Toto, we aren’t in St. Louis any more.

The Reds offense had scored four runs in four games. Tonight, they matched that in the sixth inning and added more on way to a 6-1 win over the Milwaukee Brewers, snapping a four-game losing streak /waves tiny Reds pennant/.

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The Good The fateful sixth began with a single by Joey Votto who was leading off. Todd Frazier followed with a walk. Jay Bruce, ignoring Marty Brennaman’s suggestion that he sacrifice his out with a bunt, singled sharply to center. After Brewers’ pitcher Wily Peralta recorded an out (more on that below), catcher Brayan Peña hit a sacrifice fly to deep center field, scoring Votto. It looked like the Brewers might escape giving up just one run until Zack Cozart homered to deep left field, knocking in three runs to make the score 4-0.

Joey Votto blasted homer #5 *over* the Brewers bullpen in left-center field, driving in Billy Hamilton who was on third after tripling to right field. 6-0 Reds. Try this on for size .375/.492/.771. Come on man.

Todd Frazier had a hit and a walk. Brayan Peña had a hit, two walks and the sac fly.

Anthony DeSclafani is making it easy to forget the player for whom he was traded. Fewer tats, fewer runs and no backstabbing. DeSclafani has given up two runs in 21 innings. The guy in Florida gave up 7 in his first inning of the season. Ha ha. DeSclafani pitched eight brilliant innings, giving up one walk and two hits, while striking out five. He continued to induce ground ball outs, with a 50 percent ground ball rate. He threw 15 shutout innings on this road trip.

Kevin Michell wrote here last week: It’s looking like Anthony DeSclafani has a better feel for his entire repertoire than he ever has in his professional career. Having confidence in four different pitches (three of which he’s throwing over 20% of the time) goes a long to allay fears about his ability to stick in the rotation.

Fireworks on the road! Bryan Price lost it before the game. My hunch is this may get mentioned more tomorrow. Wonder if there will be a televised post-game interview.

The Bad [I had a fairly rough paragraph written about Marlon Byrd that included the words killing the Reds, but to celebrate snapping the losing streak, we’ll just let it go for now.] [I also wanted to write about Burke Badenhop giving up a home run in the ninth, blowing the shutout, but not tonight.] [And one could draw the connection between Byrd and Badenhop and point out they were two of Walt Jocketty’s key offseason acquisitions, but so was Anthony DeSclafani, so Jocketty gets an evening pass.]

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  1. jdx19

    Announcers on the CUBS-PIRATES game talking about Bryan Price right now. Sad.

  2. Ryan Lykins (@ryan_lykins)

    The best part of the Bryan Price tirade is the end in which he kicks everyone out so he can talk to Marty of all people. I just find that hilarious to no end.

  3. jdx19

    Votto is nearing the territory where going 2-4 will lower his OBP. Come on man!

    • Bryan E

      Don’t worry, JV would go 2-4 with a BB

    • BigRedMike

      It is easy to have a .500 OBP when all you try to do is walk and get paid 😃

  4. VaRedsFan

    I don’t mind Price’s outbreak. He thinks giving out player info gives the other team an advantage. He made it a point to let CTR know that it wasn’t OK. So I bet he won’t have that problem again. A lot of managers blow a gasket every now and then. Maybe it’ll light a fire.

    • jessecuster44

      While I like the fire, it’s misplaced. C Trent clearly getting to the point of – “why are the Reds always playing with less than a full roster?” I’m all for not disclosing injury info, but when Mes hasn’t played for a week, and is still taking up space on the roster? And then he’s not at a must win game vs. STL? Hoo boy.

      • Thegaffer

        CTR is a royal pain, but that’s his job. What is the difference with how BP reacted to the fat boy 2 years go, nothing. I am happy to see Price show something, but it is really a testament to his lack of leadership. Price needs to go, what a disappointment.

      • Seattle-Red

        Price does not get the luxury of deciding who is and who isn’t on his roster. He’s got to make the most out of what he’s given by the GM. The press “nosing around” reporting undisclosed information just shows his cards and quite obviously he would like that trend to stop. I’m Sure he would love to come out before each game and divulge who is and who isn’t available so that he doesn’t get second guessed at every turn and wouldn’t have to read about how bad he screwed up by not hitting xxxxxx or not pitching yyyyy. Instead he keeps that info private so he doesn’t tip his hand. The guy’s a big boy and can take the second guessing for the benefit of what’s best for the team. I understand why he blew a gasket. Loose lips sink ships….. Or in this case, loose pens bring out the #%^%€##.

