Two up with 7 to play. Yes ladies and gentlemen. That is the Reds’ position in relation to last place. Two games ahead of the Cubs with 7 to go. Today, the Reds play the Cardinals. Does it matter at this point?

If you have nothing better to do today, then discuss the game here. Go Reds!?

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  1. Tom Reed

    It’s on ESPN tonight. I’ll watch it with the volume on mute.

  2. Thegaffer

    Bengals game is a good watch. Oh, sorry wrong site.

    Why not just tank for a better pick, looks like it will be protected top 10 either way. Free agent signing?

    • ohiojimw

      Manchester City v. Chelsea was probably the game of the day for those of us who eschew the domestic Sunday Circus and follow the round football instead.

      Frank Lampard came off the bench for City, yes City, to score the game tying goal in the last 5 minutes of regulation. This would be as if instead of retiring when the Reds were through with him, Barry Larkin had signed on with another team and subsequently come of the bench versus the Reds to hit a game saving PH homer in the 8th or 9th inning.

      • George Mirones

        The ladies were playing Rugby today. Some of the ladies made Broxton and Jumbo look small and as solid as a fire hydrant. Maybe The reds could recruit one or two for catcher and 3rd, the pitchers wouldn’t need to throw at batters just put them on base and dare them to score. 🙂

      • Tom Diesman

        A quick glance at the FA list only Delmon Young caught my eye, and I’m real luke warm on that. If you wanna think outside the box, maybe Pablo Sandoval at 3B with Frazier moving to LF. I’m more inclined to find a GM that will look for a deal along the lines of Latos for Scott Van Slyke and a pitching prospect.

      • Thegaffer

        Van Slyke I like, but better get more than that for Latos. Delmon Young is garbage is every way.

  3. Jake

    Y rod will be in the starting lineup today, other than that it’s the same as yesterday

    • sunbreakthedawn

      That’s enough of a change to get me excited. Watching Ludwick swing big for his Busch stadium glory days was getting a little old.

      • Thegaffer

        Been yelling for that for 2 weeks. No other callups have much of a future so fine with that.

      • Tom Diesman

        Jake Elmore’s minor league .385 OBP says Hi!

  4. mikemartz

    Hamilton 8
    Negron 5
    Frazier 3
    Mesoraco 2
    Phillips 4
    Bruce 9
    Rodriguez 7
    Cozart 6
    Simon 1

  5. wildwestlv

    And to think ESPN probably thought they had locked up some real competition to Sunday Night Football, when they selected this game, months ago.

  6. Big Red Ghost in this Machine

    why is there anything to be gained from finishing ahead of the sad-sack Cubbies?

  7. charlottencredsfan

    I’d be tempted to Billy ride the pine for the rest of the year. This can’t be any good for his confidence and I don’t see it getting better..

  8. Steve Mancuso

    Nice defensive play by Negron charging and fielding Lynn’s bunt, and firing the ball the second base to start the double play. Second strong defensive play at 3B tonight.

  9. sergeant2

    I liked that report from the Pirates/Brewers game. “Braun can’t come through at the end” By all rights Braun should be kicking around in the Pioneer league.

  10. sergeant2

    The Cards magic number is five, anything the Reds can do to be a fly in the Cards ointment would be a plus. Go Reds!

  11. sergeant2

    I do believe Mesoraco is due, past due actually. No time like the present for Mes to cash in. Go Reds!

  12. cfd3000

    That Bruce kid looks like he has some real potential in his bat. Here’s hoping for a major bounce back in 2015!

  13. George Mirones

    ESPN showed a pitch location chart on the big hits that the reds have collected. It seems that Lynn and the rest are throwing strikes at the Reds hitters when most pitchers throw down and in or away breaking balls.

  14. sergeant2

    I know things are bad, but its still fun to watch the Reds play the way they’re playing tonight. Go Reds!

  15. sergeant2

    I think we’ll find out during the first half of next season if Hamilton was just a flash in the pan, or if he’s going to have a long career in MLB. Long story short Hamilton needs to put the necessary work in to better his game. Brantley said Hamilton could add 10 to 15 hits to his at bats if he works on bunting the ball towards the 2nd baseman, and the ESPN announcers said Hamilton needs to spend time studying pitchers to increase his base stealing stats, that for now he’s strictly been relying on his speed. Hey, he’s a rookie so it will be interesting to see if he has learned any lessons from this years experience.

  16. cfd3000

    I haven’t watched many games lately but did enjoy the Reds taking it to the Cards tonight. Fun to see Jay Bruce with two dingers. Fun to see Chapman stake his claim to a starting slot next year, I mean to cement his mammoth trade value, I mean… Well, it was a fun game for a change.