Paul Maholm (LHP) has agreed to a minor league deal with an invitation to big league spring training. First reported by Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

Maholm is 32 and played for Mississippi State University, which he has in common with Jeff Brantley. Maholm came up with the Pirates and pitched for them through 2011. He’s pitched for the Cubs, Braves and most recently the Dodgers since then.

Maholm made 30 appearances for the Dodgers in 2014 including 8 starts. His ERA was 4.84, FIP was 4.96 and xFIP was 4.57. His strikeout rate was 10.9 and walk rate was 9.0 so his K-BB% was a pretty tiny 1.9%

Maholm had knee surgery to repair an ACL in August and says his recovery is going well. He reportedly has had a normal offseason since December.

Quick reaction: From an organizational depth standpoint, this is a good signing. Better than Jason Marquis.

[Does Maholm play outfield? Asking for a general manager.]

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    • lwblogger2

      Nah, I’ve always liked Maholm and think he’s a better pitcher for GABP than Milton. I see no issue with this signing.

  1. gusnwally

    Sensible signing with possible upside. Sort of a ” well let’s see what happens”

  2. Michael E

    At least he is LH…AND he has pitched well in the past two years, and not so well. We shall see. For a couple of months, he was the Braves best pitcher, so one never knows.

  3. JB WV

    Another injury rehab that could bear some fruit. Or not. Reds have had some success with such. Had a good stretch with the Pirates.

  4. jessecuster44

    Signing an effective LH pitcher is never dumb.

  5. ohiojimw

    We should not forget that a couple of weeks prior to the trades of Latos and Simon, BPrice was talking it up that the injury experiences with Cingrani over the last two years might indicate he was better suited to being a reliever. Then after the trades, Cingrani was front and center again as a rotation candidate. The team is not going to know until they are into camp what they can reasonably expect from Cingrani this year. Signing Maholm is a low/ no risk contingency move that could take some of the pressure off in trying to decide how to use CIngrani and prepping him for the role.

  6. preacherj

    Getting this guy on a minor league deal is a good thing. Maybe he’s
    Alfredo Simon, maybe he’s Kirk Saarloos. One more reason to look forward to Spring.

  7. WVRedlegs

    Maholm is a decent signing. Better than the Marquis signing, as Steve pointed out. The Reds now have a LH older veteran and young pitcher as an insurance policy for Cingrani, Maholm and Holmberg. And the same for on the RH side with DeSclafani, the Reds now have Marquis and Axelrod. That is good for depth of the rotation, and might provide some bullpen veteraniness if needed. It is nice to have another LH option for the bullpen in Maholm with the dodgy shoulder of Marshall and the unpredictableness of Parra.

  8. unc reds fan

    Its a good low risk middle reward move that could pan out…no harm in kicking the tires and seeing if the old car has anything left in it


    Jonny Gomes signed for 4 mill, wow. Byrd looks like a better option.

  10. tony nehyba

    any cheap pitching acquisition with upside potential is a plus, with any luck it will all work out