The Reds made their final cuts today. The most surprising news was that the team cut veteran reliever Sam LeCure. Raisel Iglesias won the battle to serve as the fifth starter over Michael Lorenzen. Iglesias will be in the rotation until Homer Bailey returns in mid-April. Lorenzen was assigned to a minor league camp.

Kevin Gregg, Jason Marquis, Brennan Boesch and Chris Dominguez made the 25-man roster. Sean Marshall, Jason Bourgeois and Homer Bailey begin the year on the DL.

LeCure was essentially bumped by journeyman Kevin Gregg, who GM Walt Jocketty signed to a minor league deal in the off-season. “It breaks our heart,” said manager Bryan Price (John Fay) about cutting LeCure.

More on these developments later.

Update: LeCure has passed through waivers and has accepted assignment to AAA Louisville, so he is eligible to return to the Reds but is no longer on the 40-man roster. LeCure is owed $1.85 million this year and has to accept assignment with the Bats to collect it. The Reds needed to make room on the 40-man roster.

Manager Bryan Price elaborated on the club’s thinking:

“His (LeCure’s) velocity is down a little bit but the concern isn’t the velocity,” Price said. “The concern is fastball command. He’s a fastball pitcher with a lot of good accessory pitches –curveball, slider and changeup. His bread and butter we’ve seen over the last five years is being able to locate that fastball with that off the body comebacker on lefties and freeze down and away on the right-handers. It’s a signature pitch for him. He’s been a little erratic with that since the second half of last season. He’s a much better pitcher than he’s shown recently. We just need to get him back there, and I’m very confident he will be back to help us during the season I’m sure.” (Mark Sheldon)

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  1. vegastypo

    Makes me sad, too. He clearly had problems last season, but I didn’t think the Reds would give up on LeSam.

      • Frogger

        Sam Lecure was a very good player for the Reds. He has not been the same for a while. Probably due to an injury that we don’t know about. Smart move by the team, but a tough decision to make. Hopefully same will get right and have many more years of success in MLB. Loved that guy when he was right. He gave you everything he had.

      • lwblogger2

        The fact that he cleared waivers speaks volumes.

  2. WVRedlegs

    Wow. Sad day to cut LeCure. Smart move on Lorenzen.
    Does this mean that Hoover made the bullpen over LeCure? The bullpen, more than anything, is a “what have you done lately” type of job.
    That #5 starter spot, the bench and bullpen still leave alot to be desired. Dropping LeCure for a journeyman like Gregg is assisnine. LeCure was set to make $1.8M this season.
    So now, Jocketty’s grand total is now $8.8M paying 3 players NOT to play for the Reds in 2015. And this idiot got a new 2 year contract. Not confidence inspiring moves, to say the least.

    • WVRedlegs

      At least he’ll be at AAA to iron things at. That helps. Surprised he passed through waivers with several teams looking to add bullpen help. His location must be eratic enough that the other teams noticed too to pass on him.

      • beelicker

        They were passing more on the 1.8M

      • lwblogger2

        Right… They didn’t want him at that price point.

      • WVRedlegs

        The other teams were waiting on LeCure to declare to become a free agent. He didn’t choose that route and stayed with the Reds. Not taking pot shots at the team. Class and loyalty on LeCure’s part.

    • earmbrister

      My knee jerk reaction on Lorenzen was disappointment, but after exhaling I realized that WJ was most likely sending him down to start the year so as to not start his 6 years of team control clock. So, yeah, I agree it was a smart move.

      Iglesias beat out Lorenzen not based on their performances this spring, but due to team control considerations. Iglesias is a Red for 7 years, signed and sealed. Lorenzen might become costly in his second or third year of arbitration, so why start that clock in a year where he’s innings limited?

      Waiving LeCure for Gregg also seems smart. LeCure passed through waivers without being claimed (most likely due to his salary, as Gaffer mentioned below) and will report to AAA. Gregg has pitched well this spring, and probably would have been picked up by someone had he been cut. Now the Reds have both of them available.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        I believe Lorenzen was sent down for more seasoning starting at a higher level, since he’s never seen anything above AAA. The Reds probably didn’t want to do with him what they did with Chapman. Remember, Chapman was grooming to be a starter until we needed lefty bullpen help. If Lorenzen is successful at AAA, he may very well be an early call up. But, time clock? I wouldn’t worry about that too much. These days, Lorenzen is going to cost a lot in his 2nd or 3rd year of arbitration, anyhow. The only question with that would be do you make sure he can handle something above AAA first? Or, do you “take the chance” on a AA pitcher in the majors? Not to mention, I believe the Reds want him as a starter.

