While Major League Baseball has been over for more than a month at this point, there are still plenty of guys playing baseball. The Arizona Fall League is completed, but that still leaves five leagues going strong around the world. Let’s take a look at the guys from the organization that are playing still.

Who’s playing well

Felix Perez was someone that many fans wanted to see the team call up early in the season to help out with the bench after getting off to a strong start in Louisville. He cooled off as the season went along though and finished by hitting .280 for the Bats. Now in the Venezuelan Winter League the Cuban outfielder has been raking, hitting .356/.377/.568 for Caracas. He’s been very productive though it’s come with pretty poor plate discipline as he has just five walks and 34 strikeouts.

Sebastion Elizalde is playing at home in the Mexican Winter League. The outfielder is hitting .310/.363/.475 in 158 at-bats and is 7th in the league in OPS. That only places him third among Reds players in the league though. Donald Lutz is in 6th place on the OPS list in the league with a line of .278/.365/.479 on the season in 169 at-bats. Marquez Smith is 2nd in the league with a .270/.357/.553 line over 159 at-bats. He’s leading the league in extra-base hits as well.

Dylan Axelrod is pitching in the Dominican Winter League this offseason and has a 3.23 ERA in 30.2 innings. He has seven walks and 23 strikeouts in that time and has allowed just two home runs. The league ERA in 3.89.

The rest of the Reds

Here is how everyone else has performed thus far in winter league play.

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  1. Shchi Cossack

    The name I’m missing on this list is Steve Selsky. Selsky is entering his age 26 season and has no exceptional tools, but he has put in an overall exceptional performance at every level. Drafted in the 33rd round of the 2011 draft, Selsky has never cracked the prospect list (that I recall). Over the past three seasons across 4 levels (A to AAA) he has slashed:

    2012 .317/.377/.515
    2013 .274/.367/.440
    2014 .275/.389/.355

    Of particular note, Selsky gets on base, a quality severely lacking in the Reds lineup. Selsky also hits RHP and LHP with equal success. I would think Selsky would be playing winter ball somewhere and looking to impress someone as time runs out on his chance at the show.

    • George Mirones

      Back in July I posted this and either Doug or Tom said he is not a player that can help the Reds and yet there he is;

      Someone who I haven’t seen on any prospect list (Prospect Digest Top 10, Doug Gray’s, John Sickles Top 20)

      Steve Selsky; Birthdate: 7/20/1989 (24 y, 11 m, 11 d) Bats/Throws: R/R Height/Weight: 6-1/205 Position: OF
      Drafted: 2011 June Amateur Draft – Round: 33, Pick: 24, Overall: 1015, Team: Cincinnati Reds
      Why am I interested, his numbers show learning and progress at each level, or at least by my interpretation. If RLN has written about him, I missed it, but just in case you haven’t found him, I will elaborate.
      Steve has been in the system about 3 years since drafted
      Rookie Ball 89 PA, BABIP .339 , wRC+ 172
      2012 Split season
      Reds A 246 PA’s, BABIP .343 , wRC+ 102
      Reds A+ 307 PA’s, BABIP .402, wRC+ 164
      2013 Split season
      Reds A+ 394 PA’s,, BABIP .352, wRC+ 134
      Reds AA 99 PA’s, BABIP .234, wRC+ 45
      2014 Split season
      Reds AA 205 PA’s, BABIP .383, wRC+ 124
      Reds AAA 11 PA’s, BABIP .353, wRC+ 86

      In Reds A he hit 3 HR, and had 26 RBI, and he had 49 SO and 12 Walks in 228 PA
      In Reds A+ he hit 28 HR’s, and had 132 RBI, and he had 141 SO, and 63 Walks, in 701 PA
      In Reds AA he hit 1 HR, and had 33 RBI, and he had 62 SO, and 39 Walks, in 304 PA
      In A+ ball (West Coast) it is believed that power numbers are suspect.
      In 2013 on being promoted to AA his numbers dipped, the learning curve started,
      In 2014 starting at AA his numbers went back up, Learning being put into practice.
      In 2014 on being promoted to AAA his number are slipping again (see Chart on link) but if he is learning again they should show improvement by year end.
      For a June 2011 draft pick to be at AAA in 3 years shows me Walt thinks he has something special and he is keeping it to himself. Steve is now listed at 1b since reporting to AAA. Future??
      So if history repeats sometime next year mid-season or later we just may see Steve Selsky at GABP

      • Doug Gray

        Selsky isn’t on the list because he’s not playing winter ball.

        He’s not going to help the Reds out because he’s a corner player who has no power. The number of corner players with no power getting into the big leagues in the last 20 years is incredibly small. Unless he goes to AAA and finds some of that California League power, he’s not going to get a shot. He strikes out at a decent clip, plays iffy defense at the easier positions on the field and has no power. Guys like that don’t get called up to the big leagues. If he’s going to get a chance he needs to alter his game in some way. Find power. Cut the strikeout rate in half. Until then, he will be in the minor leagues.

      • Shchi Cossack

        Yeah, that was my poorly worded point. He’s not playing winter ball and is missing an opportunity to put up the numbers and performance to earn a shot at the show. I will repeat though, I like that OBP year after year and in a platoon role it’s even more impressive.

  2. Grand Salami

    In this small sample size I am really liking Iglesias’ one hit given up in 7 innings and Axelrods’ overall performance. There may be something there . . .

    It’s great to see Lutz hitting like an MLB caliber player. No way should his window be closed and I hope he will be in AAA with a locker of his own in the Reds club house for how often he may be called upon.

    • lwblogger2

      I’m not a huge Lutz fan but really, it was criminal that he or Soto weren’t playing every day after Sep 1st, with the Reds out of the race and with Votto out for the year. These two players are at the point that you have to see what you’ve got. Calling them up and playing them very sporadically did nothing for their development or the team’s knowledge on rather or not they are potential MLBers or career minor-leaguers.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Agree LW, it’s criminal and stupid.

      • JohnU

        It’s also pretty typical. Mixed messages from the top about who should be playing in relation to what the fans expect when they buy a ticket, what the team’s objectives are and the mathematical probability that the 2nd wild card is still within reach … meanwhile, the veterans get to play and the rookies rot on the vine.

  3. charlottencredsfan

    What is the story on Marquez Smith? Now that is a line to be proud of. Woo.

    • Doug Gray

      He’s a 30-year-old who’s never been in the big leagues. He’s had success in AAA in the past, yet in the last two seasons with the Reds they’ve had him in A+ with a brief call up in AA. It’s very strange to see that he re-signed with the Reds after that. I’m wondering if he doesn’t have plans to coach after his career and the Reds are telling him if he plays with them he will have a spot when he’s done.

  4. Thegaffer

    Will be interesting to get your input on guys the reds acquire in a few weeks, oh wait that will not be happening. &@$coldstove

  5. JohnU

    I never expected to see Axelrod’s name when I opened this file. He seems to be floating inside that area that calls him our 6th or 7th starter. Adds a dimension to the picture.

    • Doug Gray

      I think that once June gets here that Axelrod will probably be about 10th on the starting pitching depth chart, if he’s even still with the team. He’s got to be on the list of guys that could be used to clear a roster spot if the team needs it.

      • JohnU

        I agree. I don’t see him in the mix for a Reds rotation spot, no different from Jeff Francis or Armando Gallaraga. But he could end up triggering some kind of trade for a middle infielder.