You may have noticed the new image in the right sidebar advertising tickets to Reds games. We’re pleased to have partnered with TiqIQ, the largest aggregator of event tickets online, to provide you great access to deals for Reds tickets — both home games and away!

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Best of all, it’s free!

Using our link and TiqIQ’s service doesn’t add additional fees or convenience charges to the price of your ticket. How is that possible? Because TiqIQ gets their cut from the ticket seller in exchange for making their ticket known to you the consumer. And Redleg Nation receives our cut from TiqIQ.

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So, if you’re buying tickets, including for spring training, the exhibition games in Montreal against Toronto and even Opening Day on April 6, start your search by clicking the TiqIQ image in the sidebar. You’ll be supporting Redleg Nation while finding a great deal for yourself.