The Cincinnati Reds play the Pittsburgh Pirates today at Great American Ball Park!

The Opening Day game begins at 4:10 p.m. Greg Dafler will post our game preview at 1:30.

In case you’ve missed parts of our coverage leading up to today:

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12 Responses

  1. DevAJS

    I know that everyone expects predictions to be made and what not, but I’ve been disappointed in the negativity that a lot of people have had about the team. Of course a lot of the season depends on the overall health of the team, but you could say that about literally every single team in the division.

    I know that the last two seasons have been let downs and make it hard to be optimistic when it comes to the team staying healthy, but reading the comments and predictions has made me depressed. While the Cardinals as a whole tend to be a better run organization and are admittedly pretty consistent, they could have a ton of unforeseen injuries as well. The fact that the Reds have actually done as well as they have without their best players at full strength or being out completely for the last two years I think actually bodes pretty well for the them when they are at full strength.

    I’m actually still pretty excited about the season.

    • jdx19

      I think there is a big difference between people being negative just for negative’s sake, and people trying to accurately predict what they think will happen. Also, I think every editor and fan on this site will agree 100% that they are actually still pretty excited about the season, just like you.

      Personally, I think the Reds will have a poor season because they have some of the worst depth in the major leagues. You are correct that all teams will be worse with injuries, but the Reds will be “more worse,” if such a thing exists. BUT, that does not mean I can’t be excited!

      I bought MLB.TV for the season. I took today off work, even! I can be negative AND excited simultaneously!

      GO, REDS!

  2. Kyle Farmer

    Did anyone else find the fact that the Cardinals had Oscar Tavares patches on their uniforms more than a bit in bad taste? I mean, here’s a guy who killed a young woman because he chose to get into a car a drive when he was so drunk that he probably could barely walk. Not exactly the guy that a team should be celebrating even if he died young.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Honestly, I don’t think it was celebrating. When I was his age and worth a million dollars…. There for the grace of God go I. Thought it was fitting.

    • jdx19

      Didn’t really think of it that way in the moment, but now I’m not sure what to think. On one side, he was a kid who made a mistake and paid the ultimate price for it. Lord knows I made plenty of mistakes and am here because of sheer luck. But, he did take the young woman’s life into his own hands, as well. But, I suppose she didn’t have to get into the car with a drunk guy driving… so… I don’t know. Moral relativism, I suppose.

      • Kyle Farmer

        I make mistakes all the time. I do not commit criminal acts that lead to the deaths of others. And, if I did, I certainly wouldn’t expect my employer to honor me.

      • Kyle Farmer

        Maybe a more appropriate tribute would be to air an anti-drunk driving message on the big screen before their home games.

  3. 44reds

    Here we go again, Kevin Gregg blows the lead. Why are we using the retread in the 8th inning when we have so many great arms available? Including Chapman. What is Chapman for if not to face their best hitter?

    • Kevin Patrick

      I don’t know whether or not Gregg is going to be any good or not… but that first at bat tells me he doesn’t have much of an out pitch. Man o Man… was that catch by Byrd spectacular though… I think Jumbo may be showing he needs the job in that spot… or yes… Chapman.

      • GeauxReds

        Small sample size, but Gregg looked bad. I wish the skipper would be a little faster with the hook.