      • Big56dog

        Why should they not disclose injury info?

    • George Mirones

      I just read the article and they both (Price and Rosey) missed the point. Why is Mes listed as active and not on the DL and have why not have his spot filled with a position player. I don’t care if he was in AZ sipping tea, I care about an open slot on the bench that leaves the team more vulnerable than the other team knowing who is available. That tirade is a classic example of OLD SCHOOL, super secret baseball thinking. But it also detracts from the real issue of managements handling of the players health issues vs. the DL. Rosecrans missed a great chance to really nail Price but failed to really confront the issue.

      • MrRed

        George, from reading the article, it was clear that C Trent was getting at that exact question but Price’s tirade never provided the answer. I wouldn’t be surprised if Price is just as frustrated with his FO as he is with the media. This is silly that they won’t DL Mesoraco and give him time to recover. The bigger story is going to be whether Mes’s injury is much more serious than has been let on.

    • Robby20

      There is no excuse for Price’s behavior None!

    • sezwhom

      You may not mind Price’s “F-bomb” outburst but trust me, many in the organization do. That will not sit well. The seed for his removal has been planted.

      • VaRedsFan

        He will get removed if the team continues to lose, he will stay if they win.

  5. jdx19

    YOU GUYS HAVE GO TO GO SEE KRIS BRYANT’s FIRST “HOME RUN.” If you are a baseball fan, it will make you smile.

    • jdx19

      I feel that is a bit misleading, it’s a “little league home run.” But man is it funny.

      I love baseball.

      I’m purposefully avoiding the Price article because I don’t want a downer tonight.

    • charlottencredsfan

      When? Yesterday? Not tonight.

      • jdx19

        Just a few minutes ago. It wasn’t a real homer. He drove a 99mph fastball to the wall in left center, then got caught in a pickle rounding third and then the ball got thrown away. It was quite funny. Official score is a 2-run double, taking 3rd on the throw, then an error. But I know you’ll appreciate it! Bryant looked like a kid on the bench after. Reminds me why I’m a fan.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Cool! Thank for the heads up. Hate to say but I’m watching a lot of Cubs game and they are fun to watch.

      • jdx19

        Yeah. Agree 100%. I didn’t want to get to crazy on this thread, but that whole inning was insane. Soler pulled a double down the left field line off the Pirates reliever Caminero. THe ball entered at 100MPH, Soler was early on it and the ball left the bat at 113mph.

        Soler/Rizzo/Bryant/Castro. Chicago has a bright future. That is not taking into account Russell and maybe Baez.

      • jdx19

        For reference, the Braun 425-ft HR was the hardest hit ball in the Reds game at 105mph. Soler’s screamer off a 100mph fastball was yanked at 113mph. Mercy.

  6. Boneill1621

    Just finished reading the transcript. Part of my wants to laugh and then another part of me is starting to believe maybe we just need to clean house at the end of the year.

      • CaliforniaRed

        end of the year? how bout end of the week?

      • Boneill1621

        I don’t think we need to jump on him as of yet.

        After listening to the audio I really am interested to see if this is just a Price feeling or if its a whole organizational feeling.

  7. AARON

    While I don’t disagree with the premise of BP’s vulgar tirade… I think he makes statements that show the pressure is mounting and he isn’t ready for the big time spotlight. He says things like “it’s hard enough to win here” …not an attitude I want my manager to have no matter how true it may be.

    • charlottencredsfan

      I really like BP…….as a pitching coach.

    • jessecuster44

      It is not hard to win in Cincy. Dusty did it from 2010 – 2013.

      • jdx19

        How many times did Dusty get past the first round of the playoffs? No one cares about regular season records.

      • wkuchad

        No one cares about regular season records when you’re winning. Most all of us cared last year.

      • jdx19

        If you told me I could have 90+ win season every year from now until I die, but the Reds would never win a World Series, I wouldn’t take that.

        Maybe I’m different, I don’t know.

      • greenmtred

        You don’t get into the playoffs at all without a winning season record. I guess it doesn’t count because Dusty was the manager?

