our batters hack and hack and hack. If we’re out at the deadline we need to trade everyone that isn’t Votto, Hamilton and Mesoraco. Stock up on ML ready prospects and come back with a team that has patience and is able to get the run in

  19. JMO

    Maddon is someone who could have taken the Reds to the WS. Not signing Cespedes out of Cuba, not signing JD Martinez to a minor league deal last year, not signing Cruz for peanuts last winter, not blocking Byrd to Pitt, not drafting Wacha, extending Bailey, etc. Not addressing the obvious BP weakness in 2015.

  20. pinson343

    The one positive about moving Cingrani out of the starting rotation was to have him help out a weak bullpen. But Price just won’t use him. Other than Chapman, he’s the best pitcher in the bullpen. And he’d be ideal for extra inning situations, because he’s stretched out and can hit a little. But more importantly, he can get hitters out, including RHed hitters. If he’s having control problems, maybe it’s because he’s not pitching often enough.

    • CTRedsFan

      I know this is just wishful thinking, but perhaps Price is holding Tony out so he can take Marquis’ start on Sunday!

      A fella can dream can’t he?

  21. whereruklu


  22. Brian Shotts

    There was a line from the movie Faceoff that fits here….”Lies, deceit, mixed messages…its starting to feel like a real marriage”. I don’t know what Price is doing with Cingrani or with the Reds in general but it makes no sense? Price makes Dusty look like Casey Stengel. Any Reds fan not in a coma knew that Kevin Gregg and Jason Marquis were not going to help? Can the Reds not even copycat someone like the Royals and go to some young arms? Lorenzen and Inglesias or somebody? Bailey and Parra have dropped velocity as well. Badenhop is glorified batting practice. The offense can score 16 one game and 16 the next week? Mesoraco is probably done as a catcher…atleast this year. If Price was upfront with fans then atleast we could tolerate some of this? I follow baseball to relax and this isn’t relaxing. Almost every game is tied in the 7th or 8th and only a matter of time before the pen blows it. I’m about ready to write it off and wait for football.

  23. Eric the Red

    1) “Hitting speed” to Marlon Byrd is now 84-90 MPH. Which means, among other things, that with the way modern bullpens are constructed he will never get a hit in the late innings of ball games. And he’s a defensive liability. So he needs to be removed late in games.

    2) Not only was Cingrani not used, but Bruce was removed for Schu(!) on a double switch so it looks like Price intended for Badenhop to go multiple innings rather than giving that job to his supposed long man. Aside from being the wrong double switch–Byrd should have been taken out, if anyone–this clearly indicates Cingrani is unable to pitch for some reason. Schu, by the way, doesn’t have Bruce’s arm and threw to the wrong place, helping turn a one run deficit into a 4 run deficit.

    3) Gregg and Parra are broken beyond repair; it’s easy to see what’s wrong with Badenhop–he’s getting the bull up–but I have no idea why or if he can be fixed.

    4) The game was saved for the Cubs when Hamilton’s grounder up the middle was stopped and the new kid threw him out. I was a little surprised the Reds didn’t challenge. Anybody see if Hamilton was really out?

    5) Laz Diaz is today’s home plate umpire, so I expect Disco to have trouble since he relies on his control and he probably won’t get consistent calls on the edges today.

    • ProspectCincy

      People keep saying Cingrani has to be hurt because the level of incompetence would be too high if he was healthy. Really? What makes you think this Reds organization has any competence whatsoever?

      No team, none, would keep 6 in the bullpen for this long. There’s no reason for it … CINGRANI IS 100% HEALTHY PEOPLE. Enough with this ridiculous theory. He pitched well in Chicago in his 3rd of an inning, his fastball was 94 MPH. He hasn’t pitched since … why would he be hurt?

      Madness from everyone now. This is simply a case of a guy not being used by his manager.

      • Eric the Red

        We have nothing useful in the minors that they’re willing to call up–especially from the left side. If you look at the way this team has used the DL, it’s more likely they’d carry a non-functional Cingrani than that they’d be (not) using him this way if he were good to go. Bryan Price’s job and his future as a big league manager are on the line here.

      • ProspectCincy

        You’re actually suggesting that the Reds would rather use a fake player on their team than call someone up who can log innings?