      • earmbrister

        The Cubs sent Kris Bryant down to AAA for what will probably be 2 weeks to start the season. In doing so they will get an extra year of club control.

        Lorenzen out-pitched Iglesias, as well as Marquis. Both Iglesias and Lorenzen might benefit from “more seasoning”, but they also could be more than ready. As for seasoning, the rival Cards tend to push their pitchers quickly through the minors. Regarding whether Lorenzen is ready, he seems to be well ahead of Iglesias, and if I was choosing between Lorenzen and Disco, I might prefer the former, though I do like both.

        Iglesias has never been a starter, and his ST results have been mixed. He’s the fill-in for Bailey cause he has a long term contract, much like Chapman did. The Reds weren’t going to start the club control clock for Lorenzen this year, so Iglesias is the man up.

        The Reds took a chance on a Tony Cingrani after 89 IP in AA, and 31 IP in AAA. Lorenzen had 120 IP in AA last year, and even this early in his development, doesn’t rely on one pitch like Cingrani. Lorenzen will start in AAA, but will most likely take Marquis’ spot in the rotation (or Cueto’s if he gets traded). Unfortunately, he probably won’t finish the year in the rotation due to innings pitched limitations.

  3. Ryan Lykins (@ryan_lykins)

    I’m really confused as to the direction the team is taking this year. Clearly they feel that this is the best roster that they can put together to win with but I almost feel like their delusional. Clearly most of their minor league guys are a year or so out so they have to play someone but to go with this many washed up never were has been guys is really ridiculous in my opinion. Take a look at the bench for example: we can all pretty much agree that the bench can’t be any worse than last year but wow this year’s bench is ugly and riddled with cast offs and a lot of guys that probably wouldn’t make any other team. It’s just really weird to see the position the team is in. It is clearly a transition year but instead of letting going with that they’re going with Jason Marquis and Kevin Gregg. Where’s the upside here? Am I missing something?

    • Chris Miller

      Ryan, outside of the Jason Marquis comment, I have to disagree. I think the bullpen is much changed, and much better. I wasn’t big on Cingrani going down there, and still am not, but between him, Diaz there from the start, and Badenhop, the bullpen is much different, and Gregg too has been solid; just had arm issues prior to this season. As for the bench, I can actually say this is the 1st time in years where I can say I like the bench. No, I can’t stand Schumaker on the bench, but outside of that, I believe Boesch will be a huge contributor off the bench with a big stick from the left side, and I think Dominguez is a nice bat off of the bench too. Realize, it is the bench. Not too many teams have guys you would classify as starters on their bench. I also love seeing the possibilities from Negron. This kid is nothing like the version we saw in 2013, when he had been hurt. He takes some of the best AB’s this team has to offer. Marquis though? I truly don’t understand the thinking with this guy, unless you are going to dump him when Bailey gets here. Overall, I like what this team has to offer, and I think they are as good as anyone in the division, save for maybe the Cardinals.

      • jdx19

        “Gregg has been solid.” You might want to go look at a stat or two.

        Even in his “solid” season with the Cubs in 2013, he posted 0.0 WAR. He was replacement-level. The other 3 seasons recently? He’s posted negative WAR in each of 2014, 2012, and 2011.

        He’s not good. He’s not solid.

      • Chris Miller

        JD, that’s a fair point. I think there is more to it than that though. Keeping Gregg, is a flyer worth taking, all things considered. Sending LeCure down instead of losing Gregg was also a good move. LeCure offers a spot on the 40 man, and a possible chance that someone would take his ridiculous salary $1.9 mil owed. That in a nutshell was why LeCure was sent packing. He is a BAD contract. The Reds tried to get out from under it, but it didn’t work. He will be back up as soon as Gregg, Hoover, or another guy in the bullpen explodes.

  4. Adam S.

    I will miss sam, but I like the team. Play Ball.

    • gaffer

      He will almost certainly pitch for the reds this year. I bet they were hoping to dump his salary but that salary guarenteed him passing thru wiavers so he will be called up after the first injury.

