Position Players

Starting Lineup

  • C – Devin Mesoraco
  • 1B – Joey Votto
  • 2B – Brandon Phillips
  • SS – Zack Cozart
  • 3B – Todd Frazier
  • LF – Chris Heisey
  • CF – Billy Hamilton
  • RF – Jay Bruce


  • C – Brayan Pena
  • UT – Skip Schumaker
  • UT – Kristopher Negron
  • ?
  • ?

Players with Options

  • OF – Ryan Ludwick: $ 9 million mutual option, $4.5 million buyout
  • 3B/1B – Jack Hannahan: $4 million team option, $2 million buyout

Free Agents

  • UT – Ramon Santiago
  • OF – Jason Bourgeois

Other Players on 40-man Roster under team control

  • C – Tucker Barnhart
  • UT – Jake Elmore
  • LF/1B – Donald Lutz
  • 1B/3B – Neftali Soto
  • OF – Yorman Rodriguez
  • OF – Juan Duran


Starting Rotation

  1. Johnny Cueto ($10 million option)
  2. Mat Latos
  3. Homer Bailey
  4. Mike Leake
  5. Alfredo Simon


  • (CL) Aroldis Chapman
  • Sean Marshall
  • Manny Parra
  • Sam LeCure
  • Jumbo Diaz
  • Logan Ondrusek
  • J.J. Hoover
  • Tony Cingrai

Free Agents


Other Players on 40-man Roster under team control 

  • Trevor Bell
  • Dylan Axelrod
  • Curtis Partch
  • Carlos Contreras
  • Daniel Corcino
  • Ryan Dennick
  • Ismael Guillion
  • David Holmberg
  • Raisel Iglesias
  • Pedro Villarreal

So there you have it. That is the Reds roster heading into 2015 as it stands right now. The Reds will most certainly not carry every player currently under team control on to the roster next season. I did this sort of post last November, and found that Xavier Paul and Derrick Robinson were both non-tendered during the last off-season. The Reds also out-righted Greg Reynolds, Henry Rodriguez, and Corky Miller to make room for guys they signed like Skip Schumaker.

The Reds clearly will need to add a couple position players next season. The Reds bullpen struggled all season, but they still have a lot of players under control and a lot of money tied into it. The Reds also have the major decision of what to do with their four starting pitchers (Cueto, Latos, Leake, and Simon) who all become free agents next off-season. This will most assuredly be a very interesting and crucial off-season for the Reds. I would expect for something pretty crazy and unforeseen to happen. Whether that is a good thing or not.

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  1. Robby20

    Interesting article in the Washington Post today about the Nats with the genesis being that the Nats players and front office need to learn that the playoffs and regular season aren’t the same. The article says,” the greatest coaches and athletes recognize their sport’s biggest moments are different and rise to them.” “so building a team becomes the art and science of finding a critical mass that can both get to October and then devour it, even as it scares ’em half to death”

    This roster has changed some since the Reds first made the post season but much of it is the same and I would argue that the Reds front office has failed miserably in putting together a roster that can succeed not just in the regular season but also in the post season. Three embarrassing trips to the post season should tell somebody something.

    As a fan talk is certainly cheap but in my estimation the General Manger of the team gets paid to put together a roster that is built not just to make the playoffs but to excel in them. Jocketty and or Castellini have consistently failed in this regard. Last season recognizing that something was not quite right with the culture of the team Baker and Jacoby were sent packing. Clearly they were not the issue. Jocketty needs to step up and make some changes to this depleted roster. A major shake-up is needed, not just hoping for good health and good fortune.

    Wasn’t Cruz available last winter? How valuable has he been in Baltimore?

    • charlottencredsfan

      “the Nats players and front office need to learn that the playoffs and regular season aren’t the same. The article says,” the greatest coaches and athletes recognize their sport’s biggest moments are different and rise to them.”

      Couldn’t agree more and you can throw in the Dodger as well. Bruce Bochy understands how to mange for the moment, every out is a diamond onto itself. Cardinals are not far behind. Both the Nats and Dodgers looked like they were being managed by Dusty Baker. What was Mattingly trying to do, get Ethier some work??

      • Steve Mancuso

        Great point. I hope Bryan Price is absorbing that lesson. Definitely a short-coming for Dusty Baker, both in urgent regular-season situations and the postseason.

    • VaRedsFan

      And for all of the negative comments thrown towards Bryce Harper, he came up big in the big moments. And he’s only 21.

    • Redsfan48

      On Nelson Cruz, the day Baltimore signed him I wondered “why in the world didn’t the Reds sign him? Great value for the type of player he is.” I was hoping that Cruz would prove me wrong and have a bad year for Baltimore, but he actually had a spectacular year. For the price of Ryan Ludwick this year, they would have had a guy that could have (and likely would have) hit 50+ homers if he played half his games at GABP. that is the biggest mistake Jocketty made this offseason, not even attempting to sign Cruz

      • lwblogger2

        He may have attempted to sign Cruz. We really don’t know the answer to that. Of course you’re probably correct that he didn’t try. If I had to take a guess, I think that at least part of the reason for Cruz not being heavily pursued by not only the Reds but other teams, was his past PED usage.

