According to John Fay, the Reds beat reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer, Walt Jocketty and Bryan Price will be returning to the team in 2015. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise, as we had already heard rumors that Jocketty was going to have his contract renewed, and Price already has a contract through 2016.

Here is part of the article from Fay:

Both general manager Walt Jocketty and field manager Bryan Price will be back for 2015, a Reds source said.

Jocketty is in the final year of his contract. An extension will likely be announced next week. Price, just finishing his first year as manager, has two more years remaining on his contract.

While Jocketty and Price are safe, the source acknowledged that changes are coming in the offseason as far as the roster. “We’ve got a lot of work to do this offseason,” said another Reds insider said.

You can read the rest of the article from Fay here. We will have more on this in the coming weeks.

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  1. Thegaffer

    While I dont think Walt or Price are bad, its interesting that Castellini and Price both said “accountability” would be the hallmark, really?

  2. Ryan Lykins (@ryan_lykins)

    While I can understand why Price was brought back (injuries) I am not sure it’s the right move. I really don’t understand Jocketty being brought back at all. I believe the only thing keeping him here is the fact that he has ties to the ownership. This just doesn’t excite me as a fan at all. I hope that both of these guys can succeed but honestly I am not left feeling optimistic.

    • Michael J Hampton

      Doesn’t excite me at all either. I hung in there most of the season making the injury excuse, but pretty much the same players were able to be competitive and have a winning record up until the All-Star break, and then the team just tanked. Price continually left me shaking my head with some of the decisions he made and all that big talk about accountability. I just don’t have confidence in him anymore and I don’t think the players do, either.

  3. Tom Reed

    With this not unexpected news, only big changes in personnel, especially in regard to offense, will make a difference in 2015.

  4. Jake

    Jocketty hasn’t done a single thing this year to help this team, why is he being re-signed?

    • thereislawaysnextyear

      Well, not to be picky, but (1) he successfully unloaded Broxton, and (2) he……. ok, so yeah, why is he being resigned?

  5. Dale Pearl

    I was hoping one or the other would be kicked to the curb but not both. Oh well. I didn’t get what I wanted so let’s hope the multimillionaire that owns my favorite baseball team knows what he is doing. Big changes are coming to the roster, I wonder what that means exactly. Can we see them blow up the roster right before our All-Star game? I don’t think so. Maybe one or two players get moved (Cueto and Latos on the pitching staff) . Hopefully the very first move we see is Ludwick’s contract released.

    • C-bus Chris 14

      And that loud thud and bang you just heard was any chance the Reds had in 2015 hitting the floor squarely at the speed of sound and exploding into a thousand red pieces…………….

  6. sezwhom

    Changes are coming in the offseason as far as the roster.

    I’d rather see a change at GM. Jocketty’s had his chance but we’re stuck with Mr. Do Nothing. However, Price can start with the Coaching staff by letting Smith and Long go.

  7. Ryan Lykins (@ryan_lykins)

    I was really hoping for a change in the front office. I feel as if Jocketty has reached the limits of his potential here and has failed the last couple of years. I don’t get bringing him back at all really. I was hoping for a fresh voice at GM. Somebody with some new ideas that isn’t afraid to tell the manager to quit playing washed up veterans when the team is so far out that it makes no sense. I was hoping for somebody that wouldn’t go out and sign those washed up veterans to 2 year contracts when they barely deserve a minor league contract. Jocketty has done many things well but he’s also done or not done an equally amount that has negatively affected things. The whole front office needs an overhaul. I would like to think the team would want to embrace the chance for a new direction but it doesn’t seem like they want change. Almost like they’re okay competing with the same mentality year after year. If they’re competing for the playoffs every year that’s great but I’m not to certain about that. Maybe the injuries were the biggest reason the team did so poorly. But I do think that if the players were taught throughout their minor league careers to be more selective at the plate then that would help. Obviously they’re not taught that in this organization. I know this comes off as just an all over the place rant but it is really disconcerting that my favorite team seems content with the way things are. Here’s to hoping I’m wrong.

  8. ToddAlmighty

    Jocketty returning to the Reds in 2015.

    Fans not returning to the Reds in 2015.

  9. WVRedlegs

    Bringing Price back was a no-brainer. Re-signing Jocketty just shows no brains in ownership. Castellini must have been thinking with his heart and not his head on this one. It was time for Jocketty to go and time for some new blood in the front office. With Jocketty, it is the same ole same ole. Old, tired, out of touch and stuck in 1994.

  10. Kyle Farmer

    This is the best Reds news since the break. I never really imagined that Jocketty would take the place of Baker as everyone’s favorite person to bash especially since most rational people understand that GMs don’t control player injuries and that the Reds have have more injuries than any mid-market team could sustain this year and remain anywhere close to competitive. I’m glad, given the injury situation, that we didn’t blow any prospects this year on a doomed season. Kudos to Jocketty for knowing that many times the move not made it the best move of all. But, darn him for not trading Logan Ondrusek and a kid batting .150 in A ball for Giancarlo Stanton!

