Reports (Chris Cotillo) indicate the Reds made two roster moves today that surprised no one.

First, the club picked up the option on Johnny Cueto’s 2015 contract, paying the starting pitcher $10 million this season. Absent a further negotiated extension, Cueto will become a free agent.

Second, they declined Jack Hannahan’s $4 million option and instead paid him a $2 million buy-out.

No word yet on the Reds decision regarding Ryan Ludwick. The club can either pick up his $9 million option for 2015 or pay a $4.5 million buy-out.

Earlier today, the Reds cleared additional space on their 40-man roster by assigning Neftali Soto to AAA-Louisville. (Sheldon)

Update: The Reds have also declined Ryan Ludwick’s option and instead will pay his $4.5 million buy-out.

24 Responses

  1. Michael J Hampton

    I guess they are “Price” proofing the lineup. Bryan won’t have Skip to rely on as his everyday LF, now.

  2. rfay00

    Ludwick has been payed 4.5 million to not be a Red next year.

    He might be back on a 2 million dollar deal though…just my thought.

    • User1022

      Confirming what you said:

      2:21pm: The Reds have also declined Ludwick’s $9MM option, instead paying him a $4.5MM buyout, Cotillo tweets. The 36-year-old’s down 2014 season made that salary excessive, though the steep buyout tag and Cincinnati’s outfield needs made it a closer call than it might have seemed at first glance.

  3. Tom Reed

    Cutting ties with Ludwick is good news.

  4. sezwhom

    Can’t believe they didn’t extend Hannahan. *sarcasam* Ludwick was good until he hurt his shoulder. Never the same afterwards. Let the revamping begin.

    • Thegaffer

      He hurt his shoulder in the first week of spring traing in 2013. He was not good for long!

      • Brian Dunn (@surrfinTexas)

        No, he hurt his shoulder at 3rd base, first game of the 2013 season. A great A++ effort stretching the double into a triple. That’s when it happened.

  5. Dale Pearl

    $6 million dollars right there for 2 guys not to play for us. If you wonder why the Reds do not add any talent in the off season you can start by looking at the silly contracts that the Reds are currently paying.

    • Grand Salami

      Just look at what the Braves are paying for players not currently playing. $6 is probably the average around the league for buyouts. It may even be low.

  6. Earl Nash

    NL Central is going to continue to be competitive that is for sure. Got to think with the way the Reds contracts and lineup are setup, you have to believe this is going to be at least one decent sized trade happen for Cincinnatti.

  7. Dale Pearl

    With the combination of roster and management I see the Reds finishing in the bottom for the division.

  8. Thegaffer

    Reds do that with all their deals, there is an accounting reason where they get TV money after the season. Look at Votto and Bailey deals. I think homer gets most of his yearly salary after the season!

  9. cfd3000

    Perhaps in part based on the disappointment from the Reds loss at the Giants’ hands two years ago I was rooting hard for the Royals. A tip of the cap to the Giants (again) but I’ll be honest – I found the Bumgarner show quite impressive but also quite boring. Pitchers and catchers in 3 1/2 months!

  10. doctor

    Heck i cant even find someone to give me 2 cents to go away. ha.

  11. doctor

    nice predictions. Personally, I found myself rooting a bit more for the Giants, I like several of thier players, though I would have been happy if the Royals had won. Its been a long road for them to get all that top drafted talent to finally mesh and succeed. Plus now media can no longer pine for Yanks dynasty with what Giants just accomplished. anything to stifle media biased yankee talk is a good thing to me.

  12. Art Wayne Austin

    Mixed feelings over Ludwig. Failed in ’14 when a clutch hit was needed. Leads one to believe age has finally taken its toll.

    • Grand Salami

      Agreed. We’ve seen shoulder surgery in the mid-30’s with Rolen. Ludwick is probably not worth the flyer of a $1.5 – $2 million dollar salary next year. Aoki or Morse show the Reds can spend nominally more get the same or better defense and upgrade offensively if only just a bit.

  13. Tom Reed

    You called it. Congratulations. The Giants are something having won three world series in the last five years, and considering that it took 56 winless years between their win in 1954 and 2010.

  14. RedMountain

    Dont panic that still means they are the Cubbies. Chicago has a way of doing that to the best players and managers.

  15. RedMountain

    The overanxious Royals hitters were made all the more overanxious by a strike zone that could best be called generous. I had a flash back to the zone that was given to Maddox and Glavine-up to 6 inches off the plate and 3 inches down. Makes it hard to get the sweet spot on the ball….Still congratulations to the Giants and Royals on good seasons.