      • lwblogger2

        The regular season does matter. The thing that gets lost with the “Championship or bust” mentality is that you can’t win a championship if you can’t post a winning season. I remember 10 straight years of losing records and teams that we knew going in wouldn’t be likely to play .500 ball. The playoffs are a bit of a crap-shoot. If the Reds have enough winning seasons, they will eventually win a WS. It starts with those regular season wins though.

      • jdx19

        I figured I’d get credit around here for knowing a winning record is needed to make the playoffs. I suppose not.

      • Big56dog

        2011 was a bad year and he had 2 losing seasons prior to that, plus he had a solid Arroyo who never missed a start that I can recall and a much better bullpen

    • Robby20

      I disagree completely with the premise of his tirade. The Cincinnati press for the most part goes very easy on the Reds.. Price should manage a team in New York or Philadelphia.

      The Enquirer beat writer was doing his job reporting the news. The Reds are a mess. Hopefully someone fines Price for his ridiculous tirade.

      • CaliforniaRed

        Price clearly can’t handle the position. Dismiss him, Walt, Towers, Gregg, Marquis, and put the best 25 players on the roster so we can enjoy what could be a pretty good team in 2015.

      • lwblogger2

        Yeah, he’d really have a hard time in a big-media city. Honestly, I’m shocked CTR didn’t say “Well excuse me for doing my job and reporting the news and excuse me for being a fan and wanting to know why Mes hasn’t played for over a week and isn’t on the DL? Not a question for you I know but for the front-office. You do your job, I’m doing mine. If you don’t want to talk to me then don’t. Nobody is going to make you and I respect your right not to tell me diddly.”

  8. VaRedsFan

    I don’t know if there’s video or not, but I did have to dig up the Hal Mcrae melt down.

    • vegastypo

      I don’t have links for them, but Tommy Lasorda had a few doozies in his day. Two of them were about Kurt Bevacqua and Dave Kingman, if memory serves me correctly. With these also, definitely R-rated stuff.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Lee was a really good guy and at the end of the tirade you could tell he was feeling a little sorry about it. Lasorda cussed like a sailor all the time but I like him.

      • redmountain

        A lot of his players did not really like him or his tirades. We heard a lot about them in Albuquerque when I was there. There were many players who were offended by him because of their religious beliefs.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Never heard a bad word about the man. My memories are fond if not clear. Just remember a guy who was sticking up for his players and regretted his actions ever since. I don’t have any record of Lee managing in Albuquerque, was he a coach? What year were you there?

        Humble and hardworking is what I recall but I’m getting older. You’re not thinking of Dallas Green?

      • lwblogger2

        I think he’s talking about Lasorda.

      • charlottencredsfan

        That makes complete sense. Thanks for the clarification.

  9. vegastypo

    It’s pretty simple: If you don’t want C Trent to know where Mes is, DO NOT TELL HIM.
    Or make sure the discussion is “off the record,” then Trent is obligated not to report that info, unless he gets that from another source. If a reporter led Price to believe that it was “off the record” material, but used the information, then Price would have a reason to be angry.

    This is Price’s second year as manager, he doesn’t get a “rookie” pass anymore, at least from me.

    • jdx19

      I think you hit the nail on the head. Reports report stuff. If you don’t want info getting out, don’t tell people.

    • George Mirones

      Price said that Mes was available to pinch hit in his pre-game and then is upset that someone finds out Mes isn’t on the bench. Kind hard to pinch hit from the hotel.

  10. Kurt Frost

    Brewers put Lucroy on the DL immediately. They know how to use the DL.

    • lwblogger2

      Yep. I thought the same thing. They know he’s going to be out for a couple weeks with the toe so they DLed him.

  11. UglyStrike

    We know Walt is useless. Price got a red shirt year last year, but is quickly proving that he is not equipped for the job. Forget end of the year for a house cleaning, lets get it over with now so the new management can do something mid-season.

    Two players that were beat like dead horses this off season sure are looking good right. Of course I am talking about BP and Cozart. Maybe! Just maybe Bruce is beginning to wake up.

    • Robby20

      Have to disagree with the Phillips assessment. His BA is good but he is not driving the ball and has no extra base hits. Bruce also looks pretty bad to me. He needs to begin the same fitness plan Votto employed in the off season

    • Andrewpky

      Yes, let’s bring on Riggleman! 20-142 here we come!

      • lwblogger2

        Honestly, I’d rather have Jay Bell if they have to use someone who’s already in the organization.

