“Come on now” is a flexible phrase.

Someone bothering you? Come on now. Someone saying something you don’t agree with or believe? Come on now. Someone moving too slow? Come on now.

It’s the title of a song by the Ramones and a different song by The Kinks. And the phrase is not quite used the same way as its close cousins come now, come-on or c’mon.

Friday night, Joey Votto put come on now to his own use (context NSFW). The Reds first baseman uttered those words still feeling the swagger borne of two home runs in the first game of the St. Louis Cardinals series. He was joking in a private moment with sports writers next to his locker.

But maybe the former (and future) MVP unwittingly provided a slogan for the 2015 Reds.

Sure, dreams of an undefeated season are dashed. But the Reds, widely projected to finish fourth or fifth in the division, have raced out to a fast start. They sit atop the NL Central Division and at 4-1 are the only team with a winning record. Pittsburgh and Milwaukee have managed just one win apiece.

Of course, it’s early. Beyond early. The Reds haven’t even made it though the pitching rotation yet (Raisel Iglesias, today!). Certain players are off to fast and unsustainable starts. But does this look like a last year’s team, one headed for last place?

Come on now.