The staff was asked to make predictions about the Reds 2015 season: (1) number of games they will win, (2) finish in the NL Central, (3) hitter that will be the most pleasant surprise, (4) pitcher that will be the most pleasant surprise, and (5) the biggest bust. Here are the responses of those who were willing to go on record, organized based on the number of wins predicted, with most optimistic at the top.

Reds in 100 Words


Nation, it’s time for you to go on record. What are your predictions in these five categories?

34 Responses

  1. Jon

    Wins: 89
    Division: 2nd
    Hitter: Hamilton
    Pitcher: DeSclafani
    Bust: Cozart

    • Jeff Gangloff

      Can we really call Cozart a bust at this point? He is what he is…a bad hitter.

  2. Tom Reed

    84 wins – 3rd. place – Byrd (offense) – Iglesias (pitching) – Hamilton (bust).

  3. Ryan

    85 wins
    3rd place
    Hitter: Bruce
    Pitcher: Cingrani
    Bust: Marquis

  4. Adam G.

    Wins 87
    Place:Wild Card
    Offensive Surprise: Negron
    Pitching Surprise: Marquis- Despite his ugly history of an era, he’s so far pitching better than he has in years, has had a full year of rest healing, and if I’ve read correctly he’s trying to have one last year in the big leagues, meaning he’s determined to go out with a bang. If health isn’t an issue, I’d say there’s a good chance will get a good arm out of him.

    Bust: Hamilton- as much as I hope for a bright future for this kid, I don’t see him getting much better with hitting. And if he’s not getting on base, what’s his speeds worth? But hey I hope I’m wrong here.

  5. fromcubawithluv

    90 wins, 1st place, Bruce – desclafani – marquis (bust)

  6. vegastypo

    79 wins, fourth place … then Boesch, Iglesias and take your pick from among Hamilton, Bruce and Byrd. If prompted to name one, will say Hamilton and hope to heck I’m wrong.

  7. bhrubin1

    Wins: 86
    Place: 2nd, wildcard berth and world series win
    Hitter: Hamilton
    Pitcher: Iglesias
    Bust: Marquis

  8. Pooter

    Wins 72
    Place tied for 5th
    Hitter: JV
    Pitcher: Leake
    Bust: Bham

    Hope I am wrong

    • cfd3000

      Ouch. That’s not just dismal, it’s worse than statistically possible. The Reds can’t be tied for fifth in a five team division. I’ll say: 86 wins, 2nd place (and a wild card), Votto hitting, Leake pitching, biggest bust Phillips (relative to expectations) and Marquis (on an absolute measure – just don’t see him lasting long in the rotation). Now can it be tomorrow at 4 pm please?

  9. Mike from Loveland

    80, 3rd, Cozart, Lorenzen, Phillips

  10. CTRedsFan

    Wins: 78
    Place: 4th
    Hitter: Negron
    Pitcher: Cingrani, if/when Chapman departs Cingrani will take over as closer
    Bust: Gregg, he will make us wish for Ondrusek

  11. Kevin Patrick

    Wins 74
    Place 5th
    Most Pleasant Surprise Hitter? Pena
    Most Pleasant Surprise Pitcher? Leake
    Biggest Bust? Jay Bruce

    I don’t think Cueto will repeat his excellent season… I think he will be more difficult to trade because of some uncertain injury. Votto wont be as good as we all hope. I think the team will strike out at an alarming rate. I don’t have faith that DeSclafini will pitch like a reliable major leaguer yet. I think Marquis will win more games… I think the Reds will try to keep Hamilton in the lineup… I don’t think he’s an everyday player yet. I think Devin will not play as often as we need him to but I think Pena will play well enough to keep the team interesting for a few extra weeks. I don’t think the pen will be as big a factor as we all think because we are going to be behind a lot of games.

  12. kmartin

    Notice also that the Braves traded Jordan Walden to St. Louis earlier this year as part of the Shelby Miller deal. Perhaps the Braves feel that hard throwing relief pitchers are easily replaceable and they put greater value on everyday players and starters.

