Anthony DeSclafani gave up six runs, including three home runs, as the Reds lost 6-3 to the Padres on Monday afternoon. The Reds did collect 13 hits in defeat, but were only able to score three runs. Chris Dominguez drove in two runs for the Reds, and is now tied for the team lead in RBI with 14 this spring.

Final R H E
 Cincinnati Reds (13-11) 3 13 0
 San Diego Padres (15-11) 6 8 1
W: Kennedy (1-1) L: DeSclafani (1-1)
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Anthony DeSclafani cruised through the first two innings, retiring the first six batters he faced. The long ball however was DeSclafani’s demise on Monday. He allowed a 2-run homer to Matt Kemp in the 4th inning, and home runs to Clint Barmes and Yangervis Solarte in the 5th inning. DeSclafani’s ERA jumped from 1.83 to 3.51. DeSclafani said after the game (via Mark Sheldon): “I was behind in the count and did not make good pitches and that happens. Those are big league hitters, and they’re going to capitalize on it. I’ll try to be better.”

Bryan Price really shook up the lineup on Monday. He had Phillips leadoff, Frazier hit second, Votto bat third, and had Billy Hamilton all the way down in the #7 spot. Price continues to dance around the questions of what his opening day lineup will look like.

Joey Votto played the entire game on Monday, and went 1 for 4 with a sacrifice fly.

Kris Negron collected his 19th hit this spring. Negron has a 1.077 OPS this spring, and seems like a lock for the opening day roster.

Todd Frazier went 2 for 3 on the afternoon. Frazier has a solid .920 OPS this spring.

Jay Bruce and Billy Hamilton both went hitless, and are continuing to struggle this spring. Bruce has .574 OPS, while Hamilton only has a .491 OPS.

Thom Brennaman was on the radio call on Monday. He continued what his father started in this week in insulting broadcasting. Thom basically complained that Joey Votto isn’t Barry Bonds when he was on steroids. He said something along the lines of Bonds was a very patient hitter, but when he got his pitch he never missed it. Great comparison, Thom.

Other news and notes:

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Cincinnati Reds at Milwaukee Brewers

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22 Responses

  1. Davis Stuns Goliath

    Can’t say it was the most exciting game to watch in person, but at least I got to see JV come to bat five times and experience a gritty TOOTBLAN!

    • vegastypo

      Hey, I was there too! Good to see Votto and Frazier both making really good contact! I was hoping to see Mes as well, but ya can’t win ’em all. Hope it really is just a cramp.

      • PhoenixPhil

        Me three. Hamilton looks bad at bunting. High (for a bunt) popup to the catcher and a bunt right to the third baseman. Bruce and Byrd don’t look good either. Here’s hoping to small sample sizes (two games in person).

  2. lwblogger2

    I love Jay Bruce but I’m worried about him. I’ve been saying that last year was an aberration due in part to the knee, and in part to bad habits developed because of the knee. What I worry about is that although the knee may be sound, the bad habits remain. I also still think the shift is totally in his head. I generally don’t put much stock into spring stats but when a guy either A) doesn’t have a track record or B) in Bruce’s case, is coming off an injury and sub-par season; I would rather see a guy have a much better spring. I’ve got some serious concerns about what type of season my favorite player is going to have this year.

    • Matt WI

      Yeah, I keep trying to tell myself that it’s spring, I don’t have to pay attention to his numbers… but I’m a wee bit worried he’s hitting worse than Billy.

    • charlottencredsfan

      The thing that concerns me most, when asked if he was making any adjustments, he replied nada. The first couple of games when it appeared he was focusing on going the other way, I couldn’t have been more excited about his 2015 season. Then he made that comment and I thought boy-oh-boy.

      Hamilton the same thing, he took the worst of last year and dug deeper by now “really” shuffling his feet. All the time he spent in the offseason working on bunting, would have been better spent figuring out what he was doing when he was successful at the plate, instead of doubling down.

      Above all other team sports, baseball has a lot to do with what is between the ears. As much as raw physical talent. It is why I follow the sport and no other except horseracing

      • jdx19

        I think he should give up switch hitting. Pick one and stick to it, preferably righty. He’s always looked a lot better to me as a righty. No idea if the numbers back that up or not.