  12. seat101

    You guys sure are ready to micturate on Price.

    Do you disagree with him? Does the swearing give you vapors?

    Enjoy the win.

    • George Mirones

      price’s swearing just goes to show that he can’t post on this blog:)

    • jdx19

      We all just like to talk. About everything. Charlotte and I are even talking about Cubs, of all things!

    • tct

      It just amazes me that Price has been around baseball for so long and doesn’t appear to know what a beat reporters job is. It’s not C Trent’s job to help the Reds win or make Price’s job easier.

    • Robby20

      I do disagree with him and the swearing was over the top and embarrassing for him and the organization.


    love the Price tirade… his players some cover…..Byrd needs it

    • Robby20

      Price’s tirade is embarrassing. As if telling the Cardinals Mesoraco wasn’t available had anything to do with another loss.

      • CTRedsFan

        At least he didn’t get caught in the back seat with a cross-dressing male prostitute named Lucille, now that would be embarrassing……

        Oh wait, he’s a GM now

  14. I-71_Exile

    Just read the rant–it was a good one and smacked of frustration and betrayal. Brian Price clearly expected the Reds media to hold back on what they report injury-wise in exchange for his honesty. I think he saw them as having the team’s best interests at heart and the Skipworth “scoop” smacks of unintended consequences to me. Who knows, do reporters care about hurt feelings? Should they?

    It looks to me like BP will be more guarded moving forward with injury reports. We can expect more Bill Belichek type responses.

    Nice Reds win by the way. 🙂

    • I-71_Exile

      I don’t know. Maybe after they arrived at the ballpark? That’s not info you communicate by text or phone…unless you are Jim Bowden.

      • ohiojimw

        Or just maybe the front office hadn’t even told Price yet but he isn’t quite ready to be fired yet so he didn’t tell C.Trent that.

  15. redmountain

    Did anyone else notice that Votto’s HR was off a pitch below the strike zone? Guess he looks for good pitches to hit and doesn’t swing at pitches he cannot do anything with.

    • jdx19

      Not sure if this is sarcasm…or…what?

    • tct

      It sounded great off the bat, even on TV. They were trying to come down and in, and Peralta threw it even lower than he wanted. You see lefties crush those pitches fairly often, but you don’t often see them drive it that far to the opposite field. Pretty impressive.

    • VaRedsFan

      Hamilton was on 3rd. He was going for the RBI obviously. 😉

    • greenmtred

      Perhaps he knows that he can “do something” with some pitches that are out of the strike zone.

  16. Earl Nash

    Reds media can be pricklish and I know more than a few stated back in the Baker days around here that the club needed a bit more Lou Pinella leadership at times, well you got it even if unexpected out of Price.

    • earmbrister

      Nice reference Mr. Nash. How many of the people holding Price’s feet to the fire are fans of Lou Pinella? Pinella was famous for his tirades, both on and off the field. I spotted him in a bar years ago and went up and tried to start a conversation with him. He looked at me like I had two heads. I opted for engaging the bartender for another beer instead.

      A little fire can be a good thing, lord knows we sometimes crave more of it from our managers. A lot of the Price criticisms involve his use of the bullpen. He’s operating with half a bullpen at the moment; let’s see how he manages when these guys get right or get replaced. If Cueto gets traded at the deadline (and I think he should be and will be) you have to believe that one of the players we get in return will be a stud reliever.


    wonder how dat dude liked Price’s rant?

  18. ohiojimw

    What a difference a change of scenery and opposition makes. Tonight the Reds got the play the part of the Cardinals….

  19. ohiojimw

    I actually feel a bit sorry for Marlin Byrd at a personal level. Tonight he did all the right things to get favorable counts and simply physically couldn’t jump a pitch when it was there to be jumped.

    I’ve read where Pete Rose used to obsess over the performance of his older guys when he was managing the Reds because Pete felt a guy could “lose it” almost literally overnight.

    A person can’t help but wonder if that happened to Byrd over the off season.

    • jdx19

      Certainly possible. Although, we can’t say he isn’t trying. The guy is giving it his all from what I can tell, and just coming up short.

    • VaRedsFan

      He got to two 2-0 counts, then he swung at pitch #3 out of the strike zone. He’s getting himself out IMO.

      • jdx19

        Yet every single one does, from time to time…

      • charlottencredsfan

        Addison Russell promoted to the Bigs this morning.

