Reports (Chris Cotillo) indicate the Reds made two roster moves today that surprised no one.

First, the club picked up the option on Johnny Cueto’s 2015 contract, paying the starting pitcher $10 million this season. Absent a further negotiated extension, Cueto will become a free agent.

Second, they declined Jack Hannahan’s $4 million option and instead paid him a $2 million buy-out.

No word yet on the Reds decision regarding Ryan Ludwick. The club can either pick up his $9 million option for 2015 or pay a $4.5 million buy-out.

Earlier today, the Reds cleared additional space on their 40-man roster by assigning Neftali Soto to AAA-Louisville. (Sheldon)

Update: The Reds have also declined Ryan Ludwick’s option and instead will pay his $4.5 million buy-out.