Final R H E
 Chicago Cubs (9-7) 7 9 0
 Cincinnati Reds (8-9) 3 8 1
W: Motte (1-0) L: Badenhop (0-1)
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Mike Leake had a very nice outing today. 7 innings, 3 runs, 9 Ks. Leake is rarely spectacular, but also rarely a disaster. In the end, it’s usually fun to watch him pitch. That was the case tonight.

Jumbo Diaz, Aroldis Chapman, and J.J. Hoover did what was asked of them. Haven’t been many times you could say that about three relievers this year.

Watching Billy Hamilton run the bases is a thing of beauty. This game would not have gone to extras if it weren’t for him.

Those beautiful uniforms.


Neither Jay Bruce or Brandon Phillips is hitting for beans right now. Frankly, they both look pretty pathetic at the plate. The Reds need them both to be better than they have been. If either had executed at crucial moments tonight, the Reds would have a win.

Hey, Burke Badenhop. You were maybe the most promising signing of the off-season (that’s called damning with faint praise), and you sure looked like a pile of poop tonight. Do better next time, okay?

The Reds offense struck out 15 times tonight. That’s a lot. Really a lot.

Not so random thoughts…….

Nick asked this last night, but where is Tony Cingrani? When he has any kind of control, he’s very hard to hit. Surely they can find a place for him.

This was a disappointing game, but it was a good game. I mean, of course I want the Reds to win, but at least it was competitive and compelling and stuff.

You can tell it wasn’t 1990 because the Cubs didn’t Cub.

I have been as optimistic as anyone about this team, but they have to win games like tonight. They had plenty of chances.

Somewhere out there, in the depths of time, a younger Jason is in his room, with the lights out, staying up to late listening to the Marty and Joe call a championship season and hoping his parents don’t bust him. Those were beautiful times.

Anyway, I’m wiped out tonight and if I go on for too long, it will get really depressing, so let’s all get some sleep and see what DeSclafani can do against this suddenly spry Cubs team tomorrow afternoon. See you then, Reds fans.