The Cincinnati Reds have made their first significant move of the offseason, acquiring SS Eugenio Suarez and SP Jonathon Crawford from the Detroit Tigers in exchange for starting pitcher Alfredo Simon. Simon was projected to earn around $5.1 million in 2015, in his third year of arbitration eligibility.

More details forthcoming.

Update: Suarez is a 23-year old, right-handed shortstop. He played about half a year for the Tigers last season and hit .242/.316/.336. Steamer projections for 2015 are .244/.304/.361.


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  1. doug dorger

    The minor league numbers look good Wish he played the OF.

  2. Brady

    This is…a steal. I’m surprised.

    Simon was a free-agent cast off that we just moved for a 2013 first round pick and a decent SS prospect. I’m impressed.

    • Michael Smith

      That was one of Walts best moves. Trash heap to a nice player for us.

    • Redsfan48

      Love this trade even though I’m not so sure about Suarez. Good salary-saving move and good return as well. Now the Latos trade on the other hand…


    I think thats coming from Miami….Hopefully Christian Yelich is the player they are discussing in the Latos trade

    • JRS1972

      MLB Traderumors has Chad Wallach and Anthony DeSclafani coming from the Marlins for Latos.

      I hope that’s not how it goes down.

  4. vanwilder8

    Love this move. Worst case, shed payroll, a bench bat, and depth at 2B/SS. Best case, starting SS who can hit and future starting pitcher.

    All for a slightly above-average #5/reliever who was about to be overpaid.

    Well done, Uncle Walt.

  5. Brady

    Suarez’s OBP in the minors was very solid. I’m sensing a trend given the minor league signings.

    • Jaxxon1973

      saw that too but then saw Cozart had similar MiLB #s

      • eric nyc

        Cozart’s numbers were a bit lower in the minors. Suarez had an OPS in the .800+ range the last few years.

    • eric nyc

      I’m hoping Suarez was brought in to start. He had excellent minor league numbers and should be a day 1 upgrade over Cozart.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Agree 100%. They want different type offensive players.

  6. Rhody89

    I like the deal…I dont think Simon will repeat his performance from last season and won’t be worth the money we would have paid him…

  7. Dennis

    A pitcher and a catcher for Latos? What is going on here?

  8. eric nyc

    Suarez has some very solid minor league numbers and had a decent but not phenomenal rookie campaign. 82 OPS+ is an upgrade over Cozart and he’s only 24. I’d hope he’d be our Opening Day starter.

  9. JoshG

    A+ on this one
    C- on the Latos deal though

    • eric nyc

      I think the Latos deal is a precursor to something. Possibly moving Barnhart. Otherwise it just doesn’t make any sense. Even if it’s a salary dump, Latos is a potential CY contender. One year of him is worth more than what we got.

      • JoshG

        agreed.. there’s got to be more to it right?
        Is walt really that high on the DeSclafani kid????

      • Michael Smith

        Not sure how you can say one year of latos is worth more until the guys who are traded for actually play. The pitcher has an xfip in the mid 3’s in the minors and 3.77 for last year. The catcher has a great bat.

      • eric nyc

        I’m saying if the goal is to improve the 2015 club, this is a very bad move. If it’s a move for the future, you may very well be right. But 2015 might be our last legitimate year to contend for a while. The Cubs have started to loosen the purse strings and when it all comes together there we’re going to have a behemoth club to contend with for the foreseeable future. It sounds like we’re going in the opposite direction and I don’t know how that’s going to make us more competitive in the division.

      • Grand Salami

        Latos did not look like himself last year. Unless he completely returns to form, I am just fine with the deal.

  10. Michael Smith

    I would say unless they go after a left fielder then they are pushing back a year or two. The shortstop from the tigers should be a big boost over cozart offense.

  11. Alex

    I like two things about this trade: 1) I’m glad to see Simon gone after that ugly story last year (something bad happened, criminal or not), and 2) Zack Cozart no longer has the comfort of being the worst hitter in baseball and starting every day. He’s not Andrelton Simmons, so either start hitting the ball or the Suarez kid will get some PT.

  12. BigRedMike

    Great trade, got more out of Simon than expected performance wise, no need to pay for unknown production going forward

  13. mtkal

    Could Cozart and either Barnhart or Wallach be included in a trade for a left fielder?

    I really like the Simon trade. The Latos trade could be ok if it is a precursor for something else good.

    What do we know about Crawford?

    • newtonrm

      The thing I like the most about him is it looks like he is tough to hit. Opponents’ AVG are in the .220 neighborhood. I do not like his RISP numbers, those are eye popping. I would guess they send him down to Daytona to start with this season.

  14. Carl Sayre

    Something to consider if Suarez wins the starting SS job out of camp over Cozart that is a quality defensive replacement late in the game. I don’t know anything about Suarez’s glove he may not need a defensive replacement late. Just something to ponder. Since we are stuck with Schumaker and Negron won a lot of respect last year. Cozarts glove and budget friendly cost makes it more than likely he is gone. Just pondering possibilities.

  15. Michael E

    From Fangraphs….this says it ALL and I agree:

    “The Tigers made their trade with the Reds to get a starting pitcher, but it was Alfredo Simon going to Detroit to replace Rick Porcello. Simon has outperformed his peripherals for 500 big league innings, but he doesn’t look like a great bet to be more than a serviceable back-end starter. To acquire one year of his rights, the Tigers gave up infielder Eugenio Suarez and pitching prospect Jonathan Crawford. Nice little move by the Reds. “

  16. Andy10

    I love this. Suarez could take Cozart’s spot finally in a year or two, DeScalafani who we got in the Latos trade, can pitch out of the bullpen or be that 5th starter if the guy they pick struggles, and they signed Brennan Boesch, who can play a competitive LF.