  5. Pooter

    Any news on Hoover’s whereabouts? If he’s on the roster and Sudden Sam is not, I’m gonna be mad!!!

  6. droomac

    Doesn’t Hoover still have options? . . . If so, then it seems that Hoover, rather than Gregg, beat Lecure out of a job.

    • droomac

      Never mind. I confused opening a spot on the 40-man with options.

  7. chezpayton

    Never thought I’d see the day Hoover makes the team over LeCure. I’m gonna miss Sam, even if it’s only for a few months

    • Carl Sayre

      I know I am going to catch flak from this but here goes Hoover has some stuff. He is prone to giving up the long ball but I have seen some serious getty up and movement on his fastball maybe that is why they are being stubborn about him. I am not sure it has impressed me enough to keep him but it was enough I noticed it.

      • docmike

        You and I are about the only ones around who share that sentiment. I, too, am glad they didn’t get rid of Hoover. He has a live arm, as evidenced by averaging almost 11 K/9 last year, He has had at least 9 K/9 each year with club.

        The stuff is there. His big problem last year was giving up 13 home runs in 62.2 innings, over double what he gave up in a similar number of innings in 2013. HIs walk rate also ticked up a smidge.

        I guarantee if we cut him, he would get scooped up in no time. I could easily see the Cardinals signing him and getting his issues straightened out.

  8. gaffer

    Why the hell did they sign him to a 2 year deal, just plain stupid. The reds almost always regret 2 year arbitartraion deals (LaRue, Encaracion, Massett, on and on . . . .)

    • Steve Mancuso

      They never seem to consider the possibility that the player isn’t as good as their one-year performance indicates, especially the relievers. Pitchers like Logan Ondrusek and LeCure are already under team control. Signing them to a 2-year deal gives budget certainty, yes, but it also locks them into the contract. It’s one thing to do it with a position player like Todd Frazier, another altogether to do so with a reliever who offers scant innings of evidence.

      • gaffer

        Agree, the advantage of arbitration is that it is a 1 year deal (which no decent free agent would ever agree to). It is the ultimate in financial flexibility, but they give that up and these deals are not even below market either! At least with Mesoraco you got a free agent year (which you cannot get on the open market) but even Frazier is not a “good” deal. If the Frazier deal works out the reds are still batting .200 on these 2 year arb deals.

        BTW, the second year on E5 cost us an extra prospect in the Rolen deal if I remember right.

      • Chris Miller

        Exile, if that’s the case, what’s the excuse for Walt handing out two year contracts to terrible bench players?

      • Chris Miller

        Steve, I absolutely agree. Walt tends to do this with bullpen guys and bench guys, and it’s a real head-scratcher.

      • i71_Exile

        Maybe Walt has found that offering two year deals is what it takes to get guys to come to or to keep pitching at GABP? It’s overpaying certainly, but spread out.

  9. Kevin Patrick

    You know… I have to think that if Sam was pitching his best that its possible he would have been making the starts until Bailey returns…He’s been used so much the past few years. I think it will be interesting to see how they manage him in Louisville and get him right again. When I watch him pitch, he still has a savvy approach…he pitches smart… but he has made some mistakes that just get hammered. Honestly, the only thing that surprises me is that they went with Iglesias instead of Lorenzen. Lorenzen is kinda like a Big Mac… perhaps a little more predictable…Iglesias is more like shrimp… could taste great or be completely awful. I really hope Cueto and Leake pitch well out of the gate… or this season could get out of control rather quickly.

    • greenmtred

      Culinary analysis of baseball. A new method that will supplant the other pretenders?

  10. HerpyDerp

    Not sure who I’ll miss more. Sam or Cornelius…

  11. chicksdigthelongball

    may have been a situation where they put Lecure on waivers and if he was claimed, they would have brought him back and kept him on the 25 man roster. This way he can work on it and hopefully straighten himself out for later in the year

  12. Kevin Michell

    Sounds like he’s taking this move with a lot of class (like Mr. LeCure always does) and a good sense of humor, judging from his Twitter. Glad to know this move won’t jeopardize our already shaky bullpen depth.

    Personally, I’m just guessing he’s back in MLB by Mothers’ Day. Just a hunch.

  13. gaffer

    On a different topic, Verlander is a good example of why Cueto would be a bad signing for 7 years 210 million.