    • ToddAlmighty

      GM does control “We got Jack for that.”

      Also Broxton/Chapman/Marshall making $17.5m to pitch 114 innings.

      Or giving Bailey all that money when you had Cueto, Latos, and Leake also looking for deals.

      Or giving an aging BP all that money. Then not unloading him while they still could.

      Or continuing to believe Ludwick is a viable starting LF. Or that Skip Schumaker isn’t awful. Or that Grit isn’t a component of a winning team.

      Maybe worst of all? He kept Ondrusek and Hoover out there, getting crushed when they had perfectly capable pitchers in the minors ready to be called up. Diaz wasted away while those two blew countless leads.

      And just as a final cap to it all, here, at the end of the season, the Reds STILL don’t have a first baseman. They have a backup catcher and a borderline GG 3rd baseman playing out of position. How long does it take someone to finally just get a person who actually plays first base? Apparently longer than it takes to try Jay Bruce there for the first time in his life, and watch him commit 2 errors in 3 games.

      • ToddAlmighty

        Oh, and the Reds minor league system is pretty darn poor. All this success the Reds have had lately? It’s not Walt’s drafting. It’s O’Brien’s and Krivsky’s players contributing.

        Walt has Leake and Hamilton to his name.. and Cingrani last year. Seventh year now coming to a close and his drafting hasn’t paid off a ton.

      • sultanofswaff

        Being a big selective, aren’t you? What about Simon, Parra, and Chapman? Even Hoover was a net win. I agree with 90% of what you’re saying, but I’m not seeing how the contracts of Phillips/Votto/Bailey have prevented us from competing in the free agent market….simply because that market is too rich for us for the kind of player we need. Choo’s contract proved that.

      • wvredlegs

        There is one 1 power hitter in the whole minor league system above rookie ball. And he is 29 years old and playing in the hitter friendly A+ California League.
        Check out Doug Gray’s position grades so far for the Reds minor league system.
        So far the 1B position gets a D- and the C position gets a D grade. Pitiful, and that is on Jocketty.

      • ToddAlmighty

        Simon, Parra, and Chapman weren’t drafted by Walt. Neither was Hoover. I said…”It’s not Walt’s drafting”… as in, I was only talking about drafted players. Walt has made some good trades. He also brought in Latos. My whole point was he isn’t getting it done through the draft.

        That said, Sultan, I am not sure if I would want to bring up Chapman and his 52 IP as a point of argument FOR Walt. Lol.. biggest waste of resources of all time.
        – – – – – – – – – –
        Even if you were going to talk about more than just drafted people.. here’s this (in bWAR, min 25 PA for hitters or 20 IP)….

        People Walt Brought In: Leake, Hamilton, Ludwick, Pena, Santiago, Barnhart, Hannahan, Bourgeois, Simon, Latos, Cingrani, Chapman, Hoover, Broxton, Parra, Holmberg, Bernadina, Schumaker.

        Total WAR: 6.6

        People Walt Didn’t Bring In: Votto, Mesoraco, Phillips, Cozart, Frazier, Bruce, Heisey, Negron, Lutz, Soto, Cueto, Bailey, LeCure, Ondrusek, Diaz.

        Total WAR: 23.4

        That’s after SEVEN YEARS as Reds GM.

        ….Actually kind of surprised by how big the gap is, didn’t realize it until I looked it all up. Granted, not too surprised since Non-Walt has Cueto, Frazier, Mesoraco who combine for 16 WAR.. but even without that 16, the Non-Walt side is still more productive than the Walt side, even with Votto and Bruce combining for 0.8 WAR.

        So yeah, Walt hasn’t really done anything much positive for this team. He’s a bad GM, and he’ll continue to run this franchise into the ground until all the great toys he was given when he took this job are old and broken, then and maybe only then will he finally be let go, and we’ll suffer the effects of his reign for the 5 years after that until a good GM can finally rebuild this team and it’s minor league system.

      • tct

        Sultan, I disagree that the reds can’t compete in the free agent market. Now, usually the top five or ten free agents in any class are way overpaid. And I think the reds should build most of their team through the farm system. That said, there are bargains on the free agent market to be had, and if the reds can afford the Bailey and Votto contracts, then they could have been competitive for any free agent that they desired.