      • jdx19

        Nice!! That’s much earlier than I anticipated. Need to dig out my Russell prospect cards from 2013 and get ’em up on eBay…

  20. Kyle

    To me, Price just comes off like a spoiled baby in his rant. The profanity doesn’t bother me but he repeats the same complaint over and over again. It isn’t the media’s fault he consistently makes poor bullpen decisions and starts Jason Marquis every five days. And it isn’t the media’s job to help him win games. It feels like he is trying to pass some of the blame for his team’s poor start and his poor performance.

    I also can’t stand seeing someone come off like a bully. He has “treated them like men.” They are men. Spoken candidly with “you people.” Way to meet the bare minimum requirements of your job. Does he want a pat on the back? Maybe tomorrow he can brag about how he showed up to the ballpark on time and woke up in time for the free breakfast at the team hotel. The Cincinnati media is not exactly hard hitting; I’d bet less info gets out here than most teams. But that still isn’t enough for him. He has to throw a fit to distract everyone from the poor job he is doing with this team.

    I was a big fan of the Price hire when it happened. Like many, I made excuses for him at times last year when he seemed overmatched. But he is not doing a very good job. This rant annoys because I don’t think you talk to people the way he talked to the reporters (again I care less about the cursing then the tone). Maybe its his effort to light a fire under his team. If it works, good for him. But to me, Price embarrassed himself and his team. And just because he can use standing within the organization to talk down to a group of people who rely on him to do their job, doesn’t mean Reds fans have to ignore that his poor performance has nothing to do with the complaints he keeps hammering home.

    • sultanofswaff

      Agreed. I keep coming back the thought that ML managers get their jobs because they know how to play the ‘game’…..that they’re full fledged members of the old boys network. This sort of rant just proves that he’s a product of his environment and isn’t nearly as progressive as we were led to believe. He generally says the right things in the abstract, but his actions say the complete opposite.

  21. ohiojimw

    One down and six to go of the Reds seven games versus the Brewers in a stretch of 10, If the Reds could manage to win 5 of 7 versus the BC and 2 of 3 versus the Cubs, the opening stretch of 22 straight inside the division won’t have been a total disaster.

    • Andrewpky

      If the reds win that many games in this stretch, people will point to this rant as a “defining moment.” the moment Price sent a “message” to his team.

  22. sultanofswaff

    The Reds aren’t half as clever as they think they are in terms of not letting their opponents know about the health status of their players. I mean, it doesn’t take a genius to know that Hamilton and Mesoraco were not available on Sunday, so to claim that they are only invites the sort of scrutiny that brought this to a head.

    Price was mad because he was caught in a lie…………a really dumb lie. Let’s also not forget that YEARS of misinformation from the Reds has created an environment of suspicion and distrust among the fan base. In the age of social media, it’s impossible to conduct business the old boy’s club way.

    • ohiojimw

      Yes. Today is day 8 for Meso on on the DL. Whatever the personal issue, they’ve been clear he can’t catch till who knows when. We’ve never seen him at any other defensive position. So, even if he is there they are functionally a man or two short because they have to hold the second catcher in case of injury (i.e. its like playing with 3 catchers which this org has always eschewed as somewhere between unnecessary and wasteful.

      Also was it just me or did BHam look mortal tonight running the bases? He is far from whole. Let’s hope they don’t play him into a long stint on the DL.

    • Aaron Bradley

      The bottom line is the Reds were thoroughly outclassed by the Cardinals in every meaningful way on the field and Price is griping about Twitter stories? SERIOUSLY?

  23. ohiojimw

    I said at the time Price was made manager that I thought it was a mistake to put a man who had never managed at any level of professional baseball in the manager’s office of a team expected to contend.

    Unfortunately pretty much everything that has happened with the Reds since in regards to the manager’s spot supports my opinion, at least in this instance.

    Price’s gripe was clearly with CTR. Couldn’t he have asked him to go off the record one on one to say what he had to say?

    • lwblogger2

      I wasn’t worried about Price’s lack of managerial experience. Matheny and Mattingly haven’t ever managed at any level either. Those are just two guys managing contenders off the top of my head.

      I was fairly happy with the hiring of Price. What I had really hoped though was that the Reds would go outside the organization and bring in someone progressive. When they brought Jay Bell in as his bench coach, I was really happy and had high hopes for Price.