    • jdx19

      Yep. I’ll agree with that. I don’t think signing any pitcher to a 7-year deal is really a good idea. The one exception being a guy like Kershaw, who has had so much success at a young age that you are getting his prime and early 30s, rather than getting late-prime and late 30s/40s.

    • Chris Miller

      Agree with that. I really think this team missed a HUGE opportunity in not dealing Cueto over the winter. Probably could have had at least 3 very solid prospects that are virtually MLB ready, had we dealt him.

    • lwblogger2

      You nailed that one… You can’t sign a pitcher to a deal like that. You just can’t. There are very few Nolan Ryans, Tom Severs, Pedro Martinezes, Greg Madduxes and the like who stay healthy and have lengthy careers pitching at a very high level. If you get a good 5-7 year run out of a pitcher, you’ve done great. If you get a 2-4 year run out of a pitcher over 30, you’ve done even better!

  14. Redgoggles

    A sign of accountability, perhaps? Kevin Gregg over Sam doesn’t give me the warm fuzzys, though. Although I wonder if Badenhop is the RP that ultimately bumped LeCure. I’m not seeing how this bullpen as a whole is better than last year and that is a major concern since our SP is weaker too.

  15. Jeff

    72-90 with runs scored up slightly, runs against starters up a great deal and runs against the bullpen flat to slightly up.

    Y’all Kevin Gregg and Jason Marquis are on the roster. In 2015. It would be funny if it wasn’t sad.

  16. bohdi87

    If there is one area where I trust Price’s judgement its in evaluating pitchers. The fact that LeCure cleared waivers is great and gives him time to sort stuff out and provide depth. He’ll be back in Reds jersey sooner rather than later.

    • Chris Miller

      That’s the part that caught me, and calmed me down. The idea that LeCure wasn’t good enough in the eyes of everyone else. Then again, $1.8 mil could be the other reason.

  17. concepcion13

    I wonder if the reason Lorenzen was sent down had to do with starting his service clock, especially if the 5th starter will only make one start before Bailey returns. Methinks Iglesias moves to the pen (hopefully replacing Home Run Hoover) when Bailey returns. Meanwhile Lorenzen goes to Looieville, stays in the rotation & stays sharp until it’s time to replace Cueto/Leake/Marquis (trade/trade/release).

    • gaffer

      I think yes. But that is the first smart decision they have made all day.

    • DHud

      Although not starting the service time clock on Lorenzen is nice, he’s not on the 40 man roster. Keeping him with the big league club would have meant having to cut another person. Judging by Price’s comments, this was the bottom line.

  18. jdx19

    The thing that sticks out at me the most about Gregg’s stats are that he walks about as many guys as Chapman (over 4 per 9) has over this career, but strikes out like 50% fewer guys.

  19. Jeremy Forbes

    I am a LeCure fan, but there’s also the fact that if you listen to Reds interviews in the past, players will say one of the biggest jokers on the team is LeCure. On a team that wasn’t exactly exploding with personality before they traded Latos, I feel like the LeCure cut will hurt.

    That said, I don’t understand Gregg making it ahead of him. Last year even with the drop in velocity he put up a 3.81 ERA. That’s not particularly good, but it’s better than seven of Gregg’s twelve major league seasons. Gregg is heading into his age 37 season and his last four seasons have been 4.37 ERA (4.89 FIP), 4.95 ERA (5.04 FIP), 3.48 ERA (4.10 FIP), and 10,00 ERA (6.35 FIP). He hasn’t had a BB/9 under 4.6 since 2009. Two of the last three years he’s had a H/9 over 10.0

    Perhaps this works out, but I feel like an eight inning sample in Spring versus a 12 year career is a bad reason to give a guy a roster spot. (Feel like this was said when the starting rotation was set, too.)

    In a time when the Reds need to be getting younger, they’re going in the exact opposite direction by adding Byrd (37), Gregg (37), and Marquis (36).

    • greenmtred

      I expect that the older guys are stopgaps. As for the pitchers, I provisionally agree with BOHD187: Price has demonstrated that he knows pitching, and he has presumably been watching these guys throw all spring. I wouldn’t trust my eyeballs in a (much maligned) eyeball test, but I’d be inclined to trust his.

