It’s been two weeks since we last looked back on how the minor leaguers were performing in winter ball, but today we are going to focus mostly on one guy that is performing very well.

Felix Perez has been hitting well in Venezuela all winter, but he’s turned things up a notch since we last checked in on everyone. Over his last 10 games he has hit .439, going 18-41 that includes two different four-hit games. He’s also driven in 10 runs over that span of time.

On the entire Venezuelan Winter League season over the course of 46 games the Cuban outfielder has hit .363/.387/.560 with 22 extra-base hits. His .363 average is second in the league and 35 points higher than the third place hitter in the league. His .560 slugging percentage is third in the league and his .947 OPS is also third.

The one area where Perez has struggled would be with his plate discipline. He has just seven walks and 42 strikeouts in 194 plate appearances. Perez is now 30-years-old so you would expect him to have better plate discipline by this point in his career, but when he’s put the bat on the ball he has done plenty of damage on this trip to Venezuela.

Here is how the rest of the Reds players are performing in Fall/Winter League Baseball around the world.



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  1. UNC Reds Fan

    There are some promising players in fall ball…hopefully some of this will translate to the majors…particularly Suarez and Winkler, with perez and lutz being a potential bench bat, 4th/5th outfielder type

  2. cfd3000

    Only four players with more than 100 at bats. All four have OBP numbers at .350 or higher. That seems out of step with the usual Reds minor league swing away philosophy, in a good way. Is that a suggestion that there really are some good young bats in the organization, evidence that the Reds hitting priorities have been historically misdirected, an indication that winter ball pitching is weak, or a small sample fluke? Or all of the above. Whichever it is, that can’t be a bad thing… Thanks Doug as always.

    • Brady

      I was about to make a post similar to this. In reality, it’s probably a combination of the above; however, I think the organization as a whole is making a push towards increasing OBP. Look at the recent minor league signings and even the two trades – guys with high OBP.

      Good signs.

    • Doug Gray

      I’m not sure that the Reds have a “swing away” philosophy, it’s just a function of how baseball players work with pitch identification. Either you can or can’t do it. Teaching it isn’t something that has exactly been figured out. The first person that can figure out how to teach it is going to be a very rich person.

      There are some quality bats in the organization, but this list isn’t entirely representative of that. A lot of the guys on this list are 25+ years old.

      • Tom

        For us readers not as acquainted with the minor league guys, it would be useful to include their age in the stat sheet. Not to give you extra work!

  3. Shchi Cossack

    Once again the Big Lutz is simply pounding the ball with consistent playing time. That simply makes me ill when I think how his development has been quashed over the past 2 seasons with inconsistent playing time. An .838 OPS with a 9.7% BB% and a 19.4% SO%. His split against RHP/LHP is also pretty consistent. I hope the powers that be within the Reds organization plant the Big Lutz at AAA this season and just let him get consistent playing time at AAA.

    The Bats could have quit an offensive lineup during 2015 if the position players come through true to their minor league pedigree. The starting pitchers at AAA could also be quite impressive. Lwet’s hope that next wave of major league prospects start pounding on the door in 2016.

    • Michael J Hampton

      You and I have sung the praises of Lutz at least deserving better from the Reds but it falls on deaf ears. It’s a shame, when given consistent playing time, he has put up an .800+ OPS. His age (26 in February) will start to become an issue in peoples minds, next. The way the Reds have “developed” him the last two years is a crying shame. They set him back two years. The Reds and Brian Price in particular have made it clear that they have already made up their minds on Lutz and that he is not going to be given a fair chance to develop. I honestly hope they trade him or even release him so that another team will give him a chance.

    • Michael J Hampton

      Apparently the Reds are shutting down Lutz for the winter and want him to have some time off before spring training.

      Here is a link to a video from the Yaquis de Obregón:

      The actual interview with Lutz is in English. (I can’t get the actual link to work with this editor, if you want to see it you will have to copy and paste. I suspect the formatting will go somewhere in a hand basket when I post, too)

      While its not the major leagues, probably something between AA and AAA, he put up some pretty good numbers during his time down there, a +800 OPS. His on base percentage was over .350. He got consistent playing time, he played pretty much every game except for when he was in Cincinnati for the RedsFest. He played LF, RF, 1B, and DH. His final numbers with the Yaquis de Obregón:

      .280/.363/.473 for an .837 OPS 6 HR, 16 2B, 3 3B, 26 RBI

      55 games, 234 PA, 23 BB for a 9.8 Walk Rate and 47 SO for a 20% SO rate.

      If the Reds would have let him have his normal development with regular playing time at AA and then AAA the last two years, Lutz might have at least been able to give them decent offense in LF this year until Winkler is ready. He could have then taken over the 4/5th OF role and had a years ML experience under his belt becoming a valuable asset off the bench. If Price would have given him regular playing time while he was with the Reds last year he might have been far enough along to contribute at least in a platoon situation this year. With the Yaquis he hit .297/.386/.471 (.857) against right handers. It’s just sad the way this guy has been handled.

  4. Thegaffer

    Yeah, its tough to find much encouraging about carreer minor leaguers beating up on has beens.

  5. Michael E

    Hey, lookie, Desclafani is tearing up AFL as well. Like I said, I think that Latos trade was solid. I think Desclafani can help us in 2015, if not SP5 then middle relief we desperately need.

  6. redmountain

    Perhaps the deal of Lutz is that he was blocked by Schumacker, Ludwig, and Heisey. That should not be a problem anymore, or at least until someone else comes along. There are worse things the Reds could do than try Perez and Lutz in LF while we wait for Winker.

    • preacherj

      And none of those ‘stars’ you mentioned can play first base. It’s not like we have needed someone that could do that the last season or so.

  7. tgarretson82

    Is Raisel Iglesias going to start the year with the Reds or in AAA? Hows his stuff looking? He surely appears to be very effective out of the bullpen in AFL. I think he could be a staple in the Reds bullpen for a couple years.

    • Doug Gray

      I hope he is a starter wherever he is, but at this point I just get the feeling that he’s going to be in Cincinnati in one role or the other, but I’d look at him as being in the competition for a starter for one of those final two spots.

  8. Berdj Rassam

    Lutz, Perez, and Smith are tearing it up.