    • Robby20

      I didn’t write the article and don’t totally agree with it, but I do think some players are better suited to performing when the light shines its brightest. And the Reds don’t have many that perform well when the stakes are at their greatest. Just my take but I’m not the GM. Maybe Jocketty and Castellini will continue to believe in the tooth fairy as well. This roster won’t cut it and I said the same thing before they faded into the sunset last year. They need a shake-up and a different culture.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Sorry, Robby, but just looking at Baker’s overall post season record, you can tell he was part of the problem. I don’t doubt Jacoby was, also, maybe yes, maybe no. But, better to just clear the staff and start from scratch with a new manager.

      Past that, this team did just about what everyone predicted they would, and that was with their best batter missing a lot of the regular season.

    • Earl Nash

      I think the manager making calls that come out right with clubs that execute win in the playoffs. A couple of times Dusty was slow at the switch when his starter was failing. The players got to get the outs or the hits, but I think bullpen management is amplified in a short series. Clubs can also get exposed, the Dodgers whooped the Cubs a few years ago in the playoffs as they had no answer for lefty pitching at all. Clubs with poor defense or lineups that cannot make contact also get exposed. I think the modern curse of the K did in quite a few of Torre’s later Yankees squads.

    • greenmtred

      Do you really believe that people with a particular skill are able to apply it at all times?

  2. WVRedlegs

    Its pretty much a given the Reds will pay Jack Hannahan $2M for his roster spot and not to play for the Reds in 2015. It is almost as certain that the Reds will pay Ryan Ludwick $4.5M for his roster spot and not to play for the Reds in 2015. And with Skip Schumaker the Reds owe him $2.5M for 2015 with a team option for 2016 or a $0.5M buyout. That would be $3M to Schumaker for his roster spot and not to play for the Reds in 2015. The Schumaker deal netted the Reds some injured DL grit for $5M, if they release him. That will be $9.5M to vacate 3 roster spots.
    That doesn’t count the umpteen millions of $$$ wasted and sunk into the bullpen for marginal, at best, results. Madson, Masset, Marshall.
    And the person responsible for this, the architect, got a brand new 2 year contract.
    Unbelievable. Extremely hard to have confidence in a front office and GM of such dubious conduct.

    • SunandSand


      • wvredlegs

        Coming off shoulder surgery, why wait around for him? Just pay him and open up a roster spot for someone who can/will contribute. That roster spot may be more valuable than lame shoulder veteran with a little grit.
        The correct move would be to release him. But with Jocketty, Schu may get a two-year extension.

      • charlottencredsfan

        No way that’s happening. He’ll get a past because apparently he was ailing most of the year. Dreadful to be sure.

        Looking at the 2015 projected roster, I would tempted to make major changes. Hamilton, Phillips, Votto, Bruce, Latos all are major question marks. If a decent deal comes up for Cueto or Chapman, let’s make it. If Votto returns to form (praying), they need to move that contract before it sucks the blood from this franchise. Reds just can’t afford $25M/year players and I’m pretty sure Bob C. gets that now. Much like the housing market after 2008, the Reds are upside down. The posters on this board are razor sharp but there can be a tendency to get married to players and that will effect good judgement.

        I’d keep Bruce, Mes, Frazier as the core. Billy has to show that the second half was just a young man needing adjustments at the plate. If he sticks with that weak hitting open-stance, I’m afraid he will be a cinder block tied to the Reds ankles. It would be a crushing blow to the team’s fortunes, as much as any other I can think of.

  3. Tom Reed

    Instead of having an up and coming GM running the front office, the owner gives his friend a two year extention who, since the Choo trade, has done nothing to upgrade the offense. Right now it doesn’t make for much optimism in 2015.

  4. chezpayton

    I hope Eric Gagne unretires to pitch for the Reds or Louisville Bats

  5. WVRedlegs

    Are the Reds taking a look at Cuban OF Yasmani Tomas??

    • GomerPyle

      Not for 100 million (expected price)

  6. SunandSand

    That starting lineup is scary, I mean to me not other teams. Unfortunately the bullpen doesn’t look much better. I can’t see this team competing unless there are at least 2 new position players and some combo of 2 decent bullpen arms (Cingrani if not starting). I think trading Latos and Chapman would be the most likely to suceed at this but if you could get a huge haul for Cueto, maybe that is enough. But, trading Cueto only gets 10 mil off the books so unless they include a salary dump it may not help much.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Don’t think anyone gives much of anything for Latos unless he proves himself over the first half of the season and is dealt at the deadline.

