A trade of Jay Bruce is highly unlikely according to one of C. Trent Rosecrans’ trusted sources. (C. Trent Rosecrans, Cincinnati Enquirer) CTR: “The reason I don’t believe is first Castellini, but secondly, I don’t think hey’d get enough for Bruce at this point to make it worth while — unless they really believe last year was the future, not an aberration. I’m not sure anyone believes that. However, even if you believe he’ll bounce back, those other teams aren’t going to pay the price of the pre-2014 Bruce for the post-2014 Bruce. It’s simple economics, you don’t sell low. Selling Bruce right now would be selling low.”

Hoarding pitching is so 2005. Today, the currency of baseball is right handed hitting. (Dave Cameron, FanGraphs) Cameron: “10 years ago, everyone wanted young pitching. It was the considered the currency of baseball, the thing you could always trade if you needed to acquire something else. But these days, random kids on the street can throw 100 mph, the strike zone is gigantic, and preventing runs is now the easy part of the game. What everyone wants now is offense, and seemingly, offense in the form of good right-handed hitters.” Just hope the GM of your favorite team isn’t still drawing lessons from a decade ago. Of course, you already knew that.

The 1990 World Series championship, Junior’s return, Jay Bruce’s walk-off homer and various Reds enshrined in the HOF make the Top 25 Cincinnati sports events in the past 25 years. (John Erardi, Cincinnati Enquirer) Erardi: “Here are 25 celebratory moments in the past 25 years of Greater Cincinnati sports. It wasn’t necessarily always the biggest story we wanted; it was the most inspirational and aspirational.”

Need gift suggestions for the Reds fan in your life (including yourself)? Here are ten suggestions. (Jamey Ramsey, Reds) “1. “Nasty Boys” Pick-6 Plan: Guarantee the new “Nasty Boys” triple bobblehead featuring 1990 relief pitchers Norm Charlton, Rob Dibble and Randy Myers when you buy the Nasty Boys Pick-6 plan, presented by McDonald’s. This six-game ticket plan includes the Sat., April 25 Reds vs. Cubs game (Nasty Boys bobblehead night), six free McDonald’s Extra Value Meals® and pick five additional regular season home games of your choice, exclusions apply. The Nasty Boys Pick-6 plan will go on sale Monday, Dec.1st:http://www.reds.com/pick6 or (513) 765-7500.”