        Look what happened this off season. The reds gave Bailey, who was still one year away from free agency, a six year, 105 million contract. Compare that to the brewers signing Matt Garza, who was a free agent with no draft pick compensation, for four years and 50 million. Bailey is younger, at 28, to Garza’s 30. Bailey also probably has the higher ceiling, but Garza has a longer track record of success. All things being equal, I’d rather have Bailey. But they weren’t equal. The reds could have had Garza on his age 30-33 seasons, plus whatever they could have traded Bailey for, plus the extra 55 million that they wouldn’t have spent. I love Homer, but I’d rather have had that then Bailey in his age 28-33 seasons. But for some reason, Castellini would rather overpay “his guys” as opposed to getting good deals on players outside the organization. And I think Jocketty being brought back is another example of him being loyal to someone instead of doing what’s best for the organization.

    • tct

      “Darn him for not trading Logan Ondrusek and…….for Giancarlo Stanton.”
      If there was an award for worst sarcastic internet straw man argument, I think you would win it with that one. Nobody on this site is criticizing him for not getting Stanton. The things he has actually done are bad enough. Multi year deals for Schumaker, Ludwick, Hannahan, Broxton, etc… Not doing anything about leftfield for 2 years. Forcing the manager to have to play a weak hitting back up catcher at first base for most of this year. Not making a single in season move to help the team compete for the last 2 years. He’s been one of the worst GM’s in baseball over the past 2 years and that’s saying something.

      • ToddAlmighty

        Even if they don’t play another inning of baseball for the Reds after this season ends, Hannahan, Ludwick, and Schumaker will still cost the Reds another $9.5m….

    • jessecuster44

      Reds: 7 games over .500 at the all star break, 1/2 game out. Team clearly needs offense. GM does nothing. Prospects remain prospects. Team deathspirals, and one of the reasons has to be that the players saw that no help was coming, and gave up

      Maybe you’re patient, but I’m not. The phrase “Win Now” is stuck in my head. The word “Accountability” is stuck in my head. NOTHING this man has done for the past two years has shown that he is committed to doing what it takes to bring a championship to Cincinnati. Walt may have been a winner once, but he isn’t now.

  11. sultanofswaff

    I think these (non)moves speak to the desire for continuity within the organization. Taking the long view, the Reds are light years beyond where they were before Castellini took over. Major increases in attendance/tv ratings, better product on the field, restocked farm system with more inroads into Latin America, new spring training complex, etc. Viewed thru that lens, it’s not a shock to see the owner want to keep calm and carry on, especially in light of the all-star game next year. And honestly, it’s hard to blame him.

    I don’t get all this national media chatter about major changes being afoot. This team doesn’t need a wholesale dismantling. I think the Reds can be the NL Central favorite in 2015 simply by trading Chapman. The last thing we should do is trade a starting pitcher. Chapman would net the position player we need to improve the offense. As for the bullpen, they’ll be fine–we’ll have Cingrani/Marshall/Iglesias/free agent ready to eat up Chapman’s 52 innings *snark* plus the innings of guys like Hoover/Ondrusek/LeCure.

    • Big Red Ghost in this Machine

      but Chapman he throw hard

    • jessecuster44

      That’s like the long view with the Bengals… A comparison to the dark days of the past shouldn’t even be on the table. What matters is comparing the team to a champion.

      Would you like to be excellent or just above average? Bob C is shooting for above average, and it shows.

  12. RedAlert

    Jokerty deserves kudos for basically nothing for the last 2 years – took a year long siesta this year and still got paid – most of us work hard to earn our paycheck – he got paid for sitting on his hands – must be nice

    • RedAlert

      Bigger problem is Castellini bringing him back – what kind of message does that send to your fan base ???

      • jessecuster44

        “I don’t care about winning, and think you are a bunch of suckers.”

        The truth is, most of the fan base in Cincy is a bunch of suckers. They show up, demand no accountability, and shrug their shoulders after a loss, and say “at least it was nice to go to a game” You get exactly what you put up with.

  13. RedAlert

    Not really sold on Bryan Price either – dude has too many “Baker tendencies “

    • ToddAlmighty

      I’m not sure if his bullpen management is more having learned from Baker, or possibly a more scary thought, maybe he was in charge of how the bullpen was used when Baker was here and it was Price all along who decided it was a good idea to bring Ondrusek into games where the Reds were down one run and the other team had a runner on.

      Honestly, I really want to like Price. I like the more stolen bases. There was no good reason why Cozart had 0 steal attempts in 2013 and is 7-7 in 2014. Or how apparently Frazier can be a 20-20 player.

      That said, Chapman pitching 52 innings and most of them low leverage, so much Skip usage, BP coming back from injury and batting 3rd, personal catchers, using Ludwick/Lutz/Hannahan as a DH while Mesoraco is on the bench, the worst 3rd base coach in the history of the game who still has a job somehow… it makes it really hard.

  14. Matt WI

    I guess I’m in the minority here… I’m very ok with Price coming back, and Walt certainly has some ‘splainin to do, but he’s not inept. I don’t argue the point he didn’t do much to bolster the roster for ’14, and a shake-up of some kind is needed. And change is probably going to hurt in some people’s eyes… you don’t get without giving.