  24. BDogg

    Nice win for the Reds. DeSclafani is looking like a vet and is fearless at attacking hitters. I hope the other starters take note. Cozart and Votto continue to hit. Brewers truly miss Gomez’s swag and aggressive play. We might not see him at all when they come to Cincy next week. That’s always a good thing. I yawn at Price’s rant. His lack of leadership and lack of in-game management will continue to overshadow his ranting.

    • RedAlert

      Just listened to that bleeped out version – it’s totally embarrassing – his ineptitude as a field general is glaringly apparent – then he tops it off with this – Get a grip Bryan

  25. Joel

    The tirade inspired me to immediately go to YouTube and watch Lou piniella rant highlights. My opinion is people in professional sports are athletes or coaches of athletes. I don’t personally care if they’re nice, genteel, don’t use curse words, appreciate reporters. I like winning. And often winning requires people who are so focused so exclusively and intensively on winning that anyone in the way should be taken down (see Pete Rose, Michael Jordan, Lawrence Taylor, Ben roethlisbeger (ugh, can’t believe I just said that), Greg popovich, Bill belichik, among a host of many others). Pleasant to read about? No. Pleasant to watch your team win? You betcha.

  26. Jerry Davis

    I think it’s widely known in sports circles that C Trent is considered more of a blogger than a journalist. His stories are poorly crafted and often recycles national blogs. I think price’s frustration is this hack blogger get’s full blown press credentials and tattles on things like a school girl.

    • Aaron Bradley

      Regardless the fact they are telling us Meso is happy when he is missing for almost 2 weeks and they are playing short handed YET AGAIN vs the hated Cardinals is unacceptable and CTRENT should be asking about it. Also, the fact Meso wasn’t in the dugout wasn’t broken till midway through the game or maybe even after the game. Is Price suggesting he had a disavantage because Cardinals are checking CTRENT’s Twitter during the game and somehow figuring out the bench situation? It’s an absurd allegation. If Price is worried about Twitter stories instead of in-game management he needs to be fired ASAP.

      • Big56dog

        Exactly, I cannot figure what the Cards would have done differently

    • Matt WI

      I’d say in this case, how the Reds are running their roster qualifies as legit and important (in the sense that anything in sports is actually “important”) news. As a Reds fan, I want to know why they are playing a man down. Also, I think the idea he was playing mind games with anybody by pretending Mes was healthy was a lot more fun in his own mind than in reality: If he wasn’t playing by Friday when he joined the team, he couldn’t have been terribly healthy.

      CTrent and Marty were talking about this issues on Saturday afternoon. Marty talks a big game about “what I’d like to ask and know” but I can’t tell you the last time I heard Marty direct report something even mildly controversial from a conversation with the team. Unless he’s busy making his own behind the back comments about players.

      Compare CTrent breaking this to when the venerated Hal McCoy was litterally telling clubhouse secrets back when he was printing quotes by BP and another time racking muck by printing something Johnny Gomes said about the Cardinals.

  27. Jake

    Anybody else kind of skeptical of what’s going on with Mes? All of the sudden he’s fine and good to play tomorrow? Something’s not right

  28. rhayex

    What’s getting even more lost in all of this is that the conversation was supposed to be OFF THE RECORD. That’s why Price asked at the beginning if he could ask a question. I view this as Price venting at CT for actions he viewed as detrimental, both to the team and individuals in it.

    In my experience, when people have a tirade like this, the first thing they mention is the thing they think is most important. In this case, it was how a kid was getting sent back to the minors and had to find out through other sources before the team could sit down and talk with him.

    People forget the human element in sports. For instance, I’m as frustrated with Byrd as anyone, but you can tell he’s still playing his heart out.

    • Aaron Bradley

      Except the reporters were on the same plane as Barnhardt it had nothing to do with a Price interview, they were just reporting who they saw coming from Louisville.

  29. Mister D69

    DiSclalfani is second in the MLB in Opponents’ Batting Average at .127 (Trevor Bauer [Cle] .125). Enjoy.

