The Reds beat up on the Cleveland Indians 13-2 on Thursday, and improved to 11-9 this spring. The Reds collected 19 hits, dominating the Indians pitching. The Reds scored 7 runs off Indians starter Danny Salazar, who is competing for a spot in the Indians rotation.The Reds now have just seven games left in Arizona before traveling to Montreal for a two-game exhibition series next weekend against the Blue Jays. Then it is opening day in Cincinnati on the following Monday.

Final R H E
 Cincinnati Reds (11-9) 13 19 1
 Cleveland Indians (10-13) 2 8 1
W: Lorenzen (2-0) L: Salazar (1-2)
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Michael Lorenzen continues to make a strong push for an opening day bullpen spot. Lorenzen allowed 1 run in 3 innings against the Indians regulars, while not walking a batter. Lorenzen now has a 1.64 ERA this spring.

Todd Frazier hit a no doubter home run to left field off Danny Salazar in the first inning. It was impressive considering Salazar struck out the other three batters he faced in the first inning (Hamilton, Votto, and Phillips). It was Frazier’s third home run this spring.

Devin Mesoraco also hit a no doubter home run to left field off Danny Salazar, but his came in the second inning. It was Mesoraco’s second home run this spring.

After falling behind 0-2 in the count, Joey Votto battled back to hit a single up the middle to drive in two runs, with 2 outs in the second inning. Votto is hitting .261/.400/.391 this spring.

Billy Hamilton had an RBI double with two outs in the second inning. Hamilton roped a ball down to right field. That kept a Reds rally going, as they would go on to score 4 runs in the inning.

Brennan Boesch and Kris Negron both had good games. Boesch had 2 hits, and Negron scored 3 runs. Both players are having very good springs. Boesch is hitting .357/.303/.452, and Negron is hitting .400/.581/.857.

Paul Maholm pitched three scoreless innings on Thursday, allowing 2 hits, 1 walk, and 1 strikeout. Maholm has also had a nice spring, posting 2.19 ERA.

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Matt Garza (1-1, 5.40 ERA) vs Raisel Iglesias (0-2, 2.53 ERA)


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  1. wizeman

    Two things… happy Lorenzen coming along but he did not miss many bats yesterday. Does anyone think that is a cause for concern.
    Interesting commentary from Chris Welch yesterday concerning inning limits for Iglesias and Lorenzen. Did not realize that Lorenzen threw 130 or so last year and that his number might be somewhere around 140. Same with Iglesias. Higher thresholds than I thought.

    • gaffer

      Lorenzen threw 120 innings. I think the more interesting question is the number of pitches thrown. I bet Lorenzen threw less than you might think given that he “doesn’t miss bats” and had a low strike out total (the anti-Chapman if you will).

    • B-town Fan

      Seemed like I heard somewhere the rule of the thumb for building innings was 30% percent more each year, might be wrong about that, but I’m sure it varies by organization. So if Lorenzen pitched 130 that would be 39 more so he is probably in line to pitch 165 to 170 innings this year.

      • B-town Fan

        Another thing on the Lorenzen front. Price was quoted in a Mark Sheldon story yesterday after his start saying “That gives him a chance to get to 80-85 [pitches] in his next outing, which to me, means he’s ready to start,” manager Bryan Price said before the game. “You can safely say he could throw 90-95 pitches in his first start of the season.”

      • Tom Diesman

        I was thinking it was 30 IP more each year was the rule of thumb. If that’s the case, I’d be expecting him to held to about 150 IP or so this season.

  2. WVRedlegs

    The offense busted out the whooping sticks.
    Very tough decision coming with Lorenzen. While tempting to put him in the bullpen, he probably should start out at AAA. I think having him get ready to come up for the rotation instead would be the better course, in case Marquis falters early.
    Speaking of Marquis, if he has another bad outing in his next start, could Maholm subplant him as the #5 starter? You have to go with the hot hand. These last 7 spring games will be interesting to see how it all shakes out when they have to cut the roster down to 25.
    Starting to feel a little better about the 2015 Reds team and their chances. DeSclafani pitched extremely well last game and now Lorenzen pitches well. Leake has been wonderful all spring. Cueto will be Cueto. Bailey will be back soon and hopefully hits the ground running. The offense seems to be coming around. Byrd has had a good spring. The #1- #5 spots in the lineup should be stout. If Byrd, BP and Cozart can carry their own weight, it just makes them that much better. The bullpen looks to be improved and more veterany. The bench looks like it’ll be improved. There is reason for a little cautious optimism to bubble up in April.
    It reminds me of the scene in the movie “Major League” where the manager, Lou Brown says to his bench coach, “It’s starting to come together, Pepper, starting to come together.”