    A lot likely depends on where Bob is coming down on contracts to eat, contracts to sign, all of that stuff. If there is a sea change to happen… I hope it’s that they see the difference an OBP guy like Choo made when they are trolling the waters for new talent. Or, if there is a move for minor league talent, that they emphasize that skill set in who they want.

    It’ll make for an interesting winter.

  15. Redgoggles

    I may be in the minority here, but I would prefer them to go after a lead-off, high OBP guy than another “slugging” type. (Both would be nice of course.) That would allow Hamilton to bat 2nd, work on the mandatory bunt-a-poloosa, occasionally beating them out, and dropping BP to 6/7. Relief pitching must be addressed as well. Their 1 run loss record is more indicative of the depth of RP than Price’s decision making, which is why I am giving him a pass this year. To his credit, I think he tried everyone in the bullpen and they all sucked. (Chapman, Broxton, Jumbo excepted.) As far as Jocketty, I hope it is a 1 year extension with a message.

    • tct

      I agree it would be nice to have another high OBP guy. But, I think the reds just need to get some above average offense, especially in left, no matter what package it comes in. Let’s say you have a choice between two players who are both projected to put up 120-130 wRC+. But one player does it through high on base and moderate power while the other does it through high slugging and average on base skills. If they cost the same, you might want to go with the high on base guy. But if the slugger is cheaper, or younger with more years of control, then go with him. There is more than one way to skin a cat, and the reds don’t need to be picky by targeting a very specific skill set that may be overvalued. Just get good hitters and you can figure out where they fit in the lineup later.

      • Redgoggles

        I agree, we need better players and one probably isn’t enough. But, a problem with that approach is that we already have too many of similar offensively skilled (tic) players as it is. Aggressive, pull-happy streaky hitters who strike out too often and don’t work the count/walk. I actually think getting Votto back to 100%, a legit OBP LF threat, 2 stud RP (LH+RH) should do the trick.

      • tct

        Look at the Orioles, though. 17th in baseball in OBP, but 6th in runs scored, a well above average offense, and first in their division. All because they hit for a ton of power.

        Not saying that slugging is more important than OBP. It’s not. I’m just saying that looking for a “high contact, high OBP, leadoff type, left fielder” really limits your options and the reds need offense for cheap however they can get it. Plus, the reds play half their games in a ballpark that is friendly to homerun hitters, but suppresses most other types of offense. So a slugger may have a little more value there, while a gap hitting OBP guy may lose some value.Joey Votto has been better on the road than at GABP throughout most of his career because the ballpark doesn’t really play to his strengths. Bruce, on the other hand, has been better at home. I really hope the reds can find that high on base guy this off season, but it would be a mistake to limit their search to that exact skill set or overpay for it.

  16. Joey

    If we got 8.0 War season from Votto and Mez and Frazier have another career year, do you really think that’s enough to push this team into the post season?

    • ToddAlmighty

      The odds of Votto putting up 8 WAR (career high 6.9 WAR), and Mez/Frazier improving on their already career high 5 WAR seasons? Not something I would want to put money on.

      • C-bus Chris 14

        ToddAlmighty, your earlier post about Walt’s WAR impact was fantastic and spot on. Kudos to you for a very insightful analysis. Walt WAR 6.6; non-Walt WAR 23.4. That truly says it all, and the numbers don’t lie. Jockerty Apologists like KyleFarmer can spin it any nonsensical way that they want but the analytical don’t lie. Great post!

  17. ohiojimw

    The Reds have a “litmus” situation coming up which may tell a lot about how they intend to do business moving forward. Three regular position players are arbitration eligible for the first time this off season, Meso, Frazier, and Cozart.

    It is a no brainer that they should lock down the catcher through and even beyond his arb years if he is willing to sign a 4 or 5 year deal that will help spread his likely back end fair market value across the entire contract.

    On the other hand, if the team is to avoid another potential Phillips situation (or two), the advanced age for 1st time arb guys and performance levels of the the other two would dictate that the team do no more than buy out their arb years; and in the case of the SS perhaps not even that.

  18. ohiojimw

    Does anyone else also wonder if there are baseball related implications from the announcement that the Joey Votto Foundation will be shutting down after 1 year of operation?

  19. Tom Reed

    WJ’s acquisition of Choo, as a one year rental, in the offseason of 2013 was good. But then waiting for Ludwick to return after going down on opening day 2013, and now doing nothing to replace the loss of Votto’s offense this season leaves me underwhelmed. It seems that Walt and the owner feel this year’s collapse will be turned around with a healthy team so that not much change is needed. If that is the case, it doesn’t bode well for 2015

    • jessecuster44

      Exactly what they thought last year when they jettisoned Baker.