The Big Reds Preview is now on sale! Just in time for the start of Spring Training next week.

TBRP, written by Steve Mancuso, is 142 pages long, jammed with detailed analysis about the upcoming season. It covers the 30 players most likely to make the team’s active roster coming out of Spring Training.

The price of TBRP is $12.95 (which works out to less than 50 cents per player).

Buy TBRP online now and you’ll receive an email reply in a few seconds that gives you a link to immediately download the PDF.

20 Responses

  1. kmartin

    Well, I was making good progress on a project due Monday until I saw this posting.

    • Steve Mancuso

      That Monday project, isn’t that what TAs are for?

      • lwblogger2

        Marty B is one of the best play-by-play announcers ever. There isn’t really anything like Marty B calling a game as it plays out on the diamond. When he goes outside of that and bashes the players playing on the team that employs him however, and does so repeatedly, I wonder how he can stay employed.

      • zaglamir

        Frankly, he shouldn’t stay employed (sorry for hijacking your thread, Steve). He has personally driven my entire family (that’s 16 people that regularly listen to Reds games) to stop listening to the games. If we aren’t near a TV, we just look up the score later. His play-by-play is fine, but now-a-days he spends half of his play by play time going after the team and generally being the south-end of a north-bound horse.

      • Dennis Webb

        “There isn’t really anything like Marty B calling a game as it plays out on the diamond.”

        When does MB actually call a game? He divides his time about equally between reading mindless stats off a computer screen, droning on about someone he knew 30 years ago, or describing where he had dinner last night. Entire half innings go by without him ever making reference to the play on the field. I listen to the games on the radio, expressly to be rid of this narcissistic bore.

  2. miehls

    I have often wondered the same thing @lwblogger2 and @ZAGLAMIR. The bashing is constant and distracting to the play call. I don’t know how MB thinks it’s ok, furthermore, why he thinks ppl want to hear it all the time. I have to turn him off if I’m getting my Reds coverage via radio. I’ll look forward to this Preview.

  3. scheffbd (@scheffbd)

    I just bought my copy of the Big Reds Preview. Flipping through it, it’s loaded with stat tables, heat maps, spray charts, graphs, etc. There’s lots of info here. It was nice of Mr. Mancuso to make this available to read over the bitter cold weekend.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Thanks. I had fun working on it. Learned a lot. There’s quite a bit of surprising stuff in there.

  4. kmartin

    I could not stop reading this document. I highly recommend this for any reader of Redleg Nation. It is extremely well researched. No idle speculation or opinions, but arguments backed up by data. I would not want to get into a debate with the author.

    A few specific comments. 1) Having the brief overview of the Central Division changes was very useful. 2) I found the analysis on Hoover particularly interesting, especially with respect to his breaking pitch. 3) The Votto analysis about changing his hitting approach in 2011-2012 was new and very surprising to me (see pages 35-38). Perhaps that information was in a prior blog and I somehow missed it. 4) I naively viewed Mesoraco’s 2014 season a fluke, but not now after reading this analysis. 5) I am more optimistic about the Reds in 2015 after reading this. 6) It would be useful for the 2016 version to have an appendix with some of the more obscure acronyms/statistics defined. Yes, I hope there is a 2016 version.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Thanks for the review. Appendix a great idea.

  5. Tom Merlle

    Great read so far Steve. Well worth its minimal price!!! Only complaint is that I’m tired but I can’t stop reading…

  6. Jeff

    Steve is this an electronic copy only? If so would you have a problem with someone buying it and then getting a bound copy made from the PDF? For personal use only of course.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Go right ahead. Thanks for asking.

  7. kmartin

    I am surprised that this TBRP posting has not generated more comments and discussion. The more I read and study TBRP, the more impressed I am. This document contains an incredible amount of interesting research. It is an absolutely must for readers of the this blog. This document will also be very useful to refer back to throughout the season.

    Suggestion: Chad, would you consider a podcast with Steve on RN Radio that discusses this document?

    • lwblogger2

      A podcast on some of this would be a great idea!

  8. lwblogger2

    Buying my copy this evening. Assuming I get home from snowpocolypse.

  9. Matt WI

    In terms of preview— Vegas sets the Reds’ over-under at 77.5 right now. Pretty much right behind the Brewers.