  3. jdx19

    Regarding the BP article, I think the writer missed the point about why folks were upset with the first BP article. Of course BP has been a good/great 2B-man over his career. That’s never been in question. Its just the ‘look at me’ attitude and calling his teammates/management out that irks most of us.

    • bhrubin1

      Ok, so Brandon Phillips is a slightly below average MLB hitter who is also slightly above average offensively for his position. Great! Couple that with very good defense (I would say top tier, but I know that is a point of contention on this site and I don’t want to stoke that fire) at an important defensive position, and I think most teams would be happy with a Brandon Phillips at 2nd. I think the Reds are probably a better team with him than with most of their other options (Zobrist excepted). That’s not to say he’s worth what their paying him (he’s not, but that ship has sailed). It is just to say, I don’t think there were many better players available for second base. The real issue with Phillips is that he should not be hitting in one of the top four (or even five) spots in the order. That’s not a knock on Phillips. Most teams bat their second baseman 6th or 7th, and I think most of us would be happy with BP as a 6 or 7 hitter. And actually, that is a much better place for the “RBI guy” anyway, because the further you drop in the lineup, the lower the chances of someone behind bringing a runner in. Sac flies look better and walks and singles look worse as the quality of hitters behind you decreases, and with them the odds of getting a runner home. Part of management is putting each player in the best position to help the team with his particular skill set. Bat BP lower!

      • jdx19

        Not sure why this is in response to what I wrote, but I agree! Bat BP lower!

      • bhrubin1

        Just because yours was the comment about the BP article. I hope you didn’t think I was disagreeing with you.

  4. Jeff

    Really why would you not pitch Maholm and Lorenzen over Iglesias and Marquis based on how they are actually throwing. Plus Lorenzen has actually been a starter and Iglesias could use some starts in the minors.

  5. redmountain

    At this point, is anything set in stone? Lets start the season and see how it plays out. Whether or not a guy in on the 25 on in the minors, is not a guarantee that they will stay there.

  6. redmountain

    In another vein, what are your thoughts on the two trades the Reds made? Having Johnson at AAA seems to mean he will play 1b. Trading Lohman would seem to say that someone like Daal or Blandino will be in AA. There is also the possibility of someone coming back. Money would seem to be minimal so hopefully players come back in the future, though probably not major league ready. These kind of deals have brought back Simon and Hoover.

    • Kevin Patrick

      I was wondering about this as well… I think it has to do with who the Reds may carry on the bench. 1st basemen who haven’t been cut yet may find themselves on the opening day roster.

      • ohiojimw

        I’ve been wondering which way the coin is going to land on this one. It could be as you said, Dominguez is going to make the Reds is why they need Johnson to play 1B at AAA or then again maybe Dominguez is not going to make the Reds and has an out in his deal which the Reds think he will take and that is why they want Johnson for 1B at AAA (and heaven forbid should they need a long term 1B sub again this year). This kind of intrigue is what makes this part of the season so interesting. for those of us whose livelihoods are not hanging in the balance. 🙂

  7. docmike

    I think I would actually be ok with Paul Maholm as our 5th starter. He’s not much, but crafty lefties always seem to give some teams fits.

    Jason Marquis, on the other hand… Ugh. Please no.

    And I do not want Lorenzen wasting away in the Reds’ bullpen. If he isn’t in the starting rotation, let him go to Louisville and start every 5th day there.

    • jdx19

      Agreed about Lorenzen. We need him to come in and pitch meaningful innings in 2016 and beyond from a starters’ role. Keep him starting in AAA.

    • citizen54

      Yah, it’s dumb to start his service clock by having him rot in the bullpen. If the Reds think he is going to pan out, it’s better for him to start the year in AAA.

  8. Jeremy R Howdyshell

    Just going to say you should check the stat line on Boesch. I think you have a typo because I don’t figure he has a .303 OBP when his BA is .357.

  9. charlottencredsfan

    Reds lineup tonight:
    Hamilton – 8
    Votto – 3
    BP – 4
    Mes – 2
    Byrd – 7
    Bruce – 9
    Cozart – 6
    Negron – 5
    Iglesias – 1

    Close as to an expected Opening Day lineup we’ve seen this spring.

    • ohiojimw

      Falu played SS instead of Cozart. We can always hope ZC is being held out because they are trying to deal him.