Final R H E
  Cincinnati Reds (72-84) 7 6 0
  St. Louis Cardinals (87-69) 2 8 1 
W: Simon (15-10)    L: Lynn (15-10)
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The Reds put on a good show for the national television audience, snapping their six-game losing streak. Their season record against the Cardinals was 7-12.

Jay Bruce hit his 17th home run of the year, the Reds first hit of the night (which, of course, was the fourth inning). In his next at bat, with two outs in the sixth inning, Bruce slapped an outside pitch into left field knocking in Brandon Phillips with the Reds third run. Phillips had doubled to left field. Late in the game, Bruce blasted #18 to deep right, making it his first two-homer game of the year.

Todd Frazier hit his 27th home run of the year. That ties Frazier for fourth most in the National League. In 2001, Todd Helton hit the fourth most home runs in the NL – 49. Sammy Sosa hit 65 that year. And Sosa was eight behind Barry Bonds.

The Reds broke the game open against the Cardinals bullpen in the eighth inning when Devin Mesoraco smashed a three-run homer to deep left field. Mesoraco knocked in Kristopher Negron and Frazier who had both walked. Walks will haunt. If Mesoraco kept up his pace this year over 620 PA (Johnny Bench averaged 620 PA over ten years), he’d have 35 HR and 112 RBI, good for first or second most in the NL. More at bats for Mes, please.

To be sure, Billy Hamilton has struggled at the plate, but if you’re looking for a positive development, he’s walked 10.5% of his AB since August 8 (once tonight). That’s excellent. Hamilton’s batting average since then is just .200 but the walks boost his OBP to .288. Next year, if Hamilton can raise his average and keep the walk rate up, he could sustain an OBP well above league average.

Negron made three strong defensive plays at 3B. Seems like I write that every night he plays there. He also walked twice and stole his fifth base of the year, with zero CS.

Alfredo Simon, Sam LeCure, Jumbo Diaz and Aroldis Chapman combined to limit St. Louis to two runs.

22-year-old Yorman Rodriguez started in LF. He struck out three times and walked once.

18 Responses

  1. Tom Reed

    A big win for the Reds tonight; all things considered.

    • Mutaman

      All things considered it was a pretty meaningless play out the string win.

      • RedinInd

        Yeah, but beating up on the division leaders on ESPN . . . it don’t get much better than that!

  2. sergeant2

    Yes, it was a play out the string win, but that didn’t stop me from jumping up and yelling Yes!!! when Mesoraco hit that three run blast, or when Frazier went deep, or when Bruce hit his second HR. I’ve come to terms with this disappointing season, so I now I just try enjoy the few and far between times when good things happen. The question now is who are us Reds fans gonna be rooting for to win the series. The Cards? Pirates? Dodgers? Or maybe an American league team. The Angels? A’s or ( Angels and A’s is the extent of my knowledge about the American league)

    • Jake

      I’ve always liked the Dodgers so I’ve been watching them. They have a great team this year.

      I agree about Mes though, we need as many ABs from him as possible next year

      • doctor

        Just anybody but the Cards or scum dodgers. I cant stand the dodgers. I am old enough to have watched 70’s rivalry and that big mouth Lasorda always trying to put down the Reds and puff up the dodgers. Its too bad Mattingly is the dodger manager, one of the few Yanks I ever liked, especially given his Indiana ties.

    • Sparky

      That’s the attitude I’m still trying to attain, Its been such a disappointing season for me. I did enjoy the win last night and will do my best to remember its still baseball and thats a good thing. go reds…….

  3. The Next Janish

    This team is really Jekyl and Hyde this year. I keep thinking how well they played the cards in the prior series and then just wilted. They need to trade for another Rolen, preferably one that plays left field, but I’m open for it to be at almost any position

    • George Mirones

      I think the TV folks would hate to see the Dodgers vs. Angels, Dodgers vs. A’s They need ratings and an all west coast series just won’t play well east of the Mississippi just as Nationals vs. Oriole’s won’t play well west of the Mississippi They would love Dodgers vs. Baltimore or Angels vs. Nationals.

  4. Dale Pearl

    Say what you will about Simon but only allowing 2 runs against the Cardinals late into September and I say he is a keeper. You can only say it is luck so many times. Maybe we need more lucky pitchers on our staff?

    • George Mirones

      For a guy that cost the Reds a six-pack and 6 golf balls and has a chance to help out next year in either the rotation or bullpen, not bad!

    • Sparky

      He has certainly gotten a second wind lately. He really has a lot to pitch for still and it shows. I truly believe he will be a very good starter for us next yr. Or at the very least a great trade chip. He has shown its no LUCK or FLUKE how well he has pitched these last 3 yrs.

  5. George Mirones

    Janish; your reference to Rolen would mean more if he were to be filling out the line up card. He is the only one in the last 4 years that seems to have an impact inside the dugout.

  6. George Mirones

    In LeCure’s last two outings he has had some really hard hit shots that the reds speed and gloves took care. He isn’t fooling anybody.

  7. cfd3000

    Assuming they make the playoffs, and if in the wild card game, assuming they make the REAL playoffs I’ll be rooting for the Royals. After them, Pirates and A’s. I’ve seen plenty of Dodgers, Tigers, Cardinals – boring. And nice game Jay, Todd, Devin, Reds.

  8. Dave Byrum

    Walt leaving needs to be the first move the Reds make. They need a new LF, a more consistent RF, 1B, to help Hamilton, Frazier, Mes continue to be the future of this organization. The only trade bait they have is Cueto, Latos, Simon, and Chapman, good luck if Jocket
    ty is still here to screw it up for us again.

  9. George Mirones

    After reading the article about Wrens dismissal I don’t know if it was the won/loss record or all about $$$$. If Walt were to become available, with his ( and Bob C.’s)record of not eating contracts the Braves just might offer Walt a lunch and an afternoon of baseball talk.
    Keep in mind ownership provided Wren the money based on the Gm.’s (his) judgment.

    This link is to the entire article;
    “While Wren had some success with trades, his free-agent signings tarnished his tenure with the Braves. When he needed to reconstruct the starting rotation before the 2009 season, he signed veteran Derek Lowe to a four-year, $60 million contract and orchestrated both the scouting and signing of Japanese right-hander Kenshin Kawakami, who signed a three-year, $23 million deal and proceeded to go 8-22 with a 4.32 ERA over 50 appearances, 41 of them starts.

    Kawakami spent the final year of his deal with Double-A Mississippi. Lowe was traded to the Indians at the conclusion of the 2011 season, and the Braves ended up eating $10 million of the remaining $15 million owed to him.

    Earlier this season, the Braves released second baseman Dan Uggla and consequently had to eat the $19 million still owed to him on his five-year, $62 million contract he signed after being acquired from the Marlins after the 2010 season. And the Braves are staring at the possibility of eventually having to do something similar with outfielder B.J. Upton, who has been a significant disappointment since signing a franchise-record five-year, $75.25 million deal before the 2013 season.”