  13. Rick Ring

    81 wins good for third place. Cozart – Bailey- Hamilton

  14. Kyle

    Wins: 73
    Place: 4th
    Hitter: Devin and Frazier with good seasons following their great ones
    Pitcher: Leake will be steady
    Bust: Byrd (really the OF in general)

    I think the Reds were an absolute disaster this offseason and it will show on the field. They failed to pick a direction even though their moves picked that direction for them (they are not a contending team). If they were going to dump salary and make Byrd their big move, they should’ve gone all in with the rebuild and acquired prospects by selling high on Cueto and Chapman. This is as down as I’ve been on the Reds in a while and they don’t seem to have any direction. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t have hope for this season. Even worse, I don’t think their is much of a plan in place to right the ship. The Braves made a bold move tonight to trade their closer and acquire prospects. The Reds have gotten as little value as they can out of Chapman and seem intent on waiting until his final year of control to even consider moving him.

    • Frogger

      84 Wins
      Hitter-Votto rebounds strong with more power. 28 homers+
      Pitcher-Homer rivals his 2013 season
      Bust-Marquis, Gregg

  15. CP

    73 wins, last place
    hitter: Mesoraco
    pitcher: Descalfini
    bust: Igleasias-all the stuff in the world doesn’t matter if you can’t locate pitches. Marquis doesn’t count since he’s expected to be awful. Offensively, I’d say Hamilton but I feel the expectations for him have decreased to the point that if he has a .300 OBP, people will be happy, so I guess Byrd is the most likely “bust”

    I feel like this team is so absurdly thin at so many key positions, one injury, even to a guy like Byrd and the whole house of cards comes tumbling down.

  16. [email protected]

    93 wins is first or second place, will be a playoff team.

    Hitter: Fraizer as he will not have to win every game himself

    Pitcher: Cingrani and Chapman both get over 85 innings in a much improved pen

    Bust: Chapman for not starting

  17. Vanessa Galagnara

    70 wins 5th place.
    Hitter: Frazier
    Pitcher:’Leake free agent year he come in fourth place for Cy Young voting
    Bust: Byrd.

    Also I predict Walt Jocketty and Bryan Price both get fired at end of the season.

  18. Jeff

    Wins: 72
    Place:4th/5th(does it matter at that point)
    Hitter: Cozart- – Not amazing but a nice bounce back year
    Pitcher: Iglesias – I really see him struggling as a starter personally but think he will surprise me.
    Bust: Phillips the age curve really catches up with him this year.

    • Jeff

      Well I was 8 games too optimistic.
      I guess I was right on place. But again 4th or 5th really doesn’t matter.
      Hitter Cozart – I looked good on this until the injury.
      Pitcher Iglesias: – He seemed to settle in and will be a good starter. He definitely surprised me.
      Bust: Phillips – I was wrong on this one. Phillips seemed to have a bounce back year.

  19. OhioStateRedsFan

    Wins: 86
    Place: 3rd (Second wild card)
    Hitter: Mesoraco
    Pitcher: Iglasias
    Bust: Cozart (I think he gets replaced by Negron/Suarez by the All-Star break)

  20. w_c_hughes

    87, 2nd place, 2015 NL MVP Votto, 2015 NL Cy Young Bailey, Phillips is not with the club at the break (and that’s a good thing!)

  21. ColoREDo

    Wins-87 2nd

    Hitter Hopeful: Hamilton
    Hitter Realistically: Bruce
    Pitcher Hopeful: Desclafani
    Pitcher Realistically: Leake
    Bust Hopeful: Marquis – replaced by Lorenzen
    Bust Realistically: Gregg – replaced by LeCure – Really hoping LeCure gets his act together and is back on the club before the all star break.

  22. Morgan Mayham

    Wins 88
    Place 2nd place but gets a wild card
    Offensive surprise suarez, after may called up and cozart traded.
    Pitching surpise lorenzen starting, corcino called up mid season for bullpen.
    Bust dominguez, gregg

  23. Mack Ashley Potter

    Wins: 94
    Place: 1st
    Offensive surprise: Votto (More power & RBI)
    Pitching surprise: Homer (17-6 2.90)
    Bust: Boesch

  24. Jeff

    You got the team predictions pretty good, but your player predictions were a bit off.

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