        That’s where we are now? This roster is so bad that Price has no choice but to keep guys that can’t play on the roster for weeks? At the very least, Mesoraco provides value as a PH option. Cingrani just carrying the bags to and from the plane?

        Incompetence Eric. Nothing more, nothing less. Price avoided using him for 5 games or so, and simply has decided he’s too rusty to come into any game that matters (which is just about all of them). He’s waiting for the starting pitching blow-up to bring him in … and even though Marquis provided it, he was too stubborn to use the guy.

        The greatest trick Bryan Price played on the Cincinnati Reds was making them think he could manage a pitching staff. Maybe, just maybe, the quality of pitchers he was given over the years made him look much better than he actually was.

      • Eric the Red

        Yes, I’m suggesting that. He’ll probably get in a game eventually because whatever’s wrong with him isn’t 60 day DL material (yet) but they’d rather keep him and hope he’ll be useful instead of putting him on the DL and calling up Villareal. Price’s bullpen moves show a guy desperately trying to patch together a winning strategy from a combination of Chapman and the gasoline gang. Nothing short of unavailability would keep Cingrani from being part of that mix.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Yes sir. Unless you have a new angle Prospect, the argument isn’t convincing. People in the “injured” camp will hold their ground. Nothing else makes sense, Sorry.

      • greenmtred

        You need to explain why he isn’t being used. Saying that it’s because Price is stupid won’t cut it, either. Cingrani threw 94mph in Chicago and hasn’t pitched since. Why do you offer that as proof that he isn’t hurt or sick.?
        The fact is that we just don’t know.

      • ProspectCincy

        Because he keeps warming up game after game! He’s in the pen, throwing pitches, standing there waiting to be put into games.

        Injured pitchers don’t throw three nights in a row! A guy with a hurt shoulder isn’t putting his arm through the ringer in the bullpen every night. Comon …

        It’s absolutely ridiculous to assume injury when there’s not one piece of evidence to suggest it. May as well say he forgot how to throw a baseball.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Maybe he warms up but can’t get loose?

      • ProspectCincy

        Warming up and unable to get loose … happens all the time, certainly a possibility.

        But what doesn’t happen is that a guy goes out again and tries to warm up, and then again and tries to warm up. SOP is that if a pitcher can’t get loose, he goes in for an MRI, sees the trainer … tries to figure out why he’s unable to throw.

        The last thing you do, is keep trying to warm up, over and over again. I’m tellin’ you; he’s perfectly healthy. Not even Bryan Price would be dumb enough to keep having a hurt pitcher get loose.

      • ohiojimw

        Pitchers who don’t have a specific pain but feel like they can’t “get loose” do all the things you describe Cingrani doing. They work their arm to the point where it either “gets loose” or “tightens up”.

        They went through several iterations of this last year with LeCure; and, he is the one who finally went public with his issues.

        And it certainly isn’t like Cingrani hasn’t had issues like this off and on most of his career. He went on the minor league DL in June 2014 and didn’t throw aq baseball again until spring training. We should be surprised if the issue pops back up after a spurt of use this spring???

      • ProspectCincy

        And they go on the DL Jim … LeCure pitched consistently through 2015, the longest stretch of no use was 7 games, and the Reds starters threw 2 CG’s and two 8 inning games in that stretch. (May of 2014)

        How many times is Price going to have Cingrani warm up until he figures there might be a problem (if he was hurt)? No team would do that, no manager, not even Price. Cingrani warmed up twice in Milwaukee, and he warmed up last night. Hell, he was getting ready to run in to face Lind w/ 2 outs in the 8th and Price decided to let Cueto throw pitch #125.

        It’s as simple as Tony not being used. No conspiracy theories here, just a pitcher, who’s healthy, who is not trusted. If you want to surmise why that is; that’s a discussion to be had … but a guy does not sit in the pen for two weeks in this league unless he’s available. Price would be fired on the spot otherwise.

        Cincinnati has a plethora of Louisville pitchers who are all performing well right now, anyone of them would be up in a second if Cingrani were injured.

      • ProspectCincy

        John Fay just tweeted that Price has decided to use Cingrani as the set-up guy. “His time has come”.

