The game begins at 3:05 ET. You can watch it for free on MLB.TV and listen to the radio broadcast on WLW-Radio. The MLB Network is airing a delayed broadcast at 4 p.m.

Get your commenting in shape for the regular season.

But first, answer these two questions:

1. Which Reds player are you most enthusiastic about this season?

2. Which Reds player are you paying closest attention to during spring training?

If you’re ready to dive into the 2015 Reds, there’s this.

Play ball!

76 Responses

  1. PhoenixPhil

    First Post 🙂
    1. Jay Bruce
    2. Joey Votto

  2. sultanofswaff

    1. I’m most enthusiastic about Mesoraco.
    2. Cingrani has to return to form. Without him, we don’t have enough depth to absorb 3 new faces into the rotation and still compete.

  3. jdx19

    1. Mesoraco
    2. Hamilton (Has he learned how to bunt, specifically, is what I’ll be watching for.)

    • Chris Miller

      He already knew how to bunt. He hit over .300 while bunting last year. The problem is, he got away from it during the 2nd half, and didn’t try as much.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Do you have statistical data to back this up (1st vs 2nd half)?

  4. Gonzo Reds

    Hamilton – he’s our most exciting play maker and if his OBP goes up it sets the table for our bashers to drive in more runs, which was one of our biggest issues last year. Even more important this year since our GM gutted our biggest strength, our rotation.

    Winker – the faster he’s ready the faster we can relegate Byrd to the bench

  5. lwblogger2

    Mine are exactly the same as @PhoenixPhil .. Bruce and Votto with a little helping of BP.

  6. preacherj

    1. Mes
    2. Votto. Just need to be able to breathe again.

  7. preacherj

    It’s good to hear Marty and Brantley on the radio again!

  8. preacherj

    Is it too early to place my Cy Young vote for Jason Marquis?

    • preacherj

      Actually, it’s about 5 years too late……

    • charlottencredsfan

      Think we found a #4 starting pitcher.

      • Bob Purkey

        I have no ability to get excited about Jason Marquis. He has had many years of getting absolutely hammered, and it GABP, it ould be an absolute disaster!
        Call me Mr. Negative, but if he makes the rotation, we are in for a long year.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Bob, that was 100% tongue-in-cheek.

  9. J. Michael Owens


    I miss the fully operational Votto and hope to see him destroying baseballs like the Death Star destroyed Alderaan. Winker’s bat can’t arrive soon enough. I need to see if that’s going to be now, mid-year 2015, or sometime in 2016.

  10. Jeremy Conley

    Most excited: Bruce. He’s been my favorite Red for a long time now, and I’m pulling for him to bounce back.

    Watching: Hamilton. He’s such an exciting player, but since he’s going to be leading off no matter what he does, I really want to see if he’s going to adjust his approach at the plate. In the minors he always got on base at a good rate, and last year he just swung at everything. I’m willing to chalk that up to it being his first go round, but I’ll be watching to see if he’s improving.

  11. w_c_hughes

    How do you watch the game for free? At Bat app keeps trying to get me to pay for it…

  12. Jeremy Conley

    Marquis’ stuff actually looks pretty decent. His fastball command isn’t good, but that’s probably just rust.

    • charlottencredsfan

      He hits a little too. I love the first ST game!

  13. w_c_hughes

    Oh! Forgot!

    Excited: Votto
    Watchful: Frazier

  14. preacherj

    I can’t count how many times Marty has already said “He’s looking for a comeback year.”

  15. charlottencredsfan

    Huh? Thrown out on the bases, who would have figured. Mid-season form.

  16. charlottencredsfan

    Realize it’s early but is it too soon to say that pitching is this club’s strength?

  17. preacherj

    Billy’s first two AB’s have been on the ground. I suppose that’s something….

    • charlottencredsfan

      I understand about bunting better and hitting the ball on the ground more but if Billy doesn’t hit the ball with a little more authority, the defense will be playing so far in they could tie his shoelaces. I think he bunts plenty well enough but if the infield doesn’t start backing off, it won’t matter much.

      • VaRedsFan

        Exactly this. He laid down a lot of great bunts last year, but the defense was in so close it didn’t equal as many hits as it should. The drag bunt by the pitcher needs improvement. Many times he bunted it too hard.

        The #1 thing he should try is more bunts with 2 strikes

  18. Dick

    1. Mesoraco. Really has the possibility to become a ‘stud’.
    2. Cozart. Dunno why. I sorta expect (*hope*) for a bounce-back/career year.

  19. preacherj

    Will we see a TOOTBLAN in Goodyear, or will they save that blessing for the regular season?

  20. preacherj

    Marlon with the RBI. That’s leadership and a will to win.

  21. Nick Carrington

    1. Jay Bruce. I’m expecting a good season.
    2. Suarez/Hamilton. Suarez is an interesting alternative to Cozart even if Cozart does start the year as the starter. If Hamilton can muster an average OBP (.320ish), he becomes such an offensive weapon. Hoping to see him show more plate discipline this spring.

    Honorable mention to Iglesias.

  22. charlottencredsfan

    JB with a double to dead center. You have to like that.

    • preacherj

      Byrd’s leadership inspired him.

      • lwblogger2

        You’re in mid-season form already!!

      • preacherj

        Hey, once Matt made the comment about my aging curve going the wrong direction, I feel like I need to be more aggressive at the plate. If I’m not careful, I’ll have to comment in the 7 hole.

      • jdx19

        Post of the Year (so far) by Preach!