      • Jeremy Forbes

        Sure Price knows pitching, but the roster is also decided by Walt. That’s the same duo who allowed Ondrusek to trot out there for 40 appearances with a 5.49 ERA, Parra to have 53 appearances at 4.66 ERA last season, and Hoover to have 54 appearances at 4.88 ERA while Diaz, who had done nothing but dominate AAA for the two years the Reds had him, went unused.

        Price has to worry about the whole team now, so he doesn’t have the luxury he had as a pitching coach to spend all of his time with pitchers, work with them, and evaluate them.

  20. wkuchad

    Opening day roster (barring any last minutes trades or pick-ups).

    Our offense will be inconsistent, though better than last year. Hope our pitching holds up.

    Starting rotation

    Johnny Cueto
    Mike Leake
    Anthony DeSclafani
    Jason Marquis
    Raisel Iglesias


    Burke Badenhop
    Aroldis Chapman
    Tony Cingrani
    Jumbo Diaz
    Kevin Gregg
    J.J. Hoover
    Manny Parra

    Starting lineup

    Joey Votto
    Brandon Phillips
    Zack Cozart
    Todd Frazier
    Jay Bruce
    Billy Hamilton
    Marlon Byrd
    Devin Mesoraco


    Brayan Pena
    Chris Dominguez
    Kristopher Negron
    Skip Schumaker
    Brennan Boesch

    Disabled list

    Jason Bourgeois
    Sean Marshall
    Homer Bailey

  21. DHud

    I can’t fathom how Hoover stayed on the roster. The fact that they cut LeCure instead is another matter entirely. I just can’t see how Hoover is still on the team regardless of who being/needing to be cut.

  22. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I can understand all of this, including Lecure not making the team. But, I can’t understand Lecure not making the team over Hoover.

  23. Matt WI

    You know, for all the talk about how Billy’s speed makes people “have to be perfect”… he sure gets thrown out a lot. I guess that’s they they’re professionals out there.

    • jdx19

      Totally agree. The things Billy is supposed to do well because of his speed (bunting for hits and stealing bases), he really doesn’t do all that well.

      • jdx19

        Although, he does play good CF defense, which I guess is the one thing his speed has provided, thus far.

    • Carl Sayre

      His decision making when stealing bases is the issue not his speed. When to steal can be taught the speed cannot. When you think about it this really should be his rookie year here they just didn’t have anybody else so he missed a year of learning. I don’t think he will “recover” that year on the fly but I do feel like he will make better decisions this year. The right decision on when to steal and the catcher might as well sick the ball in his…………… pocket. LMAO!!!!!

    • lwblogger2

      Yes, that speed is much more of a killer at amateur levels and in lower professional levels. MLB players just don’t tend to make the kind of mistakes and the scouting is too good in MLB for the speed to be quite the killer it is at lower levels.

      • jdx19

        I think you hit the nail on the head with scouting being a huge part of it. I think we’ll see third basemen even further in this year since Billy hasn’t shown he owns the skill to slap the ball on the ground to left. And with the guys so far in, you have to lay down a perfect drag bunt (from the left side, of course) to even have a chance at a bunt hit.

      • VaRedsFan

        Billy Hamilton is a great bunter. He bats .333 when attempting to bunt. I’m a believer that he should try to bunt with 2 strikes more.

  24. Jeremy Conley

    This just doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. Yet again my mind is boggled by the Reds decision making. Keeping JJ Hoover on this team makes absolutely no sense. What does a guy have to do to get cut anymore? Going 1-10 in the bullpen last year wasn’t enough? I just don’t know what they see in him. Extreme flyball pitcher, gives up walks, GABP. What about that sounds good? He’s also given up two HRs in 7 innings.

    Sam LeCure may not be amazing, but he’s struck out 12 in 8 innings this spring with no HRs. He’s also come up with the Reds, started in the minors, shifted to the pen, reinvented his repertoire, become a good setup man etc. If there’s anyone that’s earned a little leeway, it’s him, and he didn’t even have that bad of a season last year.

    This Reds team is so confusing.

    • jdx19

      The only possible explanation is that Sam LeCure is being inhabited by the spirit of Rick Ankiel. If that’s the case, Sam LeCure can be another back-up outfielder…

    • docmike

      Hoover has pitched 3 seasons with the Reds:

      2012 = 2.05 ERA, 3.19 FIP
      2013 = 2.86 ERA, 3.47 FIP
      2014 = 4.88 ERA, 4.97 FIP

      He has had two good years, and one bad year. Even in 2014, he had a 10.8 K/9, meaning that the stuff is still there.

