As a Reds fan, I was happy to see the Bryan Price meltdown. It was good to see some fire in his eyes and his language (77 uses of “THE word, the big one, the queen-mother of dirty words”). But as a member of the media it’s important to note that … Bryan Price is wrong, very wrong, and needs to apologize.

Let’s set the table – Bryan Price’s job is to win ballgames for the Cincinnati Reds and that’s how he will be judged. C. Trent Rosecrans’ job is to sell newspapers – more specifically report and write interesting columns that will cause readers to buy newspapers and look at websites (and read the ads) and that is how he is evaluated. They do not have corresponding goals, and CTR is not there to make Price’s job easier.

Let’s address the issue of “Catchers (Not Snakes) On a Plane.” Walt Jocketty and Price and everyone else in the Reds organization need to join the 21st Century. Because once you put Tucker Barnhart on a plane to St. Louis you have to assume that he will be seen and become public knowledge that something is up with the roster. You can ask Tucker not to tweet about it, but you can’t stop any of the other 150 passengers from “breaking the story.”   Not telling Kyle Skipworth the moment you made that decision is your fault, not the fault of the media.

Coaches and managers who are on losing streaks look for anything and anyone they can to blame. Price thought he would (and probably will) get some sympathy blaming the media for all of his problems. Politicians have been doing this for years. And sometimes you can blame the biases and bad reporting. But this is not a case of a reporter trying to make himself the story. Read CTR’s account of his day. By the way he is the best baseball beat writer I read on a regular basis. Price and CTR do need each other to effectively do their jobs. Price needs to apologize. Directly. Quickly.