The Reds fell 9-3 in their third game this spring, and are now 1-2 in Cactus League play. The Reds had good debuts from Johnny Cueto and Aroldis Chapman. Burke Bradenhop struggled in his debut. Manny Parra, Jose Mijares, Dylan Axelrod, and Michael Lorenzen also made appearances.

Final R H E
 Cincinnati Reds (1-2) 3 7 3
 Cleveland Indians (2-1) 9 12 1
W: Chen (1-0) L: Bradenhop (0-1)
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Johnny Cueto made his 2015 debut, and looked pretty good: 2.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 2 K. Cueto did have an interesting moment in the second inning. Cueto tried to quick pitch to David Murphy (didn’t go into his usual long wind-up), but Murphy ripped it for a single. Then, eerily of the 2013 wildcard game in Pittsburgh, Cueto dropped the ball, and was called for a balk. All in all, it was very solid and encouraging start for the Reds ace.

After his appearance, Cueto had this to say (courtesy of John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer):

“Thank God, I felt really well today. I worked with location. Everything I threw I wanted to keep down, and that’s what I did today. Everything worked the way I wanted. I could have thrown more innings if they wanted, but they wanted me to throw 25 pitches. I actually had 25 pitches thrown. That was good enough.”

Aroldis Chapman also made his 2015 debut, and was good as well. Chapman walked the first batter he faced, but then proceeded to strike out the next three batters: 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 3 K.

Jay Bruce was shifted against in the second inning (only the third baseman was on the left side of the infield). Bruce then proceed to hit a sharp single to the opposite field for a base hit. It was nice to see Bruce take the ball the other way and beat the shift.

Burke Badenhop also made his Reds debut, and it went less than spectacular. Badenhop allowed 5 hits and 5 runs, including a 2-run homer to Indians catcher Yan Gomes. Badenhop only allowed 1 home run in 70 games last season for the Red Sox.

Eugino Suarez made an error on a routine double play ball. Sure, it’s only the third day of baseball games, but it was one of those plays that will stick with you. Suarez is “battling” Cozart for the SS position.

The Reds also played a “B” game today (didn’t count towards their Cactus League record), and lost 7-4. Juan Duran homered, according to Jamie Ramsey. Other players to appear in that game included Nick Howard, Jesse Winker, Neftali Soto, Nick Travieso, and Amir Garrett.

Up next:

Cincinnati Reds (1-2) at Chicago Cubs (0-1)

Sloan Park: Mesa, Arizona

Friday, 3:05 PM (EST)

Tony Cingrani vs Jon Lester

CIN Radio: WSAI-1360

CIN TV: None

(Reds vs Indians from 3/5 will be re-broadcast at 6:00pm on Friday on the MLB Network)

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Photos of Burke Badenhop and Aroldis Chapman from Thursday’s game, courtesy of Melanie Nichols.

19 Responses

  1. sultanofswaff

    Badenhop was victimized by Suarez’s error, a tailor made double play. Should’ve been 2 out and nobody on. Chapman was up in the zone all day, but it doesn’t really matter when you throw that hard.

    How about Lorenzen’s good outing? His pure stuff is as good as Bailey. If there’s a knock, I’d say he had control but not command. Kind of like Kerry Wood—wild in the strike zone.

    • lwblogger2

      I was gonna make the same comment about Suarez’ error. You need to pitch around that and do some damage control but that error certainly hurt.

  2. PDunc

    Is there anyway to make the high socks like Bradenhop is wearing mandatory? Is it just me, or is that what a baseball uniform is supposed to look like?

  3. Matt WI

    I made the mistake of taking the link to the Daughtery column. Now my Friday morning is tainted. Just subtle digs and pot stirring.

    • charlottencredsfan

      The guy is obsessed with Votto. I don’t get it. Is Joey running around with PD’s wife?

    • jdx19

      The funniest thing is how he reacts to a very, very simple mathematics equation. It’s algebra, for Pete’s sake! Anyone who finished 8th grade should have no problem understanding it. But, he’s just trying to alienate Votto, I’d suspect.

      • redmountain

        Some of us understand math, and some do not. I have an advanced degree,.but that equation completely loses me. I can give you ten different interpretations of a Shakespeare play, but as soon as letters stand for numbers my eyes roll into the back of my head. Congratulations on your ability to do math, but that is not necessarily a trait we all share.

    • jdx19

      Oh, and in case anyone is interested, the basis for “walks are good” comes from this chart from Tom Tango. (Also, this helps show the situations where a sac bunt is actually valuable versus not valuable)

      It shows (using real game data from 1950-2010) how often and how many runs score during an inning from each base-out situation.

      Just thought I’d throw that out there for some spring training homework for folks!

    • Pooter

      He’s a Steelers’ fan. What do you expect???

  4. Tom Gray

    General comment. To me, the first few games (first week really) of ST doesn’t mean too much. More important is the third or fourth week (second or third time around for the P and regular lineup).

  5. Greg Dafler

    What’s the status of the defensive rule shift? The new commissioner had mentioned considering a ban on this type of defensive alignment. Is this still a possibility for 2015 or 2016 or is that rule off the table?

    • redmountain

      You want people to stop shift, hit the ball to the other field. Yes, it is early, but Bruce has already beaten the shift once, if it continues watch for a big year.

  6. Steve Mancuso

    Tony Cingrani about to pitch today for first time.

    You can make a case that Cingrani has the largest range in possible outcomes for Reds pitchers. Maybe for anyone on the team. Hard to know if he’ll be like he was in 2013, 2014, something in between, or better than 2013.