    Just for fun:
    Cueto .192
    Simon .222
    Wainright .247
    DeGrom .260
    Kershaw .297
    Latos .395 [not qualified stat]

  30. mikemartz

    Wow, Price really lost his composure! I’m sure he will feel very bad about this in the morning!!
    This is not in his character and I’ll give him a pass due to him being human.
    My question is why doesn’t MLB have the same type of injury reports like the NFL before games? I know the NFL does this for the Vegas morning line odds more than anything else, wouldn’t you want to know if your Reds starting QB isn’t in the stadium tonight before you lay down a bet? No betting in baseball? Well there’s not supposed to be any crying either!
    Price will be fine, 15 years or so ago this wouldn’t have been recorded on a cell phone and played for the entire fan base to hear or read about. This day and age has to be really hard on the players as well as the Managers.
    My heart goes out to Price for doing the best he can (in his mind) with what he has been given to work with. I think his tirade was just the gut reaction of someone who truly cares about his players and the team as a whole and he let it get the better of him today. The season is just getting started and I hope the entire team takes the comments of Price to heart and rallies around their Manager and plays their guts out! Hey we get to watch baseball tonight!
    Go Reds!

  31. TC

    Personally, I think Price’s outbreak, while a perfectly legit story, is perfectly acceptable. In fact I like it.

    I mean, look how creative he was with the f-word. That was f***** fantastic.

  32. gosport474

    Good win for the ol’ Redlegs. Let’s hope the offense gets kickstarted against the beermakers. As for Price, I figure he was frustrated and wanted to take it out on someone. Will there be an apology today? I think so. Oh yeah, I wonder what ever happened to Aroldis Chapman? Let’s put out an APB.

  33. greenmtred

    Steve: Just tried to donate, entered all required info, but the site insisted that I hadn’t. Any thoughts? Help?

    • Steve Mancuso

      Are you using the DONATE button or buying merchandise? We received a donation last night, so it was working then. I can confirm that we didn’t receive notice of your donation, so you don’t have to worry about being double-charged.

      • greenmtred

        I was donating. I’ll try again. Thanks.

  34. greenmtred

    Tried again to donate. Same result–I definitely entered all of the info required, and it said I hadn’t. Gotta go to work before it starts raining/snowing again, but I’ll try again later. Any other way to get this done? Could I send a check? Old school, but tried and true…

    • Steve Mancuso

      Other donations have come through today. Yes, you can send a check. I’ll send details to the email address you use here.

  35. lwblogger2

    It was good to see a win last night. If I was Price, I may have run Disco out for the 9th to see if he could get the shutout. I would have lifted him had he allowed a base-runner. Speaking of Disco (love that nickname), I was as vocal spiteful about that trade as anyone but so far, I can smell some crow cooking in the kitchen.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Ironic that the Simon trade might be the stinker, at least for this year

      • jdx19

        The guy sure is showing some staying power. If he can maintain his success, it sure will be a nice story.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Watched the Yanks game last night on, and it’s the same thing with Simon – Yankees couldn’t square the guy up.

        My theory on Simon: he is the only pitcher that I see throwing pitches in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Game before this one, he threw a pitch in the mid 50s. He has tremendous movement and is always around the strike zone. I think this is why his K rate is not so hot but his BABIP is. Through July of last year he had a 2.84 ERA, I think he was wore down the last 2 months of the season. Just a theory and probably wrong.

    • WVRedlegs

      It is better bar-b-qued. I speak from experience.
      However, I was one of the few who supported a Latos trade. How long will his right elbow hold up? I called him a walking TJ Surgery waiting to happen.
      Remember back to the day of the Latos trade, the day before it the Marlins traded their higher ranked pitcher Andrew Heaney to the Dodgers, who turned and traded him to the Angels. I thought Jocketty waited too long and could have picked up Heaney. Patience is one thing Jocketty has. The one thing Jocketty did right this winter. Heaney is at AAA for the Angels while DeSclafani is tearing it up for the Reds. Heaney might have the K-rate, but DeSclafani has the location.

      • lwblogger2

        Yes, I remember you saying that about Latos and the TJ surgery. If I recall correctly, I disagreed with you. Hmmm, BBQ crow for me maybe.

  36. Tom Reed

    Looking forward to our 5th. starter tonight and our bullpen. Also pulling for the Nats against the Cards.

  37. Big56dog

    I cannot believe no one has commented on Cozart. A few people commented on the Brewers broadcast during the Game thread… just before the pitch was thrown how his power #’s have gone down, only hit 4 HRs last year, when he showed some pop in previous seasons… do not see Cozrt’s production anywhere near this level by season’s end but hopefully this will be a career year