      He’s coming off two of three different injuries, his FB lost 2 mph, and his K/9 was the lowest of his career by a good amount.

      Don’t think the Reds will get anything of value trading Latos until he’s proven he’s healthy. If he gets traded, it’d be at the 2015 deadline if the Reds are out of it.

      • Robby20

        Not to mention the extra weight he is carrying.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        I have to agree with all of that, Todd. The pitcher I would have liked to get rid of was Homer, especially with that new contract which is going to be a noose around our necks for a while unless he becomes a 20 game winner consistently. Hmmm, going from a high of 13 wins to a consistent 20 game winner? Not done that often.

        But, then, with Homer injured, no one would probably take on him and his contract. After Homer, I would have gotten rid of Latos. You explained why we can’t do that. So, lastly, that leaves Cueto. Our best starter, we have to get rid of him to fill another hole? Wouldn’t that leave a hole in the starting rotation for us?

  7. WVRedlegs

    I hope Curtis Partch can make it over the hump next year, have a great spring, and see a breakout year for him. He could really help the bullpen next year. I was a bit surprised when he was up with the Reds for a brief time, his fastball was regularly in that 95-96 mph range. If he can just put it together this spring, have better location or some movement on that fastball, he’d be a big help.

    • sultanofswaff

      I just didn’t see much from Partch in the way of a credible off-speed pitch. Certainly, not one that showed up with any regularity. Put me in the camp that believes the bullpen will be ok with the addition of Iglesias/Marshall/Cingrani/free agent (who doesn’t expect a 3 year deal).

      • wvredlegs

        That was my worry with Partch too.
        Iglesias, he is the wild card in it all with roster contruction regarding pitching. AAA as a starter or in the Reds bullpen? He probably should start out at AAA, but if he lights it up in spring training, who knows?

  8. al

    I’m not quite as down on the lineup for next year as some are, but there are some pretty obvious holes.

    Having a lineup of

    2. Votto
    3. Frazier
    4. Mesoraco
    5. Bruce

    Could be very good if Frazier and Mesoraco and continue to be good, and Bruce can rebound to something more like his normal self. Even if Votto doesn’t rebound to his old self, his .390 OBP from this year is still fantastic.

    If we can get a decent left fielder (Seth Smith or Denard Span seem like decent options on the FA market), he could possibly slot in 1st, but probably 6th. That’s where the weaknesses really start. Hamilton, Phillips, and Cozart should all hit 8th.

    Now, obviously, until he can start walking some, Hamilton shouldn’t be leading off. But I really think that even if you batted those three 6, 7, 8, I still think that that would be one too many bad hitters in the lineup, unless the LF we get is Giancarlo Stanton.

    If we can upgrade at SS and LF, I think this team has the chance to be pretty good again.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Seth Smith is signed through 2016 with a team-friendly option for 2017. Denard Span has a $9 million team-option and he earned many multiples of that last season. The Nationals do have an overcrowded OF, but they’d certainly take the option and trade Span if he was the odd guy out in their plans. Not disagreeing with the rest of what you say, though.

      • al

        Huh, my bad. I saw a list that had them both as free agents. So yeah, they’re both off the list.

  9. redsfan06

    Aoki is coming off of a 3 year/5million contract.It’s highly doubtful the Royals make him a qualifying offer at over $14 million for one year. He has no power, but his OBP has been around .350 all 3 years he played. Plus he is a decent fielding OF. He could be a reasonably priced target to fill LF and bat leadoff.

  10. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I simply hope they do something that Krivsky and Obrien saw was needed when they were here, build up the minor league system. I believe it was in the Enquirer this morning where I saw an article that had much of the success of the Cards due to their minor leagues. We need to get back to that. Sure, try to bring in a good hitting LF or even a good hitter who can play third and move Frazier out there. But, also build up the minor leagues.

  11. GreatRedLegsFan

    I think no major question marks are foreseen, team is good as far as starting pitching, 5/7 of bullpen (Chapman, Diaz, Marshall, Iglesias & LeCure), 4/5 of bench (Peña, Skip, Negron & Heisey) and all position players but LF. The two remaining spots in bullpen and the last spot in the bench can be all filled from inside the organization, only LF is to be hunted either via trade or free agency.

    • Ken Goldsberry

      I don’t think the bullpen is nearly as solid as you may think. Diaz has velocity yes, but can his location improve enough to remain effective, and can he come up with a credible 2nd pitch? Marshall has yet to show that he can remain healthy for any amount of time at all, I’m about ready to put him in the Nick Masset category. Iglesias is a total unknown at the MLB level. I still honestly believe something is wrong physically with LeCure, the loss in velocity from ’13 to ’14 gave him zero margin of error, will he bounce back or are we looking at an Arroyo type who can be effective if his velocity remains at or above 88mph or batting practice if he falls below that? The only bullpen pitcher who managed to improve last season was Chapman, who finally, at times, realized that having 3 pitches can be a good thing.