  23. charlottencredsfan

    #77 makes a nice play in LF.

  24. preacherj

    It may be a little thing, and perhaps unintentional, but getting the runner to third with no outs was nice to see. Especially followed up with the Frazier fly ball. We cannot afford to squander those opportunities.

  25. preacherj

    Is the catcher’s name Skip too? Do we really have two Skip’s on the field at the same time? Ground balls will not get out of the infield. Everything will get stuck on grit.

    • VaRedsFan

      Your material is off the charts so far Preach. Nice off season work is paying off.

  26. ManuelT

    Votto. Even though he isn’t really showy about it, I do believe he takes a lot of pride in his craft. For that reason, I think he’ll bounce back with a strong year.

    Cueto. I hope he tops last season.

  27. Jeremy Conley

    I’ve really got to just accept that Skip Schumaker is on this team and move on. It irks me every time I see him in the batter’s box.

  28. redmountain

    Vottto and Bruce are the two I am watching and excited about. The pitching is going to be fine, there are just too many arms to not be able to find all the pieces.

  29. redmountain

    That is, as long as they bring up some kids if the others aren’t doing the job.

  30. charlottencredsfan

    First time I have seen a Winker AB. I’m impressed.

    • Gonzo Reds

      Thanks MLB Network for skipping two Reds innings at bat so I totally missed Winker’s AB. And having to listen to Indians announcers, ugh, first inning one said we traded away Volquez in the off-season, way to be years behind in your baseball knowledge! Hopefully, Reds announcers tomorrow!

      • eddiek957

        being from Louisville and a cards fan if hope that kid can give us a nice stick off the bench

  31. charlottencredsfan

    Waldrop kid is a big fellow.

  32. Jeremy Conley

    I feel like we could all get very used to Winker and Waldrop. The latter didn’t have much of a prospect pedigree, but man, he really broke out big last year, beating up HIgh-A and AA both (55 extra-base hits across both levels). If they put him at AAA to start, he could be a phone call away.

  33. Jeremy Conley

    I just looked at the Reds schedule for the first time, and it’s pretty wild. The entire month of April is played in the NL central. Teams and fans often don’t seem to think April games mean that much, but the Reds could go a long way toward contending with a good first month.

    • jdx19

      The teams and fans who think that are sorely mistaken! Even though this schedule may be an abberation, I’ve always hated the lack or urgency shown by some early in seasons (in all sports, really).

  34. Tom Reed

    The future W’s of the Reds (Winker & Waldrop) could be similar to the B’s of the Pirates (Bonds & Bonilla) who gave us headaches years ago.

  35. George Mirones

    The fifth run is a classic; Single, sac to move the runner, opposite field fly ball to score.
    It really was great.
    Oh I forgot
    excited about Todd (pitch selection)
    Watching Votto (back leg and feet in batters box)

  36. Jeff

    Means almost nothing, but that was satisfying. I’m excited about Bruce having a great healthy year, I’m watching Winker

  37. VaRedsFan

    They just got 3 games worth of hits/runs in the same game!

  38. ohiojimw

    I think Iglesias is someone to be excited about as a potential impact player.

    BPhillips is a guy to watch. Not being able to stay healthy is a legitimate part of age decline. Therefore If BP manages to stay healthy I think he will surprise more than a healthy Votto and Bruce.

  39. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Oh, geez, so many to watch and be enthusiastic about. I guess, for me:

    1) Devin
    2) The pitchers going after the 4 and 5 spots.

  40. whereruklu

    1. Mezzo
    2. Votto
    2 and 1/2.. Cingrani

  41. User1022

    Most excited about: Mez If he can sustain or even build on what he was doing last year, we may have the greatest offensive catcher in all of baseball for the next few years.

    Watching: Votto and Hamilton. Votto to see if he really can regain some of his MVP luster, and Hamilton to see if he can take the next step.

  42. Shchi Cossack

    From the Old Cossack’s perspective, these are the most compelling events from the 1st spring training game…

    4th inning:
    Frazier doubles and Mesoraco walks with 1B open and no outs.
    Byrd grounds hard over the mound and 2B for a single driving in Frazier.
    Bruce smashes a double off the base of the LF side of the CF wall driving in Mesoraco.
    That’s making the opposing team pay for walking a dangerous hitter with 1B open!

    7th inning:
    Falu doubles and Skipworth flies out to CF.
    Schumaker walks with 1B open and one out.
    Negron walks with one out, moving Falu to 3B and Schumaker to 2B.
    Winker flies out to CF, scoring Falu.
    That’s taking advantage of walks rather than chasing pitches!

    8th inning:
    Dominguez singles.
    Boesch singles moving Dominguez to 2B.
    Suarez walks, moving Dominguez to 3B and Boesch to 2B.
    Falu flies out to CF, scoring Dominguez.
    That’s taking advantage of a walk rather than chasing pitches!

    All 4 walks directly contributed to runs scored by not giving away outs and moving runners around the bases into scoring position. Votto makes the pitcher come into the hitting zone or takes a walk, better than anyone else in MLB. Unfortunately, 3 of the 4 players contributing walks (all positive contributions) today were utility players. I simply salivate at the prospect of Votto hitting in front of Mesoraco and Mesoraco hitting behind Votto for over 150+ games this season. The problem hasn’t been Votto walking, but the hitters behind Votto not making the opposing team pay for the walks.

  43. sezwhom

    I’m paying close attention during spring training at who replaces Simon and Latos.

    Enthusiastic for this season? Suarez and Hamilton.