Based on spring training assignments, it appears the Reds have their starting rotation and plans for Homer Bailey set up. The rotation, in order:

Johnny Cueto, Raisel Iglesias, Mike Leake, Jason Marquis, Anthony DeSclafani

Homer Bailey threw 30 pitches today. He’s scheduled to start in a major league game against the Brewers on Friday. MLB rules allow DL assignments to be backdated for nine days of spring training. Bailey can pitch Friday then go on the DL the following day, March 28. He could then come off the DL to pitch against the Cubs on 4/13 in Chicago, replacing Iglesias. Bailey would have time for three more starts before that game. If Bailey isn’t ready on 4/13, he’d start against the Cardinals in St. Louis on 4/19.

The Reds announced that Michael Lorenzen would start on Thursday. That’s just Lorenzen standing in for Johnny Cueto who is in the Dominican Republic tending to family business.

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  1. Steve Mancuso

    I was hoping Tony Cingrani would work out as a starter, and maybe he still will. But he certainly seems to have taken to his bullpen role. Maybe he’s just better suited for the bullpen.

    • Jeremy Forbes

      If Tony Cingrani is capable of making a two inning save, I would happily be willing to sacrifice him to the bullpen if in exchange Chapman could take Marquis’ spot in the rotation. Knock DeSclafani up to #4, make Chapman #5, and give him about 25 starts or so.

      • DHud

        Cingrani replacing Chapman as the closer is not a farfetched idea, but the scenario is more likely to be because of losing Chapman to free agency or trade.

      • whereruklu

        Gotta agree to a point, but Chappy is not going to start. Love Cingrani, just wish they’d use Tony temporarily until Homer gets back. Again, this staff is going to have problems staying in contention. Can we say, “rebuilding year”???

      • Eric Sullvan

        Of course it’s a rebuilding year. but they will be better than last year and I think fun to watch.

    • ProspectCincy

      The dude is just pitching angry. It’s the fire that makes him better than his pitch repertoire says he should be …

      U of all people Steve know where Chapman belongs; and Cingrani is no different. A healthy Tony is a dominant Tony, whether in the pen, or on the rubber from pitch #1.

      Tony deserves his shot at 170 innings this year, not 70 and I’ll be on the front line laughing when they keep passing him up for guys like Holmberg and Axelrod and the Reds are 20 games out in August.

  2. Eric Sullvan

    Chapman will never start for the Reds

  3. B-town Fan

    We can still fantasize about it. Chapman would be our version of Kershaw. Ah what could be.

    • Eric Sullvan

      Chapman has never looked as good as Kershaw.

      • B-town Fan

        And Chapman has never started a MLB regular season game either. I’m not talking about the Chapman from three years ago, I talking about the current version with the slider and change up. But it’s just a fantasy anyway the Reds won’t do it and he doesn’t want to anyway.

  4. whereruklu

    Oh, this is going to be a long season with this pitching staff. Simon will be missed, dollars or not.

  5. Eric Sullvan

    I thnk the pitching is fine. I like what I have seen.

    • lwblogger2

      They’ve looked decent this spring but I think they have issues in the 4th and 5th rotation spots. They essentially have two #5s and both of them have big, big question marks. That’s why they play the games though. Maybe you’re right and I’m wrong. I wouldn’t bank on it but my heart sure hopes so.

  6. Tom Reed

    If Bailey is injury free once he comes back, and Iglesias is a work in progress with a good assortment of pitches, and DeSclafani surprises us like Simon did last year, the Reds starting pitching could be ok.

    • sezwhom

      Key word is “could” be. I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high. We’re asking a lot.

      • Grand Salami

        Yeah, there are three new starters in this rotation and two of them are essentially rookies. I expect Iglesias to look more like Bailey as a rookie than Leake as a rookie.

  7. Nate

    Rockies released Chacin today. He’s been struggling, but wouldn’t mind seeing the Reds take a flyer on him for a back of the rotation ‘proven’ arm while some of these younger arms mature.

    • earmbrister

      Nate, your Chacin post is like finding a diamond amongst a pile of coal (Chapman should be a starter crapola).

    • lwblogger2

      That would make too much sense.

  8. old school

    Steve- how do you see the Reds handling Iglesias and Lorenzen this year.
    Both appear to me to be in the starting rotation in 2016.

  9. w_c_hughes

    Why wouldn’t they start Iglesias over Marquis once Homer returns?

    • Steve Mancuso

      I was only saying this is the way the rotation is lined up right now. Iglesias is pitching the day after Cueto. That’s the Bailey slot. They could move Iglesias back to take Marquis slot, but that’s not what they’re planning right now. See Price’s comments about “long-term, start-to-finish” when describing Marquis and Maholm.

      On the other hand, there are still 2-3 starts for everyone before Opening Day. Might not be too late for Marquis to lose his job and Iglesias to win it. But hard to see them planning on Iglesias starting all year given likely innings limits.

  10. Steve Mancuso

    Here’s how I see the rotation stacking up through Bailey’s return:

    Spring Training
    3/23 – Marquis
    3/25 – DeSclafani
    3/26 – Cueto (Lorenzen, Cueto on leave)
    3/27 – Bailey (vs. Milwaukee)
    3/28 – Leake
    3/29 – Marquis
    3/30 – DeSclafani
    3/31 – Cueto
    4/1 – Iglesias (Bailey on DL, pitches in minor leagues)
    4/2 – Leake
    4/3 – Marquis
    4/4 – DeSclafani

    4/6 – Cueto
    4/8 – Iglesias
    4/9 – Leake

    4/10 – Marquis
    4/11 – DeSclafani
    4/12 – Cueto

    4/13 – Bailey/Iglesias
    4/14 – Leake
    4/15 – Marquis

    4/17 – DeSclafani
    4/18 – Cueto
    4/19 – Bailey

    • lwblogger2

      Makes me a little sick to see Marquis’ starts against NL Central opponents… I didn’t even have a projection for him until this weekend. It came out to: 20 GS, 114.33 IP, 5.03 ERA, 15.7K%, 8.8BB%

    • Kevin J. Brown

      Cueto will pitch 4/11 if Price does the same thing he did last year.