      • charlottencredsfan

        They don’t, at least in 2014:

        Right: .264/.297/.371/.669 wRC+ = 84
        Left: .246/.291/.350/.641 wRC+= 77

      • George Mirones

        In your chart are you saying that against right handed, left handed pitching these are his numbers or these are his results batting right/ left handed.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Batting side. My point being not a great deal of difference. Can’t prove it but know it’s true: Billy hit far, far better LH 1st half 2014, and the exact reverse in the second half. I can’t find any statistical breakdown to confirm but when you have seen as many Hamilton AB’s as I have seen, there is no doubt in my mind.

        Changing to a non-switch hitter, having more confidence, changing bat weight, building muscle, etc. will not do a darn thing to help that kid hit. It is barking up the wrong tree. His approach in June & July are the ticket to success. Compare to today and ST and it is two totally different guys. You don’t have to very smart to see it and it is very aggravating.

  3. Jake

    Jay Bruce has been struggling as much as billy this spring. We can’t afford to have (at least) 2 gaping holes in our lineup, especially with Bruce. He needs to quit to being stubborn try to go the other way of the shift

    • George Mirones

      It is said Spring Training numbers don’t mean squat, but if they are the same as recent ML history against suspect pitching, makes a fan wonder. The only thing that will get Bruce’s attention is wearing another uniform in Minnesota, or Seattle.
      Most posters to this site agree that Bosch’s numbers won’t hold up yet I feel more comfortable with him knowing what he is than hoping that Jay see’s the light.

  4. George Mirones


    Didn’t this start the same way last year; 1st cramping, then strained, then the DL.
    Just saying….

    C. Trent Rosecrans, USA TODAY Sports 10:18 p.m. EDT May 16, 2014
    C. Trent wrote;
    “The quadriceps muscles span from the thigh to the knee, and the “distal” part of the diagnosis means the strain is in the lower part of the muscle group, near the knee. A strain does not require surgery, an orthopedic surgeon with no connection to the team told the Enquirer. The surgeon said the rehab for that injury is similar to a hamstring strain, so a disabled list is still a possibility.”

    Mark Sheldon / | @m_sheldon | March 30, 2015
    Sheldon writes;
    “As expected, Reds catcher Devin Mesoraco was not in Monday’s lineup vs. the Padres after he left Sunday’s game with a cramp in his left quadriceps. Mesoraco is listed as day-to-day.”
    “Hopefully, it’s just a couple of days here, and I will be fine,” Mesoraco said.
    “Everything was basically normal; a little bit of tightness in there, but no real problems. I should be good to go,” Mesoraco said.

    • jdx19

      Oh, geez. You’re scaring me, George!

  5. Jeremy Forbes

    The thing that worries me was Price was so quick to set his Opening Day starting rotation so early in the Spring that I feel like he jumped the gun quite a bit. Before Price announced the starting rotation….
    Marquis: 9 IP, 1 R (1 ER)
    DeSclafani: 9 IP, 4 R (3 ER)
    Iglesias: 7.2 IP, 2 R (0 ER)

    Since announcing the starting rotation, that same group?
    Marquis: 17 IP, 9 R (9 ER)
    DeSclafani: 16.2 IP, 9 R (7 ER)
    Iglesias: 7 IP, 9 R (6 ER)

    Really think it was a huge mistake to have such a wide competition and end it so early, cementing your starting rotation on March 18th when none of them had pitched even 10 innings yet. Meanwhile Cingrani has still only allow one run this Spring, earned or otherwise, and has a 3 BB:13 K ratio in 10.2 IP.

    • George Mirones

      Interesting how a demotion to the bullpen sent a message that Cingrani received.

      Other than that, a writer on this blog noted at the time that Cingrani’s arm motion was hard to pick up the first time through a batting order so as a relief pitcher the first 6 batters he would face were at a real disadvantage. My thoughts are maybe in April and May but after that with a lot more tape on him he might not be as effective.

      • charlottencredsfan

        George, looking at first principles: if he can’t go five innings throwing less than 100 pitches, regardless whether he is effective with his small arsenal of different pitches, he is suited for the bullpen.

      • George Mirones

        Charlotte; Ayy Yes! Facts, why ruin a good thought line.
        As I remember last year I would often wonder which would come first the 100 pitch count or the 5th inning. There were a few games last year that 75 would be at the end of the 2nd inning.

  6. Matt WI

    Best place for this: BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCEEEEE!!!! Just hit a bomb to opposite field Signs of life!

    • George Mirones

      Does this mean that you have your Bruce fix till May?

    • vegastypo

      I hear ya, but what just happened with Chapman???!!! At first, it appeared he might be hurt after throwing only 6 pitches, but he wanted to stay in the game. He appears quite angry that he got taken out.