        As suspected. Incompetence.

  24. MikeinWV

    As long as attendance is good, such as the near sellout last night, the GM and owner won’t be too worried about most of the previous comments about the field manager, hitting, bullpen, veteran players, and so forth. I add my own agreement with most of the comments but nothing will change until these things affect what matters most to the GM and owner.

  25. charlottencredsfan

    While other mangers fiddle about worrying about what they will have left on the bench & in the pen for the 11th inning, and beyond; in extra innings Maddon & Bochy are trying to drive a stake thru your heart ASAP. Maddon pinch hits for his pinch hitter using his last guy and people are moaning, ” but he used his last bench guy!” That my friends is killer instinct and I love it.

    While Price is worried about going into extra innings, Maddon is busy beating you. Try to stay up with the game Bryan.

    • redsfan06

      The extra inning game against the Cards still pains me. Matheny had already burned through all 7 of his relievers. If nothing else, extending the game was going to put him in a jam. Price brought out Gregg to pitch a 2nd inning because somehow he got through a 5 pitch inning the inning before. But he left him in to try to finish a complete inning even after he got in trouble. Plus it was Gregg – you have to know you are playing with fire. Instead of bringing in another reliever to try to stop the Cards from scoring, Price left Gregg in to finish off the inning and, of course, the game because the Cards scored. Parra was the only pitcher who was unavailable that night (probably a blessing in disguise). Price just acts like his hands are tied rather than trying to make a move to help the team win the game.

    • ohiojimw

      yep. one defense posted here of how Price played the 8th and 9th inning Thursday in Milwaukee was that he was holding back weapons to set up extra innings.

      The scary part to me is that the poster here may have been channelling pure and accurate B.Price thinking

  26. Ncmountie1

    Here is a question I can’t wrap my head around…Price was a pretty good pitching coach. Was Dusty really pulling the trigger? Is Price just overwhelmed as manager or does he give Pico too much leeway?? Talent in the pen aside, you’ve got to question the situational movements out of the pen(& with starters) for last 2 seasons under his watch. Cingrani just adds to mystery this season.

    • ohiojimw

      the corner office is a lonely place that can do strange things to a person’s psyche. No one knows how they will handle it till they are there by their self. And no third party can accurately assess how some one who has never been there will handle it.

  27. Redlegg

    Rebuilding with WJ pulling the trigger should scare everyone. All he does is draft relief pitchers and try and turn them into starters which rarely works. Yet somehow we still have the worst relief pitchers in baseball. Probably because he took potentially the most dominating left handed starter in baseball and turned him into a closer. Mindless.

  28. Brian Shotts

    I don’t have time to dig around for #s but Sammie LeCure is very good against lefties with the screwball action on some of his pitches. I have no doubt he could be more effective than Parra anyway. I see Lorenzen got knocked around a little bit last night but he was hitting 98 mph in spring training in short bursts. Are u telling me he couldn’t outpitch Gregg, Badenhop, or Parra? Inglesias is absolutely worlds of talent better too. Let them learn on the fly and one of them can take over when Marquis ends up like everyone not named Jocketty or Price knew he would….back in retirement

  29. sezwhom

    I understand what Jason means by saying “it was a good game” but it was also frustrating. Give me Joe Maddon over Bryan Price any day/game of the week. Hate to say it but the Cardinals, Cubs and probably Pirates are all better than the Reds. Patience running very thin with Jay Bruce. All or nothing and the latter is what usually prevails. Don’t even want to discuss the putrid bullpen. Get BP out of the 4 hole. Not one extra base hit so far this year and he’s our cleanup hitter? He was fine in the 7 hole.

    • CTRedsFan

      So who bats clean up Byrd, Bruce or Pena? Sad truth is Phillips is probably the best option. The offensive talent is simply lacking on this team.

    • Paul

      ” Hate to say it but the Cardinals, Cubs and probably Pirates are all better than the Reds.”

      Well, yeah. That was the assessment of almost every baseball pundit before the season started, so I don’t know why anyone is surprised at this point. The season is young so anything can happen, obviously, but in the immortal words of Dennis Green, “They are who we THOUGHT they were!”