      His main issue last year was a HR/9 that jumped from 0.82 in 2013 to 1.87 in 2014. Yes, he gives up a lot of flyballs, but last year his HR/FB rate doubled from 7.4 in 2013 to 14.9%. If a few more of those flyballs stay in the park, his numbers look a lot better.

      A lesser issue was his walk rate jumped from 3.55 in 2014 to 4.45 last year. I don’t know why, maybe all the homers he gave up made him start nibbling too much.

      All in all, cutting Hoover after one bad year would be foolish. Keep him, and hopefully try to fix whatever caused the issue with the gopher balls.

      Don’t blame LeCure getting cut on JJ Hoover. Having Kevin Gregg in the bullpen is a much more egregious error than keeping Hoover.

  25. Grand Salami

    I know he probably isn’t but does Marshall’s health factor into this decision?

    • jdx19

      Doubtful. I think the entire organizaiton knows that counting on Marshall to ever pitch a meaningful inning is folly. The guy is done.

  26. Jeremy Conley

    And then there’s Kevin Gregg. He is the absolute definition of mediocre and now he’s going to be 37.

  27. jdx19

    So, FG has their bullpen power rankings up today. Reds, not surprisingly, show at 5th in all of baseball on the shoulders of Aroldis Chapman. He’s projected to collect 2.5 of the 2.9 WAR total for the bullpen. Biggest single-guy-percentage in baseball. Everyone else is basically replacement level, except a few guys eeking out 0.1 or 0.2 worth of projected WAR.

    • Hoosier Reds

      Does this make you question WAR? How many games did the bullpen lose last year before Chapman ever got a chance to contribute?

      • Jeremy Conley

        Yeah, WAR doesn’t work very well for relievers, I’m not sure why they would do their rankings based on it. The problem is that WAR is fundamentally a counting stat, and relievers just don’t pitch enough to rack up a lot of WAR.

        The issue is that they do pitch in high-leverage situations most of the time, since the later in the game, the higher the leverage because your offense has less time to come back if you give up runs. So while a guy might only end up as -.2 WAR on the season, he may have blown 5 easy saves that kept you out of the playoffs.

        I would just rankings looking forward I would just use xFIP or something like that. For looking back, I really like Win Probability Added (WPA) which is based off of the individual situations faced.

        For example, Hoover only had -.5 WAR last season, but was dead last among all relievers with -3.56 WPA. Basically, for the situations he was given, he was the worst in baseball.

      • lwblogger2

        WPA is a very nice stat for evaluating relief pitchers. Far better than WAR in my opinion. Glad you brought it up… Still, relief pitcher effectiveness and defense are the two hardest things to accurately factor statistically and to predict statistically from one year to the next.

      • jdx19

        Totally agree. WAR certainly has its shortcomings. Although, I feel like I read something recently saying that they were now calculating reliever WAR using some kind of leverage multiplier. I think it was in an FG Chat with Syzborski or Sarris or someone like that. I tried to find it, but couldnt!

        My post was more about the juxtaposition of an elite reliever and a bunch of terrible relievers. Most other clubs at least have 2 decent relievers. I’m hoping Tony C can be such a reliever.

      • jdx19

        Certainly, but don’t forget that WAR is fundamentally based on a theoretical replacement player. What that seems to suggest is that if someone like JJ Hoover has blown a ton of games with only -0.5 WAR, then a replacement reliever likely would have blown nearly as many games.

        Positive WAR doesn’t mean a player is good. I means he’s somewhat better than a theoretical AAA player than can be had for league minimum.

  28. whereruklu

    Mercy me!!! Cannot understand how Hoover remains and LeCure is out. Sammy is a class act and will be missed. He has been all over the Reds pitching staff, performing whereever they placed him. Sure hope he’s back with the big boys soon, and by the looks of the pitching roster, my guess is that he will. Hang in the Sammy, we’ll be seeing you again soon.

  29. VaRedsFan

    I personally feel that both should have been released with Parra hanging on by the skin of his teeth. Gregg doesn’t exactly make me happy either…. He could end up being Hoover 2.0

  30. Dan

    Looks like we need Sam right now, The Cards just showed us again…Gregg down big Sam up please..